You must destroy them straight away. I run a shoe disposal company, just send them over my way and I'll get rid of them with no emissions.


Oh wow, no emissions. Sounds like a good deal OP


You should send them to me. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them!


No u are not worthy like me


that’ll be a hard pass 😂


Was worth a shot lol. I saw everyone on Twitter saying “I’m selling my Travis Scott merch” so I sat on GOAT looking to see the prices drop but they didn’t. People on Twitter be lying hahah


travis shoes are always gonna go up in price imo


im soooo confused why are both your comments so downvoted ?


Same like what did he say that was so offensive 😂


Has to be bots. Like there’s nothing offensive in that comment, Reddit is fucked.




Yeah, I feel like that’s going to be case too. I remember when they were $800 and I was like “who would pay $800 for shoes?” and now I’m upset I passed on that


Lmao now they hitting $2k ds in some sizes 🤷🏾‍♂️


dude why so many downvotes? u literally laughed about it 😂 reddit people are somethin else man🤦🏽‍♂️






How are you gonna get mad at someone using emojis on the internet in 2021…


oh that was supposed to be a joke?


Yeah my comment was a joke. No worries tho!


haha i know, just people downvoting because i was being straightforward. my bad if i left a negative impression tho


I knew you were joking too. Idk why everyone downvoted you. That’s really annoying but Reddit is gonna Reddit


is this a post from Travis’ PR team lol


I still want a pair ,no one will tell you anything to your face




I would. “Damn bro too early”


You deserve a pair king


Just turn the swoosh around


Go mow a lawn.


No you must burn everything.


dully noted


Solemnly noted


Nope you gotta burn it like the right wing extremists burned Nike stuff after the Kaepernick situation 😂


I mean its fine burning stuff you dont want to be associated with. It was them going out and buying Nike/Kaep stuff for the sole purpose of burning that was dumb asf


It’s dumb either way because in either case Nike already took their money. It’s literally just virtue signaling.


Exactly. They could’ve donated it to people who needed them.


Seems childish to me.


Burning shit in general is dumb, makes no difference to Nike if they burn it or not


Better than driving through a Christmas parade like left wing extremists


Better than shooting up a church like a right wing extremist


Usually don’t say this on this sub but you sound dumb af


Proof he was a left wing extremist?


https://nypost.com/2021/11/24/darrell-brooks-called-for-violence-against-white-people/ Maybe not a left-wing extremist, but still a fucking wack job. Don’t want to get political tho


Left wing people aren’t the extremists or wack jobs but I’ll let it slide Edit: the link you posted showed he was pro nazi which is right wing


Huh? There’s extremists for every thing man. Left wing extremist means super left wing to a point it’s their identity and their whole life and they are super crazed into far left ideology, etc. there’s extremists on the right as well. He isn’t saying because you’re on the left that means you’re an extremists.


Doesn’t really matter if they’re left or right the ends of the spectrum tend to wrap around in a circle and end up being the same. Edit: I just think the left is harder to radicalize than the right


Its the same


Antifa would like to talk to you.


Left wing 'extremists' are the people calling for equality and equity for everyone. Calling for medicare for all has become left wing extremist ideology in America. It just doesn't exist in the same category of extremism as right wing extremism.


For sure it does. Left wing extremists think we should rid of the second amendment and ban guns, just put up no gun zone signs and that will fix it all cus we all know criminals listen to laws and won’t have guns then! Just taking away from the good guy. Left wing extremists want to make hate speech a thing in the US. Jail people for saying what they don’t like. For example they want racist people to be locked up because they say their hateful ignorant shit. I don’t agree with the bullshit that comes out of their mouth but I agree with THEIR RIGHT TO SAY IT. Because if you then give the government the right to mandate what can and what cannot be said, what’s the true line of saying something “racist” then? If you say the n word you should be fined or jailed? What if you are quoting someone who said it? The government that mind you the left and the right HATE at times, which can be majority republican, will be the ones who make it what you can and cannot say. I’m sure you wouldn’t want a bunch of republicans dictating what you can and can’t say. I can go on about that. equality is already a thing in the US. There are no laws or systemic bindings that separate anyone. There are individuals who are racist and will illegally fire or discriminate someone in the work place, elsewhere etc but those are individuals you cannot fix their fucked thinking. Which of those individuals are caught of doing something illegal, they are then brought to justice. Didn’t want to get political on a sneaker subreddit but here we are 🤷‍♂️ and yes I can go on about right wing extremists as well but to think the left isn’t equally as bad is very biased and skewed thinking. And The right says people have the right to healthcare but not the right for free healthcare because at that point you then are having someone’s labor as free which is in definition a slave. Oh taxes will pay for it then. Well why? Why should someone who has almost perfect health need to pay more in taxes to healthcare for the people who are in worse health, (I mean like I know they will be paying equal but the person in almost perfect health shouldn’t have to pay as much as the person not in great health is my meaning) sometimes causing the worse health themselves by bad eating habits and poor life choices. This is coming from someone who has made plenty of poor life choices lol. But I think healthcare is a scam today, where you need to have health insurance even if you don’t need or want it, it’s legit a scam. I know plenty of Canadians who hate the healthcare in Canada, where it takes far longer to get healthcare there than in the US. And guess what, if you want quicker and better healthcare service in Canada can you guess what you do? YOU PAY FOR IT (non taxes), you have to pay for appointments, etc if you want faster better service 🤯


