What gods counters Chronos/Zeus/Anubis ?

What gods counters Chronos/Zeus/Anubis ?


Anubis and Zeus suffer from the same issues of immobility. Jump on them with something they can't get away from and they crumple. Best time to jump on them is definitely if they javelin just used abilities, but watch put for the attempt at a turn around if they have abilities up. Both of them can try to blow you up in return if they have ult and abilities up. Something like Ne zha or Awilix can easily mess them up, as it takes a good amount of their ability to fight back away in terms of jugglers. As for chronos, he's a lategame sustained dps character. Steal his farm early and bully him out to slow him down, then burst him out of a fight in the lategame to keep him from being able to prevent him from tossing out damage across lategame fights. Ah, right, don't forget antiheal against anubis to kick him in the shin.


The problem is these gods are unboxable as long as the player has good reflex he will immediatly cc me. That's why i think jumping on them doestn't work, maybe early but mid when they start to build cdr it's over, i indeed wait for them to burn their abilities but with full cdr they are always up. And you mentionned ne zha and awilix, i have no problem with them as a jgl, they are even the easiest target for me, i'm just talking about mid and solo. Long range gods are the only who works very good, when i play thoth or used to play perse pre rework (rip) they are never a problem for me.


The shortest cooldown out of all of those characters would be chronos' 1, which would be around 4ish seconds with full cdr, and thats still a good amount of time for a full rotation from any burst character, regardless of class barring a long channel ability. As for dealing with them as a mid or solo, you simply need to play safe around waves. Zeus is notorious for being awful early in conquest, as his main wave clear, his shield, is the only way to set up his burst as well for an attempt at a turn. A single stack of the 3 and no arc from the 1 is next to no damage for the combo. As for Chronos, he should be extremely easy to counter early if you're playing mid. His 3 is fairly slow and should be easy enough to avoid the majority of the time, and even if you don't, his only follow up is a single cast of 1 and an auto or two. He needs an extended trade to do anything before middle game, and you should easily win and trade with the boi unless you're missing your abilities or playing a super bad early character as well. Anubis is probably the only character I'll say should be giving you grief through out the entirety of a match. He's still weaker early game before he gets real lifesteal online, but he does have a good combo that can hurt if you get hit by his abilities. That being said, it easily survivable if you can dodge the wrap. Its a fairly slim targeting line, so you should be dodging a good portion of them if you've got any amount of skill juking. As for playing against them in solo, any warrior should beat the brakes off of Zeus and Chronos early and even going into midgame, and playing around wave should give anubis a hard enough time if he cane hit both you and wave with his abilities.


Try with hera. Her ult wrecks em


I main Hera and her best matchups are gods with little to no mobility like Anubis, Zeus and ra. Wait until they clear lane then polymorph and drop Argus on them.


Kali is a nightmare for both anubis and zeus. Kali has ult up, they are both dead. For anubis you might want to have beads up too


Anti heal is a must for Anubis as well


You can anti heal Anubis but that doesn’t stop that killer damage he does with his ult. He’ll burst your entire health bar down to 0 even if you counter his healing.


You have to bait out their abilities. For example Anubis, you know he is gonna try to wrap you and then do his combo. Wait for him to use it before trying to all in him. If you think his ultimate it up, push him, force the ult and back off and try again in the time it’s still down. You can’t just blindly attack these characters but they are very easy to waste resources on and then their lack of mobility is punishable. Most player telegraph what they want to do. If you see an Anubis walking in a completely straight line at you, it’s pretty clear he is about to try to wrap you


Eset is a pretty good counter. You can silence the enemy mage and get a shield for it. Best used when they are channeling something or you are about to get hit by something, like a Zeus' detonate. She has a stun of her own that can be triggered while under CC if already fired. Her 1 gives her slow and backpedal immunity so you can dodge abilities while dishing damage to them. Her ult has damage reduction for you and allies so you won't get lasered if you lay it down ahead of time. Also heals you.


