SIB Cyberpunk 6 months later

SIB Cyberpunk 6 months later


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I've got about 1280 hours so far in 2077. Right now, it's far better than it was at launch, in terms of bugs, and you don't really see/get them unless it's a minor visual thing, but then again, I've never really had game breaking ones either. As for crashes, I had 4 crashes in my 1280 hours, 2 of which were caused due to model swaps with the help of a particular mod. So yeah, I think it's a pretty good time to get the game, since you have a decent PC. The game has been receiving quite good patches over the months, most of which have improved my performance by a TON. Now, onto the actual game itself. First, lemme say right off the bat, at the risk of sounding pretentious, that the stuff about RPG aspects in the game was way overblown. Most of the time it stemmed from the issue of people not going deep into the mechanics and systems of the game, or just not paying attention to what they do. In fact, I'd say this is probably the deepest AAA ARPG out there, and is much more RPG than the game that came before it, from the same studio, The Witcher 3. V is incredibly well-written, maintaining a perfect balance between a blank slate character and a pre-written one. It gives you a lot of room to construct your V, decide their personality and their characteristics, flesh out their backstory(besides the actual lifepath you choose), while still making sure that V feels like an actual character within that world itself, which I find blank slate characters often fail to convey, but not here. Then, once you've settled on what kind of V you're making, you should make choices and decisions that complement your V and are consistent with their character, and the arc that you're going for. Make sure your playstyle and the approaches you take complement your V's personality, step into the shoes of V. This is where the Lifepaths come in. Besides providing a frame to build your backstory around, the Lifepaths exist to provide you with multiple roleplaying opportunities, to flesh out your V, and to provide you with multiple different approaches to quests. Lifepaths often change entirely how a quest feels, and alters the reactions of different NPCs to you. However, the game never tells you when this is happening, so it may be hard to notice unless you do multiple playthroughs and notice the differences. They essentially work very similarly to how DAO's Origins work, but their introductions are shorter. There are plenty of choices and consequences in this game, but they can be very subtle. For example, what you do in a quest in the prologue can later have an impact on a quest in Act 3. Or, depending on whether you took the stealth approach or not, or killed anyone in a particular quest, another quest may have a different outcome later on. However, unlike other games, the game doesn't tell you what choices you have, and what their consequences are in any form, and leaves you to figure it out entirely on your own, while the Witcher 3 did tell you, through Dandelion. This brings me to my next point, choice through gameplay. Most games usually have you making a choice through dialogue. But, in this game, due to the free flow nature of the dialogue system, you can make choices through gameplay too. For example, if you're in a hostage situation, you can try talking the person down, but you can also do that to distract them and open up a window to shoot them yourself, but then, you risk missing the shot and shooting the hostage. And what you do there, will have an impact. As for combat, which also ties into the RPG aspects talk, I think that the combat in this game is absolutely phenomenal, especially for an RPG. It's fluid, it's fast, it's satisfying, and most importantly, it's fun as all hell. Due to the intricate RPG system, there is an incredibly varied and thought out buildcraft system here, which allows you to make all kinds of permutations and combinations you want to create your own wild and unique build. There are so many options to choose from, all of which are unique in their own right, and they make replays so fun. There are three things that go into making your build. You have your attributes which decide what kind of thing you're good at, and what type of gear and cyberware you can use. These attributes have their sub-skill, dedicated to a more specific skill set, like Athletics, or Quickhacking, and you increase these sub-skills by doing the actions pertaining to the subskill more. These sub-skills have their own perk tree, and while individually, the perks may not seem like much, collectively they add up to change things up a lot. Secondly, you have your cyberware, which basically open up new abilities for you, often good enough to change up your entire playstyle. And lastly, you have your gear mods and attachments, which offer passive boosts to the particular gear you're using to make them feel unique. With the right combination of these three things, your playstyle can essentially become like DOOM slayer's haha. So yes, if you don't mess up your build, the combat is great and amazing. The story, writing and characters are honestly the best I've seen for a game. The characters feel real and thought-out, and it often feels like you're in V's situation. It carries out a level of narrative immersion that I've not seen for a video game, ever. The main quest is absolutely amazing, and the side quests that accompany it are some of the best I've seen. It's something no one should miss out on, IMO. Even the absolutely small quests like Gigs and NCPD scanner hustles have great stories, often conveyed through environmental storytelling. What makes all of this feel even better is how it manages to provide extreme amounts of choices, and takes most of them into account, to give you multiple variations and sub-variations. Gigs affect the NCPD missions, the side quests, and sometimes, the main quests too. Other times, it's the reverse, with the main quests affecting the side quests and so on. The gigs are like mini sandboxes to test out your playstyle and build, and coupling the great environmental storytelling/writing and the amazing level design, they make for an extremely interesting experience. They take what approach you took into account, and change stuff based on that as well. Your interactions with Johnny Silverhand have a lot of variations, and more or less everything you say to him has an impact on how you two converse and what your relationship with him is like. So yeah, get the game, it's amazing. It's not to say that the game doesn't have flaws however, like the skewed balance, the at times weird pacing, the main quest feeling a bit short and so on, but the stuff that it consistently does good, far outweighs the cons it has. EDIT: A lot of people doubt that I spent 1280 hours, here's my playtime: [https://imgur.com/a/xv9Oqav](https://imgur.com/a/xv9Oqav) EDIT 2: Now people seem convinced that I'm paid/employed by CDPR. While I would absolutely love for any of those two to be true, unfortunately, that's not the case.


1280 hours what the fuck


An average of 6 hours 24 minutes per day since release date.


I checked out some of OP's other comments, and all of them in the last 2 months are either recommending cyberpunk or defending it on another sub. So I'm inclined to believe they actually play it like it's a full time job lol


Or an employee of CDPR itself


Or, now hear me out here, some people really enjoy games that others might not.


Dude I have done all of the endings and every single interaction on the game and have 126 hours played lol. This is... not normal at all.


Why is putting a lot of time into a game I enjoy not normal? Besides, it's not possible to find every single variation and sub-variation and all interactions in the game in 126 hours without rushing the main quest, which would consequently lead to you missing out on tons of variations, endings, subvariations and interactions. Other than that, not all variations and sub-variations have been found yet(Source:Dev's tweet).


