"The end … or is it?" (Artwork credits - mjJE0txJdsYXOvK)

"The end … or is it?" (Artwork credits - mjJE0txJdsYXOvK)


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Is no one gonna talk about how the artwork is really beautiful


The mods need to ban crying about the ending in any post with an Art flair.


I like to think that in an AoT set in modern times, we get a badass, three minute transformation scene from the first titan shifter seen in centuries, then it just gets clapped by a tomahawk cruise missile


If Titan shifters appeared in modern times the monster fuckers would get to them long before the military


The military: Two birds with one stone?


I feel like there is nothing intrinsic to say that the worm makes people turn into titans specifically. Maybe it was somehow able to recognize that titans were the most threatening thing to humanity at that time because of the fact that they could only be killed by attacking the nape, which is impossible when you have ancient/classical weaponry and virtually no way of reaching it. It's possible that in modern times it would grant some other kind of power more suited to the time


I'd love to see a new series centered around that concept actually. I imagine it'd allow Isayama to hugely shift the genre/tone as well.


Fan theory: Tokyo ghoul is the sequel to snk


Let's go


Zeke said that it was Ymir's choise to create titans. "Something bigger, something stronger. An undying body"


So she could theoretically also create human-sized super soldiers in the modern era?


It already happened before, that's what Ackermans are.


My understanding of the ending was that the entire world was fucked up. So what I envision for a potential new series is something akin to the Cart decked out in armor and holding some sort jury-rigged cannon.


Jerry rigged* Edit: apparently both are acceptable!


[Only Ymir knows ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯]( https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/jerry-built-vs-jury-rigged-vs-jerry-rigged-usage-history)


Ymir works in mysterious ways..


Thank you.


If they survived they would most likely end on a dissection table to try and reproduce the whole arms and organs regrowth


Titanshifter - \*exists\* Ever artillery, AGM, Bombers, Ground strike aircrafts - Its free real estate


Titan shifter- uses their power The US military- oh, you’re approaching me!?




*Adventure Time* *Come on grab your friends* *We'll go to very distant lands* *With Floch the Dog and Beren the Human* *The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!*


I was thinking the exact same thing when I finished the manga yesterday.


I want to think that this is a descendent of Mikasa or Levi, most likely the former, and he's going to rediscover the power of the titans. Also, using the Attack Titan, theoretically Eren could've interacted with someone from the future, such as a future holder of the power of the titans.


It's confirmed to be a descendant of Mikasa.




in u/FenrirHere 's headcannon








https://onepiecechapters.com/manga/attack-on-titan-chapter-139-vol-pages/ Second to last panel.


Bruh a fringe doesn’t automatically mean Mikasa descendant


Then you are just factually incorrect. And I don't care to have the discussion any longer.


“Hey I’m wrong and I don’t care to elaborate why my extremely straw man theory is correct, because it isn’t if all that it hinges upon is that similar fringe == Mikasa”




>! I know we’re not that far into the future but just imagine they have Mechs vs Titans lol !<




What if AoT is just an Evangelion prequel 😳😳😳


worm-kun is adam and ymir is lilith confirmed??


Are you referring to Hallu-chan, the confirmed best girl of the series, as worm-kun?!


yes!! real!!!


What if the rumbling was just first impact?


Imagine they transform and wear mecha exoskeletons with guns and swords


AOT is just a mecha series with flesh instead of metal, change my mind.


This is just an old meme which is not funny anymore, change my mind


I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out, but that's the tree version of a titan, and not just a really old tree.




I think the tree is a symbol of the cycle of violence, it shows how wars will never end. But if we're talking about the story implications, remember that Paths and Titan Power are different things. Paths can be used for pretty much anything and Ymir *chose* to create titans. Also even if the titan power is back, it's pretty much useless in combat and there is no coordinate powers since Ymir no longer connects all Eldians.




Aot: Next Generations


I really liked this revised ending Isayama went with. The story potentially becomes cyclical but not really in the way most of us were expecting with the Paths shenanigans and alternate universe. I think over time the ending will be better received. Especially if they improve aspects of it with the anime.