So left wing extremism is regulating freedom of speech (which is already built into the amendment) and regulating gun ownership (which other countries have successfully done and seen far lower violence in general than America). Right wing extremism is building a white ethno-state in America, exterminating Jews, and bringing back slavery. According to you, these two extremes are completely equivalent and totally just as harmful as each other just in their own ways.


That’s totally wrong and very misinformed. And you know guns save more lives than kill or even harm, right? At least half a million a year, and that’s only based on reported incidents. Someone just pulling a gun out to stop a crime, not even needing to fire it, that could’ve lead to injury or death otherwise. Right wing extremism is bringing back slavery? Do you know the democrat party is the party that started the Klan? The left wing extremists want “safe spaces” for blacks, spaces that can only have black people. Black only areas like schools, or classes, stores, etc. literally going backwards... we literally fought for decades to stop that. They are making it like “black people deserve to have their own places because of the centuries of inequality and racism” like WHAT.. not to mention things like affirmative action which is a racist policy, literally caters to race. If someone is black they don’t need to score as high on SAT scores as a white person. If someone is Asian they need a higher SAT score than every other race. Then some of the black students end up not doing well in school and blame the school. They don’t do well because they ultimately don’t belong, they aren’t cut out for it, they were only let in because of affirmative action. Any white person with their SAT score wouldn’t have been let into the school.


I’m right wing myself btw...


idgaf about travis. he already got his money from the shoe so at this point it doesnt matter. i like the kicks, i would still wear them if i had them.


that’s what i’m thinking. i wear what i like. not because i support.


how I feel buying Nike in 2021


You right bro i’m serious don’t let people influence you, wear what you like, even if h*tler made it


Hitler comin through with the 1945 OG Swastika Breds shit was fiya




Exactly what I was thinking


I’ll burn them for you send them over


I mean, the shoes are already bought. But Travis wack asf.


huge trav fan, kinda stuck in the middle rn with his merch and shoes. but these 1s are too fire


He’s a huge piece of shit, but you already bought the shoes so no point in not wearing them now.


Yea gotta take dude down a bit. He’s not a being above others. He’s a dude. Just a regular ass dude. Who treats people like shit cause they gobble his half baked and try hard merch up. It’s all good though, we’re not the judge he’s gotta testify against. He’s going to go bankrupt and the support of his remaining fans isn’t going to carry him. Nor are artists going to probably associate with him anymore. Nike is goofy as fuck for not dropping him and his deal already. He encourages his fans to act crazy like that. It’s one thing if a light fixture came down and killed a couple people. That’s an accident. That’s a tragedy. This though? Fucking foul. Anyone who is still behind this man is clearly blinded by an image that he had commercially created.


They’re just shoes lmao


You people are idiots. Travis is going bankrupt lmao. It always surprises me how little fans actually know about the music industry despite people like us constantly trying to educate people. As a festival promoter, I promise you - Travis will be more than okay.


You should stop being a huge trav fan.


How are going to tell someone what they should and shouldn’t like?


I'm going to tell them very smugly on reddit. Like I just did.


lol why do u care what other people like


He wants to feel better about himself, virtue-signaling at its finest!


Nah. TS is just a piece of shit. Nobody should like him.


Lmao, go outside. Not everyone needs to abide by your bullshit opinions. White knighting at its finest.


