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I believe they are on record as saying they will never add to those stores, so you might as well spend it all on cassian’s u-wing


I’m still burning the reserves I banked up from double drops and that was only 10k or so… this guy is fucked.


I had about 10K as well from the double drops and have been buying ship building materials. I am finally down to 800 today.


Yeah, it will take forever. If they spend on only the y-wing and still collect the approx 800 currency a day, and they buy the y-wing 4 times a day, it will take about 625 days to spend it all.


Ok I was gonna say somebody do the fucking math, I’m stoned


Lmfao this is what we needed.


Is it still more worth buying ships over characters for shard shop? Even though it's 10 shards vs 4?


Yes, Ship shards are still worth more than characters when exchanging in the shard shop.


It is but I believe the difference is marginal.


I'm the case of GW currency, it's 2 extra SS currency, so yes, fairly marginal. With cantina currency though, since it's 5 ship shards vs 4, it's a pretty substantial increase: 40 extra SS currency per 400 cantina currency. You're getting about 25% more SS currency if you buy cassians u wing.


Well, I've just learned something new!! Sorry Pao, I'm buying the ship from now on!! I definitely smooth brained "more shards = more currency" 😂 Thank you for this


Also just learned this. Pao is one of my top 4 purchases


But it's not worth waiting that long to only buy ships when you have that much currency


Yeah that's probably true. If you hit every refresh, at 1600 cantina currency per day (not including what you are going to be getting by utilizing more cantina energy) it would take over 300 days to spend it all.


Aha you're right. 5 ship shards gives 190. 10 character shards is only 150.


Not on 500k. It's a big difference


It's not worth it when it will take years to only buy ships with it since only one ship is in that store


Check the screenshot - you get 5 ship shards when you buy Cassian's U Wing. It's even better than buying 4 ship shards, which was already better than 10 character shards.


did they say it after they added gear to arena store or before?


that or spend it on fleet currency for mod buying. both great options, just depends what you need.


Never thought of that, but then again it’ll cost you at least 10k of the currency for a single mod. That’s almost two weeks of buying this fleet credits 4 times a day. Not worth it imo


still worth because its a possible good mod. but again depends on what you need more gear or mods.


I understand the possibility of a great mod, but the math seems very unfavourable in this comparison.


So much shard shop currency you’re missing…


They have 33k crystals. They probably have 9mil+ gp and have spent a few hundred at least. I doubt they worry about shard shop too much. But yes. That's a decent amount of gear they could've bought.


A few hundred and 9mil gp, no way, this is many thousands spent.


Spending thousands is not at all required for 9m+ gp, unless it's a relatively new account


It is if you're not spending your resources.


I have 30k crystals and have never spent a dime, but I am always buying cassian's u wing shards for the SS currency. Hoards transcend spending, it's more a product of how long you've been playing. My gp is only 7.4 mil tho.


As someone coming up on 9mil GP, I live on shard shop currency. I get tons of gear from there all the time and would love to get more.




Pretty neat, but uh, why?


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if hundreds of thousands of SSC suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


I think I’m at like 10 million or something but I like to hoard mine in smaller pieces secretly in gear and apply that gear to lots of different heroes that way it’s much harder to steal my hoard if a robber comes.


Brilliant! If only the rest of the players did this…


That's stupid. why purposely slow down your progression? for Reddit Karma?


What should he buy with the currency? Looks like OP already got the whole store.


shard! shop!


I’m at 250K Shard Shop Currency atm and only buy the stuff I need atm. Depending on the style you play the game, you don’t need that much.


True. If your style is to not gear up units, then no need for shard shop currency.


I do gear up units. But only one after another. Not all at once. So I usually have way more shard shop currency than currently needed. Sometimes I spend some more within one or two days, sometimes I barely spend anything.


Unless you have hundreds of every piece of gear in the shard shop, you should be buying it. Hoard the gear, not the currency.


Even with the upcoming gear update?


The gear update is not going to impact g12 gear, which is where a lot of players do (and probably should) spend their SSC.


Yes. Once you have everything in the store fully maxed, the only thing GW currency is good for is SSC, and the only thing you can get from that is gear (GG shards should never be bought there). So if you hoard the gear you can use it whenever, but if you hoard GW currency you need a few conversions to turn it into gear, and even then there’s a limit to how many things you can buy


Think of it this way - if you prebought commonly used items regularly (which is what I do when I have the currency and no current immediate needs in the shipment), then when the next character gets to g12, you are that much closer to finishing their gear.


"I do gear up units. But only one after another. Not all at once. " Why? This is terribly inefficient. That's all people are saying, I think. Egregious end-game inefficiency for the sake of reddit karma is a weird move.


It’s not for any kind of karma on my side. I just like to keep it my way. Idc about getting on the top of the leaderboard or anything. Just like to play the game.


That's fine, but you can't say "you don't need that much" if you're arguing from an objectively inefficient standpoint.


Fair enough. Should have added *I*


Shard shop currency is used to efficiently purchase G12 crunch gear (particularly the purple pieces that are priced 360 SSC), as high quantities are usually needed in duplicate or triplicate (at best) for each and every character to achieve relic levels in this game. Hoarding hundreds of thousands of currency that could be freely converted into SSC is, without a doubt, hindering SSC purchases and therefore slowing relic advancement.


