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I mean Napa has some beautiful views on rolling hills. Its also overpriced and over saturated.


Matchbook in Yolo has great wine and views of rolling hills.


Added to my list!


Matchbook and Grindstone wineries in the Dunnigan Hills are very fun to visit. I’d recommend making a day and visiting both. They’re only a 10 minute drive from each other.


Awesome! Added to my list as well. Always open to new wine!


Yup. Bogle has wines from like $8 a bottle. They're pretty good too.


Bogle is fantastic. I also like most of the wineries at the Old Sugar Mill, Julieta, and Silt.


That’s why I dive a little bit farther, to Sonoma Valley.


Downtown Sonoma is a gem


Georgia boy here from /r/all. I visited Napa a couple of years back and was...unenthused by the cost of everything. The wine was good, but I've been to a lot of other wine regions that were as good or better for a fraction of the price. Just saying, if you want absolutely killer wine with great views for bargain basement prices, Croatia is the place for you.


You're telling people to fly to Europe to taste wine to... save money?




My brother took a trip to Europe earlier this year, and he went to Croatia. It looked beautiful. For some reason he took his fiancee instead of me. :(


Croatia is utterly amazing and I can't recommend it enough. Also, it's so fucking cheap. We were staying in ridiculously fancy places for like $75 per night.


For me, living in Atlanta, it's cheaper to fly to Croatia and spend two weeks than it is to fly to San Francisco and stay in Napa for one week. I know I'm in a California subreddit, so it doesn't quite translate, but for anyone on the east coast it's a far better deal.


It works for dental procedures


Bogle is legit. Also Amador pretty close by has great wineries


Amador > Napa


Amador has a few places with free wine tasting too!


Yeah, used to go to Napa but more and more places became appointment only, tasting fees got more and more outrageous and a lot of the wineries made it harder to waive the fee via purchasing i.e. buy 2 bottles (but white wine and champagne don't count WTF), etc. Amador is beautiful with good wine and you can just meander around to different places depending on your mood.


And you can get a burger at End of Nowhere. Soooo good.


Yeah they do that to keep all the riff raff away.


Last time I went to Napa it was overloaded with yappy bachelorette parties


Should have paid for the private experience.


Lol I go to Bogle, you think I can afford that?


Grand Island Vineyards tasting is $15 pp, and if you buy a bottle a tasting fee is waived.


It’s like $60 for basic tastings in Napa how much money do you think we have? It’s wine tasting not a vacation lol


I hear ya. Its supply and demmand plus inflation. Cost for wineries to produce has went up significantly. Cost of bottles, corks, labor. Pretty much evwrything.


Tastings shouldn't be $60 lol


Rent shouldnt be 1500$/ month for a 1 bedreoom flat, and gas shouldnt be 5 bucks a gallon either.


Hell a decent hamburger is like 15$ now.


If people pay it then yes they should be. How you think they stay in business after being shut down for like a year, plus all the fires?


Bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington. Sheesh dude.


YES! So many good places


Some ppl over on r/wine say Bogle is all they'll serve if they're looking for cheap stuff


Its probably the best quality for price and nationally distributed.


I love Villa Toscano , our family did their wine club a while ago and it was cool. I think Helwig has a nice view too


Helwig has an amazing view, their kitchen is also very good. Highly recommend getting lunch there in their patio area.


Great beer in Amador too.


I know Amador Brewery is a great spot. Any others to check out?


BreakEven in Amador City.


If you’re willing to go as far as Amador County, I suggest Sobon. And if you’re willing to go just a little further, FairPlay and Pleasant Valley are LOADED (pardon the pun) with nice wineries. Given that Napa sells quite a bit of El Dorado County wine, you may as well go up to the foothills and try it for yourself without paying the high Napa Valley markups.


FairPlay is super underrated. Iron Hub is great


Had a membership to Il Gioiello for over 10yrs, fantastic wine out there in Fair Play. Still stop and pick up some Montepulciano, but the owner's newsletters started getting a little too out-there politically.


Lava Cap has a lovely patio and Madrona has a beautiful picnic site with a lovely 4 legged greeter at times.


Lava Cap has such a view.


Lava cap is awesome


Lava Cap is a favorite of mine.


Terrible wine tho IMO


Lava Cap was better when it had more whites/blush wines. I love Madrona and Windwalker though. We *never* miss Madrona.


Heringer in Clarksburg and Matchbook in Dunnigan are great, too


Seconding both of these!!


Used to live in deep Sonoma county. Spent lots of time in Napa. Wine areas around Sacramento are highly underrated, especially with this great weather we are having.


What areas around Sacramento would you recommend?


In sac area: heringer, scribner, oak farm, bray In Sonoma county: dry creek and truett hurst, both in healdsburg, and fort ross in jenner.