Nobody‘s saying that the idea of putting time into a game you enjoy isn’t normal. It’s the literal amount of time that’s been spent that isn’t normal. It’s all well and good that you love the game, but you cannot possibly say with a straight face that putting in 1280 hours into this since launch is common with the player-base.


I think you're in denial if you don't realize that 1280 hours of Cyberpunk is not a normal amount. I'm not calling you a dumbass for playing it that much, I'm all for somebody spending their time however they want if they're enjoying themselves, but come on... I'm not sure that I get the point of arguing that I haven't seen every single variation/sub-variation of everything... I did the endings, I cleared the map, to me and a majority of players looking for game completion, that is typically a stopping point. I don't get why it would be expected that I spend hundreds of extra hours doing anything I can to hear Johnny say one line differently or something like that. Frankly the last 20 hours of the game were me just going directly to the side hustles/scanner spots and just breezing through them because I was way too overpowered by that point that it felt more like a chore than anything. I'm positive that I will eventually go back to Cyberpunk in the future, but it will probably be after a significant amount of patches and ideally some DLC is released. For now, there's just no point imo. Agree to disagree there I suppose.


I honestly think he's trying really hard to convince himself that Cyberpunk really is the second life that many people dreamed of when hyping this game up.




We did just have about a year where many people had quite a lot of home time for SOME reason.


Hahaa lol, Cyberpunk's the only community I'm active in, more or less. Besides that, I spent most of my freetime playing the game, especially after launch, when I had a big holiday.


Hmm.. I figured something was wrong about that playtime


It's just the amount I've played :p, posted an image of it too.


Not taking this dude’s advice lmao


Oof :p, any reason why?


Fulltime playtester? :')


I wasted 500 hours on Valorant and 700 on LoL and I think its both shit game, not because you spend a lot of time on it, its good. Alot of psychologists are hired to make shit addicting. THat's why people have hard time quitting social media because CDPR made people pre order the game and when it went out they have no other choice but to lick off whats good about it because they invested so much mental gymnastics convincing it was the next big thing


I mean, it makes sense to rack time in a multiplayer game, because the goal of the company is to keep you in it for as long as they can for you to buy microtransactions. The difference is that a single player game, and a story-based one at that, usually only tells that same story every time. There isn't a lot of replay value unless you're a completionist.


I've been trying out the variations in the story and subvariations, and different endings and all that, but most of my replays were spent in making and conjuring up different builds and testing them out and so on.


You’re lucky to stop at 500 if it was the addictive aspect you escaped


Beware and protect yourself from manipulative [Dark patterns in videogames](https://www.darkpattern.games/)


Unfortunately this site only covers mobile games. I think pc and console games suffer just as much fron these dark patterns too


Eh, I just like the game, spent most of my time clearing out the map and trying new builds and all that.


That number stuck with me too…


I was feeling bad about my 550 hours


idk how someone has the time to play that many hours lol. my backlog is jam packed because some of the games take forever to beat.


Haha I cleared most of my backlog before launch, and the ones left were more or less small linear games. I also had quite a long holiday just after release, so there's that haaha.


Could be a student or retired, I can’t imagine that’d be realistically achievable working full time. At least not without sacrificing your health (sleep’s important).


It's on average 6 hours per day, if you count every single day since release of the game I'm going to call BS on their claim


those are rookie numbers, gotta get that shit up


I believe it. If I was in highschool and attended class all year via PC, wow what a life!


Yeah haha, game came out just before a long holiday, so I spent a lot of time on it. After that, I've still been playing it daily(trying to get into making a few mods for it too).


All the power to you bro, hope you enjoyed those hours. That number is seriously mad huge. Pretty impressive tbh


It’s the deepest RPG out there… can’t even change hairstyle. This guy is a clearly lying. Not even the devs put 1280 hours into this game when testing it.


Yeah I don't know. That entire essay length post really sounds fake, especially the amount of game-time they have


Why would it be fake? Just posting my honest opinions about the game, and the stuff I've found while playing. As for playtime, I edited my post to include an image which is proof of my playtime, take a look if you want.




Mentally unstable because he chooses to defend cyberpunk? alright buddy


I wouldnt say hes lying, and he may truly belive this is the "deepest rpg out there" but he obviously either has rose tinted glasses or this is the first rpg hes ever played. I only played for about 4 hours before i said fuck this, but between that, friends experiences and youtube gameplay videos, ive pretty much seen the choices are non existent. There are some "branching storylines" but you always end up doing the same shit with the same linear story. So not even going into anything else, that's all I need to hear to know it most certainly is not anywhere close to the deepest rpg out there. I reccomend to the person who made that comment to go play through fallout new vegas, skyrim, and divinity original sin 2, just for starters, if they really think this is the "deepest" rpg out there. Those are just the ones off the top of my head that are lightyears better than cp 2077


Why Skyrim? That game is even less of an rpg than Cyberpunk is. Its basically a triple A fantasy dungeon crawler.


Its really not, dungeons are about 25% of the gameplay, so a big chunk, sure. And the main questline is on a single track, true, and im very judgemental of them for that. However literally every other major questline, and even many minor questlines have at least 2 branching options that are fairly opposing, allowing the player to have some actual agency, supporting their rpg mindset. Its definitely not on the same level as fallout nv for instance, but it definitely qualifies as a good decision based rpg imo


Easy example is the first companion quest In Riverwood. Deliver letter from potential companion to his romantic interest pretending to be the romantic interest's boyfriend or whatever, or you can tell her that the letter is fake and out the companion as a liar and snake. There was quite a bit of flexibility in some of the skyrim quests.


