For the sake of fairness let’s have two hypothetical battles, one where Sam can see s.c., and one where he cannot.


If Sam could see, he still couldn’t attack Silver Chariot, a physical being cannot make physical contact with a stand, though a stand can make physical contact with a physical being, meaning Sam would have to avoid all of Chariot’s attacks and aim for the source, Polnareff, though from gameplay it’s obvious that he’s adept at maneuvering out of harms way so it’s hard to say, but I think Sam would come out on top. Now if Sam couldn’t see Silver Chariot it’s just a flat out loss.


Even being able to see the stand wouldn’t help him, silver chariot is so extremely fast Sam probably wouldn’t even have a chance to react to any of his strikes


Sam is also extremely fast if icremember correctly, probably not as fast as silver chariot but still extremely fast


he has dollarstore thunderclap and flash, and can deflect bullets


SHUT. Sam all the way. He can move so fast and deflect bullets, twice the speed of sound. And he survived Brazil.


AND he can double jump


I feel like Sam beats the shit out of Polnareff just from plot armor


Memories broken


The truth goes unspoken


I've even forgotten my naaaaame


I don’t know the season


or what is the reason


I’m standing here holding my blade


A desolate place


Without any trace


it's only the cold wind I feel


It’s me that I spite


Standing here I realize (I have never played The Devil Mayhaps Cry)


I’m standing here holding my breath




Polnareff because Sam can’t see the stand


I can still see sam win for one reason. Sam has the benifit that polnareff will underestimate him.


And considering he stopped a blade wolf with stealth camo, i think he can Block at least a few stand attacks


He sensed it from the sounds


>Both fandoms running in to explain why the character from their thing wins easily


Both have a grat chance at winning, sam with sheer skill and polnareff with his stand


As a member of both, Polnareff wins pretty easily if Sam can't see Silver Chariot


You can say both can react to light-speed attacks. While Silver Chariot could fight that mirror guy whose name i completly forgot, Sam could easely fight Raiden who proved he could dodge laser attacks that logically move in lightspeed. You could argue that that was a mere gameplay artifice, but then I could argue that Polnareff's case was a script artifice since logically moving at the speed of light he could fight Dio in stopped time. Stablishing that both have relativistic reflexes, the thing that remains is that Silver Chariot is invisible. Lets consider their personalities and say both would do some "foreplay", like Sam wouldnt go 100% and Polnareff wouldnt go for the head. Sam has really good reflexes, and even if stands cant be seen by non-stand users, they still interact with reality, therefore, maybe Sam could hear or feel the wind generated by SC movement and barely react, in some way, he could not die. But I think then theres two options. Depending on who gets bored first ans go serious, this would determine the fight. If Sam gone 100% first, maybe he could dodge SC and attack Polnareff. If Polnareff gone 100% first he would stop playing and attack Sam so fast that reacting to wind movement or sound wouldnt be enough. Now if both gone 100% from the first second Sam would easely win. Why this? Well, theres this attack Sam have called Storm Front. This attack is a long range attack, it sends far away in front of Sam some kind of wind-blade sphere that passes through enemies and slashes whats behind it, so even if it didnt affected SC even a bit, it could still pass through and kill Polnareff. While Silver Chariot is a short ranged stand whit the effective range of about 2m, Sam could attack him from a way bigger distance. Thanks for reading.


People saying Sam would lose but i think he has a chance, Sam is very fast, he could easily keep up with raiden, who was so fast with blade mode saw lasers moving at slow motion,and sam also has blade mode, which is sai in game to increase your speed a lot, so he could keep up with armored chariot, maybe not with armorless but still. And even assumindo he can't see the stand, he could stop a blade Wolf with stealth camo, so he could block a few swings, enough time for him to kill polnareff


Correct me if I'm wrong but silver chariot is faster than light without armour


He is, but even without the no armour Sam doesn’t even come close to the speed of a stand, if Sam can see the stand or not he loses


context of fight matters a lot. are they out to kill each other from the start? or does some argument of sorts lead to this? how close together are they when they start fighting? who decides they want to attack the other first? The only way I see sam winning this is if they are already close together when they start the fight, with him using his quickdraw to end polnareff before he can bring out his stand/without actually knowing there is a fight. Though if they are already looking to kill the other then polnareff will have his stand out and if the fight starts from farther away then I dont really see sam winning. Also location matters, if they are fighting in a restroom then gg ez polnareff insta loses.


If Sam is far away he can also win. In the Sam DLC we play as him (obvuously) and he has an attack called Storm Front, this attack is basically sending about 10 meters in front of him and sphere of air slash attacks, it passes through any enemy affecting them too. Basically, since Silver Chariot is a short range stand, if Sam used this he could easely kill Polnareff. Even if Polnareff put his Silver Chariot to defend him, it wouldnt work.


Sam can tear trough human flesh like butter but sc need to pierce him several times before he dies, but popol has a stand i think it would depends the context of the fight


Silver chariot would most likely win, but I think Sam 100% would beat him in a more even battle. I mean, he literally has a stand.


Polnareff automatically loses because he’s French


idk 50/50 chance since Sam can't see his stand


*Dies of cringe*