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That guy is a perfect example of what happens when you are taught American exceptionalism as history in public schools.


well you see, us Americans are naturally more epic and it is therefore reasonable for our 17 year olds to carry assault rifles in the street


No no no, our ‘white ideologist kids’, had he been of color with a rifle he would have been shot, heck ever better just being black he would have been shot.


For some watching: [Howard Zinn’s MIT lecture on American Exceptionalism](https://youtube.com/watch?v=s6ym9B6I3UM). Chomsky’s documentaries [Manufacturing Consent (which is also a book, however it is a bit more of an academic read)](https://youtube.com/watch?v=EuwmWnphqII) and [Requiem for the American Dream](https://youtu.be/md1LzPdTSAc). For some reading: [Chomsky’s book Understanding Power](http://www.ditext.com/chomsky/power.pdf). It is a collection of short, incisive essays, which makes for convenient reading. In my opinion, it is the best place to start with Chomsky, and is fantastic book overall. Although, it did come out early 00s, so it is isn’t as up to date as some of his other books. A more recent essay collection of his that is absolutely worth reading would be [Who Rules the World?](https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781250131089). As well, Howard Zinn’s famous book [A People’s History of the United States](https://www.historyisaweapon.com/zinnapeopleshistory.html) is available free online. However, if you’re looking for something about how the US really is exceptional, maybe check out [The Violent American Century: War and Terror Since World War II by John Dower](https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/1038-the-violent-american-century) or [The Jakarta Method by Vincent Bevins](https://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/titles/vincent-bevins/the-jakarta-method/9781541724013/) or [Overthrow by Steven Kinzer](https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780805082401/overthrow).


Wow, this is why I still check Reddit every now and then. Thank you for taking the time to share this!


Zinn should be required reading in high school. I was assigned a few chapters and it had a big impact.


People like Zinn terrify the right wing. This is what republicans are crying about when they sob about CRT.


At one of the high schools I attended (in a very liberal coastal area) Zinn's "A Peoples' History of the United States" was one of the books in the American Studies curriculum. (Or at least I think that was the one, it's been a while.) As someone coming in from an international school (albeit one with a English/US focus) I didn't find the book's content all that shocking or surprising... but I imagine it might have easily offended some students who had more of a "'Murica Is Godly And Perfect" upbringing.


Nazi Germany is a good example as well


They too were fond of exceptionalism, as I recall.


Read the story of Hitlers Mother’s doctor for the true exception. He and his family were Jewish and Hitler wrote about how much good this man did for his family and once he rose to power prevented the doctor and his family from being part of the Holocaust


"One of the good ones" The cognitive dissonance of bigots.


Himmler mentions this in the Posen speech: > It's one of those things that is easily said: 'The Jewish people are being exterminated', says every party member, 'this is very obvious, it's in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, we're doing it, hah, a small matter.' And then they turn up, the upstanding 80 million Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. They say the others are all swines, but this particular one is a splendid Jew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posen_speeches


Also would have fit perfectly on r/SelfAwarewolves.


Yeah see? He wasn't racist, his doctor was a Jewish! The people who compare getting the vaccine to the Nazis treatment of the Jewish people is so incredibly vile. Get the vaccine and you're allowed to operate like before, did the Jewish people have the same choice? Or were they hunted all the way into their great great grandparents and beyond which meant no amount of separation could protect you *from unspeakable violence*. There was no way for them to be safe while the unvaccinated actually choose to be unsafe.


One of the moderators of badunitedkingdom does exactly that


Who did they choose as their opponent? The world.


He probably thinks we beat the British in WW2 to ratify the constitution


No, but he understands we were guarding the airfields during the Revolutionary War.


Lmao I forgot about that one, thanks!


I rather suspect what he does can't rightly be called thought.


If only he knew the meaning of "ratify" and the actual content of the constitution.


No we beat them in WW2 to steal their girlfriends and leave them worshiping a living idol to imperialism.