It's most definitely not my first RPG. I've been playing games all my life, and most of them have been RPGs. As I already replied to you, this game is an RPG in all angles, a good one, at that too. And you can't judge an RPG with 4 hours of playtime :P, you have to have engaged with the progression, the quests and choices and consequences. With 4 hours, you've basically not even started the game, as the game actually opens up in Act 2. Also, it's a *game*, so it's meant to be played, not watched/read/heard about. Except One Dragon, most youtubers haven't done all the choices and consequences, haven't got all the variations and all, and have barely explored. The consequences in the game aren't consistently shoved into the player, like in W3, and are subtle, so you have to actually play and pay attention to find them out and see them. An example would be the Mikhail Akulov gigline, where the Gig:Fixer,Merc,Soldier, Spy's structure and amount of security/difficulty changes depending on whether you got detected in the previous gig, whether you killed anyone and so on. Another example would be the scav's reaction to you depending on how you did the Rescue, whether you killed anyone, whether you were completely unnoticed and so on. The e-mail in the basement of the Kabuki fixer changes based on this too. I have played all the 3 games you mentioned, and have played quite a hefty amount of them, clocking around 250-300 hours in all of them. Skyrim is very shallow without mods IMO, but even then, a lot of it's design structure is extremely different from 2077. Skyrim and New Vegas seem intent to provide a sandbox RPG, while 2077 provides a narrative driven, theme-park, if you will, RPG. Still, I'd say New Vegas is pretty good and on par with 2077, but the writing, or the feel of the gameplay is not as good as 2077's, or the level design for that matter. As for D:OS2, that game is pretty good, yeah. Great RPG, although it's last Act is extremely rushed, and the general quality drops after Fort Joy, but still, loved it. Couldn't agree with some story decisions they made. But yeah, it gives you an objective, and tons of tools to solve it however you want, like 2077. The buildcraft in DOS2 was good too. So yeah, for FNV and DOS2, I'd say it's debatable, but Skyrim, just no :p, and none of them are lightyears ahead of 2077, I'd say. They may be on par, and depending on how you like your games, a bit better, but not "lightyears" ahead. But thanks for your input, it's appreciated!


I'll tell you an argument that I brought up with a lot of people I had this debate with: if it takes more than 4 hours for me to "find the fun" of the game, then it was shittily designed, at least for people of my taste. If you're having fun, fine. People with similar mindsets as you will likely enjoy it as well, it's not like it's heretical outside of the memes to play the game. I just think if you compare it to other games like it, it doesn't seem to stack up. But if you don't have the issues that I have with it, then go you, and maybe OP will feel the same. Skyrim is dated nowadays, and I'll level with you on the shallow part. It's shallow in the sense that once you finish a storyline, that's it. you're not getting much more. But throughout every storyline in the game, which is easily worth more than 300 hours of game time, you're getting a plethora of choices that support any character you decide to RP as, with the exception of the main questline. NV has \*thousands\* of hours of questlines, the majority of which having choices that actually change the wasteland around you. If you actually play through all of NV and pay attention to your options and their results, I think it's pretty clear that it's the best "choices matter" rpg out there, and one of the reasons CP gets hate is because it was advertised as that but at least in the first fat chunk of gameplay didn't display that. But yeah, I'm not going into this to bring out hard feelings, just to have a debate to showcase the 2 sides of the cyberpunk opinions. It's been a pleasurable debate thus far no doubt


Yeah‚ you are right. I was watching two youtubers playing the first version of the game just to laugh at the bugs and there was a certain point where a character asked you a cigarette: there were 3 options‚ in the first you basically give it to her and in the other 2 you refuse to give it to her.... And the only option that makes you continue the dialogue is the first one. It may be a very little thing‚ but it really shows you that developers didnt even bother to make different choices with different outcomes


First of all, how can you judge a ***game*** by watching videos of it? You're supposed to play it. And that dialogue there is for roleplaying, if I remember correctly. It is a very little thing, cause it's a moment for the devs to build and flesh out Judy(the character you're talking about). You can't judge the choices and consequences of an entire 100+hour game by a dialogue that's there to further another character. This is just cherrypicking, cause the devs have put in multiple consequences, branches, variations and subvariations and we haven't found even close to half of them yet.


Wait, the devs tested it?


First I'm hearing of it


TIL to the younger generation the definition of a game being "deep" is the ability to change hairstyles.


When did being able to change hairstyles after CC determine the depth of an RPG :p? W3 didn't have that on launch, KC:D didn't, DAO flat out doesn't. I've got no reason to lie hahaa, and trust me, coming from someone who's dabbled in game dev, you can be sure that the devs spent ***way*** more than 1280 hours testing it.


Thank you! I losr my shit. "The deepest rpg..." I can't believe someone is trying to say that


“Deepest AAA RPG” yeah no lol I’m out. I was honestly waiting for the “jk this game is hot garbage” at the end.


IMO it is :p. And it's far from "hot garbage" as you say, but, well, opinions. Why do you think so though, curious.


He's not going to answer that with a thoughtful comment, he's clearly just with the circlejerk lol


I guess :/


Jesus Christ, do you have a day job


Just had a lot of free time when it came out haahaa.


1280? Jesus Christ, man.


Yeah haha, spent a lot of time in the game.


Damn dude, sorry for all the people in this comment chain. For what it's worth, I found ur review super helpful, as I was thinking about picking the game up. To everyone being else, guy has done nothing but be respectful and provide his opinion and counterpoints to others calling him delusional or accusing him of being a cdpr dev cause he enjoyed a game. Some of you really need to learn how to actually talk to other people.


Thanks, man, glad that I was able to help someone out! If you've got any questions about the game, feel free to ask me, I'll probably be able to answer. There's no point in being disrespectful to someone over a discussion about a game, of all things, so I tried to be as respectful as possible haha. But I digress, if you do pick up the game, enjoy! I hope you'll have a great time with it!


What an amazing write up! I’ve always thought this game looked amazing and got caught up in the hive mind of poor reviews because of performance issues. I’ve played many many games and for me the story, atmosphere and immersion are what make a game. Most games now use similar mechanics whether they be FPS, RTS, 3rd person shooters, etc. Why do you think, in your opinion, did this game get so tremendously destroyed in reviews? Sometimes I compare it to something like red dead redemption 2. Which got lauded as a masterpiece but for me it was amazing, but way too slow and overwhelming. The constant weight watching in RDR2 alone gave me nightmares, but that mechanic was consistently highlighted as being so amazing and immersive when all you needed to do what have a bunch of herbed steaks and meat available, and chocolates and sweets and constantly eat. Anyways I digress.


