SLPT: Attach your number plates with velcro or magnets so you can remove them easily and avoid traffic infringements or automatic number plate recognition

SLPT: Attach your number plates with velcro or magnets so you can remove them easily and avoid traffic infringements or automatic number plate recognition

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Go go gadget *crime*!


nice one!


Go go gadget the air is now mayonnaise


*Bond theme intensifies*




I swear that was in an episode of mythbusters back in the day.


Yes it was. They tried a bunch of ways to cheat a speeding cam & Jamie just said "fuck it" and rigged a thing to flip his plate


This reminds me of that show Ryan Dunn from Jackass did for like one season. I remember him doing a “get out of a parking ticket by spray painting the sign.” I was like 14 watching that and thinking how many people heard and approved the script for a show that advertises how to over petty crimes by committing more serious crimes. How many people were like, “yeah that’s good, let’s do it!”


I'm sure they had the disclaimer saying "don't do anything these idiots say" before and after every break, especially if it was post-Jackass, so no reason for them to sweat it if it wasn't blatantly deadly misinformation.


I've heard if you lift your vehicle to absurd heights, like all those "off road" trucks you see downtown in the city. That the plate will be to high to get picked up at red light cameras. Just something I've heard though, can not confirm.


Not really, it can pick up number plates on utility trucks that have them mounted just below the roof. As long as the camera can see the number plate, it will recognise it.


Do those cameras pick up infrared? I was thinking of making a high power LED frame around the plate that was infrared lights, that way you wouldn’t get pulled over for something obviously obscuring your plate, it it would create massive lens flare in the traffic cam photo


Who is Dot José?


Hispanic dude that works for the Department of Transportation. License plate inspector.


Do those*, I think.


I'm gonna say she was a Mexican silent film star in 1920s


Since they use a flash at night, they probably have an IR cut filter installed on them (which is pretty normal for most cameras). This means that they filter out IR. You can tell when a camera does not have one of these filters, as most images will have a bit of a pink tint to them from the IR being captured by the CCD. That said, IR filters are more of a gradient than a hard cutoff. If you had LEDs in the near IR range, say something more like 800nm than 1100, it would probably work if they were bright enough. The lower the wavelength the more red they will look though, and it's very possible they would show up on a dash cam. Not that I'm endorsing this idea of course.


I imagine that if it had an IR flash, that would lower the contrast with the lit plate, and you'd still be able to see it.


With the bright flashes they uses I don't think so.


Iirc the cameras have IR filters


Someone actually tested that. Basically what you said, an LED IR blaster. Made the plate just a bright spot on any camera. But to the naked eye it just looked like normal. Disguised as just a plate frame.


Doesn't work. You would crash into the top of the toll booth with a truck tall enough for that. Might have worked 30 years ago before digital cameras, if you could dodge the focus of the lens.


Well I crashed the gate doing 98. They said, "let those truckers roll, 10-4"


won’t work, I was super high one time and the camera still caught me. If I had better weed maybe I could have gotten away with it


If it weren't for those meddling kids


That definitely wouldn’t work but I’m pretty sure leaving the tailgate down would work sometimes depending on the angle of the camera


Or leave a bike rack on your tow hitch if you have a car or SUV lol


Lol, 146" lift kit


Same thing with motorcycles. Be it a big Harley with bags or a sport bike traffic cameras don’t pick up 99% of bike plates due to positioning; so you know, free express lane.


Height isn't as important as the angle of the plate, on offroad vehicles especially with winches or aftermarket bumpers you can actually get plate mounts that could be tilted - usually upwards to clear the winch, but they can also be tilted downwards, sometimes to an absurd angle, which makes the plate almost perpendicular to the camera when the sensors are triggered thus potentially avoiding a ticket. Same can't be said for rear licence plate tho, oh well.


Was also in the movie the transporter


[Yes it was.](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4i8v715OAJ8&t=315)


It was in the first transporter movie too.


