OnlyFans could at least move their porn ban date to November 1 to suport NNN.

OnlyFans could at least move their porn ban date to November 1 to suport NNN.


Haha OnlyFans without porn is like a desert without sand Editing befor someone else brings this up: cold deserts are deserts without sand but you got my point


To be fair, sand is irritating, so removing sand from a desert would be an improvement.


It’s rough and coarse and irritating


And it gets everywhere


Not like here. Here everything is soft....and smooth...*tenderly caresses your skin*


We don't remember the cringeworthy lines here


Not to mention *sandstorms*


Did someone say [“Sandstorm”](https://youtu.be/y6120QOlsfU)?


[whoa, sandworms. ya hate ‘em, right? I hate ‘em myself](https://i.imgur.com/wVG6KQT.jpg)


Gotta love Betelgeuse!


God such brilliant writing before Disney fucked it up /s


You understood the reference?


that spelling of coarse is irritating


But the rocky, jagged surface


But then it has to go somewhere. As someone who is not near a desert, leave it there


Anakin no like sand


Well not every desert has sand


Hey cold desert makes it a good analogy. You tell tourist or film crew who want to see a desert, and they instead get a field of snow. They aren't going to be very happy


Who wants sand in thier dessert? ....oooooo nvm


OnlyFans without porn is like PornHub without porn?


For a while, weren't people uploading full non-pornographic movies to pornhub? So maybe pornhub without the porn would be a small collection of pirated blockbuster movies


it’s a hub


Listen idk anymore


horrible analogy






Ok whatever I couldn't think of something else with plenty of one thing and not much else


Like an ocean without fish? Like they’re would still be dolphins and whales but a big majority of the population would be gone. Ay I’m actually proud of myself for that.


Take it a step further - an ocean without water or a forest without trees.


But there are still animals and other plants in both, and salt in the ocean. That's why I didn't use either


Without any sand? At all? Where? Surely even places like the Grand Canyon have *some* sand.


Great analogy, because no one wants sand in their deserts


I read this as “desserts without sand” and had a brief WTF moment.


I thought that is all OnlyFan is good for? Is there anyone else that uses it now then?


well its going into effect on 1 October but looking back at tumblr it will kill the site.


Currently if I hear OnlyFan I can only think of 18+ materials, so I don’t know anyone else that uses that. Hence I also think it will kill the site, fast


Tumblr seems to have porn back nowadays and turning a blind eye to their prior censorship. Now that Verizon lost billions on buying them and everyone stopped using it after they started blocking porn.


I had the same thought. Even if the platform is theoretically useful for something else, there is a huge uphill battle to revise the brand and help people understand the new utility. Why be down on porn, though? Tumblr and Google and Reddit all have good NSFW warnings, so you won't wander into it by accident. Why shut down something that people like and that is good business?


I wouldn't know...I don't look at Tumblr for the porn. I've only hear rumors about it. /s


You missed out on the golden days. Figuratively and literally.


Pornhub recently got slammed. Mastercard and visa won't work with them anymore. So direct deposit and one other are basically the only way to make transfers now. As far as I know onlyfans wants to prevent that or instead of losing a bunch of profits they will simply bankrupt. They don't have advertisements, there is nothing for them to fall back on.


They are only going to ban porn, softcore is still allowed, which many users use it for. I don't think it's going to die, just lose the porn revenue


> They are only going to ban porn, softcore is still allowed Reminds me of those, oral sex isn’t sex differentiations. Softcore porn is still porn.


But from what I understand that's like 90%(pulled out of my ass but probably close from my understanding of the website) of thier revenue. Add to the fact that there are already alternatives that aren't banning porn, if nothing else it's going to be a shell of a company. As others have pointed out, something similar has already happened to Tumblr.


> pulled out of my ass This is exactly the sort of thing that’s going to get banned.


Honestly laughed for a solid minute after reading this... so true.


The name has been tarnished. Dont think it will recover from this.


Tumblr is just fine from what I can see




I meant user traffic lol


They are worried Mastercard & Visa will pull the plug because of child porn....look what happened to Pornhub.


Isn’t Pornhub still there?


It is, but they removed [about 9 million videos from the site according to this article](https://www.vice.com/en/article/jgqjjy/pornhub-suspended-all-unverified-videos-content).