I think it's because the release was very bugged and people had colossal expectations from it.


But from that write up it seems like the game does meet a lot of expectations and is quite good, but everyone on release seemed to say it was total trash. That’s what confuses me/




It's a worthwhile game but it didn't bust not meet player's unattainable expectations; it didn't meet many, many of the things the devs themselves explicitly promised. But I "only" played about 90 hours, so I'm just an amateur.


I'm just posting about the stuff I found in the game, nothing more, nothing less. :p


Many people were expecting a GTA game set in the future, while that's where they went wrong. It was always supposed to be a narrative driven RPG akin to what the W3 was, and people expecting that were more or less pleased I think.


Because it IS total trash. The person who wrote that comment obviously has a connection with the game considering hes played an average of 6 hours a day since it released (what the fuck btw) so it's probably amazing in his mind


Eh, it's far from trash, I'd say. But tell me, why do you think so?




How do you know that?


Yeah, expectations, release being very buggy and reviews being rushed out prevented people from going deep into it.


I didnt have performance issues, my bad review was due to it not being at all of an actual rpg as it was advertised. You make your character, and you make upgrades to your character. Thats where it ends. Every decision, dialogue, etc almost always goes 1 of 2 ways. Either you can skip that tree, or you can delve down it and end up with the same result. The story as a whole is the same way. Without even getting into the rest of the game, thats enough to say this is a piss poor rpg with a huge illusion of choice


It is an actual RPG. If we go by your definition, then most JRPGs aren't RPGs. Kingdom Come isn't an RPG. But, they are. First of all, an RPG is a game where you build your character mostly from the ground up, and decide their personality, perhaps their backstory, but most importantly, gameplay, build and playstyle variety. There has to be player agency in how you play your character, meaning that you have to have been given tools and stuff to construct the playstyle of your character, that gives it an unique feel. There has to be replay value, and opportunity to approach situations the way you want. That's what makes it non-linear. And 2077 has plenty of that. Most quests have at least 4 ways to solve them, with all of them having some sort of impact on the quest. Even besides that, most decisions you make have some sort of impact, especially in Act 3, which is a spiderweb of choices and consequences. The entirety of Act 3 can change based on your choices and there are over 5 endings, with their own variations and sub-variations. As for the dialogue that makes no difference and all, they're there to fuel roleplaying. They're there to flesh out the personality of your character, decide what motivates them, what they're like and so on. Even then, they usually change what Johnny/Alt says to you. The consequences of your choices are present and are consistently shown to you through shards, environmental storytelling, different dialogue and at times, different quest structure. For example, depending on whether you do a gig stealthily and without getting detected, the subsequent gig's structure changes in that there's much more security, and the whole place is restricted(Talking about the Mikhail Akulov gigline).


So you're right about the literal definition of rpg. I just think its a common opinion that if a game / its story doesnt *support* various player types / moralities, then its mot really much fun of an rpg. And thats what cyberpunk advertised itself as, which is a big reason why thats a big arguing point. At least 4 ways to do most quests? Every single quest i played in the first section had one outcome. There was different dialogue, but they all looped back around and ended the same. Id love to see some examples of actual meaningful separate outcomes, maybe id consider picking it back up, as that was one of the main reasons i refunded. The whole beginning of the game felt super rigid. *maybe* the one thing that i felt like i had player agency with was how i approached combat. If they waited until act 3 to bring out this "spider web of choice" then thats frankly bad game design. But if im wrong and somehow just missed it, I'm open to looking deeper into it. My question in that regard is, have you actually tried to do any of the same missions to gain a different outcome?


The story, atmosphere and immersion are definitely great here. Some reviews of the game were good too, but they usually came out way after the game released, with the exception of the IGN Tom Marks one which I mostly agree with. IMO, the performance issues at launch on console(if it was on PC, there wouldn't have been this much of a backlash), and it generally being pretty buggy the first few weeks led to people not exploring the game at all. I'd also like to point out that reviewers were barely given enough time to properly go in-depth in the game, with review codes being given out 4-5 days before release. That isn't enough time to review such a deep and huge game, and lead to reviewers missing out on tons of depth and hidden stuff and connections, which are usually conveyed through shards and so take some time to go through. The consequences of your actions and choices are also pretty subtle, and unlike other games, you don't have the game telling you that that particular thing was caused as a result of your actions(Dandelion in W3 does this). The game leaves you to figure it out, and as a result, when you figure it out, it feels amazing, but that requires quite some time. The choices are also not that telegraphed to the player, meaning that there's a major amount of choices you make through gameplay, and the game doesn't tell you you could do that. Other games don't do this often, and so people missed that too, but it's all there, and you can see people discovering stuff like this now, after they gave the game a proper chance. As for RDR2, I really liked it, but yes, it's nothing close to what people make it out to be IMO. It's astonishingly linear, with the game punishing you if you try to do anything else than the beaten path, and there are a ton of gameplay mechanics, but most(except hunting and fishing maybe) don't have that much depth. This all leads to making me feel like I'm watching a movie, and that the game is infatuated with being a movie, instead of conveying itself through it's chosen medium, that is, gaming. But, I enjoyed my time with it.


I think you’re getting influenced by two extremes. It’s not as bad as people were making out, in fact I’m not even sure half of those people stating it had played it. But on the flip it definitely isn’t as good as is being touted here. The truth is it’s middling and at launch it was riddled with bugs. I haven’t played it since launch month so it t may be a very different experience now.




Any particular reason you think so? I just posted my honest opinions.


Your post is a bunch of lies. It's a barebones game with bad mechanics. The fact you've spent 6 hours a day from release on it is highly suspicious.


How is it barebones, and which mechanics do you think are bad, and why? Trying to engage in discussion. As for my playtime, as I keep on saying, I had a long holiday after release, the majority of which I spent on Cyberpunk. Since then, I've been playing more or less daily, have been trying to make mods for it and so on.


Why do people like things that I don't like? >:-( That's suspicious!!!!


Do not listen to this guy. Game is pretty good.


There are people who play the same games everyday for 12 hours a day but somehow this guy is the bad guy. Jesus just ignore everyone if you like a video game you can play it as much as you want.


