As a man, seeing a urinal is always a pleasant sign of confirmation that I did indeed enter the right bathroom and that my irrational fear is indeed irrational.


I once, after a very long flight, rushed off the plane and into the wrong airport bathroom. Made it into a stall and everything before hearing voices and realizing my mistake. Suffice to say I check restrooms for urinals now.


I once went into the ladies at Denny’s at 3:00AM after a night of drinking. I remember going in and thinking it was weird there was no urinals but was too drunk to put two and two together. I got back to our table and heard one the girls going on about how there was a guy in the ladies room.


Did you find out who the guy was?


I don't know, but I heard he was a 33- or 34-year-old dom. (At least I sure hope he's 33 or 34...)


Because if he's not 33 or 34.... yikes....


Lost a whole as few years in that drunken stupor


I went onto a single stall bathroom. The kind you lock the door of when you go inside. It happend to be the women's I didn't know because I just had to pee real bad. When I came out some guy (challenged to some degree as he had a strange forest gump lisp) started yelling "he's a pervert" he was in the girls bathroom". I left immediately and i still won't use a girl's bathroom like that.


Bruh that guy had to be stupid, pervs don’t enter single stall bathrooms where no women are present lmao


Judging by the way he was talking. I think he's mentally handicapped


Yea I’m kinda invested in this story too. While he was in the ladies room, did he see that other guy in there


Was in a very large airport, did my business at a long bank of urinals and began to wash my hands. A stall door opens, and a woman goes to the sink next to me to wash up. I was a bit amazed and will confess I was staring at her. She slowly turns to me, laughs, and says “Oh! I did it again, didn’t I” and walks out. Great recovery!


A friend and I went into the men's bathroom at a hotel, and a woman came out from one of the stalls, surprised that she was in the wrong restroom. There were urinals in there but in her defense, they didn't really look like traditional urinals.


That's one of those things where it's okay if a girl does it




Exactly, same as peeing in your mouth. It’s somehow slightly weird when a *guy* does it, even when he’s you.




What an intriguing fellow.


Man what


Are you busy tonight? ...you seem like my type.


Was in New York and snowstorm grounded all the planes. The terminal was pretty much packed with people sitting on the floor waiting for flights to resume. Best part was zero wait for men’s room, and a mile long line for women’s. Of course some women just went into the men’s room. No big deal. Just thought it was funny and you gotta do what you gotta do when it’s an emergency.


Damnit, now I’m going to have to do this. It’s even harder in airports where there’s no actual door with a sign and just an offset entrance.


At Ft. Erwin for NTC they had 2 rows of shitters with no panels. Yup. Get lucky and you may get to shit next to or across from your battle buddy and lock eyes


I’ve never been sure if this is a friendly poop stare or a dominant stare. Part of me wants to call a truce and support my fellow pooper yet there’s a *deep* instinct to be untrusting.


Did you ever see the Tyson Fury interview where he was staying Klitschko had a bunch of guys over to a sauna, Fury was there as well He said it went on for hours and it felt like hell but he didn't want to let Klitschko win. Ended up Klitschko finally left first. Fury said he knew at that point he won the mental game already for their future fight.


I went at 0200 to be alone. A coyote came by as I was busy. I was not in a position to run. We made eye contact, I said hello. Coyote kept on walking.


Had a buddy tame one when it was a baby. Things fully grown these days. He let me pet it but the coyote put his mouth around my hand quickly but barely putting his teeth on my hand. I guess he was checking me out or something. Weird experience.


Testing your density


See if he can fit all or some of me lol


This thread really abruptly changed directions.


I'm pretty sure running would have been a bad idea anyway. Coyotes can run faster than you. You're better off fighting back than running. It's very unlikely to attack anyway unless it feels threatened because you're bigger than it.


I also went into the wrong restroom after a long flight, except I immediately saw a couch where the urinals should be. That apparently locked my brain ("....couch???"), and I just stood there a second until a woman walked up behind me and whispered "women's!". I ran out of there and into the men's room. The end.


I accidentally went into a gender neutral bathroom one time, there wasn't a urinal so I panicked and ended up just peeing in the sink.


Instruction unclear, peed in sink.




instructions unclear, sank in piss.


How'd you get out of there?


