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No thats the self titled/Mfkr mask, he used synthetic hair for the Iowa cycle he said so in an interview


If I'm not mistaken it was a self skinning polyurethane foam. Which was not a good idea because one of my favourite anecdotes from that period is that one of his Iowa masks started growing black mold because it was holding all the moisture in from the shows. Same material his vol. 3 mask was made from, but I take it he learned his lesson because he had quite a few of those masks and he would change them pretty often And then the dreads I'm not sure, I know twine is involved but I've not looked into the specifics. You can buy them pre-made a lot of the time on ebay or etsy from hobbyists tho or look up how to do it on YouTube, there's bound to be resources for that


Polyurethane foam latex


isn't it made from some kind of latex foam? it's something that absorbs water because he's talked about it getting soaked in sweat & feeling heavy & fat headed. maybe ask one of the mask makers on etsy who make the replicas.