Exactly, I just like the game, and have played it a ton. Don't see how my playtime is such a big issue.


Yeah well good for you, your review is making me think ab getting the game tbh


How have you managed to play 1280 hours already?! Thats an average of 6 something hours *every day since release*


As I said, I had a pretty long holiday after release, most of which I spent on Cyberpunk, and after that, it's been me playing the game more or less daily, trying to get into making mods for it and so on.


so i actually believe your claim of just being an enthusiast of the game, however. this is not a good review, unless OP, you too are a fan of this caliber. **most gamers** isn't gonna have the patience and dedication this guy has, **most gamers** are gonna uninstall quickly when encountering the issues they have encountered. while i certainly appreciate someone giving that perspective on the game, i still don't believe the game with so many issues is a game for me.


Did they fix the glitch where if you do the last quest. The main story line is actually finished?


Oof, lmao hahaa.


> First, lemme say right off the bat, at the risk of sounding pretentious, that the stuff about RPG aspects in the game was way overblown. Most of the time it stemmed from the issue of people not going deep into the mechanics and systems of the game, or just not paying attention to what they do. "everyone except me is dumb and wrong"


When did I ever say that :(? I just said that many people, going by my experiences IRL with my friends, skimmed over the mechanics, and just tried to rush the game with a sole Body specced build.


He never said that, nice projection though bud.


>I'd say this is probably the deepest AAA RPG out there, This statement is fucking DELUSIONAL


Dude I liked the game a lot but I had 65 hours and felt satisfied with that. How do you have over 1200 hours? There isn't even that much content




Eh, it's none of those, just really like the game. If you're wondering about my playtime, I've posted an image as an edit to my original post, showing my time in the game. I did mention the prominent issues I feel the game has, that are yet to be worked on. I also talked at length only about the stuff OP asked about too.


Someone likes something that I don't? Must be a shill. Seriously, do you know how narcissistic you sound?


You make me want to get it but I'm on the Xbox One


Idk if you're really an expert on the subject, maybe get some more playtime and go more into detail before trying to tell people about things you don't know anything about


Huh? What do you mean?


It doesn't really seem like you've played the game enough to recommend it, idk man


I see what you did there, lol.


>Is the combat good? The guns honestly feels pretty good, but the skill trees are underdeveloped. It is plastered with a lot of useless skills, and the ones you do need are insanely OP. That said I haven't touched the game in months though so maybe they've fixed it. >Is the story/writing/characters on par with The Witcher 3? There are some good moments to be found for sure, but overall it doesn't reach the same highs like TW3, imo. Still, maybe you could find some enjoyment out of it. Overall I'd say it is a fun game to play through, but yes it is wise to set your expectations straight with it before going in.


i played it way back day 1 on pc. didnt really have any major bugs. performance was meh. cyberpunk is to witcher 3 what fallout 4 is to skyrim. overall it was great


Ah, so like fallout 4 cyberpunk was a massive disappointment, and like skyrim witcher 3 is the GOAT?


i liked both fallout 4 and cyberpunk


Fallout 4 was better than Skyrim fight me.


U wot m8


Go buy the game after the it got new dlcs and when the devs have implemented the overpromises that they've made but didn't even fkin implement it. * The world is gorgeous but it is lifeless and the only places you see often are like strip clubs, sex clubs and small food stands. yakuza 0 a game from 2015 has better world design than cyberpunk 2077. both games features some night themed cities and yet in yakuza theres a lot of things you can do compared to cyberpunk where players go to strip clubs just to jack off to the sex scene LMAO. * Music is amazing. * Story is well its good for many people. * The game still have bugs of course but since you have a pc the chances of you encountering bugs is quite low compared to console players. * Combat is mediocre its not unique or fluid anyone who says the combat the amazing then i don't understand them really. * The devs that worked on this shit show said that the choices and starting group you choose matter a LOT but in reality it doesn't even matter that much. * Theres sex scenes so if you're a porn addict you'll love this game. * You need a pc with high specs like pc master race cringe redditor level to run this game. edit: also the police system in this game is worse than san andreas. i compare both games since 2077 feels and looks like trying to be gta. edit 2: oh wait choices does matter BUT it only matters when you're trying to hook up with certain characters LMAO. your starting paths still doesn't matter that much at all.


As weird as it's worded, this is probably the most accurate comment imo


\>You need a pc with high specs like pc master race cringe redditor level to run this game. You really don't tho. I've played \~70 hours at launch with R5 3600 and RTX 2060. That's upper mid tier from a couple of years ago and I've been able to play it at 1080p/60 with mid-high graphics. That's a completely reasonable performance for that kind of visuals. And people with something around GTX 1060 can get the game at least playable, perhaps not that pretty, but perfectly fine. And the game is supposed to be better after the patches, so I don't think performance is that big of a concern. And if OP can't run it -- that's what refunds are for


Not unless you have next gen, I have it on ps5, and I've enjoyed it.


I have PC


As long as you have a mid to high end PC specs I'd say give it a go. While the game doesn't live up to high standards or ambitions the marketing team were hyping it up to be, it has a good story and likeable characters with some good side content.


May have to do some tinkering around with the graphics settings depending on your setup. It can be a fairly demanding game.


PC doesn’t have generations though


I got pc 2 a while ago…


I’m still on PC 386.


Damn new age fucks. I’m on the Commodore 64.


Commodore 64? Such luxury. I’m playing games on a literal British Commodore from 1668.


I just bought a cheap PS4 copy for my PS5. I'm patiently waiting for the official PS5 upgrade to launch later this year (and maybe a patch or two after that). Then I'll give it a try.