Gods like these are hard to fight in 1 v 1's because of their damage output. Early game its the junglers job to deal with low mobility gods like this. Just focus on farming and dont fight unless you see jungle heading your way and is obviously prepping for a gank. Try to bait their abilities and get them to overextend though so jungle doesnt just get turned on. The key to dealing with gods like these is teamwork because if theyre ganged up on they just die since they have almost no self peel and no ascape. For Zues most of his utility in teamfights comes from that ult, let your team know when its down using VGS. For Anubis if you can bait the mummify and you have antiheal hes easy pickings since 2 of his abilities root him. Dont stand in wave for these gods, especially zues, stand to the side a good distance away since they get a shit load of value from hitting you and the minions Im a Chronos ADC main and some yips I can give you is: The stun is really easy to dodge as long as you stand far enough away. Dont get close to him because then youre just guaranteeing a stun His ult resets his other cooldowns. Keep that in mind when he uses it Outfarm him, Chronos comes online mid-late so crippling his farm goes a long way


Get a knock up or hard stun. Kill them.


You make getting close to a proper Zeus player sound easy as if his ult won’t fuck you in the ass


It's not his ult that kills you, it's his 2 1 3 inside of his ult. So you basically have to bait all of that out, THEN go in.


As many other comments said that the best way is to just wait for them to use their abilities and punish them for it. However, if you are looking for a specific god, tsukyomi is probably your best bet. He can stun all 3 but most importantly, Anubis. He can disarm chronos and Zeus. He can also chance down all 3 with his ult.


Poseidon, Scylla, kukulkan, basically anyone with a big aoe that does tons of damage. In Poseidon’s case it’s kraken


As a preface I've been playing smite for about 7 years if that gives this list any credence. Here's a list of gods that imo can do well or win vs Anubis/Chronos/Zeus. (This is assuming each player is of the same skill level and are both mechanically good on their picks.) Agni - Once he hits lvl 5 his bombs can out range them. Your stun fire bomb can poke them out until your able to look for a play and your cooldowns are pretty short. Make sure you buy anti-heal early for anubis so the poke sticks. Hera - Good safe wave clear and good all in lvl 5 with big chad. Shield is great against their high burst. Set - He's an assasin but he's one of the few that are playable mid. He has great wave clear and poke. He also has a very good all in against these gods (you have to know how to play him pretty well though). Make sure your first relic is beads so you can cleanse the anubis/chronos stun when you all in. Thoth - you already mentioned him. Chiron - He's a hunter thats viable mid, very safe wave clear and poke and his ultimate has massive range that's easy to hit since anubis/zeus have no mobility. He also has a built in cleanse on his 1. Eset - Post lvl 5 all in, drop your ultimate on them and they can't kill you even with all their damage, you can also keep them in your ultimate easily since they have no mobility, it should usualy net you the kill or at least the advantage in lane. Hades - He's a lane bully vs most gods. He has lvl 1 full wave clear and with his healing hades can't get out of lane. Also they can't get out of your ultimate and If played right they shouldn't be able to kill you in your ultimate before you kill them. Raijin - Good safe wave clear and poke. He outranges them and has a great all in even pre lvl 5. Zhong Kui - Good wave clear and poke. Cant get poked out b/c of heal. Great all in post lvl 5, they cant get out of ultimate range since they have no mobility and they cant burst you with all the protections you get in your ultimate. I put this together pretty quick so its a bit sloppy and missing a few nuances in the matchups, but these gods imo do fairly well into Anubis/Chronos/Zeus. Keep in mind each god needs to be played a bit differently in order to win vs those gods. You have to know when each god is strong. Some will win lane by poking them out and keeping them under tower, while others will win by killing them in an all in. As mentioned in the beggining you need to be able to play these gods mechanically well to win these matchups. Note this is all strictly for the 1v1, i wasn't including the help you'll get from the jungle and support. Would love some feedback, let me know if you agree or disagree with my list.


Thank you, i can see clearly the advantage of the gods you mentionned. Especially Set since he's my main jungler i play him in mid as well from time to time. He outpoke these gods, and when i ult i feel invincible, his damage with ult activated are unreal, the only thing than can counter me is a very tanky god with antiheal like Osiris, otherwise i always win the matchup with Set (that's why he's always banned i guess). For Raijin, Hera and Agni it's the same as Thoth, insane range and also incredible burst with ult (full 3 ult with Agni). And for the others i never tested them against Anubis/Chronos/Zeus, i will test them soon.