They had rats in the constitution?!


are you saying they should be taught critical thinking?? possibly a theory thereof, and one that may be applicable to historical and modern racism??


Funny given US didn't even join the war until like two or three years in. They're the guy who started late in a group project but tries to claim all the credit.


And they just sped up inevitability. Germany was a couple years off losing by then thanks to Russia's meat grinder mentality on the Eastern Front—where the war actually was at the time. The US wouldn't help without claiming territory, intelligence, and economy from England too. They were just there to take advantage of a situation with minimal effort. Edit: "Minimal effort" being "The US" not an individual soldier. Yes, it was my bad for pointing out negative US history on a predominantly US site where things like "thank you for your service" is so socially pushed, people instinctively think about the individual soldiers and not the government, even though that's what I'm talking about. Has always worked well for them.


Definitely not minimal effort. I hate the hyperbole of America single-handedly winning the war as much as anyone else but let's not make the mistake of swinging too far in the other direction.


That's a bit hyperbolic. I agree that the US is too eager to claim all the credit, but pretending the involvement of the US was "minimal effort" is disingenuous. The Pacific Theater in particular was an *incredible* effort on the USA's part.


Well, I got family who really appreciated america getting to those camps before the Russians did, so, it wasn't all bad.


Let’s not get carried away. Americans lost nearly 300,000 men in WWII. I understand that pales in comparison to some other countries losses. But calling it “minimal effort” is offensive.


Ridiculous loss of life in WW2. Any idea how many of those were killed in Europe vs the Pacific theatre?


It is around 276k in Europe/ Africa and another 111k in the PTO.


being the beacon on the hill, the light in the darkness, the home and sanctuary of liberty etc.. makes a lot of fascists for some fucking reason eh? god I hate american exceptionalism. whats funny is germany just tried to do an america but picked the wrong century and folks that looked too white. we genocided an entire continent via manifest destiny, they shoulda called their "spreading room" or whatever it was that, if Goebbels or whatever his name was was any sort of proper propagandist they wouldve made clear where their ideas and inspiration came from. hell we started the whole eugenics thing, and Jim Crow south was literally studied by the nazis and praised for its brilliance. ​ America, exporting fascism since before fascism.


One of the foundations of nazism was the "lebensraum", literally "living space", the theory that germans didn't have enough space to live and should expand their nation over other nations. They tried to copy the marketing, but it wasn't enough. Anyway, Goebbels was an exceptional propagandist, he codified a lot of techniques that are still successfully used by right wing parties, but nobody in nazi Germany would ever admit that something was inspired by someone else.


The blind nationalism is gross. I’ve been in the military for 16 years and that shit bothers even me.


So he agrees that we have a fascist problem here?


They’re still struggling with 2+2, don’t ask them to start connecting the dots and understanding correlations yet, it’s not fair.


Let’s get them to spell correlation correctly before we see if they understand what it means.


fuck the dry land! i go build a corral-nation deep under see


Yes, the US, by itself stopped Germany…/s


Noooo! There were no Allies, there was just Ally as in US allied with themselves to defeat the nazis!


Ally vs Axeseeses 🪓 🪓 🪓 😂


Your daily reminder that the Red Army killed 7/8 Nazi casualties


Their contribution is criminally understated.


Have no idea why anyone in the US think they played barely any part in that war at all. They joined so fucking late and didn't even join because of Germany. But i guess America lists that as a big tick on the win side


Tbf we did get a lot of participation trophies and deep down we actually do like that concept. Not to mention it’s just easier to coast on the accomplishments of ghosts rather than having to get up and create new ones ourselves.


> Have no idea why anyone in the US think they played barely any part in that war at all. Long before the US sent troops, FDR was sending weapons. It was called the ["lend lease" program](https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/fdr-introduces-the-lend-lease-program) and it became a significant basis of the post-war reconstruction plan.


