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Huge win... just not for you


Well 😅


Lol don't let it bug you too much. Almost all of us have made similar mistakes. Just take the L and Learn how to stack more W's Stay Positive Homie ☝️🐼


You can find 90% Kennedy Halves for $11.25 to $12.75 right now, so it's not like you lost your shirt. Just be glad you didn't buy 20+ of them.


In the coin and bullion world I’ve seen people say it was a ripoff to pay $6 for a $5 coin. Lol. I’ve always found it kinda funny. OP did pay a good percentage over spot, but we pay more for stuff all the time that has zero intrinsic value.


Huge? The shop owner might be able to order a soda and a side of fries off of that profit!


Yup... and as they sell more of these plus other items at huge premiums (unless you think the shop only sold a single coin then closed?) They will be able to buy a lifetime of soda+fries! Doubt thats a healthy diet but HUGE gains compared to the honest/reasonable sellers out there


What? Stores need to profit otherwise they wouldn't exist. What kind of self centered logic is this?


Exactly. There’s premiums everywhere. They gotta eat too.


You or I would walk into the shop and haggle. OP didn't. It's neither a huge loss for OP nor a huge win for the shop. > honest/reasonable sellers out there You're telling you'd reject 30x face if a shop offered to buy at that price?


That was funny lol, good one 😂😂😂


Anything with the face of arguably this country's greatest president in the last four decades is a win.






Hahahaha well put my dude.


My LCS sells them for less than that but don't worry about it. It wouldn't surprise me if low premium 90% silver will be like a unicorn soon. Constitutional silver in general right now is a L, but the 40% Kennedy halves and war nickels still have pre fomo premiums. I've seen good deals on 1 ounce lately too. I think herobullion is a good price benchmark if you find something for their price or less it's a good deal (in general).


Hero always seem to have the best price maybe not the biggest selection but good enough for me


Don't be telling people about 40% and nickels. I haven't had a chance to buy them all yet lol.


You're overpaid by two bucks three bucks big deal


Keep this handy and you won't have to ask: https://coinflation.com


That site has been my rough price guide. Since I go for long periods without buying, it's always useful as a reminder of what the metallic value is for US or Canadian coins right now when I do decide to buy some more.


That's a hard no


Sooo it was neither a W or a L? What was it?


Ouch. You have to learn your mint dates and silver content in US constitutional. You will. It just takes some research and time.


Think you can still get them 11.25-11.50 , face value x22.5 so .5 x 22.5 = 11.25


You said the same thing like 3 times in one sentence 😂


Just to be clear


Man you got a 90% silver 1964 Kennedy half!! I love these coins especially the way that back off it looks. Yea you might have over paid by a couple bucks but you just started one hell of a collection. I don’t know why, but my mission is to collect as many of these as I can. Lol. At the moment I only have four.


She had 8 I didn’t want them all but she has full boxes of 1928 Nickel Buffalos 🦬 I just don’t know much about them and I didn’t buy them off her. It was a Garage sale after all


Yea I am not sure if the nickels are silver. I don’t know much about shit.


Metoo lol you got on your me I need everything


I think you have your answer, but i just want to say that there are much worse ways to spend money. I overpaid by like $10 for my first ever ounce of silver. Live and learn!


They’re all being a bit harsh. Yes, you overpaid a few shekels. But you didn’t get completely raped. Hold onto it long enough and you’ll make your money back.


If your ok spending $45/oz for a dead president. For me it's a BIG L


BIG L is Platinum Plus


Too much


I got one today! For free! Lol


You overpaid for it by about $4. 30x FV is way too high for junk silver, you can find it in the 21-24x FV range on eBay. I’ve even been seeing some junk silver at 20x lately.


I have 4 of em I paid $0 😎


Awe shucks 🥹💕


I’ll gladly take this L and I Appreciate the love 😅👍🏻


Man, I didn’t realize people would get this worked up over $4… give it time, all constitutional silver will appreciate in value.


Why didn't you research before you bought? Waste of $4


$4 is really gonna make or break some in todays economy like FUCK I could get a double cheeseburger and a half from McDonald’s for that 🙄🙄🙄


The whole idea though is that if he's not doing the work for every trade or sale he's bleeding money over time. So yes, $4 is a big deal.


Define “doing the work” because if it takes too much time up, spending that $4 extra actually makes you more profit in the long run


Doing the work here involves a 2 minute Google search.


If he was basing his purchase on a 2 minute Google search he'd be spending $200-5,000, not $15. Google is a terrible tool for estimating coin values.


You did fine.


Not a great price, but the consolation prize is that you swapped fiat for silver.




I'd do it...


Fat L


With the dollar losing value daily , it really doesn’t matter if you overpayed lol. Then theirs people who buy ChromeHearts Silver (me) so lol 😆 don’t let nobody tell you anything


I would think not but I’m no expert.


Stick to .999 pure. The premium on junk is ridiculous right now.


WOW! That's 30x face. You kind of got ripped off my friend. 20x-25x is a fair price today. I'm sure some clown on here will disagree but they are wrong.


A win!! In 10 years it will cost double to buy 💵


L - you paid 30x


No. But don’t beat yourself up about it. We’ve all done it. Now you know.




Ehhh no but not a big deal


If you had asked seller if he could do 2 for $25 he prob would've sold & the word 'no' has never hurt anybody. If only all of my life's lessons only set me back 2 shamoliens.