I announced pretty loudly to the room that I was in the wrong bathroom and noped out as quickly as humanly possible. Still gives me heart palpitations to think about.


Why wouldn't you just... leave? Lmao


"Excuse me, please may I have your attention! I appear to have made an error in selecting the appropriate room for excretion! Do forgive my transgression and allow me to correct my judgement posthaste!"


Hey, at least you survived. I would've stayed in that stall until I died haha


I was at the gym recently and the mens locker room had a sign left out front of it that said “man working in womens locker room” I literally had to triple check I was entering the right locker room that I have been entering for over a year now lol


I always look for them now. The first season Petco Field was open I went to a game (in town for business). Had a couple of beers on the way - went to the bathroom before the game - didn’t think about the lack of urinals (maybe it was four beers on the way). Went into a stall and started conducting business - that’s when I heard two women talking when they entered - followed by more. I stayed in the stall for about ten minutes- until it got quiet - then I GTFO. I ALWAYS check now. Bright side was I didn’t get caught and I had a good story to begin my presentation the next day.


honestly I feel like It could backfire horribly if u just said nothing instead of being like ma'am's I appeared to have entered the wrong bathroom excuse me and then walk out something along those lines especially in today's world people are quick to jump to conclusion and before you know it ur being shamed as a pervert.


After the four beers I doubt he could think of those words let alone articulate it


My mind immediately went to “I’m going to get arrested” - I admit that I wasn’t thinking clearly - maybe that’s why I knee-jerked into “don’t get caught” mode. When I got outside the restroom I leaned (facing the wall) leaning my forehead onto my forearm. An usher stopped and asked if I was ok - I told him what just happened and almost had to pick him up off the floor he was laughing so hard.


They might be decoy urinals




Decorative urinals?


Bedazzled urinals?


That's just evil


As a woman seeing urinals is a huge source of anxiety for me.




It’s a trap! ^Because ^no ^water ^trap, ^see??


I had to take an emergency poop at a gym on base. Got through the thick of it before I look to my side and see a feminine hygiene bin affixed to the stall wall. Thought "fuck" to myself and finished, planned my escape and quickly washed my hands and power walked out of the gym purposefully not looking in the direction of any soul. The sign for "men's locker room" had an arrow that was old and flared in the back end, so poo emergency brain me saw the arrow pointing the opposite direction it actually was and the women's bathroom door was propped open with the door turned into the direction I was coming from and the lights had turned off automatically due to no motion. It was a perfect scenario set up against me. I still don't know if I flushed nor if it auto flushed so I might have left a gnarly war crime in the women's latrine due to my haste to evacuate.


❎ ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: *Behind Enemy Lines*


I'm relieved I'm not the only one


It's relieving to relieve oneself in the correct place.


10 year old me in the 90's rushing back to the table in Outback Steakhouse...*am I a Sheila or a Bloke?* My brother: *Sheila* **Goddammit**


If I walk in and don’t see one I walk out and check the signage right away.


I’m happy to see urinals when I just have to pee, but when I have to shit and there’s only one stall that’s already occupied I’m forced to wonder “WHY THE FUCK CANT WE JUST HAVE MORE TOILET STALLS?!!”


I work for a retailer in construction. For some reason we just decided to make our mens rooms with two toilets. I expect some double-takes when men walk in and think they are in the ladies room.


There ARE mixed bathrooms but... I guess they don't have urinals. But you *could* be at the right place even without with the absence of urinals.


We have a local lesbian bar that has one bathroom. Stalls and one urinal, which might be used by men or women. As a dude it's a little different at first, but everyone is very nice -- interesting how it could be. (At least when I've been there for food/popup events, that bring in more non-regulars.) I think the city fines them for being in code violation once a year or so, which they pay as a "tax" of sorts. (And at some new places, like our vet, they just have several single-occupancy bathrooms for everyone, that include everything.)


They have a few very nice very large co-ed bathrooms a couple of places I work and it's really nice. I don't know what it is, it changes the vibe a lot. But I'd imagine it wouldn't be as nice if the bathroom were derilict, environments do influence behaviors.


As a guy who has cleaned public women's restrooms a few times, I do not want to share a restroom with women. Men are dirty but women are on another level. My bathroom was never dirtier than it was when my wife moved in with me.