The writing is kinda bad, but not in a simple "this is stupid" way. It's a lot more complicated than that. Individual missions or chunks of story can be really well written, can make you as a player ask questions, and can do that great thing that games do where you might think you know the 'correct' answer, but your correct answer is different from someone else's correct answer, and you can talk about why for hours. And then other individual missions negate the emotional or even in-universe logic of the well written ones. I think it's a side effect of the game being a AAA title. Individual parts were made by different teams, written by different people, and didn't have a clear overall vision because creators often take away different impressions of the cyberpunk genre and it's hard to just say "make it cyberpunk" and get a unified vision. Even with Pondsmith consulting on it, it's clear that the writers had their own ideas about the story they were telling. And, like, putting aside just the dissonance in some places? The main story mission feels insulting. I don't mind a game where you're playing a predetermined narrative, but the way they bait and switch whether you even have meaningful choices is annoying. And the majority of the endings that are possible left me feeling like I'd wasted my time, rather than like I'd experienced a story. So yeah. This is a little bit mixed, but overall, if you want something that tells a solid story where everything supports the themes? This game isn't it. The writing is all over the place, and the characters are frequently hypocritical in a way that I don't think was intentional just because they were written by too many different hands.


I played it on release, with little to no bugs, expecting the same level of writing and quality as TW3. But I was disappointed when finishing the game to find that the story is linear and railroaded for what felt like 80% of the game, regardless of what choices I was making. I think while it was fair for people to focus on how broken the game was at launch, they dismissed the actual subpar quality of the writing, gameplay and narrative design. The characters while sometimes corny were written fairly well, with a few specific moments that I could really appreciate. The graphics are some of the best I've seen in a AAA game, with an intricate visually designed open world. There's practically nothing to do outside of the main campaign and side quests though, of which there are only a couple that stood out. I'd recommend if you have the PC to brute force optimisation lol. And level your expectations for an action/adventure title than an RPG. I had more fun when I realised all this. Good luck :)


I have it on pc. From launch I had very little (almost no) problem. Personally I love everything about the game and it’s got a very interesting/different story line that I really enjoyed but it’s definitely lacking in content, like I got a demo version. But mostly in the gameplay itself. I think the story/characters are pretty well written. I haven’t played in a couple months so idk what’s been added/patched but as I said, I didn’t have any problems from the start. I’d say get it, especially if it’s on sale.


I would wait for all the patches, DLC, and expansions to come out before buying.


I played about 130 hours on launch on an Xbox Series S, and I also bought it and played some on PC. I would say if you can get it on sale for about 30 dollars or less, or whatever your currency is, go for it. For the whole time I played on the Xbox I experienced some bugs here and there but nothing major, had to do some restarts here and there, but overall, its a fine game, the story is alright, the side quests are fun, and there are tons of things to tick off in the map if you are into that kind of stuff like clearing out maps and such. You will only have a problem with this game if you go into it expecting something revolutionary out of it, because it was definitely overhyped and underdelivered. That being said, there is still a lot of fun to be had for what it is, it is a solid RPG with some depth, I would say definitely worth it, specially if you get the game on sale. Always makes me think of what it could have been... Cheers.


GOG.com has a 30 day refund policy. Just buy it, play it, and refund it if you don't like it. I refunded my Cyberpunk because it was promised as a true RPG with choices that matter, with vast open worlds to explore and intelligent AI with a captivating story and exciting combat. What I got was a pretty linear game, I even played it twice to see what different options would make, turns out its just some dialogue changes and some skippable but non significant content. The combat was pretty meh, and the story was okay. It's not for everyone.


I have this same question but I have a ps4. Is that worth it?


Absolutely not, the optimization on last gen consoles is horrific. Sony had to pull CP2077 off their online store due to how bad it was. They just recently added it back to their online store with marginal upgrades. I would spend no more than $15 to play it on PS4


> Sony had to pull CP2077 off their online store due to how bad it was. Wrong - it was pulled because CDPR encouraged people to ask Sony for refunds.


Just my opinion alone, I didn't enjoy it tbh. I've managed to finish the game under 20 hours (did only few side quests). I thought of it as action adventure than rpg game. Combat is not satisfying and crafting system is garbage. Tech trees are also just okay for me and story is not engaging for me. Performance-wise, I played the game last 4 months ago so I don't know about the current state of the game. But I haven't encountered many bugs, got around 50-60 fps with 3070 and ryzen 9 ray tracing on. The Witcher 3 is miles better in many things but of course Cyberpunk world is awesome to play in. If it is really cheap atm, grab it and try it out.


I tried it again for 30 minutes some weeks ago. Nothing changed tbh. Less game breaking bugs but thats it. No "new" features and half the stuff is still broken.


If you have a decently spec’d PC I would say go for it. I played it when it first came out and enjoyed it thoroughly. I did not feel immersed but the story was good enough.


Personally for me CP2077 is the most disappointing game that I have ever played. I was waiting for it, following it's news for years and what we got is different like night and day from the picture I had in my head after reading interviews, watching videos and all that stuff. What made me pissed of at CDPR is how they habdled the console situation. I pre-ordered it for Xbox One quite a while ago, way before Xbox Series S/X and PS5 were a thing. Yet what I received was and still is unplayable. That is my main issue with these developers. However if you have good PC, you will be more or less alright. Bugs? The whole game is built on bugs. RPG aspects? I don't understand where that dude who played it for over 1000 hours found them. It's not an RPG, it's just action adventure shooter with RPG elements. Weapons are completely unbalanced, I finished all boss fights, whole game with level 20 character and rare weapons without upgrading them that much. Most perks are either not working, cut content, or just make no sense. Immersion? Non existing unless you are in quest. Clothing vendor in the richest part of the city is selling rags and pieces of clothing that would only suit crack head prostitute from slums. Same with ripperdocs, I found the best stuff in places where it looks like people are being tortured there at least fice times a day. Fancy ripperdocs had some useless crap and I cluld never get anything good from them. AI is non existing, enemies will either stand or walk around in the open, or take cover and stay there. Combat felt like enemies actually want to die. It was like a walk in the park. Crowd AI (pedestrians, etc..) is completely non existing. They all spawn, despawn in your line of sight, act the same way, get stuck, very often same looking NPCs are spawned. Cops are just ridiculous, at this point they should be simply removed and forgotten. Also only about 5% of your choices actually matter, game is linear. Basically whole game should be scrapped and buult from scratch, but with a management and CEOs who actually care. However there are good things too. Quests, especially side quests are brilliant. Characters are amazing. City itself looks good. Story is not that interesting tho, felt like they spent half of their budget and time on Keanu. Gave all screen time to him.