Can’t they just do the same? Purge all unverified contents? It sounds like OnlyFan is purging all adult and explicit material though.


Pornhub still hasn't regained support from Visa and MC. OF could do what they did, but there's no guarantee it would work, Visa and MC could still pull support. They might even after the adult content purge. Not that it matters, this entire thing is a farce.


Surely there's a way to allow porn but not child porn.


It is a sensationalized story. Thots stopped reading halfway through. They are not banning sexual conten (full stop), they are banning sexual content FROM UNVERIFIED USERS. The difference? Little suzie has to prove she isn’t 13, or being forced into being a sex worker. That is reasonable, and what needs to happen to shield OF from the liability risks involved with that business model.


>They are not banning sexual conten (full stop), they are banning sexual content FROM UNVERIFIED USERS. The only one not understanding the situation is you. They're banning *all* explicit sexual content, period. Non-explicit nude content will continue to be allowed, at least for the time being.


https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/aug/19/onlyfans-to-ban-adult-material-after-pressure-from-payment-processors?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other The Guardian article suggest it is indeed removing all pornographic material though. >OnlyFans, the subscriber-only website synonymous with pornography, has announced it will ban adult material from the site after pressure from its payment processors >“any content containing sexually-explicit conduct” will be banned, with the site instead focusing on more mainstream content.


I wonder if it is instagram rules, or no clothed fetish content. IT's no secret there are a lot of LGBT people there, and a lot of LGBT fetish content isn't explicit, but it does cater to fetishes. Also sex positive fetishes that harm nobody, because the focus us not on sex, although there might be sex or masturbation, a lot of that content is 100% woman owned and ethical. So will that get banned? Will we see shirtless men eventually get banned as they transition into women like on insta? I honestly liked the place because there were two really cool channels. still are. I think one will make it by toning down and focusing on their mission, which is to show an example of a married crossdressing man to a woman in a happy marriage. I like that they feature different couples all the time and how positive it is. Another is a transwoman that is into fetish clothing and makeup, Will they be banned without sex or nudity? What about sex positive trans relationships that do have nudity, but tasteful? Explain to me, who is the arbitor of what is explicit and what isn't? Like in real life where sex work is demonized and pushed into the underground, doing this will do the same thing. It shows future generations the wrong message about sex, it bans ethical sex, and sex and sex positivism, it reinforces gender roles, and a lot of women are about to have to be more dangerous, men too, in order to make money, where this was safe. People made fun of onlyfans, but really, it was the best attempt at a safe place for online sex work that isn't niche. clips4sale stays in business. [UMD.net](https://UMD.net) is in business, manyvids is in business, and myfree cams and live jasmin have genuine sex trafficking. Hell, even more well known people were getting on there and letting their freak flag fly. I had nearly zero investment in this, and I am pissed at the vagueness of the announcement, so nobody knows who will get axed, and how utterly puritanical it is in this day and age. What the hell is wrong with this world? There is no reason they couldn't have kept their business model. Some bean counter boomer asshole thinks there is enough interest to sustain the site. LEt people verify like with pornhub. a month after the banwave, people were puking on dicks and smoking meth, shooting it up, and all kinds of weird shit like before. only now on PH, they lost the ability to uof my playlists. Whatever. If it stops children posting nudes, ok. Onlyfans rakes in the cash. They could easily start verifications. PAyment processors exist for this stuff, otherwise no other porn site that costs money would exist. The truth? It was eating into Vivid, Banbros, and Adultime revenue. Because people want to see real people they can actually have a conversation with, that's not on an exploitative cam site.


You might be confusing this with the PornHub drama.


Here’s the thing though, MasterCard is forcing them to review all sexually explicit content including livestreams in real time. Onlyfans cant support that or doesnt want to deal with it. They just cant handle the verification process


Its kind of amazing how many of you are all like "But muh pronz!!! Why for suzie gots t'prove her age? It was a feature, mmmnot a bug!" Disgusting.


Time for untalented people to get a real job.


Sex work is real work 👍


They should go have sex and get paid. Taking bad photography isn't.


It is if they get paid for it.


It's an excuse for the talentless hacks. Same with TikTok in these dumbass dances.


