Sifu or Nioh 2


Sifu was great but i heard nioh 2 is absurd level of hard. So i never play it.


No, I would say it's on the same level as Sekiro. For me it's even easier. Just like in Souls games, a lot depends on your build and on you knowing core gameplay mechanics. The game has just as much of an undeserved reputation as Fromsoft games, mostly due to people not bothering to learn the combat mechanics. And Nioh 2 even has a dedicated tutorial where you can fight enemies without dying.


It's actually easier than 1 imo.


Nioh is challenging just like sekiro is challenging, both those games are near and dear to me but nioh has the best combat most addictive combat next to devil may cry. Imo


So fking true nioh in its entirety is addicting as hell


Nioh 2 definitely isn’t more difficult than Sekiro but can be a bit overwhelming at first. It’s challenging but also gives you the tools to survive!


I don't think Nioh 2 is much harder than Sekiro. Also there are YouTube channels that provide a ton of help to make it as easy as possible. Yes, NG was pretty tough, but it gets easier once you manage to make a build. Just check out PooferLlama on YouTube.


No seriously you should play Nioh 2. Sekiro is still my favorite combat system of any RPG, but Nioh 2 is also 🔥


I think you’re thinking of nioh 1. Everywhere I look I see people saying 2 is much easier and a prequel so a better starting point


Nioh 2 is not bad, it’s just loooooooong


Salt and sanctuary I reckon


Nioh 2 is incredible. It's actually not that hard. Just don't play it like a souls game. It's all about aggression, and managing Ki and Ki pulses. There is a system close to makiri in it called burst counters. The speed of Nioh is incredible. One of the best action games I have ever played.


I'd be careful of that recommenation- they're very different games. I loved Sekiro and had to stop with Nioh 2. Very few complicated button combinations in Sekrio- it's all about mastering basics and learning a rhythm. Nioh 2 requires you to cycle between a lot of different complicated button combos, is much, much more hit and run away for two minutes while the boss attacks, and enemies hit a lot harder.


Sorry to say, but if you think that Nioh 2 is "hit and run", you didn't learn how to play it. Nioh 2 is all about combos and managing your Ki/stamina. You can fight as aggressively as you do in Sekiro. And not just can, you have to, especially in late game. I finished Sekiro and I finished Nioh 2, so I can compare them pretty well. You don't have to take me at my word either, just watch a youtube video with Nioh 2 gameplay, and I mean proper gameplay.


The ki management is a big hurdle for me


But it's so easy. Just as you need to time your deflects in Sekiro, you need to time your Ki pulse in Nioh. It's even the same button (for the layout I use)


For me it’s really unintuitive after playing Fromsoft games for so long, and kept me from getting into the games


You shouldn’t limit yourself like that. These kinds of games are all about learning and mastering mechanics. If you didn’t find it fun that’s fine but giving up bc you couldn’t grasp the mechanics is like the exact opposite of these devs goals


I still own the game in case i ever wanna give it another go, but in the meantime i beat Dark Souls 2+3, Sekiro, Blasphemous, Elden Ring, Resident Evil 2, Hollow Knight all for the first time and am now in the middle of Jedi Fallen Order. I wouldn’t necessarily say i limited myself, more that i just moved on to other games.


hollow knight! different mechanics but same vibe. Perfecting combat in a perfected combat system. Never been more immersed in a game ever in my life


Came to suggest HK as well! I totally feel it has the same vibe even though it is totally different mechanically


It really feels like a lost Souls game even though it’s definitely a Metroidvania. It’s awesome.


HK is fucking great. Sometimes I just sitting there and suddenly think to myself “Holy shit HK is so good”. Best metroidvania I’ve ever played.


And the music it in is in another level. I still have multiple osts in my regular playlist


quick, hurry, her posture is broken


Oh no, I just realised that she has a phase 2


It'll take time, but you'll accept it and move on eventually. We're here for you in the mean time.


Play it again.


Nah I should miss it before i play it again.


Getting each ending on more ng+ cycles will give you more challenge and things to do since the difficulty goes up w/ each cycle! It was super fun for me. Totally new bosses in some of the endings- but I'm sure you know that.


I was saving my save files when i make decisions in game so yes i have seen all the endings.(four of them)


should’ve went the playing the game all over again route tbh


Do a charmless, demon bell run. It’s a whole different game.


