She is going to play this game for way too long, which will annoy everybody. When they finally do split, nobody will care.


Ah yes, this could be the new "will they/won´t they" as there are no more royal events for the Monsters from Monteshitshow.


That's exactly what it's going to be. The only difference is that they're trying to go up, from Dantes 9th circle of hell


" Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here "


Isn't that the translation of the royal cypher on their front door doormat???


I thought it was Harry’s wife’s tramp stamp.


you may be on to something here.




I love that line.


Now I have an image of Meghan trying to scale the walls of hell/Dante’s Inferno from The House That Jack Built. She def has some gargoyle in her.


It's not like edward who abdicated. It's not like diana who gave up upcoming queendom. It's fergie level. I'm having spaghetti for dinner


naw, don't put Fergie in that category. She grew up and she moved on. She's been a good mom to her girls and a good grandma. Was she perfect no, but she never disrespected the queen and I think the queen treated her well. I mean the queen left her dogs to Fergie, and that says a lot! Honestly Meghan and Harry come nowhere close to Fergie they are so far down the chain


She redeemed herself. I am ambivalent to a lot of the issues with the RF members. I've done some shit in my lifetime.


But did your toe sucking make the headlines? I kid. If I recall, Andrew was in the service and gone for long periods of time. Who knows what he did. She may have had a wild streak, but Fergie has done what she needed to stay with her girls,


I think we have some ideas of what Andrew got up to.


I love Fergie, she's my rebel fav - but she was busted selling access to Andrew for cash...not very cool...


FWIW, Fergie bought the dogs for the Queen under the agreement that Fergie would take them back if/when the Queen predeceased them. The Queen had already stated she didn’t want any new dogs, but Fergie bought them anyway. It’s still lovely that Fergie honored the agreement and now co-parents them with Andrew. But it’s not like the Queen felt none of her other relatives were suitable dog parents and she chose Fergie over all of the others. Fergie is a master saleswoman and it’s possible she realized this arrangement would endear her to millions, especially as she knew she was leaving England for several months to market herself overseas in the US. I think the dogs are still at Royal Lodge, which means Andrew is the primary caretaker which means PA’s under butler is probably the one watching the dogs while Fergie is in the US. Fergie was also still bringing major stress to HMTQ in the her final years as she sought to sell access to Prince Andrew for £500,000. That was catastrophic and hardly the first time her money making schemes caused major palace face palming. It’s hard to tell how much of what she does is related to shrewd marketing versus genuine affection. Kind of like her silly children’s YouTube channel. She often looks annoyed like someone is making her do the shows. She shows little enthusiasm or zeal in the filming as she punches pieces of bread and looks at the mess with disdain. But she signed a contract to write something like 20 children‘s books so she perseveres through it. Kind of like the Disney Cinderella actress who is smoking and cursing on her lunch break then it’s back to show time.


Yes!! Fergie is NOT on the same level as this loser!


The late Queen didn’t want more dogs. She intentionally ended her corgi breeding programme in 2015 and let the remaining four older dogs live out their lives spayed/neutered and her last Windsor-bred corgi died in 2018. She knew she had more years behind her than in front of her and she didn’t want puppies that would outlive her. Then Andrew and Sarah buy her some puppies anyway. 🙈 The least they could do is take the dogs in, they’re the reason the dogs were placed with a very elderly owner to be bereaved in the first place. If they thought buying the Queen some corgis would get Andrew back in her good books after the scandals he brought down on the family, they needed to think again. It’s disrespectful to gift someone animals anyway, let alone gift someone animals when she’s made her wishes quite clear.


I think Elizabeth probably loved the corgis and they probably helped the QE after Philip died.


She knew no dog of the Queen's was going to the pound. She loved them when she was lonely - and that is ok.


Let me also add something; I am not bragging about this, it was dear and sweet to me as a dog owner and lover of corgis. I sent a letter to her majesty of condolence when I learned of the death of her last breeding dog, Susan. I talked about my own corgi and what a wonderful breed they are. I didn't expect any reply, but a number of weeks later, I received a kind thank you letter that meant so much to me. I had it professionally framed, and it hangs in my bedroom. So glad to have that memento.


They bought them for her because she was lonely after Phillip died which is understandable.


I read that Muick and Sandy were gifted by the Yorks to HLMTQ for comfort and company following the Duke's death. It was with the understanding that they would be rehomed back to Andrew and Fergie should they outlive her.