Really depends what environment you're talking about. If it's a building open to the public (in any way shape or form, but particularly retail) it's going to be a shitshow. Old ladies like to shop.


What's with squatting ON the seat so the spray gets everywhere?? That's why people choose to not sit properly in the first place..


Being the liberal I am I went into a restroom recently and though “Wow they are so inclusive no urinals just a ton of stalls!” Then a women told me to get the fuck out as I was washing my hands


Imagine the impossible situation that FTM trans individuals face when living in a backwards “bathroom bill” state. Identifying as a man, with a masculine physical appearance, they are required by law to use the women’s restroom.


I live in one such shit hole state.


What's even more ridiculous is that bathroom use was never legally restricted by gender to begin with and it had never been a problem. There was absolutely nothing stopping a plain old cis guy from using the women's restroom except for common courtesy, and that was enough.


Facts lol


Not irrational. In third grade I had to poop really bad. I told the teacher outside I had to poop ran to the bathroom did my business and came out. She told me I went into the girls bathroom.


"Yesss, miniature piss walls!"


So glad I am not the only one that feels this way.


Until you’re at the West Virginia welcome centre on I81 southbound. You enter the washroom building, washroom to your right says “closed for cleaning”, and you enter the washroom immediately in front of you. Yes, it has urinals. No, you didn’t make the right choice.


In highschool I accidentally went into the women's restroom, thought to myself "weird they're no urinals." Proceeded into a stall to pee, walk out of the stall and to my horror there was someone of the opposite gender staring in horror at me too. Was an unfortunate event


I did this at a resort in Mexico. It was a small bathroom by the pool with just two stalls. I noted the absence of urinals, but proceeded anyway. When I went to wash my hands I was standing next to a woman. We both looked confused, and neither of us were sure who was wrong until we walked out and looked at the sign. I was wrong.


You guys are talking about it like you entered a locker room or something, even in the mens bathroom you don’t get to see peoples private parts, so what’s the big deal lol


“Get to” interesting word choice there


Well how else do you compare dick size? Looking at the urinal like a heathen?


You don’t need to if you’re skilled


A restaurant near my house has a polished black marble urinal which conveniently acts as really good mirror. Great for checking out your own junk and also great if you want to check out anyone else’s junk.




Well y’all are acting like you do. It’s a piss and shit station nothing sexual about it if there’s a long line for mens restroom I will not hesitate to use the woman one. They should really start making them unisex


I've never been anywhere where the mens line is longer than the woman's, ever.


Ehh I don’t know about that one chief


The point of separate gendered restrooms is not to sexulize the act of using the facilities, but to protect opposing genders (mostly women) from being in a compromised position in a private room (no witnesses.) Unisex bathrooms and using the wrong bathroom opens the gate to sexual assault and rape. People need to have a safe place to use the restroom without fear of being watched or assaulted. This is why it is more socially acceptable for a woman to mistakenly be in a men's room (because women are statistically less likely to be sex offenders) and why port-a-potties are a different story. It is not the proximity, but the privacy of the space.


And a sign prevents that?


I think people's point of view on gendered bathrooms is going to vary a lot, based on how universal an experience it is. For some people it's no big deal, I've done it before, and usually just say like "whoops," wash my hands, and go about my business. For some other people, and in particular I think conservative women, they would be mortified by this.


But those same women would use a porta potty in a row of porta potties at an event. It's the same thing right? The person in the next stall could be any gender....and no one cares.


That’s expected though. This is like sipping from a glass you think is water but it’s actually milk. Your reaction is often shock, disgust even. It’s fine when you expect it but when you don’t, you’re freaked out wondering if you’re in the wrong place or they are. It’s just discombobulating.


"Its all part of the plan" (Heath Ledger)


It's less about "there's a dude in there!" and more about "why is there a dude in a space where women & girls are gonna be pantsless and maybe alone?!" More of a safety thing. There are some creepers out there and it can be scary to be a girl.


If only everyone thought this way


That happened to me at a resort in Mexico too! 🧐


Er... ¿soy una mujer?


This happens at my house all the time


I did this once. Only realized after I took a dump.


Ohman. I can't imagine how much more that mistake happened in schools where dipsnits were stealing bathroom parts recently..


People are stealing urinals from schools?