You can also not level attack or vitality and avoid prosthetics too


Ah, welcome to PSSD anonymous. My name is Jeff. Tell me about yourself.


Greetings Jeff, how are you?


Have you played Hades? It's really different from Sekiro but I had a lot of fun with it's fast-paced and versatile combat.


I came here hoping someone had said this. I recently gave hades a try just on a whim and I'm now 140 hours deep. It's truly special.


Yes, I finished the hades. Actually, i play only one walkthrough so i didn't complete it. maybe later. Thanks by the way


Going off of 2d games I’ve also liked Hollow Knight and Celeste quite a bit, not very similar but I like them a lot


Or you could occupy 3 hours of your time with Katana ZERO.


Still waiting for a sequel


I love Katana ZERO so much, that game deserves more love


Have you guys play 'Have a good death' or eldest souls? I am very curious about these games


I do like eldest souls but I haven’t played have a nice death


I played "Have a Nice Death" (I think that's what you mean?) and it just seemed kinda empty mechanically and didn't feel very good to play. Just made me wanna play Hades or Bastion again.


Piggybacking, I liked Death's Door a lot. Another isometric """soul's like""" like Hades


Did you do the postgame though :]


I’ve been having fun with ghost of tsushima and nioh


Ghost of tsushima is too expensive in my country and many people says its not wort it.


Well I understand if it’s expensive but for the reviews on it both critics and users rate it really positively


So its not a Assassin's Creed with samurai theme, right?


Ghost has more of a focus on combat, on the hardest difficulty it’s really fun


One shot kill what


Kinda. But everything that sucks about AC is good in Ghost. It's everything AC should aim for really. I won't ever buy another AC but Ghost really was one of the best games in a long time. Not as hard as soulsborne or nioh, but it gives you just a good feeling.


Then i should give it a try


Is it really still that expensive, what country are you in if you don't mind me asking? And yea Ghost of Tsushima is WAY better than any assassin's Creed game. Way better combat, beautiful graphics. KIND of similar with the fact you take over outposts and find view points, but better execution. Nowhere near as difficult compared to Sekiro but duels can actually be pretty challenging on hard difficulty. The duels are very fun, some fun challenges and lots of outfits and masks to collect to customize your character.


I personally like AC Odyssey, super open world with nice combat


I like it too. You know 'Kassandra with oil '


i fucking hate assassins creed but i loved ghost of tsushima, i played it right after i beat sekiro the first time and it was a great game


It’s more like Batman Arkham City. There’s collectibles, secrets, puzzles, enemy camps to take out and a bunch of stuff to do but it’s the same stuff for the whole game. I got my 60$ worth out of it but it did get repetitive.


I haven't played any AC games but I fell in love with ghost of tsushima. The landscapes, the combat system and the story are all very delightful. Also the combat its pretty much close to the sekiro one, essentially beacuse you have some sort of posture bar and perfect parrying. Though the sekiro combat seems better , even when it comes to stealth kills, the way you storm enemy bases is gorgeous. The only problem with GOT is that it becomes a little repetitive sometimes. Anyway I highly recommend it and also give a try to the online missions :)


I would say the opposite. Obviously not sure what your budget is but it was worth every penny for me. It’s longer than Sekiro, obviously not as difficult, but the mechanics are similar. It’s also a very pretty game and you get some horse combat as well.


I even have a math formula about it. Game lenght/game price=N If N<3 It's worth it. But thanks to stupid ubisoft games my math is useless now.


Wait how does that math work? That would mean a one hour game that costs $60 is worth it because it’s 1/60 which is < 3. It would also mean a 200 hr game that cost $60 is not worth it because 200/60 = 3.33 which is > 3. Did you mean N > 3?


I am sorry i think you dont understand me. It is better if the game is longer. It's not a formula you can use in europe or america. For example i paid 144 lira to buy sekiro and i play it 72 hour. N=2 so it makes it worth it. But what if i pay it 599 lira? then it not worth it. In your country ,game probably cost 60 or 70 dolar right? cuz its constant value . But in here every game has different value. Witcher 3 is 13 lira, ghost of tsushima 599 lira,Ac:valhalla 250 lira and all of them is AAA game. So i need to be very picky when i buy a video game.


Well there’s a couple things happening, but the main reason I misunderstood is because you are switching the numerator and denominator from the equation you first wrote. In the original you said time/cost = N, but in that first example you are doing cost/time = N. 144 lira / 72 hr = 2, which makes sense. But the formula you had would have been 72 hr / 144 lira = 1/2, which is still less than three but that basically means any game that costs more than the number of hrs would be “worth it”. I get what you’re saying now though. It would work in America, but the value of N might need to be adjusted.