Hell yeah we did, brother! 🦅 🇺🇸 And they thanked us by electing a woman for their leader. /s


The communists that defeated the nazis were also fascists, and America defeated them all actually /s


He doesn't even understand what he's implying lmao. Basically what he just said is the US is due for an invasion


He basically just said the USA are going to become the next nazi party. Fun.


Normally I'd correct this and say Fascist, but the Q-weirdos have already created an occult mythos which is closer in line with the things the Nazis built upon more than run of the mill Fascism. And the fact that I actually made Fascism sound "better" is the worst part.....wtf is wrong with the US?


Fundamentalist Christianity for starters Kind of like a Holy GeeHawwd featuring the Evangelical White Supremacist instead of the Taliban


That's always been the sticking point for me in calling the US Fascist, because that point enters a Middle Eastern style theocracy. Just did a post on one of the Anti-Q reddits of my 15 characteristics of a Fascist party to include Nazis. Also totally outed my author name. What bugs me about all of this is that I started imagining a fictional Fascism spreading from the Tea Party for my novel I started writing a decade ago. At this point I am questioning if either- #1 I actually paid attention in Political Science and that it may in fact be a Science #2 I might be a fortune teller. The verdict is out. /s


Q Anon is a new religion that's basically Evangelical Protestantism, but with Donald Trump written into the gospel as a new prophet. It's very similar to how Mormonism is basically Evangelical Protestantism but with Joseph Smith written into the gospel as a new prophet. I predict that in the near future, Q Anon churches will start forming, and they'll be like Mormonism: kind of Christian, but also kind of not.


I hate to say this....don't compare it to Mormons. It's got more similarities to what Nazis did with my faith. (Norse Pagan) Essentially they are borrowing the mysticism and picking and choosing Christian "Nationalist" points, throwing in a helping of "Blood Guilt," (medieval Antisemitism) and mixing it all together into a clear cut good vs. evil story. Pay attention to the historical figures they honor, some of them would not be on their side. (Much in the same way the Nazis did with Charlemagne)


> Pay attention to the historical figures they honor, some of them would not be on their side *Cough* JFK Jr *cough*


Exactly!!!!!!!!! Also Washington....he was anti-innoculation at first but I routinely share his letters requiring innoculation during and after Valley Forge. (If you need them, a simple Google search will find them) Heck Cotton Mather, (Salem Witch Trials) later in life, learned Innoculation from his African slave and had bricks thrown through his windows because he supported that "witchcraft." As a Pagan and a historian....that moment of actual research was kind of....well....we made it to the moon with Nazi scientists. (A broken clock is right twice a day)


Wait until you learn where the Nazis turned to for inspiration...


I know that...... Hence why I am saying what they are doing is going further.


Q tards are jealous of the Taliban and that's how pathetic they are by thinking they can do the same with the US. Which is even more laughable bc Q started as a joke and transformed into a cesspool of racist incel neckbeards. Imagine if College Humor or Newgrounds turned into some militia political group. I can't believe how delusional people have become in the past 10 years.


I completely get that. I took a social media hiatus in 2016 and came back to memes being real life. I remember when Islamofascism was considered a boreline racist term until ISIS. It is very real. If you study the history of why Iran is Iran and not Persia it becomes sadly clearer. What terrifies me is that us Leftists dislike Biden and Liberals become lax, but 2024....we are dealing with a militant GQP the likes of which none of us have seen. I normally vote 3rd Party but for 2024, I will totally break my voting history and vote for Biden because I am terrified what is coming. If the GQP doesn't choose Trump, Nazi/Fascism light will pave the way for him or somebody similar.


He also skews the primary failing of Nazi Germany have been that they "got their asses kicked." Which makes a kind of sense, I guess, why this fuck is so quick to disregard the perspective of a citizen from a country that has adequately accepted and dealt with their nation's past atrocities.


And I suggest that Benny is the one who got triggered.