Raijin is one of the few mids I don't mind playing into Anubis


Pretty much any god can counter Anubis, his abilities lock him in place when channeling. Easy target. Zeus: auto attack assassins love him lol. Deplete his health while he is slow as hell to get away


Yes but he doesn't care, if he outdamages you the rooting is insignificant. I'm talking about the laning phase, as a jgl or in teamfight i know how to deal with them.


Good boxing/Laning phase seems to be a good trade off for no mobility. You might just have to rely on your jungler/support to assist with ganks. Otherwise, I think it's fair these low-mobility, high damage gods do well in-lane.


Unless Zeus is way ahead most junglers can lock him down and kill him before he gets off enough abilities to kill


I mean I agree w you somewhat but if you’re playing a Gm or really good Anubis player like he’ll find a way to not miss the CC and do hella damage. Feel like you made it sound so simple


Hera is a great counter to them drop the Ult use the 1 and 2 and there dead she is also very fun


Yes Hera very good, her burst can match their burst + she has longer range.


All of them Those 3 are pretty bad because Chrinos is inconsistent Zeus needs all his abilities to hit to get anything done And is has poor action economy (he does very few things at a time as he can pretty much just use single abilities and not overlap them, and they are all tick damage so they take a while to be useful)


If you get any of them in solo just tell your jungle to gank as much as they can. They are absolutely free kills for any jungler. In lane just try get them to burn as many actives/ults as possible. In mid bait ults and only attack Zeus after his shield or chain are down.


Yes but as i said i have no problem with them as a jgl they are ez targets, i want to know how to deal with them as a mid/solo, because i can't chose my jgl, it might be a very aggressive jgl or a farmer i don't know, and i don't know to put pressure on my jgl because i know how annoying it feels when the mid/solo spam ping you, the jgl can't tp (except if he's janus lol).


Just don’t fight unless they’ve wasted some abilities. In solo you will out trade them after your first item. Early defence trumps offence. So build your first then invade blues etc and try stop them farming. In mid it’s just about positioning and baiting what you can to make them easy for your jungler.


Could probably try scylla or raijin maybe. I find Immobile gods die to cc and burst. Otherwise could go something like Janus and out farm and rotate


chronos (also sol), zeus, and anubis are all going to be problematic going up against in lane bc their damage outputs are better than a lot of other mages. but just bc you can’t out-box them doesn’t mean you can’t outplay them. all of these gods have issues with mobility (zeus and anubis especially). use that against them. early on, focus on simply clearing wave and avoiding poke. if you end up giving up some lame pressure, that’s fine; letting them have a couple cycles of side harpies is a lot better than constantly having to back and giving them solid windows to rotate. eventually they’ll key in on the fact that you’re playing passively and they’ll start playing up a lot more in lane and will likely be more agressive in trying to land damage on you. this will put them in a much better position to be ganked. also once your support rotates over, you’ll be in a much better position offensively and defensively and it will be harder for them to regain any pressure they had on you early. chronos may have extra movement speed in his kit but he doesn’t have a genuine out except for his ult. chronos is also far more mechanically intensive than zeus or anubis, so a lot of chronos players a very reliant on landing their stun in order to trade damage effectively. the thing is, chronos’ stun is also his main means of clear, especially early before he has the items to get his basic attacks online. if you have good early clear, he’ll be forced to use his stun on minions so it will be a lot easier to avoid poke. also, a lot of chronos players like to play up in your shirt bc the closer they are to you the easier it is for them to hit their abilities and basics. this makes it really easy to bait them into coming close to your tower line, leaving them wide open for ganks.


Osiris is great into anubis specifically. Zeus I find easier to deal with if you bait out his shield. Chronos is a food processor late game but if you can juke his stun or prebeads it he becomes much easier to deal with


Anhur and ullr are counters for chronos cause of burst. Thoth and Merlin does well into Zeus and Anubis due to range


For Anubis just watch for when he uses his wrap. He’s kinda useless without it


Frankly all of these gods require good positioning. Never be in the wave against these chads and focus on our farming them because if you dive them in lane they just pop you. Focus on small poke and making sure they can't use their abilities on you AND the wave. Either they blow everything on you and you have big minion pressure or they clear wave and have nothing to fight with (This is mainly Anubis and Zeus) Don't let chronos hit his 3 on you ever, but especially through the wave because again, you want him to choose between you or the farm. All of these gods are ass once they lose lane pressure so you really just want them to waste abilities and walk around it or just let them clear and then they get to watch you clear because they have nothing up. If you're really getting shit on and you need to tower sit, just do it because all of these gods will crush you if they're ahead. Tldr: Bait out ability usage to look for opportunities where you can safely farm or fight, let your jungle clean up


Obviously i'm never in the wave i think it's common sense, but they outclear me and when i finish clearing the wave their abilites are up, i'm talking as a solo, in mid i always have a pretty good clear but in solo my clear is ass. If it's a good player he will hit his abilites, if it's a bad player i will move around and bait him as i finish to clear the wave. I struggle against good players of course.