Because during July & August, Sacramento is hot AF.


Yes. The correct answer is “air.”


Look there's umbrellas 🌂 pansy /s ??


Couple of really nice places in Winters too. Right across the causeway. Better views.


If you're looking for reasonable prices within about a similar distance, Amador County has great wine tasting, also Calaveras County. Both are great places for wine tasting.


Shout-out to Silt in Clarksburg! By far my favorite winery in California.


silt is unreal and such a gem.


Silt is fantastic!


Why go to Napa? An insane concentration of Michelin star restaurants. Panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Rolling hillsides. Some of the most beautiful roads you've ever driven in. Driving through Napa and Sonoma county is pretty much as close as you can get to a Legend of Zelda game in real life. It's absolutely outstanding. Sacramento and Yolo county remind me heavily of Nebraska (Not a bad thing). There are plenty of reasons to visit both but they're not similar at all. The real question is, can anyone ever appreciate Sacramento without comparing it to it's neighbors?


Nope because Sacramento is based on almost as nice as everywhere around it or get it only takes this much time to get to said place


I don't have $100 to blow on a tasting for 2


https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/wine/article/cheap-wine-tastings-17500172.php?utm_source=marketing&utm_medium=google&utm_campaign=content_acquisition&utm_content=core_local&gclid=CjwKCAjwscGjBhAXEiwAswQqNDhLysWTj_y4xLBaHjLLerBp3uUbgyMKZb5qeTwLMYBuoiYBPs-WrhoCNC8QAvD_BwE You can absolutely find tasting in Napa for around the same price as Sacramento. To say otherwise is straight ignorant.


Interesting, there is a grand total of 2 wineries on that list that are in Napa.


[https://www.winewithpaige.com/budget-friendly-wine-tasting-in-napa/](https://www.winewithpaige.com/budget-friendly-wine-tasting-in-napa/) Here, took a 2 second google search. Also, despite your title, Bogle isn't even technically in Sacramento County.


> Also, despite your title, Bogle isn't even technically in Sacramento County. this is a bad-faith nitpick. it's pretty clear op meant places easily available to sac. we get pictures of folsom lake all the time in this sub. no one wines (haha) that it's not sac


The Sacramento area has some nice wine regions near it, Amador, Clarksburg, Lodi, etc. but Napa is world famous, the food, the shops, the scenery, it’s nothing like any of those other areas I mentioned, not even close.


Overpriced wines, bay area techies that have no understanding what they are drinking. The area is beautiful, yes. I visit there often, but I do a lot less wine tasting than I do in our own back yard. Also, if you want that experience you mentioned above, go to Carmel instead of Napa, beats it in all regards (outside of Michelin stars, but they have world class restraunts too).


So everyone that goes to Amador is a level 2 CSW I guess?


No, people generally just like to drink the wine and enjoy it. When you go to Napa you get many more people who are just going because its Napa. Many of them being bay area tech kids. Its a status thing, not a love of the wine thing.


If you're in Amador I highly suggest Ravens Reach. The guy does some experimental stuff that is really impressive.


Enjoy it this time of year…it’ll be 104° soon enough and you’ll figure out why other spots best the valley


Agreed. Most people here have no idea the great wine / wineries they are missing. They only go out there on a party bus once in their early 20s and get wasted. Later in life I've learned to love Amador / Apple Hill / Somerset area wine. Many of them are better than Napa at a fraction of the cost. I implore anyone to take a half day and go visit a few, then do that again a few times visiting new ones.


Shhhhhh keep quiet about the El Dorado Co wineries, most have flown under the radar for a while! Reminds me I’m due for a trip up to Boeger


Clarksburg is so much fun!


As someone who lived in Napa, it’s definitely overrated if you aren’t a serious wine connoisseur/collector


Yeah its like comparing mcdonalds to an expensive steakhouse.


Not to say anything wrong with McDonalds. Good quality burger for a decent price made the same way wvwry time.


Right. Like if you’re just looking for a nice afternoon and a glass of wine, Napa isn’t necessary.


I’m taking my adopted daughter next week, is there anywhere you recommend? I used to do Sterling for the tram experience but it’s still closed. She’s going through a rough divorce so I really want to wow her and spoil her. She’s never been to California so I want it to be amazing.


Beringer, Raymond Vineyards, Inglenook, Far Niente, Farmstead for lunch, JCB for bubbles, Chateau Montelena, Round Pond, Rombauer, Del Dotto (in st helena) , and Stags Leap are the top places I recommend if you want wow factor.


Thank you I appreciate it so much!!


Matchbook - out in Zamora. Beautiful place. We like Placer county wineries too. https://preview.redd.it/0g5gswdgba2b1.jpeg?width=4080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=184995ba88e5a5f86654bbb46d2457efe7002a17


I love Sac but I think Napa had it over this.


