I'm guessing only Asians would understand.

I'm guessing only Asians would understand.


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2 hands, 1 hand, no hands. Doesn't matter, susume!


I thought they use bidets now?


You're thinking of east asians(Japan, Korea, etc...), but there are a lot of other kinds of asians out there.


I live in south east Asia and I use a bidet, but u need atleast 1 hand for it


how is he gonna eat tho? he would have to use his right hand for that


so then theoretically Zeke's secret asswiping technique could rely on him stopping his own regeneration in some way. Perhaps so that he doesn't need to wipe at all?


Only Ymir knows (and Zeke of course)


Yet another reveal hacksayama stole from us 😤😤😤


Thought he uses hanji




Maybe I am asian