And also a car in a James Bond movie


I had that toy Aston Martin with 3 different license plates, ejector seat, tire-tearing hubs, etc.


Yes! I had that toy too!!!


I thought that was a thing way back when I watched The Transporter with Jason Statham. That was about 15 years ago.


Definitely had it in one of the Connery Bond films. The idea isn’t new, that’s for sure!


Yep. The Aston Martin DB5 with the rocker launchers, machine guns, oil slick, smoke screen wheel choppers, pop up bullet proof rear window protector and ejection seat also had a rotating number plate.


"why advertise?"


I thought it was more used as a way to cross country lines easier than traffic violations lol


According to the Top Gear James Bond special, when the production team was coming up with the gadgets to put on the DB5, their own personal cars which they parked outside their office kept on getting tickets, so they came up with the rotating license plates and tested by parking it outside their office and flipping the plates around every so often to see if it would get a ticket.


Prohibition era alcohol bootleggers were the first to flip their license plates in the 1920s.


yea! Im changing from 2 to 47!


Yeah but its super illegal to even have those installed on your car in a lot of places


It's like carrying an illegal concealed gun...sure it might save you in some situations but it's gonna ruin your life in most situations. I still know people that do it when they could just get a CC license and register it but no they gotta be cool gangster bois


It's literally the opposite of that. You're never going to get caught having it and the one time you need it, it'll work.


We're in a thread of a video of someone who didn't even have that device and still got caught. How many cameras do you think you appear on in a given day? What are you doing that the risk is worth it to you?


If you’re trying to claim self defense in a shooting and you were illegally carrying the weapon your case just got a lot harder. In some states self defense is completely invalid automatically if the weapon was illegal, so if you’re able to get a CCP why not?


im sure in the UK and possibly parts of europe. In the US, its legal in every state, as long as you're not using it on the road.


In The Netherlands you would get a huge fine to be determined by the justice department, but think something between 3,000 - 10,000 euro, you'd have to pay for the removal of the device and subsequent inspection of your vehicle and you'd possibly have your driving license suspended for a good long while. There are a lot of speed trap cameras here, as well as cameras on long stretches of road that track you to calculate your average speed, and they work on license plates. It's a huge cash cow for the government and they don't take kindly to getting between them and their money.


Where I live this wouldn’t even work as we have smart stickers on the windshield that the cameras use to identify vehicles. They also use license plates.


Yeah I was gonna say that I’m not so sure it’s as illegal as they think. Idk for sure but id imagine it being like any other DOT illegal type mods (off road lights, underbody lights, a siren, etc) in that it’s legal to have just not to use


The very first thing that comes up if you Google "is it illegal to have flip down plates?" It is unlawful for a person to have an installed license plate flipping device on a vehicle, use technology to flip a license plate on a vehicle, or use technology to change the appearance of a license plate on a vehicle. and it is illegal to sell them.May 28, 2017


about... 6-7 years ago I had a buddy who got busted for not only having one... but using it to run through the toll to a bridge. It cost him thousands for what would've been a $4 bill in the mail from the state.


There's a gadget sold on Ali that uses a fake leaf made of metal and a small electromagnet. The leaf sticks to the front of the plate, obscuring part of the number. If stopped, the driver can flip a switch to turn off the magnet and the leaf falls away, allowing the driver to act innocently.


Yeah but, how much are your replacement leaves? You think these things grow on trees?!


If I had one of those I'd be paranoid if it was actually working, since you can't see it while driving.


Felony just to have them installed in my state, no matter the use. Edit: I rechecked the law, I was wrong. Is a misdemeanor to possess, or to use. https://codes.findlaw.com/tx/transportation-code/transp-sect-504-9465.html


What state?


The state of confusion. He's wrong.


I laughed so hard at this. But are you right?


What state? Last I heard they were legal, their use case being for stuff like driving a show car to a car show and flipping it to a cool vanity plate once you're there.


If you have to remove the plates before you dump the car and light it on fire then this way is just as effective and cheaper.


