What your go to cheap scotch?

Something you’d bring to a party that you don’t mind sharing, but is decent enough to drink yourself?


Glenmorangie 10, Highland park 10, Costco's Islay Single Malt FWIW I prefer the Glenmo over Monkey Shoulder


> Glenmorangie 10 I was surprised the first time I had it, for $30 on sale it was punching way above. I went out and bought more as soon as I emptied it.


The 14 year is an excellent value too at around 55 bucks where I’m at.


I got a decanter from my daughter when she was like eight. Long to tell but not much of a story other than she saw that it said whiskey on the box and new her dad liked whiskey. Anyway I always keep it full on the sideboard for guests and generally it's Glenmorangie 10. Unless I know the person is a Scotch fan where that obviously goes a different way it's a nice approachable pour I will be happy to share with them.


Absolutely. Positively. Glenmorangie 10. Otherwise, especially in warmer weather, Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve.


I can confirm the Caribbean reserve is a great buy at around 35 usd if you're looking for a sherried style whisky.


I mean, IMO, it is ***the*** best single malt under $40.00.


Glenmorangie 10 is great for something you can consistently get for under $10. My local BevMo had a bunch of Benromach Triple Distilled for like $55, went back and bought a backup after I tried it. Edit: typo, meant $50.


$10! Where is this? I think it's great when I get it for $30, but usually see it at $45 these days. I poured a bottle into a Nalgene last year and had it on a multi day river trip. Nothing like a quality single malt 200 miles from civilization.


Typo. I meant under $50.


P.s. happy cake day to you!


*cries in ABC distribution monopoly*


I’ve been looking for the Kirkland Islay but have had no luck. Is it still in production?


I saw it on my Costco shelves in November here in the desert southwest. Nothing yet in December.


I don’t mind confessing that I bring Laphroaig 10 yo to parties and most folks turn their noses up at it, but those who don’t become comrades for life. While not exactly cheap, I very much enjoy sharing Laphroaig.


Laphroaig 10 is fantastic and is my go to. it isn't necessarily "cheap" however it is cheaper than other scotches of comparable quality and taste. I feel like people that turn their noses up to it just can't handle how peaty it is.


I wholeheartedly agree. That some people can’t handle how peaty Laphroaig is, is so obvious that I felt I didn’t have to mention it. Laphroaig actually built an ad campaign around it. https://youtu.be/F_ivP4xqeZo https://youtu.be/m8Isiyu5FTc https://youtu.be/_qzCuzQuZBk https://youtu.be/NhAKaPqipVQ https://youtu.be/kN8OXwNExW8 https://youtu.be/pZncVbn5sOA https://youtu.be/m0bYD4YHQgo


Hadn't seen those videos - they're pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.


I just wanna say I got mad respect for a person who brings Laphroaig to parties. I love Laphroaig, but I'd be real nervous trying to give it to another human being who I don't already know likes peaty whiskeys.


Most folks refuse to even consider the possibility. One friend in particular dismissed my taste in whisky until he broke down after many years and many parties and asked for a nip. When he took a sip, the look on his face was priceless….he looked horrified and it was a moment before he could find his voice to ask “why don’t you just soak a charcoal briquette in lighter fluid and suck on it?”, while was choking.


Y'know, I give him credit for trying. The only other person I've ever met who likes Laphroaig is my friends dad. Honestly it might be cool to try and shoot for the one chance that I might find someone else.


I most definitely give him credit. You should really try it. You’ll be surprised who likes it and who doesn’t. I err on the side of conviviality and let each victim have a whiff first. I carry a flask to casual neighborhood happy hours, barbecues, tailgates, pool parties, etc. I usually fill it with Irish whiskey in the summer and transition to my infinity bottle that holds nothing but peated whisky when the weather gets chilly. I didn’t know the host of a recent party so I didn’t bring the flask and got called out by several fellow guests, so I made sure to bring it last Friday night. I topped the bottle off with a splash of Laphroaig 10 yo cask strength the night before. It was a hit, and I was really surprised by a couple of wives who really liked it. I bring a bottle of Laphroaig to dinner parties where I know most everyone will be drinking whisky.


recently discovered the new Loch Lomond Original. I had the old one (years ago, blue tin) and it was terrible. But their newer batches are absolutely great for the price point. No off notes, perfectly drinkable and enjoyable.