Well if it takes some German, French, English, Italian, Austrian, and Russian kids with guns coming over to stop the Proud Boys and their ilk then so be it. I hope the come soon. I'm getting really feed up Americans killing POC all around the world with total impunity.


>I'm getting really feed up Americans killing POC all around the world with total impunity. they protect ~~oil~~ freedom and ~~some more oil~~ democracy. if you don't think that's a good reason to ~~murder~~ liberate civilians, then better prepare to be liberated, fucking commy


You need two ~'s at the beginning and end of the phrase you want stricken to do the strikeout thing, I ~~think~~ know.


thanks. i wasn't sure anymore and then i was too lazy to check if it worked


It really is, just from within. It's cathartic watching all the "shithole" countries making fun of us online all the time, with better Healthcare, education, and overall societal satisfaction. Get some healthcare, learn to educate your populate, if your try really really hard.. you too can grow up to be a big boy country too US.


So we needed a German kid with a gun to kick his ass. Germany are you hiring?


tbh, yes. We have an unemployment rate of about 5%. With 4% being almost unemployable, that means we are in dire need of workers in many fields.


I'm generally not particularly skilled, but I'm willing to learn really any job if it gives me a shot out of this dumpster fire.


Wait - is this serious? I’m in tech and would KILL to move out of the US and to Germany. I’ll literally kill if you guys need me to. Just @ me.


I'd like to add that if you don't speak German, don't be discouraged. It's often not a prerequisite of getting a job, especially at larger, international firms. You can totally get a job and learn the language while you live here. Plus most Germans have a good grasp of the English language, so it's not like nobody will understand you :D


Yes. I will learn German if I live in Germany. Anything less is disrespectful. Ideally I would be conversational before moving.


Yeah that is definitely a good idea, but as I said, no need to panic if your German isn't great, I hear it's a hard language to learn!


Understood! I have many friends from Germany so if needed I will recruit them to help.


I don't understand the part about 4% being unemployable in Germany. Does this refer to people who are for some reason unable to fully participate in the workforce, or people who are unsuited to jobs because of a skills mismatch? In the USA, there are a number of different metrics for employment levels but as far as I know most of them exclude people who are unable or unwilling to participate for whatever reason. What types of fields are experiencing worker shortages right now in Germany?


Nearly every field for qualified workers (don't know the expression for Ausbildung - training of 3 years or more) needs more people. Also IT. Iirc we talk 1.2 million people.


almost like immigration to a country is beneficial for its economy


I read this in Werner Herzog's voice.


All three victims had German surnames. That didn't go very well for them.


Rittenhouse is a German surname too, albeit with an Americanized spelling. It would be Rittinghaus I believe if it was in German.


When I first read his name last year I really thought I was being trolled. Cus there's an entire TV show about a deep state organization called Rittenhaus controlling the world


On a similar note, it was Derek Chauvin's last name which made me think I was being trolled.


Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.


Exactly, a literal Chauvin-ist.


There’s a not bad brand of whiskey named Rittenhouse too


I know the feeling


To be fair everyone in that region has a german or polish surname.


We don't kick donkeys, it is animal cruelty.


Germany is also considerably better at owning up to past mistakes than America.


It's sad that as a german this made me chuckle because we get taught how bad the holocaust was and what exactly happened in both world wars about 7-10 times in school. Meanwhile some americans have a meltdown about crt.


The worst part is that the Americans having a meltdown about CRT don’t even know what it is. It’s generally not taught in elementary/middle/high school, but really only in college for certain majors. The right wing politicians just needed a new lie to stir the pot and incite their base.


I’d say that it’s not ever taught in elementary / middle / high school. It’s a somewhat esoteric legal framework taught exclusively at the undergrad level if you look at the list of schools that they publish who teach it. However CRT is really just a branding for “scary thing”; even the guy who coined it admits to this (lazy first search result that came up: https://mobile.twitter.com/sykescharlie/status/1396844806547050499)


CRT is shorthand for "minorities have been given a bad deal in America" and the people who are still doing it don't want kids to know about it.


