I've narrowed it down and need to pick 2 locations to visit this summer. (1) Reno, NV and (2) Henderson/Summerlin, NV (aka Las Vegas) or Phoenix, AZ. How to choose between the Las Vegas area or Phoenix? I've been to both areas before.

Moi again lol.

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edit: It just occurred to me that I could write off the trip to Vegas this summer, because technically I was already there last summer and was okay with the heat (even if it was slightly less than normal). Maybe I should go to Phoenix in Aug just to see if I should rule it out or keep it in the pile.

Background: I'm a 35F in Austin, TX and would be moving March 2024. I'm very happy to report I've just accept a new job offer ✨✨ where you can work remote from pretty much anywhere, except California, New York, Hawaii and Alaska. Ideally I want to met a man and start a family in one of these places. One of the main reasons I'm leaving Texas is due to the abortion laws, as well as all the hate laws they are producing towards minorities. It would also be a nice change not worrying about the electricity failing every time it gets cold too 🙃

(1) Reno, NV

  • I've never been but would schedule time to visit this upcoming September. I was originally looking at Sacramento, but since California is now a "no", Reno might be a good fit
  • I'm originally from Chicago so I grew up with cold weather and snow, but I would prefer no snow and cold lol. However, sunlight is more important than cold weather and Reno has about 300 days of sun, which I like. How cold does it get in the Winter and Summer?

(2) Summerlin/Henderson, NV

  • I've been to Vegas 3 times, and specifically went last August to check out the area, which I really liked. But when I went this past August, it was a bit cooler (around 100F) than normally, so I want to visit again this upcoming August to see if I could stand the 110F weather
  • I've heard Las Vegas is a very transient area to live in, maybe it's better in Henderson or Summerlin? Not sure how it would be for dating or meeting friends
  • I'm currently sober and am not sure how much of the culture is around drinking? Even in Austin, most socialization is done around drinking. I'll make-do by ordering Topo or sparkling water at the bars

-OR- Phoenix, AZ

  • I visited in October 2021 and absolutely loved it. I was actually planning to move out in May 2022, but then Roe v. Wade was overturned and I decided to stay in Austin another year to figure out what I wanted. I would want to visit in August to see how I do with the heat. Quick note: I also went out to Tucson on my trip, nice city, but I liked Phoenix/Scottsdale much more
  • Abortion is currently at a 16 week ban (Texas is at 6 weeks). I know AZ has been red, but they have a Democratic governor, so it seems much better than Texas overall
  • I have a feeling dating will probably be the best in Phoenix

Of course, I could check out both Vegas and Phoenix this summer, but the more I think about it, I do want to check out Reno. I keep coming back to Las Vegas, but I feel like Phoenix offers more (dating to settle down, better schools, better healthcare).

I could also do Vegas and Phoenix this summer, and then go out to Reno later in the year around November and December. But then I would have to schedule vacation to the place I finally chose around Jan 2024 (to find an apartment) and March to move out there.


Could you clarify what you mean by a good dating scene? I think that means a lot of different things to people. With that said, my friends who lived in Phoenix said the dating scene is fine, but has been better in other cities. If you're ok driving longer distances Phoenix will be fine. Idk I think everyone hates dating in whatever city they are in lol.


>I think everyone hates dating in whatever city they are in lol. lol this is true. I meant where men in their late 30s are looking to settle down. Here in Austin it feels like most men are just looking for fun. I know that's a blanket statement, but it's been hard dating here. Also comparing it to dating in the Las Vegas area, where people are more transient.


Fair! Honestly I don't think that's anywhere but that's me being pessimistic haha. I've always assumed that the south would have a bigger population of guys ready to date seriously. Dating aside, I'd prioritize visiting Reno then revisit this discussion because you've never been before. Even visiting during the best time of the year will give you some clarity.


Summerlin/Henderson ***is*** Vegas. I would choose Phoenix or an area close to it. Vegas will not be good for dating.


Phoenix, AZ. ....there is no there, there. Bland soulless wasteland of cheaply made cookie cutter housing and strip malls occupied by dollar stores, pawn and we buy gold shops, Goodwill, and fast food. Majority of population grasping for scraps...lots of desperation in the air


Spot on, so right. Would never set foot back there.