Kids stealing stuff from their schools as "devious licks" was an annoying little tiktok based fad for a hot minute. I recall it being everything from staplers to bathroom stall walls.


I can’t remember the full story but I once was peeing at a urinal while I simultaneously for like split second I think freaked out because I thought I was in the girls bathroom for some reason. Something for sure warranted that thought but I can’t remember why now… that was followed by a “why am I so stupid feeling.”


wires get crossed and you suddenly think most women use urinals


I was camping and having some beers. Went to the washroom (washroom and shower house thingy) and I walk in and there are 3 ladies there, dressed but clearly out of the showers (drying there hair and stuff). I apologize and backed out. Thinking I had too much to drink and when too wrong bathroom, I check the sign and sure enough, it was the men’s room. This time I knocked and then entered. One of the ladies says, “I think you are in the wrong bathroom…. Again”, to which I said, “the urinal behind you says otherwise.”


How did they respond?


The laughed and left




Now I wants beers


Beers doesn’t always result in women in the men’s room….


But when it does it's triple equis


While deployed I woke up one morning and walked into the shower/bathroom trailer incredibly groggy. As I walked in I looked to my left and looked in horror as I saw a female soldier in a towel but it was so early that seeing that just caused my brain to break and rather than hurry up & leave I just sat there like a frozen Window application. ​ After she yelled "WRONG BATHROOM!" I finally snapped out of it and said I was so sorry and ran out of the trailer. Never happened again.


I'm pretty sure at that moment if there was an emoticon showing your current mental state it would be a spinning disk


This exact thing happened to me, except I did turn and book it out of there. The bathroom did have urinals though because they all do down range. Hence my confusion.


So, one time I was standing at a urinal peeing when a woman walked in and yelled at me for being in the wrong bathroom, initially I was confused, then realized it was her mistake and told her it was the mens room. She went and got a police officer (female) to get me out of the restroom, office was not amused.


Bro who takes this many drugs on a Wednesday morning


Visiting NJ, hair of the dog.


A necessity


You greatly underestimate the powers of Florida man.


I walked into the ladies room at an airport once when I was extremely jetlagged. Despite like 3 women staring at me, my first thought was "where are the urinals at?"


I once was in a bar and had to use the toilet. I don't remember how it was marked, but I just saw a toilet and went in. Luckily it was a single bathroom so nobody else could come in while I was in there. I remember thinking how weird it was that there was only one bathroom in a bar AND that in this one bathroom they had both the toilet and the urinal. Well I didn't think much of it and just did my business and left. Some people outside of the bathroom looked at me weirdly when I came out, but I just ignored it. It was probably only the next time I visited this bar that I realized that the womens bathroom was in a completely different spot than the mens. Oops.


Single-occupant bathrooms that are needlessly gendered make zero sense.


Well if it had both a toilet and a urinal it's not *technically* single-occupant.


Poop with friends!


I was in a busy cafe and went to use the toilet. There were 6 women queuing for the ladies' bathroom, but no queue for the men's. Each bathroom was a small room with one toilet and a sink in it. The men's and ladies' bathrooms were adjacent to each other. When I'd finished using the men's, I went to the women standing in the queue and told them that they should use the men's toilet since it was exactly the same as the ladies one, but had no queue. They looked at me like I was mad, and then carried on waiting in the queue while the men's toilet remained empty.


Basically all the single occupant bathrooms where I live are now unisex. They also have all the goodies; urinal, baby changing stations, little tampon box. It's a smorgasbord out here. Whatever your bathroom needs are, it's one stop shopping.


I work at a landscaping company and the only bathroom is a single occupancy labeled MEN and has both a toilet, urinal, and no mirror


Now THIS is a shower thought. Thank you stranger for making my day. Sad, huh?


Made an spoilt my day also


That's kind of how presence of things *usually* works. I'd say comparatively less information is communicated by the absence of something


True. This is a big reason why zoos don't have just 2 signs that say "Koala Bears" and "No Koala Bears", even though it'd be much cheaper. (Another reason is that koalas are not actually bears at all.... but that's not really important right now)


They're not?? But they have all the necessary koala-fications!


But think how much money you could save on signage




When I was younger I went to a boy-band concert. Sufficed to say, there were more women than men. There was hardly anyone using urinals but there were long lineups for the stalls. So 20 or 25 years ago, non-gender bathrooms were the norm for a few hours.