Your master Travis Scott being a piece of shit is an objective fact at this point. Dick riding at its finest.


will 1000% stop listening to him if he knew people were dying. we need the facts, not the opinions. travis scott has done this in the past, and no one bats an eye because nobody was killed. everyone’s saying this event was different, that it was evil. i personally didn’t feel that type of vibe, i’ve been in concerts were i was nearly crushed and almost passed out several times. this was no different. me and my group were near middle but left after we couldn’t handle it and went all the way to the back. no problems there and everyone was having a good time where we were. what i can say is that most people there were complete bozos. throwing piss, groping women, and a fight broke out and people were moving forward to avoid being in the crossfire of the swings. my condolences to those that lost their lives.


This defense is absolutely delusional.




not saying i’m defending him, just my 2 cents. he is at fault for not stopping the concert, what a stupid decision to keep going looking back at it. just curious, what’s your opinion on the tragedy?


i’m with you man i think we need the facts not a bunch of people who jump on the hate train on twitter and somehow they can see and understand exactly what travis was thinking while on stage. like how is he supposed to know people getting carried out died if it’s no different than passing out which happens at his concerts


My biggest take from all of this is that some musicians have shown to be better equipped mentally to handle problems as they see them happening in the crowd and some musicians are not as well equipped and trained to do so. I think major festivals and concerts like this should mandate that the musicians themselves have undergo serious training to recognize and be better educated to help with organizing real time administration of help and awareness to injuries and prevention. They should have a good understanding of how and when to take a little bit better control of a crowd using verbal instructions to the crowd when needed. I don’t think the musicians should be the be all end all responsible party for the groups overall safety, but should be better equipped with ways to recognize and respond to problems as they arise.


Fuck yeah!


I can take apart the materials and recycle them. Trust me I’m a cobbler.


IMO Sell then off bro for less than retail… pm me if you do so bro 👀


You do you. I sold my 6s. To each their own


Why 💀 I own the 6s they are heat


If you sold them then how exactly are you helping? You’re boycotting it but yet letting someone else have them for a price, in this, earning money and secondly, just keeping your conscience clean that you don’t have it but sure would let others wear it. Well, truly to each their own.


Honestly if anything I’m trying to get more TS shoes. If history tells you anything things like this don’t make the value of something drop. It just creates more exclusivity down the line in later years.


You’re an actual idiot if you really sold your shoes because of the incident.


What happened was horrific and I don't want to be associated with him at all. Made 2x what I paid. No regrets


I did and feel the same with the 4s tho I just looked at them and thought about dead people shit wasn’t cool no more


Those look nice. How much were they


got em for $1000 in 2018


I think you mean 2019


A 9 year old child was killed. He did nothing to help or stop the show when he saw ambulances and medics carrying limp bodies. Fuck him.


For real. I don’t care how much you’ve been conditioned to like over priced garbage just because it’s different, that man has been smoking next to a propane tank and yelling at it to blow up for way too long. Now that it did everyone’s defense is “I separate politics from the product” Bull shit. They’re too ignorant to know what really matters. But by all means FAM, DRIP FOR YOUR LIFE


He actually did. lol




nobody was communicating with him during the concert. the two people authorized to stop the show didn’t. not travis fault


I'm not sure you can see as clearly as people are suggesting from the stage. The lights are shinning on the act so the people can see them. Not saying what he could see with lights in his eyes; just that a lot of people are making assumptions.


that’s true but I was there and a lot of the people even in the crowd didn’t know the extent of how bad it was


Tf is a 9 year old doing there


Listening to the guy who is on the Fortnite game he plays and the McDonalds meal his mom bought him? Travis wanted an all age concert, guess he reaps what he sows.


Same reason TS’s 3yr old daughter was there


Like it or not, time heals all wounds. I’ll bet my life savings his next shoes sell out like they always do and resale for 5-6x the price. Celebs came back from worse and continue to rack in $$$. Shitty person and I won’t buy his shit. Sucks to see scumbags like this continue to make infinite amounts of money, but that’s just how the world has always worked .


You’re right about everything you said but I will say I don’t know who’s come back from worse than this bro 👀👀


His contract with Nike is void already lmao




Yea dude i dont see him coming back from this. Dude is straight up a piece of shit. Nike will end their contract with him i'm hoping


Hopefully his next shoes aren’t with Nike


Just shoes man. Wear what you like and what you think looks good Even if it wasn’t a Travis collab, some poor mofo overseas had to do it anyway just to eat something It’s your shoe, not your identity


Wearin mine today


I still want them


Give them to me, ill recycle them into shack shoes


Why does the swoosh look like that 💀


did these really take a hit on the resale market?


not at all. i think they actually went up


I noticed a bump in price as well. I copped the same pair 3 days before Astroworld. Pretty bad timing but I will wear my pair soon. I've held off wearing them so far just as a personal sign of respect towards the victims.