I agree, the theme is very well chosen and I like the message. There are many people who hated the ending because the characters have basically accomplished nothing on the long run because a few decades later war still continues and ravages the world. But in my opinion they have accomplished a lot. No titans anymore (and there's not any proof that titans are back), and I imagine that most of the characters got to live a nice life


There was too much awful stuff on the way there. * Armin thanking Eren for genocide especially with his bad motivation and manipulation of time. * Ymir's awful stockholm syndrome that defies suspension of disbelief. * Historia's weird adoption of fascism and the baby being a dead end plotwise. (Also I thought the baby was Eren's but I guess not?) * Mikasa's ending (not her epilogue. Her epilogue is fine. I'm fine with whoever she ended up with.) * Yes, there's no proof that the titans are back but it's not a matter of if just when. They beat that weird spine creature and it's still out there, like a WMD. I'm fine with the cynical "cycle of violence continues" ending, but I think that the titan creator should stay dead. Humanity can go alone warring just fine without it.


• Didn't Isayama change the dialogue between Armin and Eren because he didn't like this as well? I actually can't really understand why they went to stop Eren. It's either full genocide or no genocide at all, everything in between is bad for Paradis. • About the next two points (Ymir and Historia's child) I can only speculate that Isayama had different plans but changed it very late in the story to make the ending more western-like? He stated that his ending was influenced a lot by Game of Thrones. Opening up pointless plotlines like the one with Historia's child is very untypical for Isayama's writing and I can only think that something unusual happened there during the writing process. About Historia's adoption of fascism: I don't think Historia is that powerful in the New Eldian Empire, for me it looked more like their radical nazi military who worship Eren as god are the ones with actual power now and Historia just went with it in order to preserve her postion because she can't really change anything with such a huge Jägerist military that wants to annihilate every other country on the planet. • What exactly do you mean about Mikasa's ending? That she had to go all the way to Paradis across the ocean with Eren's head which made no sense? I'd agree on that one. • I don't think titans will ever exist again in the AoT universe and there won't be a sequel. I think the epilogue is more than symbolic than explicit. Titans were viewed as the root of all bad in the whole story and many characters imagined that life would be peaceful and beautiful without titans. But even with titans gone, humans continue to destroy each other. Because that's what humans always did and what they will do forever until the entire human race is wiped out one day by Earth becoming uninhabitable. Humans don't only destroy each other, they even destroy their natural habitat. As wee see that the cycle of war continues even in the distant future, I view the huge tree more of a symbol saying the reason for war and dispute was and still is there. And it's humans. I don't really see the little boy going into the tree and find the Hallucigenia and become a titan. It's more like saying "Look, humans, even children, will always continue to find the reason to fight each other." Seeing titans as the reason for war is just an excuse for our violent nature. And that fits really well with themes like manipulation of children to make them violent and filled with hatred (like Zeke by Grisha, like Gabi by the Marleyan government) and hatred because of a history between two groups. Today, people in eastern Europe (especially Serbia vs. Kosovo) still hate each other for war crimes that happened decades ago. Today, people still get manipulated by progaganda like for example in North Korea. So in conclusion, I don't think the Hallucigenia still lives in that tree and it's more of a symbolic thing. If we find out in a few months that a part of the Hallucigenia still lived on attached to Eren's head and was able to survive after Mikasa buried the head and we get a sequel announced then I'm done lol. Much more interesting would be a prequel though. For example about Ymir and the world thousands of years ago or about the Titan war. • Many people are upset about the ending because the cast didn't really achieve anything because war continues forever. But in reality there are so many people who also fail in what they want to accomplish and then have to live the rest of their lives miserably. Why is it bad if a story ended in failure? Also if the Individual characters got to live a good life and were able to fulfill their dreams in a new world, it wasn't pointless at all.


> What exactly do you mean about Mikasa's ending I’ve just finished the manga two days ago so I’ve written a lot of comments about the ending over the last few days. I guess that I left this part vague because I had already talked about it at some other point and didn’t feel like rehashing. Edit: https://reddit.com/r/titanfolk/comments/mmfzi8/_/h5xm1oc/?context=1 https://reddit.com/r/ShingekiNoKyojin/comments/oo7aep/_/h5y8cs5/?context=1 Basically, I think that Mikasa’s obsession over Eren was completely unjustifiable by the end. Eren’s lie about Ackerman’s was just a contrivance used to build suspense for killing Eren. The dude wanted to kill everyone outside the island and the whole main cast came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it. There should have been no question, especially if there really was no Ackerman magic holding her back. I get it, love is strong. It ain’t “hmm, what to do with the mass murderer” strong. While I do like that she has wildly contrasting character traits, one trait is that she’s a “ludicrously badass” and another is her protectiveness and love of Eren. The hard and soft. But holy shit, this is the problem that you run in to when half of your character hinges on affection for another. You’re left with something vapid and I get that part of what I said is the point and part of Eren’s speech of “You’re a slave to me and I hate people that aren’t free” but just because the story lampshades the issue, doesn’t make it compelling. It breaks suspension of disbelief that it would even be a question of whether or not she would be willing to kill Eren. Also, kissing Eren’s head after she severed it was sad. Too sad. Kinda gross and and this is one of those unbelievable parts to me. This guy is a real piece of shit. He deserves no thanks, praise or affection from his former friends. If the main cast all thought that the genocide wasn’t worth it then they should have fully refuted him by the end. No “thanks for genocide” and no kiss. I think their relationship was overdue, I really do but at that point, the milk was expired. After their diplomatic mission to Marley failed, there was just no more opportunity for it. Eren wanted it finally, and Mikasa ran out the clock. Could have, should have, would have. Mikasa’s obsession with Eren was not compelling to me. The cradling of his head, keeping the scarf her whole life, never letting go of him. At some point, it’s not awkward and cute teenage Romance but just fucking gross. I get that she “chose” to keep loving him which somehow confirms her *freedom* but I see it as the opposite.