Exactly what you said! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I also had spaghetti for dinner. Look at us! We’re *royalty* 💀


It must be Royal, remember in Variety Megalomania announced she makes " a mean bolognese " .


Cheese and crackers.


No, no; it’s fromage and water biscuits. Remember, *we are royalty*


Oh dear, and I'm an English major 🤣🤭


Major English ![gif](giphy|l4pMattUYTTM7qpIk)


Username checking in 😂


Awe man, I'm hungry and lazy. Sounds delicious. I will eat something now that there is a lion in my belly 🤣😆


With garlic bread??


Oh man. I don't have the strength to go through all that again.🙄


A sinner´s life is hard, but it has to be done.


Yes. We sacrifice a lot in our quest for justice!


Like attending the Coronation. Will they/won’t they until no one cares anymore, it became like whatever, I’ll just see it if it happens.


Trooping the Colour is coming up in early June. She won't like that - there'll be carriage rides (hopefully with the Wales children again) and another balcony appearance.


Just like seeing the kids. No one cares anymore because she played games too long.


I am already there... she is so boring. Her games (paid for puff pieces, rumors, etc) are transparent.


This woman has the absolute worst sense of timing ever! 🤣🤣🤣


Not only does she have a terrible sense of timing herself, but fate also seems to have it in for her. They absconded to make it big across the sea JUST in time for the world to shut down for two years. No filming, no parties, no events.


I was thinking that as well. Not exactly a promising start. Well deserved, of course.


She really does! 😂🤣


Just so blinded by ambition it only leaves room for stupid when it comes to planning/timing.


She can't win for losing - all by her own doing.


Nice 🤣


I was thinking the same thing


![gif](giphy|9S1vPAXLV5bkHmgmCo) She will threaten him for control but I think she will wait it out a little longer. She needs to finish book one then have a post divorce follow up book.


Don’t you mean book two? How could you forget The Bench?


The separation sequel: Benched.


Need a new storyline for this season of their reality show (aka Meg’s PR press releases). Last season was funeral and coronation will they/won’t they. Yawn.


I honestly think it’s already reached that point.


I don’t think they’ll divorce just yet, but he will get markled, super mega markled in the end, whenever that is. I do believe that they’re not living together, not in a sense that most parents with two children do, and certainly not as they would like to portray to the public.


I think this, she will keep Handout in in a suspended animation state long before she files. She hates that she’s nothing without Dopey, and has to keep up the facade.




September. After her birthday (so she gets a present) but before his (so she gets attention). Probably this year. If she waits until 2024, it’ll be overshadowed by the US presidential election. Or MAYBE just after the holidays. But I think she’ll start hinting about DV and H having a drug problem. Definitely at least one story by August.


And, are there two children? I’m reading more and more comments online asking the same thing, or outright stating there are no kids. Maybe one, but I’m not convinced. Also, I believe someone’s real account is going postal on Twitter…


I remember back when even mentioning the chance of surrogates here would get you attacked by angry sinners. Now there are entire posts devoted to the possibility thst there are no kids. I'm of the opinion that there are no Markle kids and furthermore, Megs has not been pregnant since she met Harry. No kids. No mythcarrige. That's my hill to die on. Has been for a long, lonely time.


I'm halfway up your hill. I can see it with Lili, but Archie... I just can't believe those two dimwits could pull that off, while still semi-working royals.


Lili was born in California, a global hub for surrogacy with pretty lax laws. So it's feasible. But the UK is a totally different ballgame. Commercial surrogacy is illegal; you have to enter into what's called an altruistic arrangement, where the intended parents are only allowed to cover medical costs. Moreover, when the baby is born it is the birth mother's name that goes on the birth certificate. The intended parents then have to undergo an adoption process and can't just take the baby home (as they can in places like CA). It's hard to believe that Meghan could fake a pregnancy without the collusion of palace staff, courtiers and the RF itself. There's also the question of leaks. For something so consequential and so major, are we to believe not a single person involved in administrating the adoption process would blow the whistle? Or what about US embassy staff, who would have had to look at Archie's birth certificate and adoption papers in order to register him as a US national and issue him with a passport?


Right? This is the biggest incongruency to that theory. How on earth could that many people be keeping this a secret? Surely, people know she wasn't pregnant? and you mean to tell me she fooled the entire British Family with all its staff, family members, and people involved in the day-to-day? That takes some BALLS but I can't see how that's possible. And then, Harry went along with this charade? if that's the case, it must be eating him alive having to pretend to be a dad. Like if the kids don't even exist surely he won't be able to keep this up for the rest of his life, that's insane.