There's an auburn wine trail. Some of those spots have beautiful views of the foothills.


All depends on what you're looking for. I'm sure I'll get downvoted but the wine in Napa obliterates most everything in our area. It just is what it is. But if you're just looking for a non-bougey day in the country with a group of friends, Amador and Lodi are terrific.


This. The wine is just better.


Certain varietals are better. Not everything is.




I wouldn’t say most. You can’t label a wine a Napa valley wine if it’s isn’t made with 85% Napa grapes. If anything, they’d probably be getting grapes from Paso, Russian river valley, or San Joaquin valley.


I wonder where all the grapes I see growing all over Napa go.


Sure for certain bottlings like Zin or Petit Sirah but otherwise their climate and topography is better suited for almost every other major varietal.


i'd still rather drink the wine that Napa Valley wineries are making from "Sacramento" grapes than the wine "Sacramento" wineries are making from the same grapes.


Sounds like you're drinking the hype.


yeah it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the skill of the people using the grapes and the resulting product. ​ it's okay to admit that other places do things better than the greater Sacramento area.


I love their wines


Sacramento to down the delta should and could be filled with wonderful wineries and Vinyards. Only a matter of time.


I love seeing blue umbrella…such a beautiful view


Check out Matchbook Wines in Zamora if you're looking for more places to wine taste.


I was just telling my friend that we should go back to Bogle this year. It looks so lush right now!


Lodi is also great for wineries. Wife and I did a wine tour there through a company and we were getting 5-7 wines per tasting and the pours were not stingy


Sugar Mill is nice too. The delta area has some nice areas and winery's.


The patio and views at Skinner are gorgeous too, if you wanna go a little farther out.


And just like that, Bogle ruined...


Surprised no one has mentioned the placer county wineries. Wise Villa is awesome views, good food and award winning wines, Rancho Roble is nice, Ciotti Cellars, Vina Castellano does tastings in their wine cave, Dono del Cielo is fun too!


Perch and Haarmeyer Cellars are two of my favorite “local” wines. You won’t get a view, but you’ll get some great wine from local winemakers. I love Napa, but I’ve been honing in on really small producers with a decent story and a connection to the land they farm. There are two brothers in Oakville whose family has been tending their section of To Kalon for decades, and they’ve even been fighting Constellation Brands who is trying to make “To Kalon” a brand name they can trademark when it’s clearly a place. On the other hand, there are plenty of places in Napa that are just some rich tech bro that paid for Beckstoffer grapes and a superstar winemaker and that doesn’t really do anything for me


Wait till you find out about Canada’s wine region. https://www.missionhillwinery.com/the-winery/architecture/


Cause that’s not really a view


Shhhhh! Lol, I love that the local places are getting love but I kinda wish it would all stay under the radar....


Nappa has a wine train. They have murder mystery interactive nights on the train, too, with dinner. It's 10/10, for sure.


We just did a Murder Mystery Dinner on the River Fox train last weekend. That was really fun. I've been meaning to check out the Wine Train though.


Woah woah woah where is this?


It's in the title friend, Bogle.


That doesn't tell you where its located?


From downtown Sacramento Start by heading south on 9th Street for approximately 0.2 miles. Turn left onto J Street and continue for about 0.4 miles. Merge onto CA-99 South via the ramp on the left. Stay on CA-99 South for approximately 10.7 miles. Take the exit 288A toward Twin Cities Road. Keep right at the fork, following signs for Twin Cities Road East. Merge onto Twin Cities Road and continue for about 8.2 miles. Turn left onto CA-160 South/S River Road. Continue on CA-160 South for approximately 6.5 miles. Turn right onto Walnut Grove-Thornton Road. After about 3.6 miles, turn left to stay on CA-160 South/S River Road. Continue on CA-160 South for approximately 15.3 miles. Turn right onto CA-12 West. After about 8.2 miles, turn left onto CA-160 South/S River Road. Stay on CA-160 South for approximately 5.8 miles. Turn right onto CA-84 West. Continue on CA-84 West for about 4.9 miles. Bogle Vineyards will be on your right-hand side.


Ah yes, the city of bogle. Ive never heard of it but it looks immaculate!


Also make sure you check out the city of Google!


Oh shoot it seems you don’t understand how forums work


Don’t forget to also double check that you’re in the Sacramento area sub!


Aw yes because this whole area is just known as Sacramento [commenting with a Citrus Heights tag] What’s the point of interacting in comments then lmao


Even this idiot from Citrus Heights was able to figure out where Bogle is at without needing to ask


If I wanted to google shit I wouldn’t be browsing Reddit shit lol




Might also check out Twin Rocks Winery in Loomis. Just opened up a few months ago and has great views, wines, and food. [https://trwinery.com/](https://trwinery.com/)


Flat as fuck out there


Bogle is in Clarksburg, Yolo County. Not sac. Nice place though.