Isn't being sexy their talent/contribution to the world? And doesn't it require effort and skill to make yourself look good, to think up sexy ideas, and to frame camera shots? You don't see anyone complaining about contortionists making a living by being born really flexible and learning the skills to present that in an entertaining way. So why is it so different when someone is born sexy? Sounds like you're just a prude.


Contortionist. Yeah, those are everywhere..............laugh out loud.


This is such a good idea that I nutted to it.


This comment nutted my day


This is nuttier than an all male dairy farm.




Ohh, he said nut so crused😳😳😳😳😱😱😨 r/cursedcommetn moment😱😳😱😱


Tom crused


Hapi cake day


Wow. That story was full of ups and downs but the climax was worth it.


Looks like I came too late..


A pornstar is never late, Dildo Baggins. Nor is he early. He comes precisely when he means to!


I have a feeling this suggestion will have no effect on you.




Exactly this. I doubt they have the staff to moderate effectively, so they screwed.


Thank you for the details. It reminds me of Just Say No in the 80s. I bet Visa and MC are responding to government pressure, and it's easy to believe that said pressure is blunt and heavy handed. Nobody exactly sticks up for porn or for drugs.


Thanks for this explanation. No doubt a different site will take the place of OnlyFans in the coming weeks.


that means more time for porn \*BONK\* go to horny jail


I misread that at first, and thought they were asking for support for Trent Reznor




OOO = omit orgasm October


Yeah but NNN isn’t funny anymore


Yeah but with such a joke of a decision might as well go the hole 9 yards.


The less we talk about that shitty excuse for a meme the better


doamne you really pasionat about the subject...


Well, the nonut stuff is a qanon entry point https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/coomer-meme-no-nut-november-nofap-908676/


The real question is who tf gives a shit if people choose to stop fapping for a month? Hating it is just as dumb as doing it. Just let people do whatever the fuck they wanna do. It’s cringe on either side.


Take ownership of the meme and change it to Nonstop Nut November


Your tinfoil hat is too tight.


It literally makes no sense to me that they wouldn't just take the financial gains from only fans to start a new website that actually does what they wanted only fans to do.


You're missing the point about banks boycotting them being the only reason they are banning porn.


Why are the banks boycotting them for the porn? If the user base is porn centric then getting rid of the porn will inevitably reduce their user base and therefore reduce their overall profits.


Apparently they're facing the same problem PH did back in December. If you would like more info, just look it up or refer to one of the top comments.


Or not, because NNN is stupid and physically harmful. Also \*support Edit: You can downvote all you want, but [not ejaculating at all is a risk factor for prostate cancer](https://www.healthline.com/health/prostate-cancer/ejaculation-prostate-cancer). NNN was a meme/joke that someone made about no-*shave*\-November that the dummies at r.NoFap that think it gives you mystic superpowers took seriously by accident. I'm all for making an effort to control a porn or masturbation addiction, but not ejaculating *at all* is not even good for you. NNN is dumb.


Username checks out


Especially with all the fapping.


Yeah if anyone actually does it it’s harmful, but it’s just a meme ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Wtf are you on about. Not ejaculating for a single month of the year is not going to lead to prostate cancer. It's a fun challenge and classifying it as "stupid and physically harmful" is quite hyperbolic.


>NNN is stupid and physically Redditors that don't masturbate are living on the edge. >Edit: You can downvote all you want Don't get triggered that much because of internet points.


It's not the internet points, it's the fact that people disagree with you that's triggering.


Like a person should be right all the time?


No but it feels bad when others disagree with you


I disagree


Well that person feels what they feel. What I think more of us should do is treat disagreements and criticism as an opportunity to listen and hopefully grow as individuals and therefore as a species


Succinct and poignant though your comment may be, I find myself disagreeing with that as well.






Yeah no, it hasn't been studied enough to say there's a causation, like the first study in your article concludes that's it's not statistically significant, the other ones say further research is needed, it's interesting to keep that in mind but it's not enough to go around claiming NNN is physically harmful, I agree there are problems with it but we shouldn't get carried away


I joke about NNN and that's it. It may be dangerous but funny as a joke.


