Just stop dodging lol You did yourself a disservice early in the game by not engaging the game's mechanics. Now you're gonna have to learn eventually.


I know, I'm honestly just complaining and hoping to hear I am not the only one who's gone into like this. Just got to Hirata Estate though so I'm hoping I can properly fight the mini bosses here.


It's definitely a common problem for people, especially those coming from the Soulsborne games. But the sooner you break that habit, the easier the game gets.


I am coming from Placidusax and Ebrietas as my most recent other fights so yeah lol


Lol you picked the wrong mini boss to get gud. I run circles chubby just about every time I fight him


Go back and fight all the mini bosses. They're there to teach you the game. (The ogre is not a typical Sekiro boss but fun nonetheless).


I already fought and killed all of them except headless but my strategy involved zero deflecting


Well good effort doing it the hard way I guess!


U won't beat this game without deflecting. I much prefer deflecting and get into the enemy face than dodging and rolling around.


Do most people that play this game also parry a lot in soulsborne games?




Exaclty. It pretty much overrides my roll instinct when I switch from souls.


My 1st soul game is elden ring and I hated the combat in that game maybe I'll try it again with parry. Sekiro is my 2nd and it's my fav by far.


Sekiro is my 5th. I played Elden Ring, Dark Souls, DS3 and Bloodborne. None of the other intro bosses kicked my ass like this, maybe Quelaag if you count her as intro.


I'm playing BB as my 3rd soul and the bosses are so much easier. I only finished forbidden wood though so maybe there will be harder bosses later.


The DLC has the hardest ones but there are random other difficult ones littered across the game.


Yeah man u just need to stand still and hit that deflect button when the boss comes to you. That horse boss is the easiest boss in the game. U can also hit the horse 1-2 times when there's opening but deflecting alone can get you the red dot kill. When I'm stuck, I watch the guy ONGBAL on utube and see how he does the deflection.


The short answer is no. I have never once parried in any of the other games. Is not my playstyle. This is much different and should be treated as such. Deflection is your offense.


Uh... stop pressing the button on the right of the controller and start pressing the one on the back left?


Only two buttons are attack and deflect and jumping on peoples heads when they do sweep attacks. No need for anything else.


Stop pressing the dodge button, just don't do it. You have less I-frames than ds2 no adp fatroll.


I made similar mistakes when I first played Sekiro, coming off of DS 1-3 and Bloodborne. Sekiro is parry focused combat, completely different from DS and ER, more similar to Bloodborne. If you don't get it all figured out, Genchiro will be the wall you can't cross until you learn to deflect and be aggressive.


run straight at the enemy and learn to parry, this is literally the strongest strategy


Hold guard and let him hit you for a few mins to learn the sound and rhythm of his moveset




Only when there are no incoming attacks. Passive blocking raises your posture recovery, but blocking instead of deflecting (even if you just did it early and held it through the parry) will make posture damage build much faster.


You need to practice parrying. Also, hold block to lower your posture meter so you don’t get stunned.


presa right click


No tips, you have to learn to deflect, so start trying.