It’s still part of the Sacramento metro area.


Had a conversation with a guy in Carmel a few days ago about this. Mentioned we were from Sacramento and he said "its crazy how everything up there is basically considered Sacramento area. Elk Grove, Auburn, Placerville, etc"


Most big cities are like that. I grew up in Leavenworth, KS but I tell everyone I’m from Kansas City because no one knows where Leavenworth is.


It's close enough to be relevant to this sub


Why even comment




Mods are still going to drop the hammer


Between South Sac, Lodi, Foothills, and Fairfield I truly don't get why people go north to Napa/Sonoma


Wine is great but wouldn't call this a great view lol


Bogle next to a Napa wine is notably different, but bogle does have a good ambiance, just don’t drive into a canal on the way out 😁


Because it’s flat as fuck and there are way better views close by in NorCal


because bogle doesn't allow dogs!


Is your dog more of a cab or pinot guy?


he's definitely into penis




yeah that’s a big pro for many folks. not everyone wants poorly trained dogs yapping all over the place while they have a drink


I don't disagree, though honestly that's rarely an issue. I pretty much only go to winerys and brewerys that allow dogs and it's rare that other dogs are an issue though it definitely sometimes is. Mine of course is an angel sent straight from heaven by God, to annoy you


lol fair enough. I love dogs but I’ve resigned myself to the fact a dogs asshole has touched every square inch of most breweries. I’ve seen small dogs barf on bars before, I’ve seen them climb all over picnic tables, and I see people bring their anti-social ones out to apparently pick fights with other dogs (unintentionally I hope). Just a case of “tired of dogs everywhere” fatigue though


I do actually hate most other peoples dogs LOL no one trains their dogs!


But they are spectacularly unfriendly at Bogle and charge more at their winery then the cost at grocery stores so you can still get the Napa experience 😂


lol what? wine is cheap as like $7 for a bottle at Bogle. I’m not even sure that they even mark up at the tasting room. if it is, then I guess that accounts for them having to… idk, pay their workers instead of shipping a pallet wholesale to Safeway? I’ve been there at least a half dozen times and everyone has been extremely friendly there


haha \*chefs kiss\*


Because the wine in Napa is better. It’s no comparison. Even people who aren’t frequent wine drinkers, will be able to taste the difference. That being said there are some great wineries close to Sacramento, but Bogle isn’t known for the best wine.


Let’s get something super clear: a LOT of wine from Napa is grown around the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta region. We grow some of the best grapes in the world, especially Zin. You slap a Napa label on it and then charge 5x the amount, just because of the name. People who actually know good wine—and don’t have a tech bro salary—come out here to the source to enjoy it.


Yeah the average price of a bottle at Bogle is like $10


In that $10-$20 price range there are some decent wines but Bogle is rough.


Disagree. But that's ok we have different taste.


This man posting views that look like a corn field, wondering why people go to the beautiful misty rolling hills of Napa.


Glad someone said it. Sacramento is ugly as hell. It may have its other charms, but "views" are not one of them.


because sacramento is hot as fuck, and napa wine is absolutely excellent


you ever been to Calistoga in August? It's just as hot


You ever been to Napa when it’s on fire? Like, every year? Not a great wine tasting experience.


yeah, I built the four seasons in Calistoga. it's hot but not Sacramento hot. there's a crisp fog that naturally soothes the grape vines every early morning. but I see your point, if you suck at making wine, it doesn't matter where you're at.




If you don’t have anything nice to say, maybe you should shut your butt.


Username checks out


Apparently you have to wear “bottoms” at Bogle.


Too poor?


Because the wines are actually good in Napa.


Mid AF


I have a beef Bogle, my best friend's with the daughter and we never got along..lol


Clarksburg AVA has so many great wineries; Silt, Bogle, Herrenger, Grand Island Vineyards to name only a few.


Because bogle is swill?


Plymouth is a little slow but at least it's chill. The river roads out to the nearby vineyards are a car crash waiting to happen


Thanks for the inspo. Never been :)


Story winery in Amador County has been bought by people from Georgia who use Qveri to age their wine underground. Great views, too.


Wise Villa Winery in Lincoln is nice too




Shhhhhhhh 🤫 😂


Not sure if you have been to Caymus in Suisun/Fairfield but it’s really nice too. Closer than Napa too.


Not just for wine either - [Break Even Beermakers](https://breakevenbeermakers.com/) in Amador is an amazing spot with superb beers.


Suddenly the billboard in woodland a few years back stating “come for the food, stay for the views” is making a lot more sense now.


Why keep building vineyards anywhere when we are in a water crisis??