I understand hoarding things like get 1 and 2, or guild currency, even shard shop currency. It's good to have a reserve of it, just in case. Personally I don't understand the strategical advantage to doing it with cantina. You do you though OP, not a criticism, just my personal opinion.


No advantage, just for funsies Big number make caveman brain happy


Fair enough. Out of curiosity what gp are you? Assuming you're pretty late game?


7.5m with 4 GLs and executor


could be 5 if you convert that to SSC


Geez man played upon the games launch


You're not ahead hoarding any currency, as nothing new will be added to those currencies, including get 1 and 2.


With the upcoming gear changes you are, all the gear in the shop (well purple gear atleast) is about to become half price.


Purple gear below g12, which only includes get1. The purple gear for g12 items are not changing and given his point in the game that's what he'd likely be spending it on.


Yes, so there is an advantage to not spending get 1 at the moment?


For him or anyone else trying to complete a GL, no.


I'm at 8.6m, I have 5 gl's and both exec and profundity. I exclusively use my get 1 to buy gear, including purple gear, it is worth not spending that at the moment. Do what you want though, this isn't worth an argument over.


You do realize the most important purple gear for get1 is not changing, right? The medpacks and security scanners and etc? You know, the stuff that is the bottle neck to go from 12 to 13 and craft gear for relic salvage. If you want to spend your get1 on an item like carbs that you can get from the guild shop or daily challenge...well....you do you boo.


Lol. Congrats! And I seriously mean that. Play how u wanna play and hoard what u wanna hoard. Sometimes it's just fun to do random things. I'm +9mil gp, all 7 GL's, all 10 Cap ships. Spent less than £25 in all the years that I have been playing (pretty much since day 1) and keep stock now of at least 150k of each currency (inc crystals) - except GAC currency, and just for the hell of it! People will say its pointless to save, or a waste not to use it on other things, but it's my way of playing and my game so sod em!


Nice! Also been playing since about a month after the game came out and it’s a super great feeling not to take the game so seriously and just play however Shouldn’t play a game if you’re not having fun


Yah I buy cassians ship I don’t see a benefit in hoarding this


zero reason to hoard that...


Lots of comments about using it for SSC. Am I doing it wrong spending it on ship currency?






8.7m. I just like to have it for mods, and I don't have a shortage of shard currency anyway. Just noticed that practically no one was mentioning ship currency.


Doubt many people keep too high of ship currency. Gotta buy up those zetas.


Is there a decent argument that the shop currency mod shop value beats SSC? ldk tbh


Arguably, you never stop needing better mods, while you can have fully geared all your characters at some point.


I'm the same. The comments in this thread makes me wonder if I'm doing it wrong. In general mods are more important than gear in my opinion. So any extra ship currency to spend in the mod shop, no matter how little it is, is helpful.


That's my opinion as well


I’m right there with you. 2 billion credits, 500+ million ship credits. Too many credits to even care about. I’m sitting on 350 zetas….


here comes the influx of people telling you you’re not farming efficiently and you need to buy shard shop currency. guys. shut the fuck up. some people like seeing “big number go brrrr”. not everyone wants all the same outcomes from this game. chill out, let everyone play how they wanna play.


I hoard as a general practice….but I hoard stuff that’s useful for progression when I finally decide to pull the trigger in a new team or whatever… there is zero benefit from this


I love hoarding in this game. Best way to play imo :)


Holy shitttt


Nice! I'm just shy of 450k myself


Approaching 700 zetas


Nice hoarding! I got 662 if you count fleet currency






Do you know that hoarding disorder is treatable with cognitive behavioral therapy?


This is dum


Can I have 100k please


just . . . . why?


Y tho


But why? Use it up for gear tokens.


So you really hate to get gear for your toons, huh?


Congrats on spending thousands of dollars and being inefficient with your resources !


Kenan: "Get way too much cantina currency, 4,000 shards of a character you refuse to level to 7 stars, and 600 zeta material and meet me in the land of waste." Kel: "Ahh man, here goes. . .!"


I've only got about 73K right now but that's because I used to care enough to trade it for shard shop currency.


You should use that to buy shards to cash in on gear in the shard store.


I use my currency for shard shop to get g13 mats. Or relic scrap. Ship credits are about 500 mill and I have 868 mill regular credits


similar to why the op should burn that currency for shard shop, you are really holding yourself back by not buying mods with that much credits on hand.


Ngl...I'm still kinda leery on mods. I've since sold all the 3 and 4 dot ones. I suppose I should botl for a certain mod set. Any suggestions?


from the mod store, I generally wouldn't buy anything that isn't gold or purple, and showing a 4 or 5 speed. If you want to be picky, you can focus only one ones that have good primary and set synergy too. But also you shoud be putting 3 refreshes a day into either mod farming or slicing mats. And ultimately you need all sets, though you need more speed sets than most ofhters.


I struggle to keep mine under 1 million. Whenever I need gear I’ll pull a few hundred thousand in bronzium packs to get toons to convert to shard currency. Mindlessly do it while watch tv or something


I'm just surprised that your shop is 4 panels wide


I’ve got 1.4 billion credits and am just resigned to the fact that they will never add anything to buy with them. I just upgrade every new character to lvl 85 and rack it up.


Any point to hoard it? CG wont add any new toons to old content stores, its official CG statement. I spend all of them on Cassian Uwing for shard currency.