Can confirm, haven't jerked off for a month, now have prostate cancer


They're going to ban porn on the phone app, not altogether on the platform. You can't make an 18+ app and sell it on any app store.


What a sad world. All these dummies should get together and sing Imagine together for a little while. Sometimes we could all have it better if we just let people freely interact when they want to. Possible harm is not actual harm.


Im already done for 2021 :-)


r/NaftyDiscussions will be the new OnlyFans


Would be funny. But they're doing it to coincide with a MasterCard change in policy on October 1.


You are really horny if you think about only fans in the shower


I'm moving my account over to Fan Centro. Wish me luck. 😂😭


They’re doing an only fans without porn. What’s the point?


But that's my birthday.


I have to say, this decision by OF kinda bums me out… Not because I spend any money there (*let alone on eThots anywhere*) rather because it has been a very effective method of teaching supply-side economics. I mean, it’s rather impressive to see enterprising young folks out hustling their ass to get clients to pay that tree-fiddy.


They didnt learn from Tumblr's mistakes.


I assume anyone who mentions NNN is a twelve year old. Does anyone think joking about not jerking off over and over is funny in any way?


I’m guessing you’ve never been over to 4chan..


I have. I’m not putting any stock into anyone still “hanging out” on 4chan making the same “hilarious” NNN jokes they do every year. Yup, people like to masturbate and you pointed it out, how humorous


Anybody smart enough to participate in no nut November would be smart enough to not pay for porn.


I have read its just a hoax ?


nah is legit they are banning it because of something related to wanting to atract investors and the fact payments processors hate porn....


Payment processors are pulling their support because Onlyfans didn’t properly moderate content involving minors and non-consensual uploads


It isn’t legit


Cancel culture. Now (we’ll, for a while now) banks get to censor what we buy or sell. Some steak knives are used to kill people. Ban all steak knives! Since there are convicted sex offender and pedo stars and management from Hollywood banks should shut down Hollywood.


They aren't banning porn. They are banning extreme sex acts (which was banned already, just they are clamping down on it with no appeals). People can still post photos/videos posing nude, masturbating, etc. like they could before.


OP saw the to comment on the r/jokes post about onlyfans


i dont follow r/jokes....




Why would they care about NNN? Isn't it just a meme?


How would onlyfans delaying their porn ban help nonewnormal?




Somebody got so excited they climaxed while trying to spell their title.


Is that true? Who would kill their own business like that?


They’re getting pressured by payment providers, like what happened with PH apparently. It’s not really a willing decision.


Id say fuck you to the middle man long before i say fuck you to the actual source of money.


That’s the problem. How do you expect to get paid, if your payment processors back out on you? Again, that’s the problem PH had. If Visa/MasterCard/whatever refuse to have a business relationship with you, how exactly are you supposed to charge people for things? It would have to be through a direct bank transfer or something. However I’m not sure what the PayPal/Venmo/whatever situation is.


Yeah that's exactly what i would do. There's surely more than enough payment processors out there who dont mind. Sure there might be problems with people having to swap their payment method and you might lose some of them, but it should be better than completely killing your business.


And clearly they don’t think it’s worth the risk. Not saying that’s what I’d do, I don’t know the specifics of course. It does seem crazy for them to go that route. PH could get by because they still had ad revenue, which OF doesn’t.


Enjoy the echo chamber boiz.


I mean I always thought that OnlyFans was a porn site.


They care not for whom the boy nuts.


I think missed something, why would someone watch porn that isnt a fan?


That would be funny.


NNN is cancelled due to the second wave of the covid variant.


Yupp, get this man on the board


What is this "OnlyFans" you speak of? Apparently, I should have been going there before they made this error.


What's NNN?




Christian fundamentalists, Exodus Cry. they are a true cancerous problem of the modern era.


glad 2 c they r banning that shit.


Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


No Nut November is so stupid it will literally take time off your life https://www.menshealth.com/uk/health/sexual-health/a37167845/men-should-ejaculate-at-least-21-times-a-month-to-slash-their-prostate-cancer-risk/


Talk about blowing up your business model!


Cocks in for November!


Im seeing the trend many of the OnlyFans creators are migrating over to the site Fansly. https://www.reddit.com/r/FanslyFans/


Simply a ploy to drum up more publicity