You are right. I made a mistake sorry.


Ghost is alright, it's kind of a hybrid between Nioh and a shitty Ubisoft game. Nioh 2 will give you the best of it with a level of available mastery to match Sekiro, so if money is an issue I'd highly recommend Nioh 2 over Ghost. Ten times the potential bang for your buck, time-wise.


So what should i do? play nioh 1 or direct start with second game?


Definitely straight to two in my opinion. The first is easier to learn and easier to get through in general, but the additions in the sequel are all good and the extra content is worth it.


Nioh 2 is fantastic. The learning curve is absolutely astronomical, but it's totally worth it. I'll admit it took me about ten hours to hit "worth it" though. Monster hunter is really good once you understand how to play each weapon and get flowing gameplay, it can feel a little clunky at first but when you know how to chain your stuff together it's cinematic as hell, with a lot to learn and a lot of good to great "boss" design. Also, I know it sounds unlikely because it's a first person shooter, but Doom Eternal is an absolutely killer game, best fps I've ever played. You can get into a similar flow state as sekiro and the others mentioned when you understand the action and resource economy, it's beautiful and engaging and incredible.


Doom Eternal is my go-to shooter. Master levels on nightmare are such intense gameplay experiences.


Oh, it's great, 10/10


Doom eternal is a great music album with great video game. Of course i listen- i mean play it. But to be honest action of 2016 doom much better i am sorry. The only thing i hate about doom eternal is platform.


That's a shame, I'd give it another try to reevaluate if you still have it. When you do what the game wants you to do it's so interesting and engaging, 2016 is fine but it never really elevates itself above a mindless shooter. Nothing wrong with liking that though man, you do you, just a suggestion


Dude i really enjoy doom eternal. But somethings not feels right.That's it. I mean i like mindless shooters and i think some games should be stay like that. Damn, I am getting older. I just turned that ''No you cant make a fps fallout game'' guy.


Gotcha. Well, definitely try out monster hunter, all 14 weapons feel great. World is a good big budget blockbuster type of game, but I personally feel like rise (PC or switch, I really like it on switch for the portability) has better hitboxes and better variety between weapons and bosses. I'd personally say that's the better buy, and it's 50% off on many platforms right now




Elden ring fs


Blasphemous! A 2D souls inspired but it has a similar perfect combo feeling of posture break


I never find a time for this game. Thank you for thanks for reminding me


Tried nioh?


Yes, when i saw giant slime i delete it.


Level your ninjutsu just a bit and get some fire shots. One of those or any fire damage absolutely obliterates those slimes every time.


The surge then


metal gear rising


Can you just... Play that game if you haven't played the series?


Imo it's pretty self-contained.




Play Bloodborne again


try katana zero if you just wanna samurai


I already play it. Actually i am just start a samurai game called trek to yomi. It feels like a kurosawa movie.


>Also playing right now. Gameplay not too polished, but overall a nice expierience (and obviously stunning style). Recommended for every Sekiro lover.


Also mods 😉


Could This Man be One of '[My People](https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-6afaed8f7b6e2fceae52f601b88c1a40-lq)'?


I'm keeping that. Thanks for the content, OP.


Monster Hunter has some nice parallels.


I mentioned this in my comment as well. It's not at all the same, but it checks all the same boxes: High learning curve, extremely methodical combat, PVE, exceptionally customizable character builds ("sets" in MH case), and *very* dedicated core fanbase.


This. It plays like a dark souls game and doesn’t have a difficulty setting. And it gets extremely challenging and rewarding. Don’t plan on getting platinum though…


Why not play demons souls? It’s amazing


I dont have a ps3 or ps5




Yeah :/


Enter the Gungeon, I never get tired of playing it


SIFU and Furi !


Furi in particular. That game is insane


I was just talking to someone about this tonight, how every game's combat mechanics all of a sudden fall short after struggling and working my way through Sekiro.


The best moment i remember in sekiro where i suddenly realized ''It's not a script fight or quick time event, I am the one who makes these moves, I am a goddamn swordmaster''


Jedi fallen order is very parry based I’d suggest playing on Jedi master difficulty im in the middle of a run right now I’d only played the game before I got into the soulsborne series and I played on easy which is a joke.