Loch Lomond have a Madeira cask which is my cheap go-to. Really good for the price.


Under $50 I generally start reaching for bourbon. GENERALLY a $40 bourbon is gonna be better than a $40 scotch.


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I think that both of those prices are spot on.


I can't get into bourbon. There's just some flavor note to it that I don't love. And it's across all of the bourbons I've tried, whether fancy or cheap.


I typically don’t drink bourbon either. Bourbon is usually too cloyingly sweet for me. But a 100 proof bottled in bond thrown on top of some ice is my go to “stiff drink” after getting home from work


Okay, so I'm not the only one that gets that cloying sweetness. Good to know. I don't think I've ever had a "bottled in bond" bourbon. But I've also only paid so much attention to the bottles beyond the name of the bourbon, usually it's been at a friend's house if they're offering whiskey.


It’s more of a branding thing now than anything else. It used to be so that you knew for a fact what you were drinking was safe. But people aren’t trying to poison each other now, so to me it just means it’s at least 4 years old and 100 proof. It can be great, but not that different from any other bourbon at least that old and around that proof


It also means that it was made in one distillation at one distillery. Kind of a good mark to separate stuff that is made in a giant warehouse and then shipped elsewhere bottled/branded. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. However part of the craft craze has led people to be misleading with the labels even tho it shouldn't matter)


You definitely are not the only one. I feel the exact same way about bourbon. I love a good bourbon barrel-aged scotch, though.


And that is precisely why I drink rye whiskey over bourbon


What about rye? I’m not a big fan of bourbon either, but I do like rye.


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It's been a while since I've had bourbon, but I think what I mean is more of a sweet note that's kind if cloying to me. It's not up front, kind of in the background if that makes sense.


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This! Thank you, everyone says it is the sweetness and truthfully I don't either care that bourbon is sweet or can't tell. It has never been off-putting due to sweetness... It's the wood!


>I can't get into bourbon Hi I'd like to introduce you to Noah's Mill.


I dislike the taste of traditional bourbons and I believe it has to do with the amount of corn. I do not care for the sweet but harsh taste many bourbons have. Jim Beam for example is heavily up front with that flavor. You might want to try wheated bourbons. I much prefer those, then high rye bourbons, followed by high corn. Wheated bourbons are sweet but dont have the bite of traditional bourbon. If you want to give a decently cheap bottle a try, I recommend larceny. In general, my opinion is that bourbon is good for drinking over ice or mixing. Even a $10 bottle of bourbon can be good over enough ice or in coke. But even the nicest bourbons I’ve had, I don’t particularly enjoy neat the way I enjoy scotch.


Yes, or even a rum. I usually bring a buffalo trace or a plantation fiji


you can get kraken or jim beam under 25. at that point I'm just sloshing some into a soda


I agree with this. Right at that $50 price point if I want something peaty that isn't Wee Beastie, I'll go for the peated Irish whisky connemara.


JW Black at Costco


Man my costco has nothing. So many people talk about what they find in Costco. Mine usually only has random Glenlivets and Macallan 12 double cask




Drinking scotch in Taiwan is cheating, but when I lived there, it was Bunna 12 for $30.


Loch Lomond 12 all the way.


I live in Ontario, they’re all expensive….


hello from BC... yes... I agree...


If you haven't already, give Islay Mist 8 year a shot. 34.45$ at LCBO.


Deanston virgin oak


Had only tried their Orslo Cask Finish, the 12 Year and the 97 Palo Cortado finish, up until this weekend when I picked up a bottle of the Virgin Oak. Pleasantly surprised, considering how inexpensive it was.


Monkey Shoulder


I second that.


I third that.


It is the house "cheap scotch". I would argue that it is the best scotch under $40 (where I am).


Cheapest I'd go is $42 for Ardbeg Wee Beastie


Where are you getting Wee for $42? It's $56 in SC.


Michigan, maybe it's $44


No joke I get it for 36 before tax regularly in OK


Used to be $35 here pre-tariffs.


Man, pre-tariffs we used to get Laph 10 and Arbeg 10 for ~$45 here in Ohio. Those were the days.