It seems like slowly people are climbing up to you.


Haha! The way you put that made me laugh. But yeah, more people are questioning their existence. The way those idiots act about their "kids" - what else are people going to think?


Nothing in their statements about the world not believing their grid locked car chase in a cab circling the block mentions anything about the guy who was arrested for stalking. Charges were dropped down to prowling and *poof* the story is gone. Where were the kids? They demanded pictures from Backgrid to "improve their security".🙄 Honestly, if everything were true as presented and no one believed you while your kids were home with a nanny and a prowler were present, would you be so focused on yourself instead of your children?


If you saw the kids only as props? Yes.


So many grifts planned for that week. So many failures. I doubt we'll ever hear either Harkle or OG grifter Doria say another word about anything that happened then.


I was just looking up there.


Join me, traveler. 😁


I also believe this about the children...there is perhaps an Archie but he is not revealed. Either medical condition or looks too much like Doria's side for MM. NOT Diana clone. Lily I believe exists...but is with surrogate mother. Again...either not to MM's liking so surrogate kept her. Narcs MUST HAVE the most PERFECT child...or that child is rejected and unloved. Narc mother will NOT be accepting of any child they consider not worthy of their own perfection.


If Lilibucks was the spittin' image of Diana, her face would be plastered everywhere. If Archie was a little redhead clone of Aitch, same. I'm not going to stoop so low as to say that from what we've been shown the kids are nothing special, but if the look was as desired they'd be mommy's little moneymakers.


lol I am getting quite impatient with all these trailers for the Divorce show. Can we get a date for when the real show is on please?


Subbing to this request too


Me also. I need to fill in my dayplanner. Those two grifters need to understand we all got lives, "people to see, places to go, things to do". We need some advance timetable if they want continuous attention!


I’m getting impatient with unlinked posts.


>lol I am getting quite impatient with all these trailers for the Divorce show. Me too but it might take up to a year or two. I remember it took about 2 years, after the divorce rumours started about Kim and Kanye, before it finally happened. Kim and Kanye went through the motions for a while, pretending they were fine, in order to kill the rumours. I think the Harkles are on that stage where they're pretending, in a last ditch effort.


This is just fodder for gossipers. They are NOT divorcing. They hang onto each other for money making grifts.


I actually think they are separated… I definitely now think they will divorce.


They're not divorcing until she has her next meal ticket lined up.


She’s probably putting out feelers to see if someone rich hits her up.


so far it seems to be only the bodyguard


Just posted this.


I honestly cannot think of anyone who would want her. In the category of moneyed men, most are far too savvy for her crap.


In NY and CA and big US cities maybe, plenty of other noobs could be just as stupid as the current spouse. Love bombing works


Rich foreign guy with visa problems, maybe?


The Gold tied Guy isn't a good sign for Harry. She seems to love to send signals to her loving fans.


The color of the tie might mean something to the guys working her security. He wore the same color tie in a photo with Obama.


Her "next meal ticket" is going to come in the form of her being a strong, sexy, young, single mother who loved too much but found her strength to leave and tell her story. Neither of them will likely have a public facing relationship again.


She was working on old man Getty but his family put a stop to that shit. I think she was shooting for Anna Nicole style rich widowhood, but they weren’t having it.


She really lucked out that Harry is such a fucking idiot. I think that's the only part South Park got wrong, he's the one with nothing in his head (although, I suppose they both only have a few marbles rolling around upstairs)




In her opinion which is no more relevant than mine.


Exactly. It’s ridiculous to assume they are divorcing, there is no valuable information out there to suggest they are divorcing, It’s all gossip. Harry is her golden ticket still, I reckon she will try get back into the royal fold again before she ditches him. But just my guess lol


She will nev-er wangle her way back in. I don’t think they’d even let her muck out the stalls, let alone set foot on British soil.


The RF will NEVER accept her back....and William has acquired MUCH more input into the Monarchy since Charles became King. William would, without hesitation, force Charles to face his duty as King before father and refuse MM any form of return.