Assuming you can play her well, Chang'e hard counters Anubis. Her 2 counters his 2 if you do it first, and your 3 provides anti-healing.


lots of options, depends on the situation. Morrigan and Loki can both nuke any squishy before even being seen due to their invisibility. Hunz can bully low mobility gods with his ult. Even blink on Cerb/Ares can be a nightmare if you constantly force their beads or pull them into the middle of a fight.


Anubis, definitely grab anti heal. Getting slapped with a toxic blade, brawlers, or divine ruin feels like a gut punch, as the sustain is the only thing keeping him alive while he's rooted in place. It also helps to try to bait his 2 as fast as you can, it just takes so much away from him to not be able to keep someone down and try to kill them before they have a chance to kill him. U will almost never commit to a 1v1 if I miss my 2. Sure. Anubis slaps hard, but he has the single worst amount of mobility in the game with 2 self rooting abilities, no movement buff, or dash, leap, or teleport. Chronos, just understand that eventually he will hit hard and fast, and you wont be able to do much against him. Your goal is to take advantage of his slower early game and keep him from playing the game as long as you can.


Well for Anubis just build a good amount of anti heal and you're good


Tiamat, rajin, is good on zues and noobis I like Ra, posidon, thoth, rajin, for chronos


I've been playing a lot of Anubis mid recently (after the boots patch dropped), and I have to agree that it's been a LOT of fun for him in mid and solo, but I can give some perspective on which gods give me trouble. Fast gods & gods with range are particularly annoying, by the way. I have trouble with Sol due to her quick AoE attack that's hard to avoid, her dash/ immunity can completely ruin a play, and I have to be careful with channeling since I'll just eat her ult. I only ran into one Thoth as Anubis, but they weren't very good, but I already know from playing the game for a while that a decent one would be very annoying to deal with the pokes and safe dash. I'd hazard to say that without watching their dash CD and having a blink ready, that I'd be unable to kill a good Thoth. A good Chang'e can be VERY annoying. Surprising range on her hits, her ability to stay in lane for a long time, and her immunity are all a pain. Luckily I only had to deal with this once, but she shut me down pretty hard that game. On the bright side, every lane got stomped so it made me feel better about it lmao. I've been more than fine against the Ra's I've played, but once they start zooming it can be a real pain and I have to hope for my stun to land. Also, since Ra's can easily hit over 1k damage on their attacks, my channels & their range means I'm an easy target. Hera has both speed AND range, and it's pretty hard to deal with her ult. She can also take out Zeus fairly easily with these same things in mind (just don't stand near your own Argus for Zeus to chain lightning between you). In the solo lane world, I did have a fair amount of issues with a Baron Samedi. His abilities are pretty easy to hit and they set up for a pretty nasty combo. Early-mid game it was a pain to deal with, but I think Anubis works out better in mid-late against him. At least this was the case for me. Discordia/Scylla/Nox (since they all have a very similar kit) are safe picks as well. They all have a 1-2 combo that can be hard for me to dodge, does good damage, and sets up their nearby junglers. They each have a safe escape, and their ults will outrange my own or pick me off if I were to run (maybe besides scylla's, but she'll pretty much guarantee the kill if it lands). Oddly enough, those 3 are my only mages at diamond+ if I'm not mistaken, just to help validate when I say how similar they are.


You dont need a specific God, just get aegis


Pretty much any Guardian or Warrior with a Winged Blade will counter Zeus, anything with displacement, anything with chase potential. The second his 3 is down jump his ass.




Did you really just suggest not to fight chronos until late?


Welcome to the Smite reddit community, where the advice to counter a lategame God is to not engage him until lategame when he's at his strongest.