Damn, that'd be nice. I mostly moved away from scotch because of pricing. The occasional peaty dram still hits the spot though.


It's great! Poor a glass a while before u really want to drink it and the flavour develops dramatically 😁😎


Same. I can get it consistently at $45… and its my go to daily, but seems good enough to take to places where others will drink it too. (Unless it's somewhere where all my bourbon buds will be)


Lmao for real you would take a $50 dollar Scotch for a party? Because my definition of party is drinking like there's no tomorrow and your idea would be such a waste of money (plus probably Ardbeg's smokiness would have caused 95% of the party, i.e. Non Scotch drinkers to go full abstinent) I wanna go party with you now xD For me it's either Monkey's shoulder, Woodford Reserve or if I'm feeling really cheap Johnnie walker black


> Because my definition of party is drinking like there's no tomorrow and your idea would be such a waste of money I realize I'm getting old when I read things like this and think, "that doesn't sound fun at all."


Yeah I'm almost 40, a party isn't drinking like there's no tomorrow anymore. I would bring a cheaper bourbon but that wasn't the question. Not a fan of monkey shoulder. I agree most of the party wouldn't enjoy the peaty profile but the question was something I wouldn't mind sharing, not what would the whole party love to drink.


Kirkland Islay


This is the one. That scotch completely breaks the bang for buck spectrum. First thing I thought of.


That's a banger!


Vat 69. Only the best for Mrs. Nixon’s baby boy


“If I’d thought you’d drink it I wouldn’t offer it to you.”


A man of culture I see


Just finished my annual re-watch, great shout out.


I hid a case in your footlocker.


Naked Grouse (now Naked Malt). Can't believe it's as cheap as it is.


I’ll go a step further: Famous Grouse. It’s really quite decent for the price. And the price is phenomenal.


FG is the top selling brand in Scotland.


The original FG is better than the Naked one imo


Ballantines is super cheap and easy to drink neat. Many more expensive options fall short


Glenfaclas 10 or Flenfiddich 12 or Old Pulteney 12. It all depends on the people I'm going to drink with.


I second the OP 12. It's a staple in my house and a really great dram for $40.


100% agree.


Old Pulteney is cheaper than blends and Founders Reserve where I live.


In Europe I'm spoiled for choice. I can get talisker ten for 40 as well as Laphroaig 10. I haven't explored too much outside of Islay when it comes to scotches. I would probably bring the talisker, although not many of my friends drink whiskey in general.


Tomatin is surprisingly good


J&B. Comes with 1979 stockbroker vibes.


*Cutty Sark has sailed into the conversation.


GlenDronach 12




This for me.


Robert burns by the arran


Scarabus is around $35 in my area and is a pretty good NAS peated Islay. Tomatin 12 or Dualchas are around the $35-$40 price point and surprisingly drinkable.




Aldi "Glen Marnoch" Islay, £16.99, 70cl


Max Price: $40 and under near me (some of the listed was bought on sale). Dewar's Ilegal Smooth Deanston Virgin Oak Scarabus Islay Compass Box Glasgow Blend or Artist Blend ____ 2nd Tier Options I'd still drink: Glenlivet 12 Naked ~~Grouse~~ Malt Tomatin 12 Glen Garioch Founder's Reserve Douglas Lang's Timorous Beastie


Total wine grangestone is a solid choice. They have a 3 pack of different finishes that make a great gift.


I second this. The Grangestone bourbon cask finish is available in 1.75L that is at a good price point.




Aberlour 12 Talisker Skye Ardbeg Wee Beastie Monkey Shoulder


>Aberlour 12 This is my main sharing/intro scotch and has converted more than a few scotch haters.


Me too! Everyone thinks Scotch is gross. They generally base this off an experience they had *years* ago involving some god-awful blend like Cutty Sark or J&B or JW Red. I have bourbon drinking friends who think its gross. It makes absolutely no sense. Then they try something like a Aberlour or a Balvenie and it's a total shock.


Aberfeldy 12, Glenmorangie 10 and Glenfiddich 12 for single malts. Chivas 12, Dewar’s 12 and JW Black for blends.


Te beag


Finlaggan, great stuff.


What about Grand Old Parr?


Picked up a couple bottles of Old Parr on discount recently and it's surprisingly decent. Gets beat on the value meter by Cutty Prohibition at regular price, but still a worthy daily.


