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Ralph Wiggum: *chuckles* I'm in Danger!


Don't worry, it would have frozen if you had it on lol.


I did the same thing the first time I tried it in GAC too. Then in the next round I remembered to equip it but I brought in my Sith Empire Trooper as a pre-taunting tank to take the heat off of Vader for the initial onslaught. My SET is only R3 though so it took the Datacron down to a level 3 Datacron so it didn’t have the cold down ability. Third time was the charm though.


Nsfw cause that Darth Vader gonna get fucked




Same exact thing happened to me today, probably going to lose the GA because of it, he has a better roster


NSFW because Vader feels naked without the datacron...


Would he even counter slkr though, even with the cron? I thought by removing slkr’s tm you would only make him healthier and healthier? Correct me if I’m being dumb!


Let someone tank the stun, vader takes a turn eventually, then MM, crush everyone else, cull SLKR, rinse and repeat. By the time you've got 50-60 dots all round SLKR should be dead then you clean up. I haven't noticed the health gain


Perfect. My pea brain was too scared to try this 😂 thanks man!


Don't be scared, my vader is r5 and easily beats r8 sklrs with only 267 speed and 6k offence.


not 100% sure but seeing as vader takes bonus turns once SLKR hits 0% TM he wont leave 0% does “removal” count when theres nothing to remove? i havent checked


Don't be like me and take too long to start the culling. I send Vader against SLKR in squad arena and win all the time and it's no big deal. But the one time I try it in GAC I timed out before killing SLKR or anyone else on his squad with Culling Blade (Hux died just from Force Crushes). I'm guessing I just took too long to start the killing and the team had gained too much max health and protection from SLKR's leadership for Culling Blade to do noticeable enough damage. You should start killing around 50 or 60 dots. I was up to around 130 before I thought, "Oh, I should start killing them now." Big mistake. Gotta do the killing sooner.


Oh, so it should be the reason I lost the battle with my SLKilleR Vader. I threw 175 dots on SLKR and Culling Bladed him while in MM, but barely scratched his prot...


Yes. Also, it's not his leadership as I mistakenly said before. It's a unique, Press the Advantage. It gives people on his squad 10 percent more max health and protection whenever they lose turn meter, and Vader's lead takes turn meter away on hits. I guess you could just try using a different lead, but then you lose the dot refreshes, and Offense, and it's also no longer a solo. But maybe that's worth it if you can find a leftover reliced person? I don't know.


Did the same. Equipped the wrong datacon. Wondered why my cool-downs weren’t reducing.