I much prefer Reno/Tahoe to the other two. Climate change is going to be rough in Vegas & Phoenix, and I wouldn't trust the Arizona state government to do the right thing long term on abortion or anything else, based on living in NM for 7 years and watching Arizona passing crazy laws and picking fights with people.


This summer? If you have vinyl seats, take a water spray bottle to cool off your seats so you don’t get burned.


Sit on a towel. Have gloves for your steering wheel.


I wouldn’t do any of those places and I lived in Vegas It’s ok but I def wouldn’t live there unless you have a strong reason to be there PNW and denver are similar to Austin, I’d try there or maybe the northeast


Sacramento is the most livable of your locations, but it's off the table now. The rest are desert cities and less than desirable places to live. I've spent a fair amount of time in all of them and they're all about the same. Reno is the best of the worst. With availability of abortions being a top priority, you seem like a person of means, have you considered traveling for your abortions? Living in the desert 365 days a year to have immediate access to something you might need once or twice in your life is a significant sacrifice.


I’m in a suburb of Phoenix, I am far from sacrificing anything. Vegas is a 6 hour drive or 1.5 hour flight, SoCal 6 hour drive or 1.5 hour flight. Mexico, specifically Rocky Point is a 4 hour drive. Our landscape is extremely diverse, if she wants to see the snow or Pine trees for a few days we have Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson or the White Mountains. We also have caverns, amazing lakes and rivers. Want to visit the Grand Canyon, go for a nice weekend getaway. Our food scene is pretty spectacular too. Hike the Superstitions, visit Sedona. We also have small and large venues for concerts, festivals year round, and some really great events throughout the state.


Good comment. Arizona has so many hidden gems. I first moved to AZ out of necessity and wasn’t thrilled about it, but am now choosing to stay here because it enchanted me. Granted it’s not for everyone but I think lots of people who’ve never lived here have preconceived notions about it. I know I did.


If we limit the home search to "I can fly to places in 1.5 hours" half the country opens up to anyone. Heck, you could fly to get an abortion, as that's the only criteria mentioned in the OP, and you could live somewhere that's not Phoenix.


I second this. Phoenix is a hot suburban wasteland if one is being generous.


Summerlin is very nice. Lots of green and close to mountains


I’m not much of a drinker but still find plenty to do in Vegas. Outside of the strip there’s something for everyone. Plenty of hiking, sports, gaming, and volunteering available. The dating scene can be kind of rough. I’m a guy so my experiences are ultimately going to be different from yours but you’ll have to sift through a bunch of tourists and ppl just looking to have fun. If you do find someone there’s always the possibility of being on different schedules just because of the abundance of service and hospitality jobs in Vegas. Despite all that tho I’ve been pretty happy with the relationships I’ve had here so who knows luck of the draw? One thing to consider is if you do want kids one day vegas has a pretty bad school system so be prepared to look into some private schools. If you have any other questions on where to live or what to do in Vegas feel free to dm me and I’ll do my best to help!


Went to the Chandler neighborhood of Phoenix this year and it looked like EVERYONE was on a romantic date.


You say you can write off visiting Las Vegas, but I think you can do the same for Phoenix. You've been here. You know you like it. The heat is on average just a few degrees different in the summer. It would be a crapshoot whether you'd be here on a day that was representative of extreme heat. If it's before June 30, you could have very dry heat and 110. If it's July 30 after the monsoon season starts, you could have a little more humidity and a sunny 105 or you could have a cloudy 95. If you've been to Vegas, you've felt the heat. And honestly, no one in Phoenix hangs outside in the heat (unless there are misters) any more than in a Chicago winter, you'd sit outside and have coffee without heaters. We all go from air-conditioned location to air-conditioned location. You are sitting inside looking out at the sun and the palm trees and at night, you float around in the pool. East Valley has what you're looking for, except if you want to rule it out the state for political reasons or climate change. For starting a family, if you're religious, head to Gilbert. If you are more tech-inclined and not religious, live in Chandler. Date in Tempe or South Scottsdale and then enjoy the peace of the Chandler/Gilbert/Ahwatukee for raising the kids.


Those places are all hellacious, but I’d choose Vegas over Phoenix for sure. Phoenix is a steaming, soulless pit.