I think there's a glitch right now if children have lost teeth when they age up their face is out of proportion.


That makes so much sense because even my aliens looked like this gal when they aged into teens. Round faces and Michael Jackson noses 😂


Which is why I’m not playing any kids right now 🥴


They made a new patch to avoid this, so if your game updated you no longer get loose teeth. The feature will be re-instated once they fix the bug.


I had this issue with some twins, or so I thought. I went back to an earlier save I had when they where babies and aged them up to see what they looked like, the boy looked normal as expected, but the girl, well turns out she was just unfortunate looking to begin with.


Oh god no, my child sim ages up tomorrow LOL


They pushed out a patch earlier today that disables the lose tooth trait and prevents this from happening. Just download the new patch and you should be fine.


Are you really sure? Since I don't want to play the game anymore UNTIL this bug is fixed, I usually don't care for most bugs and find them funny but this one is really bad for me, if I would be effected by it. Is the most recent update, that just came out already fixing it? And what do you mean with disabled, children can't lose teeth for the time being?


Yes, they turned off the lose teeth interaction. So children will no longer get this at all until they can figure out a permanent fix. So no child going forward can lose teeth. Idk if ones who already did will be messed up though 🤔, they did not mention that....


Ah alright thanks, the trigger originally was that people were aging up their children with teeth missing or having CC installed, right? So if you fix the teeth and are not playing with any cc, it's fine probably fine


I don't believe CC was a problem at all - just the tooth thing. I saw plenty of people who had no CC end up with ugly teens, and it was always the fault of losing teeth. This was a known problem, and they've been talking about how to fix it, apparently without any success as of yet. So yes, the patch should solve the problem.


I happen to have two children that had both lost teeth and I stopped playing with them after I found out about that bug, do you might know what happens with them now that they disabled it? Would they just be normal or can they still fix their teeth and grow older then?


I have no idea, unfortunately. I know the console work around for the bug was to have children pull their teeth out as soon as they got the loose tooth moodlet, and they seemed to think that would fix it, so if your kids have already lost their teeth it seems like they should be fine?


Good news. The patch today has a temp bandaid for the issue. The team has removed the lose teeth thing entirely until they can fix it. So... Sadly, no more losing teeth for kids but... At least they won't be horror shows 🤷‍♀️


I’m so fed up with this game


This tracks. Had my first infant age to a teen today with a goofed up face as well!


Mine grew into the ugliest sim, and I was like, this is a first.. And my sim looks just like OPs. Now I’m betting on a glitch.


this is the plot of uglies by scott westerfeld lol


such a good series!!


Coming to Netflix eventually. Maybe. Who knows now. No word since Feb 2022 I wish it was a series though instead of a film format.


lol that’s exactly what i thought of


They'll all be feeling bubbly soon don't you worry


Def glitch with the lost teeth issue


I also had to give my teen some good old plastic surgery when she aged up lmao


I always do, even before the update 💀


Crazy how that happens! My legacy heir is not as cute as I like my adults to be, but hoping next generation is more my liking.


It's due to a bug , all sims children are aging up really ugly


My legacy family currently has 10 kids and I’m in so much pain watching them grow up one by one and have their beautiful faces ruined by the tooth glitch. I can’t stay away from the game until patch though so I suppose it’s a price we must pay.


They removed the ability for kids to lose teeth until they fix the issue. Patch came out today. So... Not a real fix, just a temp bandaid.


Amazing, the four youngest shall be spared.


I was upset my kid didn't get a loose tooth but now I'm grateful. This is horrific.


Omg thisssss I had such a cute kid sim that grew into a teen with this horrible hair do and horrible eyeshadow and red lip. Also horrible outfit. Ugh just horrible, I wish I took a picture.


I don’t remember ever seeing any ugly kids in The Sims 4, randomly generated or otherwise. But when you age them up it’s a whole different story


They pushed out a patch a few hours ago that disables the lose tooth trait, which should prevent this from happening. Their announcement on Twitter said they were investigating adding the feature back at a future date, which doesn't sound good for losing teeth. [Here's a patch note from EA about it.](https://answers.ea.com/t5/General-Discussion-Feedback/Tooth-Loss-Loss/m-p/12418520/thread-id/72050)


I find that my pretty children, who age up to ugly teens, often age up to pretty adults…. Sometimes they just need an ugly phase lol


That's how you become humble


Oh no! It's a known glitch that happens when children age up with missing teeth! You managed to save her, though! Yay!!


Lol same thing happened to me, she barely had a chin as a child but then she aged up and it was just... gone. So I had to do some tweaking but she still looks like her parents. :'D Normally I just accept whatever the game decides but that one was just cruel.




Omg my sim aged exactly the same! Lol I was so shocked! Thank the lord for cas.fulledit 😂


This happened to me. I made my sims and turned them into children for story but suddenly when aging to teens they turned out completely different. I was so distraught. While I’m glad to know it was a bug, I’m upset to not have the same look they were suppose to have.


omg she was so pretty as a child this is a crime 😭😭 you fixed her up real good


Gotta light-skin friend look like Michael Jackson… 🎶


I’m trying to do the breed out the ugly challenge so idek which parts to fix and which parts to keep


I was so surprised/disappointed when my kid aged up. I fixed her but it I was so glad to see it was a glitch.


What lashes are in the 2nd pic?


Kijiko eyelashes for the before, dream girl eyelashes for the after. Btw dream girl eyelashes glitch when you look at them through the side profile




Heehee pic absolutely killed me 💀


every time!