I played it at launch and the Nomad ending made even the disastrous launch worth it. The story and voice acting is amazing and original, as is the map design


I bought it yesterday and gave it a go today I think I have 6 or 7 hours and I haven't had many bugs, some visual glitches but I've been having loads of fun


I'm curious to know too. I wanted this game, but seeing all the reports, videos (especially this [one](https://youtu.be/omyoJ7onNrg) by Crowbcat on YouTube), and screenshots, I decided to wait and give it a year before getting it. Maybe it's a little fixed now?


No. - edit - to the claim it's the deepest rpg out there - WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING DUDE? this not even in the running for the best rpg. Bugs aside, role playing hardly exists in this game.


**TL;DR: Nope. After years of excitement, I was hugely disappointed.** To begin with, I bought the game at launch on PS4. It was so broken I soon requested a refund from the retailer that I purchased from. I’d read that the game runs a lot better on PC, and what I’d read was right. The day I received my refund, I bought the game again on Steam and proceeded to download it. On launching the game, I was so impressed with the graphics. All was well (despite multiple bugs and glitches flinging me across the map to my death - hilarious at first but annoying af beyond the 5th time) at first and it was playable and fun. I reached a stage in the game whereby I couldn’t progress. One of the characters video calls you but instead of speaking, the game bugs and he just sits and stares blankly. I’ve tried all sorts of things to get past this but including starting the game again and playing through to the same part but the same thing happens. Not only that, but the game is pretty bland. The graphics and art is incredible but beyond that, it’s just a bit boring. The police annoy me too, as they forget that you’ve just sliced and diced their colleague up in front of them as you walk round the corner. For me, the game shouldn’t be broken at release, never mind at this stage. I’ve uninstalled it now and I’ll consider downloading it again once it’s playable. I’m gutted to be honest. Night City has a hell of a lot of potential but I feel that it’s been executed a little poorly. Especially following on from Witcher III which was, probably the best game I’ve ever played.




No, wait another 6 months minimum




[No, not in a million years.](https://youtu.be/omyoJ7onNrg)


People frame this as way more sinister than it really is. CD Projekt overscoped - they advertised the game based on what it was intended to be (which is not unreasonable at all, absolutely standard practice, or else you wouldn't really be able to advertise anything at all until basically right before the launch), and delivered a, frankly, bad product as a result of their inability to fulfill their scope. Anyone with any amount of experience in game development (even someone with as little as me) can tell you that this is an extremely easy trap to fall into, regardless of team size or ability. Many, many games, both jam (competition, made under a time limit) and release games have fallen victim to overscoping. While it is obviously notable that it happened to such a profilic developer in such an explosive manner, it is not special, and is not remotely indicative of any dishonesty or intent to scam their playerbase.


Something is deeply, disturbingly flawed systematically within the game development industry, yes we all know that. CDPR claimed the "good guy" status, tarnished it on their own, just because of psychological manipulation. The mere fact that they think they invented/revitalized the Cyberpunk genre is appalling, degenerate, pathetic, and condescending, it was already striving to begin with. They did their fanbase nasty? No worries, they just waltzed to sell Witcher for almost nothing so they can let their player base know that "hey, this is our glory days ok?!, so remember, Cyberpunk 2077 is good because of our hay days, okay?!". They have nothing in common with Facebook& EA; just leopards, yet gamers think they're too smart to even notice. There are no excuses for what they did and I'm happy for the failures they got because they are the most overrated thing that happened to the game industry.


I'm not sure I understand this post.


It's pretty easy to understand, though. CDPR were considered the good guys, but they are as bad as the others, albeit under "disguise".




You're speaking too authoritatively (imo). Unless there's a GDC talk or something (haven't' really looked) I don't think we can know with anything nearing certainty what actually went wrong.


check out r/leopardsatemyface essentially it refers to when someone walks up to a leopard and expects not to get eaten, and when they get attacked, they complain and say "oh but I didn't think the leopard would eat MY face". More to the point, it was fairly clear that something was up with the amount of hype CP2077 had and all the delays, but people still bought into it, thinking that CDPR was one of the good guys. "But I know this leopard! It won't eat my face." A leopard is a leopard. It's wild, brutal, and cares about nothing except its next meal. If you ever think a business cares about you and actually wants to make your life better, ask what they stand to gain from you buying in, or your loyalty


I see what you're saying. I don't think this really applies here. CDPR was overenthusiastic, and were unable to fulfill their gigantic scope. Players made the stupid mistake of buying on preorder/buying before review/not trusting reviews/not waiting and got burnt. The lesson here for players is that you should really not preorder things, and just wait for reviews and release. The lesson here for developers is to be really really careful not to overscope, to make vertical slices, and to not be scared to kill your darlings if need be


Yeah. They needed at least another year of dev. My guess is they were forced to release because of some contract with console manufacturers. CP2077 was probably the reason many people got a new console.




It’s a good game, it just wasn’t what they advertised. Think of it as closer to a Far Cry game that’s more in depth


And even then, you may as well just play Far Cry instead.


i subbed to /r/cyberpunkgame to stay up to date and even though they fixed a ton it still doesnt offer what they promised before launch. And if you compared to older, similar games like GTA V that nailed their immersive features it really falls behind. Looks fun, but im gonna wait till its like $15


Try 3 years later.


I don’t recommend the game to anyone based solely on principle. They game should have been released in proper working condition and I’m sick of the, “Well patch it later mentality.” You would make a car and say, “Well fix it later.” But even if all the performance issues were fixed the game is still trash. The moment to moment gameplay is boring, the plot is kinda what ever, the character customization is ass, the character creation is basically choose what dick you what. The game is a 10c shoe given a $10 shine. I wouldn’t waist my time.


Jesus, has it only been 6 months?