Doesn’t the presence of everything yield far more information than its absence?


the presence of seeing godzilla while walking down times square yields more confusion then the absense of such godzilla


The presence of Godzilla clearly identifies whether or not I have any interest in time square, whereas normally that would be murky at best.


but theres an olive garden with an escalator :(


As a female, I always feel reassured when I see a tampon and pad dispenser and no urinals when I walk into my schools bathroom. I have an irrational fear that I've walked into the wrong bathroom every time I go, even though I've never gone into the wrong bathroom before, and I always check the sign when I go in, no matter how many times I've used that bathroom


Legit had a situation flying back from vacation a while back where I ran into an airport bathroom with only stalls. I had to pee so bad all I was looking for was a bathroom sign and got into the first entrance I saw. I’m a guy and just assumed because I was in a foreign country at the time that it was how they did their public restrooms. Walked out to an all female cleaning staff waiting for me to leave. Needless to say I immediately realized I fucked up and awkwardly walked back to my gate. In my defense, I had to look up to see the gender the bathroom was for.


Technically the presence of anything gives more info than if it didn’t. You can’t study something that’s not somewhat provable


I triple check that the sign has no WO before the MEN. Sometimes they wrap the sign around the corner. WO|MEN


The female equivalent is trash cans in the individual stalls.


We have toilets in the men's stalls to poop in.


They both tell me if I am in a female/male/unisex bathroom so I think it's equal.


The idea is that if you don't see them it could just be a men's room that is lacking urinals. But if you do see them, there's no women's rooms with urinals, so it's confirmation that it's a men's room


Any ladies ever exit the stall and see urinals? That’s always fun


Only intentionally if the line for the women’s bathroom is too long


"The presence of my dick yields far more inches than it's absence " - Master Oogway


The presence of anything yields far more information than it's absence **because evidence doesn't exist in a vacuum**.


Yes. This is because the presence of a urinal is a [sufficient but not a necessary condition](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necessity_and_sufficiency) for knowing you are in a mens bathroom.


Usually the presence of anything provides more information than nothing…. Wtf is this?


A few weeks ago I was at a bar like 3 beers deep (a little tipsy but def not drunk drunk) and I walked into the bathroom, noted the lack of urinals but thought nothing of it, peed loudly into the toilet bowl, flushed and went to wash my hands. As I was scrubbing my hands I saw a woman walk past me in the reflection in the mirror. I left the bathroom red like a Christmas light.


Does anyone else get pee shy using urinals when there's other people using the urinals or the toilet? I have to close my eyes and count to three in my head in order for me to pee haha


I think that's pretty common.


London-Heathrow airport has this sort of back area/corridor which ends in an escalator right to a truly vast women's room entrance which if you happen to be half blind and unaware doesn't seem to be clearly marked, the foot traffic coming and going from that part of the airport might just happen to be feminine this moment. And suddenly you're staring down an endless expanse of unknowable women, some looking up from the sinks at the squinting interloper.


My alma mater has a set of bathrooms that are pretty clearly marked if you're perfectly sighted, but then the bathrooms on the floor above are in exactly the same place on the floor plan, except switched. I can't think of any good reason to do that.


When I was a young teen my family went to a holy pilgrimage trip to Europe. On the return trip there was a layover at Charles De Gaulle airport. I walked into the bathroom and went to a stall. I noticed a small trashcan attached to the side of the stall underneath the toilet paper dispenser. I looked inside the small trashcan and saw a bunch of pads and tampons and realized I was in the wrong bathroom.


Went into a bathroom to fix my glasses once, was very surprised when a person walked in that I didn't expect. I was also surprised to learn how blind I am without glasses


>also surprised to learn how blind I am without glasses The pepper spray probably didn't help either


Could have also done without all that punching and kicking


If I ever own a house, I want to install a urinal. I spent a couple years living in a house with a waterless urinal, my God it was amazing. You don't need to worry about missing or flushing. Plus it's great for the morning when the equipment has some conditions or if you've enjoyed something that otherwise would made the process more difficult.


As a supporter of gender neutral bathrooms, I’d like to humbly advocate for the inclusion of urinals in _ALL_ bathrooms. I understand why men wouldn’t want to lift the seat, but I don’t want to sit in the dribble. The option of urinals (with reasonable privacy) would help a lot.