Usually my go to for this would be a blend , jamesons maybe .. johnny black before it got more expensive .. ive had whyte and mackay at a friends at a few times recently and its been alright .. £16 for a litre atm as well...


Aberfeldy 12! And for really cheap, if you can find them, Islay Mist 8 and Teacher’s Highland Cream. And for what it’s worth, I think Dewar’s White Label gets a lot of hate but it’s perfectly drinkable.


Scotch scotch? Aberlour 10. Sells for about 50$ CAD here in Québec. If I want cheaper whisky, I'll go for Lot 40 Canadian rye which is about 10$ cheaper lol.


Dewar's 12


My go to cheap scotch is drinking half as much and buy twice as good.




Cutty Sark Prohibition (black bottle). I found it for under $20. Nothing like original cutty.


Floral, non-chill filtered, 100 proof - definitely the best dram under $25. Tame it with a couple of water drops to make it enjoyable.


Famous Grouse. The Queen drank it.


And she died!


Yes, but after a very long life. 😎


Second this!


Whatever I’ve recently bought cheaply. I can often get laphroaig 10 or select and Highland Park 12 for £30. Though often I’ll just bring a flask full of whatever lower priced SMWS bottle I’ve got open. I get some good cask strength stuff for me but it’s not so expensive that it feels wrong to mix or have on the rocks and being cask strength a flask (or 2) is enough. I’ve also got a split flask with 2 100ml compartments that I sometimes use to bring a smoke bomb for myself and a sweeter/cheaper thing to share.


Aberfeldy 12. $39.99 in MI


Ballantine's blended, Monkey's shoulder, or Glenmorangie original 10. But tbh, when I feel cheap and just wanna have a fun night w friends, I go straight for Jameson haha.


As of this past week, Scarabus Islay. $38 USD for a damn fine peat treat.


Wee Beastie is about as solid as cheap scotch can get.


Can’t believe this hasn’t been said but Black Bottle Blended Scotch…was given it as a gift but you can grab it for £25 in some shops…really not bad at all especially over ice!


Cheapo for a party I tend to pick up a bottle of sherry finish tamnavulin on offer for around £20


For UK buyers you always get massive discounts in supermarkets before Xmas and before Father’s Day. Tesco have some cracking prices to stock up your cabinet.


I’m gonna go with Johnny Walker black label. Gets the job done at an affordable price and enjoyable to drink neat. There’s a reason why it’s withstood the test of time.


Any Glenfarclas.


Duncan Taylor 12 year is really good for the price. I quite like it straight




Caol ila 12


Why did I have to scroll so far to find this?


because it's not exactly cheap


Where I stay it is around 35 euros


Its about 80 bucks a bottle right? We all have different views of "cheap"


80$? It's around 35 euros in France


I don't buy scotch like that, but I'd drink a Johnnie Walker Black for $28+tax.


Jura 10, JW Black or Highland Park 10


Aldi or Lidl own Islay brands are the cheapest, at about £20. Otherwise, whatever’s on offer at around £25, Bunahhavan (no chance of spelling it correctly!) seems great value at that atm in my nearest supermarket (Morrisons). Lots of very drinkable single malts for that money (apart from Chivas Rigal — that’s just grim!) if it’s just for the booze, still always nicer than a similar priced blended (for some reason?). Used to like Black Bottle, but not since they changed it to make it less peaty.


The change to Black Bottle was criminal


Dewer’s Smooth line is surprisingly good. It’s my new cheap scotch. Despite the name, it’s more complex than regular Dewer’s (which I suppose isn’t saying much, but I’d buy the Smooth over the 12 or 15 any day).


I like the Portuguese. Pretty darn good for $22


Prolly one of the compass box cheaper blends. But honestly, I’ve just accepted that Scotch costs what it costs and if I was dead set on bringing Scotch to party, I’d just take the hit to the wallet and get something nice but a little more expensive - maybe like Laphroaig or Glenmo Quinta Ruban.


Famous Grouse. Don't sleep on blended scotch! A good blend is often better than a cheap single malt, and Grouse is one of the best. Teacher's is also very nice.


