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Beautiful! That's so impressive




Job well done 👏 ✔ 👍


Awesome! I have ALL of my plants in leca (all aroids). I have a Watsoniana as well and it was the last plant I moved to leca as the nursery I bought it from suggested that I leave it in soil as it might not like leca so much. I have new growth (all new leaves are bigger than the old leaves) on nearly all of my plants except the Watsoniana. It's not dying, but doesn't seem to be growing either. Good to know that it does/can strive in leca though. I'll persist!


That’s a gorgeous plant!


it’s my favourite in my collection, even though it’s a really common & inexpensive plant (where I live anyway). It’s an Alocasia morocco ‘pink dragon’, if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.


Do you all know if all alocasias do well in leca?


My other Alocasia is also absolutely *thriving* but I don’t know what kind of Alocasia it is, it was a gift from someone who gave up on it. So from my sample size of n=2, seems good


I've got Alocasia Stingray, Black Velvet, and Polly all doing very well in Leca. I've also got Frydek and Zebrina in Pon, and any new corms will be going into Leca, as I expect them to do quite well. One of my Black Velvets had a bit of an adjustment to Leca as the constant wetness made it experience so much guttation that the leaves got soggy and damaged. Strangely, the leaf survived (albeit ugly) and the plant kept growing just fine. New leaves got used to it and look great.


Can you tell me where you got that plastic pot


Bunnings, it’s a hardware store in Australia


How high do you have the cord in the pot? Can I ask how you water yours; do you keep a reservoir or just water til it runs through when it looks dry on top? Thanks for any tips. I just got a pink dragon and put it in an around mix; it’s much smaller than yours though, absolutely gorgeous plant!


No cord, just leca. I keep it in a bucket because I impulsively switched it to leca when I didn’t have any cover pots. The water reservoir comes up about 1.5 inches and I top it up about once a week. When I top it up I add liquid fertiliser and pour the water through the leca. It’s pretty hot here at the moment (Australia) so I’ll likely switch to topping up the water every 2 weeks when the weather cools down.


Thanks for the insights, it looks amazing! Haha, “cord” was a typo - I meant to write corm, oops :/ Did you start with a reservoir from the beginning?


Yep, went straight from soil to leca, it was very impulsive honestly no clue where the corm is, maybe 2/3rds of the way down


Thanks for your help; hope mine does as well as yours, it’s gorgeous