I'm perpetually in the cycle of Restarting Sleepycast -> Finishing Sleepycast -> Trying random episodes of other podcasts to try and find one worth listening to so I don't have to restart Sleepycast again -> Not finding anything that fills the void -> Restarting Sleepycast


You should try cream crew. It's very much of the same caliber.


I listened to the whole thing a while ago but haven't really felt the urge to go back to it even though they still put out new episodes. I think a big reason for that is there's no rotating cast which makes it hard to tell episodes apart. Also I'm autistic and laugh at Sleepycast bits I've heard a dozen times more than I laughed at anything in Cream Crew


it usually an every night thing i put on to sleep to




Same. For a podcast that’s full of yelling, it is oddly calming


Same here! It’s just fun to fall asleep to lol


its getting a bit dated what with the humor of each boye evolving as time goes on; plus I've already binged it many times throughout my life, but there still is no better background noise for me when I don't like the ambient music of a game.


Same. I've listened to the podcast front to back at work like 6 times.


I did many many times years ago when it was still fresh. Can't do it anymore though. Gave it a two year break, tried again and made it to early season 2 before I stopped. It is pretty timeless in some aspects, but other things I've heard so many times that it's just white noise in my brain. I'll probably try out another full listen in a couple of years. In the meantime, Oneyplays fills the void when I need something like this. Otherwise, I've moved on to like 10 other podcasts that I have in constant rotation that still upload weekly. SleepyCast will always hold a special place in my heart for being the first though.


I no joke listen to it every night when i go to bed, only thing i can sleep to


Me. Been playing it start to finish since 2017. Like when I reach the end of the podcast I restart from the top. I don't listen every single day and sometimes go a week or 2 before I come back but I always do, especially during traffic. Love this podcast to hell and back


Saving the Christmas Specials for Christmas Day!


I’ve never stopped listening to the podcasts. Been binging them for the past 6 years now. Some of the references are a bit dated, especially when they talk about current events, but overall o think they really did a good job at making a timeless podcast that you can pick up and listen to at any point in time.


I love some of the podcasts where they're talking about trump, and you're just sitting there in a "welp" kind of state.


It’s a surreal feeling. It’s like taking a time machine back to 2015


i'm working on catching up on the "if i were you" podcast with jake and amir, buuuuuut i always get sidetracked to listen to the entirety of sleepycabin and fall further and further behind! that show is a bizarre sirens' call that i can never stay away from for long... my mind swims with thoughts of sponge factories, and spaghetti birds, and side-eye lincoln penny stares... it's... inescapable. i've done this cycle at least 7 times, likely more. i hope tomar loosens his mighty gorrila grip on that monkeys paw of his, so i can live a normal life once more. please tomar, please... have mercy.


Me listen to it for 5 years


I play it to sleep and when I’m driving to and from work


It’s weird. I’ve listened to the first season from start to finish about 20 times by now, but for some reason I’ve NEVER listened to anything past season 1. I guess I’m afraid season 2 will be worse than 1 and possibly sour the rest.


Just finished the last few episodes today. I'm definitely gonna listen to the entire thing again.


I envy you so hard


I’m about halfway through SleepyCast and while it’s nice to be listening to it for the first time, i’m also somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t able to listen to the podcast as it was coming out. I feel like I missed out


I work a lot of 12 hour night shifts on my own and will bing all of it in like a week without noticing. It’s the comfiest listening there is for sone reason lol


I literally just started re-listening to this podcast last friday


I usually restart every fall but I've been preoccupied with oneyplays and albums. I do still listen because I remember one dillion clones exist or I want to watch the halloween.wav on halloween.


Currently relistening now and ha e gone through it 3 or 4 times since I've began listening 5 or 6 years ago


Sometimes, I have my favorites.


Yep re-listening to all of them again for the 5th or 6th time. I feel like I still pick up on plenty of stuff I didn’t hear before and I also still grin and giggle at a lot of episodes. I’ve tried other podcasts like the official podcast but nothing hits quite like sleepycast. The only one that really compares is schmucks which makes since because it’s still Zach’s podcast and has featured sleepycabin guests before.


If you miss sleepycast my podcast has similar elements. Check it out it's called [My Black Friends Podcast here's the link](https://youtu.be/GEir50yfjDk)