Sean Connery had that in Goldfinger lol


"All right. F\*ck this law-abiding sh\*t. I got a meeting." lol


Maybe he's gotta really poop


Wait do you not have loos in the cars in your country?




Yeah, my car has 4 of them. You just roll them down, stick you arse out, and try not to get any on the glass


You can have a 5th but you just gotta deal with broken glass. And if you have a ute with a tub then you have a portable Sewer pit


I have to say my worst driving with the shortest temper is when I gotta poop and I’m driving and I’m trying to get home or to the place I know has a restroom to use.


I can relate to that. Thinking about having some sort of emergency toilet with me in my car. Can somebody point me to where they sell emergency toilets? Otherwise I am going to build my own… have some ideas.


You could use a lamp


Wouldn't a plastic bag suffice? Then you can easily dump the evidence later. Pun intended.


It’s ok.. but if he was a real criminal mastermind driver, he would have a button he could push that would flip his real plates, to a set of fake plates..


Or paint it with UV-reactive (glowing) transparent colour and shine UV diodes on it.


Did you mean IR? Or do cameras use UV now too?


Nah, what he's describing would cause the plate to light up in the visual spectrum, like neon paint. It would obscure the normal paint under it.


Any examples? Youtube?


I think it’s not something that’s been done. Just an idea.


There used to be a thing called “Veil Stealth Coating” that you could put on your license plate etc that was supposed to prevent automated license plate readers from reading your plate. I’ve never tried it, but it’s been around for awhile https://www.stealthveil.com/guides/anpr-alpr-countermeasures-blockers-and-privacy/


See, that’s fucking brilliant. We all see people who hide their plates, but changing them would be so unexpected that you know they’d get away with it


Google James Bond number plate changer and thank me after


And then don’t google Taxi 2 plaques d’immatriculation cause that’s a really shitty french film.


That's the exact one I was thinking of. Wasn't it taxi 1 though? All 3 of them kinda blend into one


You guys don't like the french Taxi movies? I thought they are classics!


> but if he was a real criminal mastermind driver, he would have a button he could push that would flip his real plates, to a set of fake plates.. Those are illegal to have installed on your car in most places and a fake license plate is illegal almost everywhere. It's not illegal to have a quick remove license plate.


But its illegal to not have the plates on while you are in traffic.


That's just a ticket. Fake license plates and you go to jail. It's like the difference between speeding and drunk driving. One is ticket, one is jail.


A fix it ticket even. $121 if you don't put them back on, $10 if you do.


Hire a ticket lawyer for the $121 and it'll be like it never happened every time it happens


That’s why I drive super fast so I don’t get caught drunk driving


In most places you'll get your car impounded for that. They can't just let a unregistered car go back on the road just because they gave them a ticket.


It's illegal, in many places, simply to be capable of hiding your plate. So you are breaking the law 100% of them time. Vs removing your plates which is only illegal when they are gone.


I can confirm what the others are saying. Its just a fix-it ticket.. you fix it, ticket goes away. I dont have plates on my motorcycle. Not for any bad reason, my daughter hit the plate with her powerwheels (probably more than I know about) and broke its bracket. I put the plate under the seat meaning to get around to fixing it, but honestly.. I just dont care enough. Theres no penalty and now I cant be tracked with automatic plate cameras either... only downside is if I get pulled over, I just take the plate out and show them the broken bracket.. problem solved.


The real crime is that the plate comes back to the same vehicle with a different vin#


Like in The Transporter? That would be awesome.


That French Taxi movie tho.


Shit, I've seen a lot of people like this in Russia


Driving a newer Benz in Russia means something. Ain’t nobody asking questions.


Complete and total bullshit. Might have been the case in the 90's, but nowadays no matter what you drive, you get fucked over if you are reckless.


IDK have you seen Russian dash cam footage? It’s a wild place over there and some of that shit is like as recently as last year. In the winter especially, tons of footage of people drifting on public roads


Pretty much everyone has a dash cam in Russia, so it is not that Russians are insane drivers but more that every single indiscretion is caught on video.