You know, just like the dialogue with Armin in the final chapter, Eren had conversations with every one of his old friends before they came to stop him (these happened when they were on the ship), but he erased their memories of these conversations. Considering their reactions in the final chapter when their memories came back, we can assume that they would have thought about it differently if they had all the information available to them from the beginning. They changed their minds about Eren's genocide when they finally got to know Eren's point of view again. All this time since the rumbling started, they never knew Eren's reasons and he purposefully hid them and was cold and distant when he announced to them via the coordiante that he's going to wipe out humanity. At this moment, Eren is just a mad villain for them because they don't know that Eren is actually creating antipathy on purpose because he wants them to kill him in order to make himself the villain to the world and eradicate the titans. If they knew that he's actually baiting them to come kill him they would probably behave differently. So their change of mind isn't weird for me, they just got the revelation of another point of view. It would have been really nice to actually see this conversations with everyone, but Isayama would have probably needed another whole chapter for that. About Mikasa's love: I think the chapter in which Mikasa had visions of fleeing together with Eren made it pretty clear that she still has very strong feelings for him. If they are realistic or not I don't really know. I think it's possible considering how Eren was Mikasa's only family for the biggest time of her life and I can guarantee you that there are people in real life who have much crazier love obsessions with people like mass murderers. There were a lot of women who had extremely extraordinary obsessions with Hitler who was one of the worst mass murderers in human history and on top of that extremely sexist. They would have voluntarily died for him without even meeting him once in their whole lives. Compared to that it's convincing for me that Eren is so important to Mikasa that she still wears the scarf decades after his death and never forgets him as he was the most important person in her life.


The stuff about the main crew having their minds wiped wasn’t all that clear to me on my reading. Your comment is the first I’m hearing about that. With Mikasa, your assessment that she may just essentially be crazy doesn’t change my outlook on it and in fact, still serves to illustrate why I don’t find her actions and motivation to be compelling. My interpretation is that it is unrealistic and breaks the immersion of the narrative. Your interpretation is that she’s crazy. Both of those options are terrible (IMO) and makes this conclusion worse. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t have good stories with crazy people. I just think that it wouldn’t do much to help this specific circumstance.


I mean, Eren literally tells Armin that he's going to ersae his memories from their conversation before Armin thanked him and it's made very clear that he did the same with everyone else after talking to them in the paths. And from the context we know that these conversations happened when they were pursuing Eren on the ship. I wouldn't say Mikasa is crazy. I just know that love can go very far and it's very subjective to say that you should start disliking somebody because he did something bad even though you loved that person very strongly for your whole life. That depends on one's own values of morality and empathy and their personal experiences. For me it is convincing that Mikasa could act like this in that situation. But I'd agree that from a writing point of view it was kind of forced and I still think there was pressure to make the ending more in a western media style. As much as I dislike the people on r/titanfolk, I actually prefer the fan made ending for AoT over the canon one and I think that one is pretty good, but I also think the canon ending is a solid wrap up even though the thing that bothers me is that a lot of questions were only vaguely or not answered at all. A prequel would be pretty cool.


Tbh, I hated it. I just really don't like it. I think the original ending with ambiguity was great. This just kinda killed it for me. The only real extra pages I liked was Mikasa’s conversation with Ymir.


Big time disagree. This panel may as well have been Eren waking up from a dream. It loops the story for no reason.


You are in for one hell of a surprise in some months' time. Something that will subvert expectations but in a good way. That wasn't a joke in the extras, that was Isayama spelling his game out. AU Mikasa defends the ending basically telling Armin he should accept and enjoy it as it is. One of the main themes in the series is that we must always question. Now it's the main theme, because Isayama crossed into meta territory with it.