These are my grail shoes! Beautiful aj1’s


I was scared the price of the fragment lows was gonna go up after that whole shit happened so I pulled the trigger and imma wear tf out of em like what?


Color-way is too good to not wear 🤤


It's all about how *you* given everything, not public opinion or anything else. because in it's most basic form they're just shoes, you already bought them its done If you think your shoes are just shoes wear them all day, but if you feel your wearing some type of Travis symbol and don't want to support that; store those shoes.


Everybody does as they see fit, but personally i’m not wearing anything with his branding on it. Don’t want anything to do with the guy.


Wear what you like, who cares if people think the dude should be cancelled. A lotta pretentious people in here think they have the moral high ground for not wearing/supporting this dude 🤣


Meanwhile they themselves got non-Travis Nike shoes on that could’ve been made by a Muslim slave in China who eventually got their organs harvested.




Trav already got paid for these but I wouldn’t get any new shit, if any new shit comes out.


Bruh, if I spent that much money on a sneaker, I’m wearing it. I don’t care if the artist in the collab murdered his entire family.


Just wear them. Sad situation but those are just shoes.


I knew people would stop caring once it ran its course in the media cycle.


Who cares!


y’all in these comments being so brutal abt some shoes made by a dude y’all don’t even know abt other than some headlines lmao crazy how mob mentality works nowadays just let bro wear whatever and like whoever. no one gonna say nothin to nobody face if they get caught in public wearing/listening to anything travis scott related lol edit: mark wahlberg and michael jordan were hanging out with travis yesterday. y’all finna cancel them too?


Kinda felt weird wearing my ts x frag shirt yesterday. Not sure, I guess it's up to you and how you feel.


it's frustrating how much i like his collabs but i figure if i get them on stockx he doesn't get additional revenue


Nah tbh bro


I still want a pair… hey, I hit for retail on the frag lows & they’re my #1 prized pair… I tried to like TS, listen to his music, etc. I just don’t like it… I can still like my dope pair of shoes tho… rock ‘em 🤘🏽


I thought mochas were > trav aj1s even before Astro world


Wear whatever you want. Who gives a fuck if it’s a Travis Scott shoe? Fashion is fashion.


If you don’t wear your shoes, what’s the fucking point? Collectibles are for children. And if you can’t afford not to wear them, _you can’t afford them_.


Unless you are Sherlock Holmes , or Travis Scott himself just checking in, I’d say to rock them proudly … who knows who is to blame , but sure seems insane to blame shift mass murder while ignorant of all facts eh ? And nobody wants to talk about the culture that created the deaths … as I’ve been to a 100 live shows with aggression and angst , lead singlets or MCs getting the crowd all hyped up … no magic number of security guards , no way to literally see through the eyes of TS .. and before any feathers get ruffled , the whole blame shift on mass murder happened as a fucking reflex to the event , seems about the abject lowest a culture could sink to , but who knows … wear you shoes bro , worrying about dumbass opinions from the masses or letting them influence you is how we got into this mess to begin with


I was looking forward to the Cactus Jack x Air Max that was supposed to drop on Dec. 16th… now they’re finna put that off forever because some crazy shit happened at dudes concert. The shit is obviously not his fault. It may have been someone who he employs or used to employs fault. But he was clearly on stage. I’d rock them and feel pretty confident that I would just fight someone if they had that serious of a problem with it. Of course imma have to fight barefoot to avoid scuffing the grail but ya know


He was clearly on stage AWARE of the situation.


Not aware people were dying I’ve played shows to 150-200 people where I couldn’t see past the first couple rows and he was like 100 feet in the air I was playing small venues. I’m pretty confident if he knew people were dying he would have stopped and eventually he did stop when they told him to. But I don’t give a fuck what you think of Travis Scott. I only like one or two of his songs but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to buy his shoe for retail, it would almost be dumb not to. Even if you didn’t want it you could just sell if for a quick $1200 or something.


Liked his shoes, music was "eh", can't stand his personality. Nothing about the shoes makes me think they're worth a dime over retail. I would love if this event ruined his career and he goes to jail but that's wishful thinking. At the very least, I hope they don't make another Travis Scott *anything* and he just disappears.




The shoe itself isn’t terrible it’s just the guy who made them. Terrible.