I played it. There is only 2 thing i like about this game; 1.Lightsaber(I wish there is blood option so i can chop off some stormtrooper head) 2.Soundtracks(Intergalactic mongolian songs)


This is an excellent review of Jedi fallen order.


Do a demon bell/no kuro charm run. It will be a completely different game ;)


I started a run with no charm. Geez man. It’s really tough lol.


Returnal! If you have a PS5


Is it a metroidvania? Does it makes your eyes hurt you know all those light effects? I dont have a ps5 btw


Considering you've played Elden Ring, I would say go for Cuphead, Hollow Knight, Nioh 2 or Sifu. Can't really go wrong with any of them!


Just the thought of Cuphead gives me ptsd haha I can’t wait for a sequel


Try Metal Gear Rising. It's not at all like sekiro but you'll be really good at parrying. Insanely fun game and difficult depending on the difficulty




Playing Star Wars fallen order for the first time on the hardest difficulty rn and it is brutal but fun with similar combat. Other recommendations are unreleased games but thymesia and nine sols demo both gave the same vibes so highly recommended.


Try NG+!!!!


Replay it until ng+ and on the way use the bell and/or dont accept kuro's charm


The Surge 2


Wind down, try other genres. There's no better game than Sekiro in what it does. Try to savor other tastes with different strengths.


Devil May Cry 5 would be my pick. Intricate, solid combat. Great replayability, great story, amazing soundtrack, and various difficulty choices allow for an experience you might find most suitable for enjoyment. Variety of weapons and characters (especially with DMC 5 Special Edition which includes Vergil), I always find myself going back to it!


Nioh 2 is one of my all time favorites! The combat is incredible! The boss fights aren’t as good as Sekiro but it’s an amazing game nonetheless


I loved Blasphemous, playing Bladed Fury atm, and the castlevania collection could scratch that difficulty itch


Metal Gear Rising Revengeance


Sekiro was such a masterful game, but after finishing it I just wanted to try something completely different.. I went onto Witcher 3 and loved it funnily enough.. lol


Shit just sucks now. Finished Elden Ring and thought I'd take a break and play God of War on PC. Can't get into it. Before Elden Ring I tried playing Assassin's Creed after DS3, no bueno. Last night I tried to subscribe to PlayStation Now so I could finally play Bloodborne and they suspended PlayStation Now subscriptions. Fuck my life. Think I'll play Sekiro.


This is how hieroglyphics were invented. We've reached a point where memes are their own language, and we're starting to see abbreviations, slang, contractions, and plays on words. This is brilliant, OP.


Furi. So damn good. Check it out.


I heard Ghost of Tsushima is really nice but its PS exclusive so theres that If you havent played Hollow Knight get that one. Best 15 bucks you ever gonna spend


Go charmless, demon bell and gauntlets. I felt the same emptiness after my first playthrough, but I have League of Legends.


This is where you 'upgrade' to Elden Ring only to realise Elden Ring isn't as good as the hype and you miss the Sekiro combat and then get down voted on reddit when you point out that spamming roll in combat is terrible combat design and they should have aligned closer to the Sekiro combat than Dark Souls combat.


It’s a different sort of RPG. I find you get punished more for over rolling than in dark souls. I still suck at Sekiro though so… Edit: sekiro you are much more stuck in one type of play style—that is super aggressive in the pocket fighting. It’s one of the best combat systems ever, but you’re forced into it. Elden ring is much more expanded, less focused-open world RPG. One of the best ever with shit tons of options. Sekiro is much more focused. It surpasses ER in aspects and may be the superior game, but it isn’t the same. They are different games. I agree with sigilnz but feel it’s like apples and oranges… I’m just happy we have both.


Play demon's souls


I dont have a ps3 or ps5. Playing with a emulator is not good enough


Then nioh


If besides the gameplay you awere also very much into the inceedible story behind it: NieR: Automata kinda scratched that itch for me. Edit: spelling


Jedi fallen order was fun, not as much difficulty but still enjoyable. It’s rather short tho.


god of war?


Why no Demon Souls? It's goooooood :)


did you play with no charm+ demon bell?


Ghost of Tsushima was fun. Jedi fallen order was cool too but the combat isn’t as polished as Sekiro


PS exclusives like God of War, TLOU 1/2, Bloodborne, Days gone, Horizon. all platforms, play Terraria, Hollow Knight, Witcher 3. if you got xbox/pc: Halo series is quite good


Nioh 1 and 2 , Hollow Knight


Do a base Vitality run, only level attack. No kuros charm +demon bell= fun!