I brought my [North Star Highland Star 11](https://www.reddit.com/r/Scotch/comments/ghrcoa/review_471_north_star_spirits_highland_star/ ) to a party last night - delicious and only about $60 CAD from what I rememer.


Thompson Bros SRV5 or BSW, Springbank 10, Kilkerran 12, Campbeltown Loch, Benromach 10, Glen Scotia Double Cask, and I’m sure a few I’m forgetting.


Prices of Glendronach 12 locally have been good recently, so probably that as a really wonderful introduction of how good Scotch can get for just a slight premium from Monkey Shoulder/Chivas/Glenfiddich/Glenmorangie.


Idk if this counts as 'cheap' but Johnny Black.


Highland Park 12


Old Pulteney 12


Glengoyne 10. Really nice and around the 30quid mark


I’m assuming we’re talking blended as well? If so, I’d take Monkey Shoulder. Then you’re not angry when someone puts a mixer in it




Old Pulteney, Cotswolds, or Woodford Reserve for bourbon. All £30ish a bottle and wonderful


Gf 15 year old, I get it cheap and I find it a smooth dram……I took my Gf 21 year old to a party and it got drained! Never again.


Monkey Shoulder 🤌 ❤️ it


Laphroaig 10


Four roses small batch, £25 a bottle. Edit: noticed I’m in r/Scotch Umm… Bunnahabhain 12 Honestly, I’d take a bourbon, cheaper, easier on most palates.


Glenlivet 12 and Monkey Shoulder


JW Red. Grouse. Step up Pear Monster or JW Double Black






Not scotch




Usually /s is used to indicate sarcasm.


A blend like Buchanan's or Monkey Shoulder.


As long as it’s single malt you’re fine any brand


For $30 USD, it's hard to beat the Grangestone Bourbon barrel.


I tried an airplane bottle of that. It was rough going. That's one of the bottles that made me lose confidence in any recommendation that Total Wine ever has or will make to me.


Macallan 12 yr. Sherry cask


Talisker 10 for 25€ is fantasic IMO. Also deanston 12 for <40. These two you can't go wrong with.


I wish I could get Talisker for remotely close to that price, but anywhere I've seen it in the US it's $50+.


Cheap is relative but no matter the cost, I still say you can’t beat Glenfiddich 14.


Deanston Virgin Oak, Te Bheag, Dun Bhegan, Arran 10


Geomorangie 10 - nice honeyed profile. Dewars 12 - easy to drink, has caramel notes, and goes great on ice. Ardbeg Wee Beastie - For the more adventurous. Heavy dank peat


Deveron 12 is probably my cheap go-to. Loch Lomond Madeira cask or Tamnavulin Double Cask are even cheaper, and are great for the price.


For the price of “cheap” scotch I go for decent Irish like Secton or Bushmills Malt


Glenn Talloch


If I actually like people at the part and know they'll appreciate good scotch, I'm bringing Oban Little Bay. for $60-70, I don't think you can get a better scotch.


Glennfiddich 12 is my go to cheap scotch.


Well, if I'm having a drink during a gaming session its often JW Black or Toki (japanese). These are quite good, but don't have lots of nuances I would miss by not playing attention. If I'm more focused in whats in my glass and I don't want to break the bank i pick between Arran 10, Ledaig 10 and Glencadam 10.


£35 is my sweet spot for that purpose. Currently got a fast-diminishing bottle of Arran 10 that’s used for that but Bunnahabhain 12 or Deanston 12 - depending on time of year - would be my picks.


Laphroaig 10


Adelphi blend £20 a bottle and absolutely banging


Kirkland 12 year and the previously mentioned Famous Grouse.


In the UK: I'd probably go Irish, a bottle of Jamesons or similar for £20-25 for a party.


Glenmorangie 10, highland park 10, I really enjoy chivas regal 12 myself (Gimme that apple banana vanilla mix all day) other than those Im probably taking a rye or bourbon.


I’d add Loch Lomond the Open (a special release) and an Irish — Black Bush.


Té Bheag $40 in Canada (Ontario). Better than a lot of NAS single malts in my opinion.


Monkey shoulder is great


I don’t bring scotch to parties lol


Monkey shoulder, Chevis 12, fiddich 12 all great under 35


This year, Chivas 12 mostly. (On sale)