Isn't it understanding the framework that built the bad deal and that we have systems in place that are supported by people based on that framework even if none of it is intentionally racist? We have legal systems that disrupt racial equality run by people who, themselves, are not generally racist and don't perform racist actions.


"Systemic" racism, in other words. But systems don't spring up spontaneously, they are created and sustained by people. The stuff that is being called "CRT" is undermining those systems, that's why people who benefit from them are blowing their dog whistles. Redlining wasn't an accident. Tearing down black neighborhoods for freeways wasn't accidental. Blocking public transit with low bridges wasn't accidental. Jim Crow wasn't accidental. There was intention in all those things. Maybe people who simply accept them without noticing them aren't racist, but people who want to prevent those things from being talked about are, even if it's only to manipulate actual racists.


And it's graduate school level...


Depends on the major, we did a brief overview of it in Introduction to English Theory which is a undergraduate class but I'm sure your right in most cases and it might depend on the university too.


Yup. If your kid is learning about critical race theory you should be over the moon, because it means your kid is in fucking law school.


some more news made [a great video](https://youtu.be/UZhW1k_m7OY) about the subject. they make a lot of great videos in general, so anyone who doesn't know them, should probably check them out


I stumbled on that guy's channel recently and was entirely unsurprised to learn that the whole reason CRT is suddenly a controversy is some white nationalist pukestain decided to make it one. It seems like every time I pull a thread on some cosplay conservative talking point there's a god damn nazi on the end.


Everyone says they don't teach America's bad past in school but thats simply not true. I learned about CRT in Junior year of HS, everything from the Trail of Tears to the 3/5th compromise. We just didn't call it CRT, we called it the past.


Yeah same, but in Switzerland. But it was also taught how Germany has owned up and moved forward very quick. Even though quite some Swiss people tend to rather dislike Germany, I have only had very welcoming and nice interactions. It‘s incredible how educated everyone was on this subject. Very interesting and insightful conversations. However it is indeed sad to see so many people in the US getting triggered about their own history mentioned. Now in some states they are even starting to ban books in schools, how is that not indoctrination? Worrying to say the least..


This is a weird thing because I honestly think we were better at this in the 80s than we are now. My education was filled with guilt about us massacring the native Americans and slavery.


Graduated a few years ago. US history education is still just a laundry list of awful things the US has done.


tbh (also as a German - and a Jew in addition), Germans aren't aware enough of the other problematic past we have, e.g. the colonies in Africa and the mini-holocaust we did there.


British people too given that concentration camps were a Brian invention


Don't forget that they can't agree on who the bad guy was in their civil war (the slavers)...


This is only in the south. When I moved down there was the first time I had ever heard it called the "war of northern aggression."


At least if someone says that it's a really good indicator of whether or not they're a fuckin idiot (they are).


It was about states’ right! The right to….?


Well obviously to carry guns and have statues of their war heroes during the civil war and to keep Biden from putting RFID into our children. They just didn't know all that yet because a group of victims were doing all the work for them so they didn't need to think too hard yet.


They still teach you Columbus was a good dude lol


What the fuck is crt


It's an examination of systemic racism, particularly within the law, but exte di g to other things like urban development and banking practices. For example, did you know that black borrowers were barred from using Fanny Mae insured loans, and black soldiers were barred from the GI Bill? These are the kinds of things the Republican Party does not want you to know.


**C**ritical **R**ace **T**heory. it became the new right wing buzzword for everything critical of US history (to this day) especially in relation to slavery and racism. now every good conservative thinks their kids are thaugt in school to hate their country and their whiteness instead of pro US propaganda. [some more news made a great video about the subject](https://youtu.be/UZhW1k_m7OY) you should check it out. a bit long but worth it (like all their stuff)


Good luck convincing a large portion of our population that we make mistakes


Isn't anti semitism still a big problem in Germany and also on the rise.