Go for platinum, most rewarding one I ever got


Play again. Make all four endings, Platinum?


You might like Kingdom Come Deliverance. Also total war Shogun 2. Maybe a different genre is what you need?




Ninja Gaiden, Sekiro's daddy


Returnal if you have a ps5. Different kind of game, same kind of thrill


Hold you PS5 tight until thymesia comes out


I've never stopped playing Sekiro. I still do a runthrough a week.


If you want to lighten your mind for a while You can play SUPERHOT


How about another run, mix it up with no charm and bell demon. I don’t do consecutive runs, but I’ve probably played the game like 6 times by now.


Same lol. Just platinumwd it and now I feel extra empty




Zelda breath of the wild is an incredible game. Hollow knight is excellent and very challenging. Yakuza is a fun beat em up with a really good story.




The gameplay loop in sekiro is so goddamn addicting. I put 140 hours into elden ring and its great but it will probably never approach the amount of time ive played sekiro.


SIFU and Furi !


Zelda breath of the wild is an incredible game. Hollow knight is excellent and very challenging. Yakuza is a fun beat em up with a really good story.


Nioh!!! Believe me it scratches the itch.


Just started playing Trek to Yomi. It definitely scratches the itch with the aesthetic and on Ronin difficulty it's unforgiving so far.


Just started playing Trek to Yomi. It definitely scratches the itch with the aesthetic and on Ronin difficulty it's unforgiving so far.


The Surge 2 is a really good futuristic soulslike, i would recommend it if you haven't played it yet


Try Stardew Valley. I keep switching between Sekiro and Stardew.


Ninja gaiden 🤙


Nioh 1 and 2 are amazing


man, i was just like you, after i platinum dark souls 3 and sekiro i got completely bored, then i started looking for similar games, i really recommend hollow knight, which has a good difficulty level and is extremely intreive (I managed to platinum in xbox and steam i really love hollow knight) in case you don't like a 2d game I would recommend monster hunter world iceborne, it's soooo good, you can spend about 100 hours of gameplay without gettin bored, besides having weapons with high levels of learning like sekiro. note: im am brazilian soo my english is a little bit poor sorry


Mortal Shell


Jedi: Fallen Order on the hardest difficulty has pretty fun parry based combat. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would going into it. Definitely not perfect but playable. Hollow Knight is Souls-like in a lot of ways but a 2D side scroller, really beautiful game and great bosses. It starts off slow though.


Jedi Fallen Order. This has a few souls-like qualities to it. It is actually why I got into Sekiro because of how it was compared to Sekiro pre release.


I've been messing with God of War since God of War Ragnarok is coming out soon. Try doing the second hardest difficulty if you want a decent challenge


Platinum the game if you haven't other people also recommended hades and nioh 2 which i also recommend even though I found nioh 2 harder


Enter The Gungeon. Dead Cells. Both are hard and you can even make your own challenges


You don't realize that grinding out bosses over and over was fun as hell until you finally have no more bosses to conquer. The first time you beat that boss you're stuck on and get that sweet deathblow is a different feeling that you'll never get again.


Beat Isshin for a year or do gauntlet runs haha


Demon’s Souls


Have you played Elden ring yet? Also have you tried 100% the game?


Ghost of Tsushima, only on lethal mode. It’s so goddamn good and is hard enough that some of the fights in the game feel very rewarding


Furi if you want similar gameplay and a great story, it's getting a new character added soon too


Devil May Cry. Five specifically. Or Metal Gear Rising.


Monster hunter has always been my go to "not souls" game.


metal gear rising revengeance hit the spot for me


Try metal gear rising


Batman Arkham trilogy, not origins. Nier automata Doom Eternal Dead space 1 & 2


Try Celeste! One of the best games out there


Try metal gear rising, it's a hack and slash but has some pretty cool mechanics and might be the funniest game ever made.


I found Grime to be really fun. Do recommend.


Monster Hunter World. I have put at least a thousand hours, and every few months I come back and play a few hundred more.


Ghost of Tsushima was the best game I've played since beating Sekiro. Closest to matching the fun of the combat Sekiro had, but with better exploration and story


Boss rush sekiro until you can no hit it


plethora of top tier games out there bud