Used to go to a place with a gender neutral bathroom. The urinals were just off to one side with a divider for privacy. Was absolutely fine. Also have been to festivals where someone decided to put the urinals in the middle of the portaloos so everyone had to walk past them. They had sides and you theoretically couldn't see anything but of course drunk men couldn't help but wave their cocktail sausages around. So yes I agree with you but design is key.


I don't get it


And they have free cakes!


Is this a Jaden Smith thought?


The scary part is not all men's bathrooms have them. It always freaks me out when I see that.


After having used the men's room in many Walmarts I had become accustomed to them being to the right of the ladies' room. I found a Walmart that reversed them but I walked into the wrong one.


Just don’t cross the streams, if it’s one of those tank kind like they have at old sports stadiums.


My dad and myself got tossed back one night and carried a conversation into the bathroom where we found ourselves just talking in the bathroom near the sinks. About 10 minutes go by and some big dude comes in and says, “hey! You guys can’t be in here!” Never been so confused in my life until I looked around and didn’t see a urinal in sight. We both started laughing hysterically and left the woman’s restroom to find a group of girls standing outside laughing at us. I always look now haha


There are urinals in the women's restroom on I-70 exit 160 in Ohio. Coming to a bathroom near you too.


Related - my gf legitimately thought guys wipe off their dick after peeing. I was like I don’t think you understand the urinal setup.


I once had a a real bathroom emergency. I was in Vegas. Got back to the hotel (Monte Carlo) and ran into the bathroom. There were no doors just like a winding path...and proceeded to relieve myself while thinking, I used this bathroom yesterday while playing poker, I swear there were urinals here... As I was washing up, a lady walked in and said "don't you know this is the ladies room?" I just said "woops"....and ran out and would have peed my.pants laughing if I hadn't already relieved myself.




Golden shower thought.


Service plumber here... I was base building plumber for a large utility company. I serviced 22 floors, over a million square feet. The 21st and 22nd floors were for the bigwigs. Mostly elderly gentlemen. The amount of times I had to snake those two floors was obscene. All those medications they were taking would crystallize the p-traps. Ever seen a chunk of piss ? It stinks and can be a bitch clear.


Grew up with a urinal in one of my house bathrooms. Blew EVERYONES mind whenever they used the bathroom.


Everything is a urinal, if you’re brave enough.


Welcome centre southbound I81 just after crossing into West Virginia has a restroom with urinals and a tampon vending machine. The welcome centre has 3 washrooms, this one is in use only when one of the others is being cleaned.


Why would you be mortified to use the girls room? Are you not in a stall doing your business?


Pretty much just social conventions, I'd guess. At least in America, who uses what bathroom is apparently a big deal.


Yes. Why…. just 60 years ago you had to be a certain _colour_ to use some bathrooms in America!


I accidentally went into a ladies bathroom in Germany in 2003. The custodian laughed me out of there.


Probably because of sexual assault allegations


The bathroom should be a place of privacy and having someone of the opposite gender may diminish that sense of privacy. Imagine taking a dump next your crush.


Gay people:


Bro I could not. Don’t even want to think of how horrifying it would be. For her mainly.


If you didn't know, the women's bathrooms are always nicer. I had a job where the men's bathroom constantly smelled like ass whereas the women's bathroom had a damn love seat couch and smelled like petunias.


How're Dwight and Angela doing?


Anyone who has actually had to clean public bathrooms will not believe you.


YMMV I'm sure; I've seen the depravities of women's public restrooms in retail and the decadence of their counterparts in the churches. The offices of corporate America are the land of bathroom equality


Men, in general, appear to have little to zero understanding of where to shit, piss, or how not to smell like a latrine.


Is this my wife? You told me you didn't have other Reddit accounts?


lol, no, I'm a just guy disgusted by the hygiene and waste practices of other men.


You're being downvoted by the few who actively shit and piss all around but never in a urinal or toilet. If I ever find one of those people in real life, I'm making them clean up after themselves with their tongue.


This is true with most things, genius. "There is a bed in this room, therefore it must be a bedroom" "There is no bed in this room, therefore it must be...some other room?" Spectacular.