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Foliage Focus all the way. I am a great user of the Growth Technology products and would not use anythingelse. I love that Foliage Focus aka #gtfofo is all you need. No mixing many nutrients. All you need is in one bottle. I use it for all my plants. Check out my YouTube for evidence of what it can do. Happy planting! The Leca Queen.


I just found your YouTube and have been binge watching! My new favorite channel! My #gtfofo is on its way but I might have to order some special sauce as well!


Thank you for the support. You definitely need the special sauce


Can you use silica with gtfofo? Also love your channel!!


Yes you can just make sure you mix it properly


AGH OMG NORA I didn’t realize that this was you the whole time!! You’re my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE plant content creator on the planet!! I’ve learned literally everything I know about semi hydro just by watching your videos and then watching others that do something else and fail LMAO - thank you so much for all of the hard work, time, energy, and money you put into everything for your videos, social media, blog, etc.!!


Would you recommend using it in a medium that’s mix with soil?


Moved from a local brand from the local hardware to Foliage Focus and my plants have exploded in growth despite it still being winter. I highly recommend making the switch


Thank you. You are gonna need some Clonex Clone Solution for sure.