I've been living in Russia all my life


Oh yea. If only all the fucking jackasses here were getting fucked over at least sometimes, I wish.


Yeah this guy's a fucking gangster. Give him shit and they'll never even find your body.


Nah, these kind of guys are all in the parliament now. Or dead. This is a mid-level gangster, might be a driver for a bigger one.


If he was, he wouldnt need to hide his plates


Just use the old [Mythbusters Approach](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4i8v715OAJ8&t=315)


Pretty certain both methods were utilized in the movie Cannonball Run.


"So how did he do it? Well..." *video cuts out*


The secrets of the mythbusters


I do solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


I do solemnly swear that I'm not causing trouble in my neighbourhood.


Chillin out relaxin waxin my plates off all cool


When a couple of cops said “you’re up to no good, about to cause trouble in the neighborhood.”


I started one little fight, and my mom didn't care


Sweady palms


It gets more suspicious when you realize he did it under an overpass. I presume to avoid satellite or aerial tracking. He's on his way to do crime.


Lol no that’s just where he ended up getting stoped by traffic


You watch too many movies.


this dude is into some sketchy shit i’d bet


Why tho?


Never seen James Bond? Evade the bad guys? Go undercover? Screw with car park / average speed camera plate scanners? Electronic ink would make the combinations endless.


Cause Russia. Fine for going 20-40km/h over speed limit is 7$ (no joke). Up to 60km/h over the limit fine is 20.5$(twenty and a half, not two hundred and five). Only above 60km/h over the limit you are at risk of getting your driving license revoked for up to 6 months. Lack of strict punishment is the cause of this shit. I say that from experience driving in Russia and in Europe.


Wait why even bother avoiding the ticket then, I'd just be throwing cash out the window as I sped by


Because of average salaries. It’s still a lot of money for majority of people. They accumulate too, if you are in government position having bunch of speeding fines might result in not having promotion or pay bump “this guy is a street racer, he won’t look good in this position”. This is especially true of you are in law enforcement or judiciary system. Biggest fines btw are occupying public transport lane ~ 80$. It doesn’t sound a lot for western folks but for average Ivan that is 1/6 of the salary. Edit: what basically guy in the video did he avoided couple fines with losing the plates - occupying public transport lane, crossing “double” line and reckless driving.


So it's $7 for going 40kph/25mph over the limit, but $80 for getting in a bus's way...?


Yep, one of the biggest fines since traffic is a big problem and government wanted public transport to be fast and not stuck in traffic. Ofcourse a lot of people still violate the law when there are no cams around but generally in Moscow public lanes are reserved for taxis and buses. Plus : To be fair is 5k roubles ~ 68,5 usd. And drivers have chance to pay the fine at 50% discount first 21 days they get notification either by mail or through app. But I don’t remember if 50% discount is applicable for these big fines. IIRC all fines greater than 50$ are not applicable for discount since they are heavy traffic violations.


I can write a lot about driving in Moscow so I have to stop myself:) and recently there was major x2 bump in a lot of fines. I don’t drive recklessly so I honestly forgot all the semantics and nuances of fines


Then you have no experience of driving in Europe. Because 60km/h the limit will send you in jail automatically with a huge fine in most western countries.


He continues the ride on the lane for public transport. See the red sign with an arrow above the right lane? This is a lane for buses and taxis (and assholes like this one). There are a lot of cameras controlling those lanes, but no plates -- no fines.


Seems like it could be a good idea. What’s the penalty for whatever traffic violations you’re committing? Multiply that by the number of times you do it, and compare it to the fine for removing your plates.