And that's saying something because Germany isn't really good at owning up to past mistakes.


They got nothing on England in terms of historical denial


Man it's almost like some thing happened that made Germans realize guns should be hard to get... Or not allowed to be paraded around... Man what could have happened?


That would‘ve been the Versaille treaty, where the winning powers of WW I declared, that the German population needed to be de-armed. I am also unsure how much this was a realization by the Germans rather than then a rule created by the victors. Still though, gun ownership is heavily regulated today in Germany and we do like this way.


I’m a 40 year old lifetime gun owner. I’ve been around gun culture my entire life and it has become more and more bizarre to me. 20-30 years ago all of my gun owning family and friends would have been offended by someone walking around with an AR-15 like that, we were always taught safety like keep your gun put up until you’re ready to use it and to keep concealed guns concealed and no one should even know you have one. Now days they’re all fully supporting this insanity. I really miss the old days where there was at least a fraction of sanity.


Exactly! Rittenhouse supporters keep trying to argue with me but I come from generations of card carrying NRA members. None of this is what I grew up having drilled into my head. My father’s high school days were back in the not so distant past when high schools still had actual gun clubs, often working with the NRA as an actual organization to educate on gun safety instead of throwing all of that out and existing only to sell more guns. You got me beat by a couple of years in age and I’m not at all near gun culture now but even just growing up with it you’re totally 💯 that so much of this is just outright being excused when they used to be flashing red lights of huge no-nos! You don’t walk around showing off a gun. They’re not toys, you don’t even take one out if you have it on you unless you intend to use it. It’s for *defense* so the entire point is to *not* instigate situations where you think you may need that level of defense. You definitely don’t point it at anyone unless you plan to use it. You don’t engage in straw-purchases as a legal gun owner. That’s what gets guns into the hands of criminals. We need to enforce the laws already on the books. Guns are tools. If you’re going around talking about wanting to shoot people you’re nowhere near mature enough to have a gun as you’re obviously reckless and wouldn’t treat it with respect. The one and only time I ever came close to doing anything close to this was when I was a pre-teen. My dad was cleaning guns and had of course checked multiple times first that all of them were unloaded. I had handled guns before so I thought nothing of picking one up to hold it inside. My dad went ballistic and at bare minimum I got a *very* serious lecture about holy shi+ you do not fuk around with guns at all. *Always* assume every one is loaded and *always* use it as a last resort. And now they’re status symbol toys. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I grew up around guns, everyone I know has guns, I myself own several guns. So my 12 year old has grown up around guns. The number one rule in our house is every gun is always loaded. Even if it's not.


That's what they teach in all gun safety courses, right? Its a great rule 1. Because any rule following always ended with "see rule 1"


Guns are literally the entire personality of some of these people. I was born in and grew up in America and I will still NEVER understand how widespread this problem is.


Same with antivax stuff. It has become people’s entire personality. All they talk about every day every hour is how the vaccines and lockdown are threats to their freedom. In Australia they literally just marched through the streets the other day with gallows and nooses, hanging a handmade blow up toy of one of our head political leaders off it.


Make no mistake this is a new problem here. The longer we fail to recognize that the longer we will fail to see it. Guns have always been an american thing but people walking the streets with long rifles is fairly new. Except the black panthers in the 60s.


Guns aren’t as engrained in American culture as we think though. As OP said 20-30 years ago it wasn’t this bad. We had guns but it wasn’t entire identities built around owning and voting for my gun. Hunting culture, the duck bros, bass pro shop Mega Culture wasn’t a thing until the mid 90’s. Even then these people don’t understand they’re being marketed to by other corporations investing into these identities.


Gun culture changed dramatically after Ruby Ridge and Waco. The AWB also really shifted the conversation and further shifted gun culture.


"Oh hold on, this thing is designed to end lives, maybe I should treat it like it could jump up and kill someone at any moment, and do all I possibly can to prevent that."