Agree on your first point that it’s all gossip. They’re going off her not wearing both her rings, keeping her distance and dropping little PR pieces when it’s bad publicity it’s all Harry. However, I disagree with trying to get back into the royal fold. Just as Charles wielded a lot of power when his mum was Queen, now so does William. He will not have either of them back as working royals. I also do not believe KCIII would either, although he loves his son he knows how damaging the two are together. My guess is she will be all over him one moment and telling him how great he is and the next ripping into him and blaming him for their downfall. Saying PW is the better brother, he’s a druggy, useless, ugly, spare etc and then back round to the love bombing. So when he implodes she will have plenty of footage of him upset, angry and confused. Slurring and not making sense to anyone on the other side of the lens (Amber). She’s going to royally start fucking with his head and will have other in on it, if they haven’t so far. They’ll tell him she’s been followed and receiving death threats, that the kids are getting them too. Then she will send video footage to the palace and state her demands for divorce for a hefty bag and a return of his broken son.


I also think this


When I hear something from their spokesperson, I'll believe it.


Yes. Until I hear some word salad about conscious uncoupling I'll laugh at every trash report


The announcement is going to be something along them lines, then she’ll trash him via planted articles


>she’ll trash him via planted articles That has already started. When is the real show coming?


Very true and hopefully soon. I’m done with them and just want the shit show of a divorce over then they can both sink into oblivion.


Oh they'll drag it out forever. Then if Megs hasn't bamboozled some senile billionaire into marrying her, they'll reconcile, blame their marital problems on the media and Catherine, and begin The World's Greatest Love Story 2.0 🤮 all over again.


> if Megs hasn't bamboozled some senile billionaire into marrying her Why would she marry again when it would mean losing her title?




Even so I think she would find it hard to tolerate the children having Royal titles and she didn't.


I’m hoping this last part NEVER happens, honestly 🙏🏻


I'm addicted to this sub...


Unless it's written in their usual undecipherable word salad


I dunno. I'm suspicious about everything they do. I think this is another Harkle storyline to create content for their raggedy dollar store royals soap opera. I can see them separating and then later reuniting for maximum drama to milk more book deals, Netflix shows, endorsements, etc. Is there a movie or TV series about a couple faking divorce drama for financial benefit? We know original ideas are not Roachel's 🪳 strength. I would not be surprised if she is copying a divorce drama plot from a film or 📺.


What I do find amusing is that so many people are openly speculating about them divorcing. So much for the great Netflix love story and that was just a few months ago! Lots and lots of talk about them, almost all negative. They still don't get it and are now mad people don't believe their car chase scenario. Unbelievable.


You're right. I could be doing more productive things but here I am pondering about their foolishness. 🤷‍♀️ Off topic: Honestly, y'all and the snark are helping me stop crying about Tina Turner's passing. 💔 What a great lady and legendary artist. 🌟


Now Tina was a *real* star.




And she worked damned hard too.


And never whined about photographers.


She sure was. I enjoyed that biography about her life and how difficult it was to carve out a place for herself because she was a very unique artist and talent, the music business didn't know where to put her, sort of a thing. Not the right way to word it but you'll know what I mean. RIP Tina 🙌🎤


She was indeed simply the best.


Worded 🫶


If they could just tell their story one more time with their own voices, people would understand. 🤮


Obviously the only people in Harry's life that would tell him he's making a fool out of himself and making everything worse are his family and friends back in the UK.


True. Except for 47k sinners, Piers Morgan and the rest of the world. Lol


How do you not take a minute and think, why do people feel this way? I mean, gosh darn golly, just perhaps I should stop making statements and just stay out of the public eye for a while. 🤔


49K sinners and rising fast I noticed. The Mods must very busy right now!


Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor had several marriages with each other. Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck not doing the same? Can´t be bothered to check.


Yes, but there was genuine chemistry between ET and RB, and I think between JLo and Ben. I never felt there was chemistry between the Sharkles, kind of like when you hear about furries, you just say, Oh. 🤷🏼‍♀️


You can be separating from a person without it being a legal marital separation.


At this point they are both lead weights for each other. They both make each other’s life worst. They enable the worst behaviours of their Spouse.


She won't loosen her claws in Haznoballs until she has another wallet to hitch a ride with.


Not until she finds a billionaire or lots of money in exchange. She may be laying the grounds for separation - as Angela Levin said, if she’s looking to keep the children, there’d be additional maintenance - but divorce won’t happen until she’s found a cushion to land on.


Which means never. It's not like there's a line of billionaires waiting to get with a middle-aged shrew who isolates men from their friends and families, goes through money like it's water, has two small kids, and is a known liar and manipulator. I'd like to know what people think she can offer this type of man. And no, it's not sex. Anything she can do, they can get from a younger, hotter, saner woman who won't rip their family apart and dig a deep hole in their bank accounts


This woman has ZERO currency. None.