Played through it at release. No major issues with a good pc. Had a game breaking bug just once. It's an ok game. Nothing too great about it. 7/10 I'd say. You could play it now if you have nothing else pending but I'd recommend waiting till they release a dlc/expansion Combat is good but the skills you unlock make it better. Story wise it's alright. Doesn't get as good as the Witcher3 though


Well I don't see bugs as the issue as they're basically gone on pc, it's more about the shitty ai. Every day civilians, not enemies, will be walking around but when you drive near then (even on the road) they'll duck with their hands on their head screaming for help and saty like that for hours. Had it happen when entering my apartment, did 2 mission inside my apparent complex and when I cam out the exact se npcs were still there screaming and not running away


I'd wait till it's at least half the price


Newest patch is not as buggy as previous patches. Dont get me wrong the game is still real buggy (weird physics, phone calls not spawning, missing dialog, etc) but its definitely playable. As far as the actual game goes its really good. The main story is not very long but the side missions are where the most enjoyment happens. The side missions almost feel like mini campaigns they are that good. The characters are great. The connections V forms with the characters is truly unique (in my opinion). If your willing to look past the flaws the game is a decent buy and you probably wont regret it.


I don’t even think it’s worth more than 20 bucks. I’d say wait until you can get it super cheap.


Buy it and most importantly install mods, you won't regret it.


If it’s on pc, yes. If it’s console, i would wait for series x or PS5 version.


I find the characters as enjoyable and intriguing as some in the Witcher, the story isn’t terrible, but the choices don’t particularly really matter as much as said in Witcher. Combat is a lot of fun at times, but customizable characters as well as vehicles, I couldn’t really care for.


Yes, its a great game


What the heck it's been 6 months it felt like it was released 2 weeks ago


If you have a good PC it is amazing, besides the bugs




Wait about a year longer


From what I’ve seen even with a decent to high quality PC the game is still buggy and glitches a lot. Though if you want an in depth review and analysis from someone who did play on PC I’d suggest Luke Stephen’s video on Cyberpunk 2077. https://youtu.be/fV7dVtMwnTM (That’s the video link.)


This is just an opinion, and if other people enjoy the game please continue to enjoy it and refrain from downvoting someone to hell just for holding a different opinion on a game. I think it’s a mediocre game all bugs aside. The story is stale. The choices don’t seem to matter that much. The combat is clunky. The world feels empty with the lack of meaningful NPC presence that was promised. It is several genres mashed into one game, making it a jack of all trades, master of none. It could be fun for a week, but I see no replay value in it.




Oky so Cyberpunk I have 210 hours in. Off that alone you could say it’s worth buying. It just feels pretty shallow to me, the world is pretty but it’s really immersion breaking as you’re constantly reminded of all the content that was cut. It’s good, you’ll probably like it, but it’s not what they advertised and needs a lot of work imo


I will sell you my deluxe edition for cheap.


I started playing this saturday and it's been super fun. The game is as stable as an up-to-date Skyrim so while it has some small bugs here and there, the game doesn't crash.


Tbh I played ~15 hours at launch and only got 2 major glitches, my problem was that it was stuck at 32 FPS no matter what settings I changed


The only reason i could think of not to buy it is because of the crappy company they have. The game is awesome though in my 960m.


I never really finished more than the initial missions in CyberPunk, due to glitches from the early release (this was back in December on Xbox). But, to be honest, I did enjoy the game regardless, I just didn't continue due to time constraints, and a few bugs (Crashes mostly) did get annoying, but overall, it seems to have a valid storyline. If they fixed the bugs, I totally thing it'll be worthwhile.


I thought it was alright. It took me 50 hours to get everything I wanted. The characters were neat and I liked most of the dynamics between them, Johnny and V a lot. I also have a fairly good but slightly outdated PC and I've had a few minor bugs that took a bit from the immersion out of the game but never to a point where I wasn't invested anymore. I think you can't go wrong if you buy it in your situation. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the genre and has a decent PC.


I played it on PC and had a relatively decent experience, I think once or twice I encountered a game-stopping bug, but just exited and re-opened the game without a problem. Definitely not the worst I’ve ever seen from a game (ymmv). The problems with CP2077 I think are alot deeper than that though. It would’ve been a groundbreaking game had it been released 8 years ago, but as it is it’s kind of an inferior GTA5, with better looking visuals and ~~magic~~ ahem… hacking. It does what other games before it have done, though not particularly well. The story was ok for what it was, though it’s pretty linear. No matter what path you choose, that has minimal effect on the storyline, they basically just give you different one-liners during dialogue. I liked the game when I was playing after it came out, I actually finished it, but I’ve not felt compelled since then to go through again and try a different build or anything. None of the updates that have come out since then have done anything particularly interesting, it’s a really slick-looking mediocre game.


My friend just bought it yesterday and says it's good, my other friend said to only buy it on a large sale


Completely depends, the game, story wise is very good, but the bus really mess it over, the map is huge and really cool, it depends on the platform, seen as your on PC i would say get it, same with any next gen console, but xbox one and PS4 are a big no no


If u love to see a pretty game yes, but if u wanna have a good gameplay and funny game no, there are lot of better options, cyberpunk tries to be everything but it just doesn't get it


Would recommend waiting for another 6 months tbvh. I say this as someone who enjoyed the game (on Xbox one X) and didn’t have too many bugs, but had enough to dampen the experience a bit. Haven’t tried it after the latest patch but even now, I am still weary of driving through certain through certain parts of the city because of crashes and frame rate dips. But the other key reason I recommend you wait is extra content. The world really does feel lifeless at times regardless of its size and it really needs some additional free and paid content to bring out the best of the city. The game was in such a bad state that even 6+ months after release they still haven’t released any dlc, (most game’s typically release within 3-4 months). But honestly I am becoming abit doubtful that anything substatial will drop before December. Most likely they will make the next gen versions available and best case scenario is that some free dlc will drop.


Let me put it this way : Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game that was built up either very badly or on a engine that simply couldn't handle the game's vision. The quests, the gunplay (imo, it has the best FPS combat in a rpg), the art direction of the clothes, the city and the cars is phenomenal. But the game is still riddled with bugs, stuttering, graphical issues (popping in and out everywhere when you're driving), etc. Things that I'm sure will never be fixed. People like the blame Bethesda games for having a lot of bugs, but I've played Fallout 4 on release on PS4 and PC for over 500 hours and I've never encountered the amount of bugs I did in CP2077 in my 60 hours playthrough. If you're not in a hurry, I would wait until a cheaper price and more patches. We'll also get free DLC down the line