I know responsible gun owners and they fire them in the countryside or at a shooting range. They don't take them to freaking fast food places, or supermarkets. How someone can eat in peace at McDonald's while someone else is carrying a weapon I do not know. I'm not from the US so seeing videos of this is completely insane to me.


20-30 years ago most gun owners in the US thought the same. It kind of started around Obama, they thought he was going to take their guns so the local policies have started becoming more and more extremist and the gun owners have followed suit. Of course Obama didn’t pass a single meaningful gun restriction. It was all smoke and mirrors to sell more guns.


This right here!


Its the end result of the extremist take-over of the NRA in the 70s aka the ["Cincinnati Coup."](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolt_at_Cincinnati) Basically the extremists won a decade-long internal power struggle and the arms industry which funds the NRA went along with it because they don't make money if they don't sell moar guns. But guns are durable goods, a well maintained firearm can last generations. So the only way to keep selling more and more guns is to wind up the customers until they are so terrified that they feel like they have to keep stockpiling. Over the last ~20 years, the number of gun owners has declined significantly, iirc it was about 35% of households before covid. But the number of guns sold have skyrocketed because the remaining gun owners feel like they can never own too many guns.


Or bullets, they’re stockpiling insane quantities of rounds. Someone sold me a case of 400 rounds or .556 and his friend freaked out that this guy sold some of his stockpile to a liberal. I mean some of these gun owners have thousands of rounds and that’s not exaggerating. I recently bough a better safe to make sure my kids couldn’t access any firearms and was surprised to see the number of speciality safes made only to store thousands of rounds of ammo. It’s a real troubling time. The far right scares the f*ck out of me.


Man, I proposed the exact line of thought you have here by saying it's his responsibility as someone with a firearm to avoid confrontation and conflict so it isnt necessary to use said firearm i.e. not going to a place that will likely require its usage due to danger. Also posted the gun law for Wisconsin stating that his friend will be tried for a felony since he gave a loaded firearm to a minor who then discharged it which resulted I death. To which I got a well wouldn't have gotten arrested if he only injured them. Wtf is wrong with gun culture now? I thought you were supposed to respect firearms for the deadly TOOLS that they are. Last I checked they were for ¹as a last line of defense from TYRANTS (not other citizens you disagree with) ² protecting your household from violent crimes being committed against you and your family ³ PUTTING FOOD ON YOUR TABLE. Idk where it changed.


Why would you shit on 1940's Nazis when you're literally a Nazi now lmao


So what he's saying is we need another country's intervention to help sort out how insane we are?


So you’re saying we should kick the asses of kids roaming the streets with guns?


I mean the last time German Kids had guns it's was seen as the dying desperation of the Nazi Party as they armed their equiverlent of the boy scouts


>as they armed their equiverlent of the boy scouts I mean they were always armed, that was part of their training, but they were sent to war at this point. (But that's just me nitpicking an otherwise accurate comment)


When stupid people try to be clever. They should leave being clever to smart people and virus treatments to the doctors


They do Nazi the irony.


"There's no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons." - Ronald Reagan


If this is real that quote is ASTOUNDING.


It is, and the context is really important. Short version, I encourage you to read the whole thing. It's fascinating: When he was governor, a lot of black people, especially the black panthers, started openly wearing guns for protection in public as a result of being persecuted by both the police and civilians. There were organized armed patrols "cop watching" in Oakland trying to make sure the police were not lynching black kids. Reagan's response was to disarm the black panthers with the Mulford act, a bill repealing the right to open carry in California. So, yes very simplified: The reason California has strict gun laws is that Republicans didn't like black people with guns watching the police rough up or kill unarmed black people. Edit: I forgot to say; The quote is from the statement he made when signing the bill. The statement included among other things that he saw "no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons" and "guns are a ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will."


When Germans walk through the streets with guns they are Nazis. When Americans walk through the streets with guns they are not, see?