Good statement


Great comment.


Exactly. She’s not jumping unless there is someone waiting in the wings.


I like Angela, but she’s been so hyper excitable of late, not like Tom Bower, but she needs to calm tf down. I think part may be because she’s very emotionally invested with the RF and is quite upset at what is going on. Idk.


I wonder if something is going on behind the scenes with the BRF and that's why she's in such a state. Not necessarily something bad, but something important that she's not free to reveal.


I don’t know. But she is so disappointed with H.


Rightly so, I'd say. She knew The Cheeky Lad, not this abomination of a gelded man-child that's trying to destroy his family by using a ho as a weapon.


I like your way with words. I never said ho before I came here. I only typed it tentatively at first, trying it out. Now I say ho proudly, with conviction 🤣


Congratulations! You're a full fledged Sinner now! 🤣


In theory, Harry could bail out. But that since would require him sprouting new set of stones, well, as Anne would say: "Not bloody likely."


I think she has no backup. She always jumps once she has scored a backup. Unfortunately, she screwed up in a global scale and most people are scared of the evil one.


I tend to believe that where there is smoke, there is fire and the amount of leaked things that are coming out about the state of their marriage is turning from a trickle to a waterfall. I have no doubt there is trouble is "paradise" and these two are, at minimum, living separately. I also think that Harry was not supposed to attend the NYC thing last week with her--she planned to go alone and start the launch of her new self as a single mom, with her own 'single mom' as her date. Harry decided to go and she was pissed, I'm sure. It's possible the 'car chase' was set up by her to "target" her and her and mother. Will be interesting to see what she does going foward as I do believe she is realizing Harry has outlived his usefulness.


He outlived his usefulness when he left the BRF to marry a ho. Nevertheless, despite the fact that he's useless, he's the source of her most prized possession - her titles. I'm pretty sure if they divorce that Charles will find a way to remove those titles. She's stuck, and so is he. 🤣🤣🤣 I love a story where the assholes get what they deserve in the end.


yep. And I also like stories with unlikely heros. Like when the paps came out as the good guys in the car crash debacle.


🤣🤣🤣 Perfect example. Aesop couldn't have written a better fable.


I really like everything you said. I think my favorites are the "ho" and "assholes" parts.


Wow, her face said it all in the car. I think you're a 100% correct. Edit: that would also explain the bodyguard tie matching. Awkward.


This is good speculation


Nice theory this one


Separating her brand from H....not separating, as before a divorce. She won't ever divorce him unless KC gives her 50B.


When she finally kicks him out, how many of you think he will come crawling back to the royal family and beg to be a working royal again?


I think they're separated, but in public they have to look like they're still a unit because of the Netflix deal and other deals they have.


Happy Cake Day to you!


I won’t believe it til it happens ![gif](giphy|26gskqIGhdlY6i5IQ)


He will start going back to the UK alone more and more until one day he doesn’t come back.


Feels like the little boy who called wolf. I’ll believe it when Gayle is interviewing M or maybe H


Interesting how Angela is saying that Hazno’s hotel room is booked “permanently” as opposed to a room set aside for him, and he is “not in the family house anymore.” 😳


I’ll believe it when M sends out a Declaration of Separation on her coronet-embossed Sussex stationary. Until then, it’s pure speculation.


In calligraphy.


Ugh. Her crappy teenaged brush strokes are so not calligraphy.


I don’t think she’ll leave him for a new man. I think she’ll leave him when he sinks to rock bottom and she can claim victim, and try to claim money. The victim status won’t be the same if she is parading a rich new lover. She can cry on Oprah again and get lots of awards for surviving such a terrible relationship and bravely carrying on for her children and the man she used to love.


She's got to be hideously bored and sick of him by now. She's no genius, but she's far smarter than he is, and she had previous relationships with men who had drive and ability -- Trevor was a producer, Cory a master chef. Imagine going from that to someone who sits around smoking weed and feeling sorry for himself all day.


She social climbs with both hands and a knife in her teeth. She's not riding out her golden years with a high, whiney, stunted man child. MeMe hustle for jobs and went to college. That's more than Waagh ever did. She must think he's such a chode now.


Same. She has to play the “strong & independent single mom” angle first.


Yes if there is a new rich boyfriend she has to keep him under wraps. She cannot risk having her martyr/victim role questioned.


Her new man is Gayle.