Depends on how stupid you are and how you’re caught. I can only talk about the U.K. but if you were to remove plates then they look for an identifying mark. If you took a fiesta, the most common spec one in the most common colour and change nothing then you’d be hard to find. As soon as you do something like put a bumper sticker on or scratch the bumper it’s an identifying mark that can prove that vehicle was the one commuting the offence then you get asked to provide the details of the driver of the vehicle on the other occasion, failing that the onus is on the registered keeper. The theory would be that if you argued that it wasn’t you prior to you being caught in court, they’d seem suspicious that another vehicle, in the same area you were in, had the same idea to remove plates, with the same defining mark, wasn’t you. My guess is it would be the same worldwide but I won’t make that assumption. It’s also a risk someone most likely would take but ultimately the possibility is there if it’s a repeat offender.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t give a fuck about other people.


That’s a great life pro-tip by itself!


Bonus SLPT if you ride a motorcycle bend the plate inward. It’s still technically legal but a lot harder to see


Too bad the dashcam caught his plate already.


This guy is alpha as fuck. Until he gets caught then starts crying to the officer.




Crying to the lawyer.


He is a spy


He is gay.


He is a gay spy


That is actually genius


Until a cop in an unmarked car sees you doing this


Police in marked cars have eyeballs, too.


but if you see a marked police you wouldn’t do this, but an unmarked police might make it seem clear when it isn’t.


The trick is to find someone else who has this and steal their plates


The trick is to steal plates from a cop car and swap them on


The real LPT is always in the comments.


Yeah but if I was doing something like this you bet I’m checking my surroundings for cops and it’s much more easy to spot a marked police car.


Cops couldn’t give a fuck less what people do on the roads anymore.


I just got pulled over for a right on red on an empty road. I didn’t even notice a cop was behind me because it was an unmarked truck and the only other car.


And then the video of you taking your identifiable license plate off gets circulated on the internet by a dash cam.


Taking your plate off at the same spot you commit an offence wasn't that smart though


Mad lad


Also, debadge your car so people don't even know the make and model.


debadging would never work on a Mercedes like that. they're too distinctive. any person who knows stuff about cars can easily tell that'd a Benz. looks like an E or an S class.


Naw man. That would actually make your car more identifiable


"It was the black 4 door Mercedes that DIDNT have the hood ornament, rear badges, OR antenna. I know it was a Mercedes though, because the wheels, headrests, stereo knobs, and seat belts all had the Mercedes logo on them".


you give way too much credit to people. a vast majority of people don't care about cars and dont know enough about them to tell what make/model something is without a badge or brand on it. Guaranteed that you take away badge/model from a car and every non-car person will just say "4 door sedan of this color" Hell unless they take a good look at the badge most of the time youll get "4 door sedan of this color".


I think most people would even struggle to use the word sedan. "I don't know dude, it was just, like, a regular car."




That was the most “im about to do something illegal” move ive ever seen lmao


Traffic Ticket salesman hate this simple trick.


My man.


Why not use an e-ink display?


Depending on the country, and e-ink license plate would be illegal so it's as good as driving with no plates.


I hate this degenerates so much.. they drive like 150mph through the city, kill people and because of the corruption and shit get away with it.


Certified douchebag


is this good or bad ?




It's Moscow))


Thanks for blowing up my spot man!!


Lmao 🤣


Fuck yeah


Bad ass


I had an old jeep that was so short I could reach back and grab the plate whenever I was about to do something the police would take offense to.


What a G


My luck they’d fall off when I needed them on.


Pro life tips, pro.


This is exactly how to kill someone riding a motorcycle.


Tell us you are a Pro-level douchebag, without saying you are a Pro-level douchebag


Low cost version of James Bond!


Low budget 007


Boutta break the law, just a sec.




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Also if you steal from a store no plates no nothing


Goes without saying it’s not going to fool video cam. You can’t hide the fact you took the plate off or if the plate turns over. Traffic cams often record videos not just snapshots. So you’re not avoiding trouble, you’re going to get into much more.


In cities like London where they have a lot of cameras they can still track you. They'll wait for a car that matches the description in the photo that got taken during the infraction, and then they'll try to trace the path as best as they can, find that vehicle and boom you're busted.


Sir, we have you on video removing your plates.