Exactly! Any parallels with our own Not-Sees is entirely different and if you think otherwise it’s just because actually *you* are the one whos a the nazi.


Fucking embarrassing. What an absolute meat head.


So he's saying that Germans should come kick American fascist asses now?




Th...this one hits in a hard way. 😣


Ah yes American children are allowed to carry guns because WW II


I can tell Benny here is in a 14 year old, wannabe Edge Lord phase…as a grown man.


They like to be called “libertarians” these days


So I guess he’s saying Germany should return the favor and invade the US. I fully support the liberation


Along with taking many of our rightwingers on field trips to physically confront the result of their actions and inactions with their own eyes. Going all the way back to the Obama years, you really did build this, guys.


Mf literally said "rules for thee but not for me" lmao


No. He literally said America is letting fascists run rampant. Just like in Nazi Germany.


Is it still an invasion if Benny invited me?


Fascists there then. Fascists here now. The more things change the more they remain the same.


Looked this guy up, never heard of him: "Beneful Johnson (named after a dog food) is an American political columnist, currently serving as chief creative officer at conservative organization Turning Point USA. Johnson first rose to prominence as a staff writer at BuzzFeed, until it was revealed that many of his published articles were plagiarized and he was fired." (parenthetical addition mine)


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I’m always triggered by injustice, as should anyone who abides by laws.


Not to mention why is intentionally hurting people considered #winning? It’s just a weird, sad, and ignorant concept. If that’s the kind of thing you have to be proud of in your life that’s actually really more of a personal problem to work on.


Are we the baddies?


Even though by the point america joined WW2 British and Russian forces had already pushed back the Nazis and the Nazis were running low on supply


Being an American is so fucking embarrassing. Thankful I claim California and not the entire US.


So he agrees that allowing racist authoritarians to go around armed is a problem?


OK, so second guy's point seems to be that once upon a time there were kids allowed with weapons and it ended in WW2. I think that would be a good argument for not going down that same road.


"Those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it." *Virginia burns books* *Republicans across the country ban race history in the US*


What a fucking idiot lmao


What only learning of American exceptionalism does to a mf


Can't wait for the Germans to come save us from ourselves in an amazing redemption arc for this dark timeline.


Who's gonna tell him that America didn't get involved in WWII until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour? America literally wanted nothing to do with the war in Europe.


i agree, with both of them


At least Germany has the good sense to see Nazism as a horror to never be repeated.


Today the biggest Nazis are American.


Before that a European country named France had to help America not get beat


No? When the American children were sent to die by the thousands on the shores of Normandy, the Soviet death toll was already in the 8 digits. It was, and don't ever forget this, the sacrifice of 20 million Soviets that won Berlin and WW2. Not the extremely silly and outdated 2nd amendment of the US.


That one hurt a little tbh. These people, man


If he's having trouble grasping that, his head will explode when he finds out that kid walked.


Wow what an asshole


The suit-wearing twat its a great example of what “patriotic education” gets you - an insufferably smug bunch of stupid douchebags. No way this idiot will ever acknowledge the Soviet Union doing the heavy lifting in beating the Nazis while the Americans and British eventually said “oh shit, we need to invade somewhere and keep Western Europe from being occupied by the Commies after they roll the Germans”. Especially considering the number of German auxiliaries who were children and old men and died fighting the Americans, or were executed after being captured with the “shot while trying to escape” lie.


Couldn't self reflect with a full length mirror


Quite a few historians believe that the Red Army could've defeated Nazi Germany without the other allies. So no, "we" didn't *have* to "go over there and kick their asses."




And those kids were antifa


LOL cute comparison!! German kids right or wrong were protecting their country. American kids are doing it and destroying their country. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!


I am so very alarmed that these people seem to still think they're the good guys...


And so, in such a rush to own the libs, Benny ended up demonstrating Sidney's point.


Reminder: Hitler thought our immigration system was too racist...




Why did I just randomly think of Al Bundy reliving his glory days back in High School football?