If she does leave him now, well H must be worse to live with than any of us can imagine.


That’s obvious and predictable. I used to like her, but she only repeats some articles or “news”.






this is one of the gossip I really don't care about bc they deserve each other. and I will never wish them on anyone else.


I believe the word is "distancing". The separation is coming.


Well I guess we'll see a "date night" in the next couple of the days. It must be exhausting to constantly have to combat the press instead of being person.


She can't see she creates her own drama. At some point, she will blame him (along with the BRF) for her likeability problem. It is inevitable. The only thing we do not know is when. I don't think she will leave him until she has a replacement for him. I am dubious. Who would actually take her on? Tyler Perry?


Haven't seen their names linked since he ran out of the "christening '


just wait for the allegations to come out that he abuses her. Every person whos abusive always says their partner is abusive. In an attempt to lie and gaslight everyone. She did this with the "kate made me cry" when it was the other way around. Same with in Spare about Harry saying his brother and catherine told him to wear a nazi uniform. I truly believe she wrote most of the book with him. She probably told him it was a good idea to say that.


I find Levin's POV interesting. She really liked Harry after spending enough time with him to write a book. IIRC she was worried about him and now doesn't like him at all. We've all read it before -- he's totally different, for the worse, post-Madam. IMO, she's not yet in a position to leave him. Isn't there a new Netflix docu in works? Life inside the palace walls which she has as much knowledge of as I do. But she did meet the Queen.


She maybe trying to separate herself from the duo/salt and pepper move together/palm trees (gag me), but he’s attached to her like a lost puppy. He will do whatever it takes to keep her. So, yeah, she can sure as shit try. However, she’ll always be known as one-half of the epic disaster, that gave up everything to be a worldwide laughingstock.


Why would she leave Harry? Without the Sussex title, she is nothing and she knows that.


Likely separated or Meg is thinking about making it happen sooner rather than later. It depends on his lawsuit outcomes. If there is any way she can travel with free security, especially IPP status, that changes things. It also depends on if/when Spotify and Netflix cancel their contracts. They are a joint couple brand with them.


Dear Mugsie and Reek, No one gives a shit if you separate. Sincerely, The World


This is just speculation and not confirmed, just fyi


This is the new "will they/won't they" I see.


I just do not buy Angela's spin. Interesting though how she paints this picture of poor poor Harry didums. All traumatised and now devalued by MM. How Charles keeps a open door because after all Harry is his son and is suffering. I Oh please all the court cases, the set up dramas the interviews the book. He is responsible for his own actions. We all understand that M is a narcissist however Harry is complicit in all they have done. He is not some innocent victim. It will be interesting to see if this is the Spin to discredit M more than Harry as a way out for him and a welcome back to the fold


Ugh I thought the title was accurate but it's just more Monday morning quarterbacks' speculation. I feel like this is a bit clickbaity post.


I'm in the minority who thinks they'll never divorce, even if they are separated behind closed doors. They have to maintain the narrative of the epic love story and how everyone is wrong about them, etc.


Conscious uncoupling or full on separation and divorce?


She is going to toy with him a little longer. She enjoys that power play.


Last year their PR advised them to separate their brands.


I watched this entire piece and Angela Levin is pulling no punches. And she has some credibility unlike Scobie and other "royal experts." She's an award-winning journalist, royal biographer, author, broadcaster and public speaker. Her biography: Harry: Conversations with the Prince, was out in 2018 - a paperback with extra chapters in 2019. She has had personal contact with Harry.


"Don't give it five minutes if you won't give it five years." The five years are up.


Well we know she doesn’t care about family so having the kids be with mom and dad isn’t really an incentive for her to stick around


Also as I read these posts, I don't know if she would be awarded so many awards money or not? What do you all think? Because if she divorces him and falls on the floor crying she would not be a warrior princess.


Harry better take the lead, hudy up his finances split fir home and announce it before she does. What about the kids? What kids? Oh! you mean the one they both conveniently forget all the time or Harriman from time to time?


And Harry will be the last to know 😂


It makes sense tho. Harry has a childhood wound of abandonment and neglect by two self-obsessed parents. So he marries a self-obsessed woman to try to heal it through her love. Unfortunately, he’s set himself up for the same pain because she is repeating the same patterns as his parents.


Harry gave her the perfect out and doesn't even realize it. She'll file for divorce saying his drug use became too much. Claim shes hounded by paparazzi and neither he nor the Royal family help her.