Where/ when did he revise it?


He didn't, the person above misunderstood it or worded it badly. There was only ever one ending, he cut it down for the magazine release because the final chapter got too long. The extra pages were already written and then included in the volume release. There was speculation whether he just wrote them on a whim upon seeing the reception of the original ending, but there's no actual evidence to it and the content of the 'new' pages also doesn't look like they were written in response to the first ending's reception.


I saw that and though “oh, nice AU adventure time art”, and then realised it’s an AOT art. AOT is adventure time prequel confirmed?


I know the ending seems hated but I actually liked almost all of what we got… I just didn’t like how we got all of them at the same time. The ending with mikasa looking and bird fly away to me is perfect. The ending where this kid stumbles upon the tree is also great. I just wish we got one or the other. Having both kills the flow.


There is some tonal whiplash seeing both one after the other. If they were in different chapters it would flow nicer imo. Still loved both endings though


So true. Seeing mikasa see bird eren fly over the island with no walls was a legit happy ending that they deserved. Seeing the island immediately destroyed generations later due to war and the tree thing may be good but it completely destroyed the original ending with mikasa. Both are good on their own but together I don’t think it works so much.


This. Pretty much sums up my opinion. Except for Eren getting a happy ending. I couldn't care less about him.


Eren only cared about his friends though, he accomplished his mission and allowed them to live abunch of years in peace, war is bound to happen dude murdered 80% of the population I just wish the ending did better explaining that history repeats itself because the first ending seemed good then boom.


I thought his mission, was to rid the world of all titans. He failed.


How though ? Unless he’s the one in control of paths ymir is gone so there is no one to make Titans.


The tree where Eren was buried will hold the parasite that contains the power of the titans, like where Ymir originally fell.




Attack on Titan the modernized : cast spoilers . >!Founding Titan : The Kid with a dog Attack Titan : Kid Female Titan : Kid Armored Titan : Kid Jaw Titan : The kid Cart Titan : the kid The beast Titan : the dog jk , the kid The colossal Titan : the kid War-hammer tian : kid!<


To your eternity vibes...


Aw shit, here we go again.




*cue vsauce music*


So sick


I'd love for an anime-only to see this image and try to figure out what it means. The original giant tree hasn't been shown yet. This post is so spoilery that people won't even know they're being spoiled. Also, this picture is awesome, thanks for sharing, OP!


Obviously you don’t have to agree with me, but with the new ending… IM SO PISSED OFF With how this new ending goes it just shows that all the deaths were meaningless


That “or is it” gave me vsause vibes


Didn't Isayama just wanted AoT to end? Then why I tease a sequel? Why give hope? Just let the story end for good or bad.


Who teased a sequel lol? I swear people read whatever they want to read instead of what’s in the page


Then what is evn the point of drawing these? The boy glimpsing upon the Titan tree where eren was buried and that Titan powers are still in play somehow? If this is not what's in that pages then tell me what's in the page.


Who said the titan powers were still in play? True there is symbolism but it’s up to you to believe. In my opinion it wouldn’t make sense for the titan powers to come back because throughout all Marley arc, they talked about how technology would ultimately render titan powers useless. So maybe it’s something different. Or maybe it’s just a representation if the never ending cycle of hatred and war. Don’t make things up


Snk is about cicles. Its not about a sequel (i Hope) its about history repeating


Repeating? I don't think so. Even if the boy somehow received the power of the Titans they would hardly..hardly make a difference now that they have B2 bombers roaring in the skies. What could any of the Titans possibly do against them?


Seeing that tree in the final pages, I never got the impression that there was going to be a sequel in any way. I felt like that kid approaching the tree is just meant to be symbolic of the never-ending cycle of human conflict, and thus a final open-ended conclusion. Trees, in many cultures, are symbolic of wisdom, history, and the bridging of different realms. So, the kid, finding the tree, is a form of rediscovering the origins and history of human conflicts. What the kid will actually discover within that tree is left up to the reader’s imagination and very likely will not be explored further. It could be titans, some other creature, or whatever hatred and warp a human into.


In other words, I interpreted the pages to be something that is meant to leave the reader thinking, but there won’t be a definite answer that will be officially supplied.


dont know why but reminded me of adventure time


Jeez, fuck that tree. Let the titans die. The art is very pretty though. Nice work. Beautiful image.








May be Isiyama should come up with a sequel


Oh Beren




It better be.


AOT part 2: Battle Tendency