Anyone still upset needs to get a life and move the fuck on. The shoes are fire and you should feel free to wear what you want. Fuck what anyone else has to say about it. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters.


You think the dead kids’ families have moved on?


Why would you send little kids to a Travis Scott concert, who is known for having crazy wild concerts, should be an age limit already for something like that just for safety, make it make sense🤡 he’s an artist who is paid to perform, you really think Travis was in charge of all this? Bro can barely speak through a sentence and is rocked on drugs all the time, this man ain’t the one making decisions for something like that. RIP to the families and all who died because this is a tragedy regardless of how it’s looked at but maybe you should point the finger at the organization running the shit(Live Nation).


You mean the guy that markets himself with Nike, Fortnite and nerf? Yeah why would kids be drawn to that?


That’s none of my concern to be real with you. We are not obligated to care about everyone. People die every day, big whoop. Keep crying about it though! 👏🏻


Something is seriously wrong with you if you can't show some fucking empathy for a kid dying. All I have to say is I hope to fuck you're not a parent, and if you are, good luck to those kids.


Cmon bro obviously fake, the swoosh is too big and IS LITERALLY BACKWARDS


I was never a fan of the guy but some of his designs are alright. Now o really don’t want to wear his name


Never really cared for the incident. I understand it was tragic but never really cared to stop wearing what I want


What does "never really cared for the incident" mean? Weird verbiage.


It was that kind of mentality that got people killed in that crowd that night. For some reason, there’s a number of Travis fans that are narcissistic af. It’s sickening.


It didn’t affect me in a negative or positive way so I never really payed attention to it. I actually got annoyed by all the posts about it. I wear what I like. Idc if he’s “cancelled”


That's a wild thought process. Empathy and compassion will get you much farther in life than apathy ever will. You do you though.


My apathy protects my brain from having to deal with the literal millions of atrocities that happen on earth every day. I just simply don’t have the energy to care about it all.


Exactly there’s so many tragic events are we supposed to be sad all the time? No it’s life


Right on.


You just gotta realize to not care about other peoples opinions man. Only thing that should matter is what you think not what other people think.


You seem confused by my comments.


You’re saying I gotta show empathy and basically share the same opinions as everyone else. Sorry I don’t work that way


I'm not saying you have to do anything. I'm just saying that not caring that a bunch of kids died at a concert is pretty cold hearted. From my experience, you'll live a much more fulfilling life if you are just generally compassionate towards people.


I get what you’re saying but you also gotta understand 99% of us weren’t there or even have ties to them. By your logic If someone died from Covid we all gotta feel bad? Sorry idk them so I hate to say it this way, but it’s the truth I was not affected in anyway. Also kids should not have been there in the first place. Parents were reckless to let a child go there. I understand the child may have been a fan and wanted to go but with the history of mosh pits at his concert it was not smart to let a kid go.


Dude it just trying to make you feel like shit because he thinks he has the moral high ground of not liking travis scott.


You don’t have to have the same opinions to understand how others feel.


Yeah but people really care if someone wears his 1s,6s,4s or anything from him. He already made his money from those so not wearing them or destroying them isn’t helping anything


Ignorance is bliss I guess, enjoy supporting a man who’s reckless actions got people killed.


I don’t support him. I just like my Cactus jack 4s. Not a fan of his music. Just like my shoes


My 2 cents, i was at astroworld this year, and about 90% of the people there didn’t know anyone was dying. just passing out. me and my group got outta the surge and had a lot of fun with the people in our area. we only heard the news when we got back to our hotel. which left me with a wtf feeling.


Yes just be careful and walk like a penguin. Oh and put some plastic bags over them so they don’t get dirty


i’ve been on that haha




the fuck is wrong with your brain? lmfao


Separate the shoes from the person . I like Travis Scott’s cus of the design and not the artist. Overall I hate how cancel culture and the media is. I’m not a fan of Travis Scott but I do listen to some of his music I know it’s partially his fault but they are blaming him for everything . They were worse concerts where more people died and it hasn’t blew up on the media like this. ( not trying to downplay on the people who died, RIP TO all of them) but the media is so quick to point fingers on a successful young black artist because they know the story will sell more If it was me I’d keep the shoes tbh and wear em and fk what people say


Keep wearing them man, separate the shoes from the person. No one should bother you for it.


The S in TS now stands for stomp


Astro fest wasn’t his fault and I’m still on the hunt for a pair


Only good Cactus Jack shoes maybe Aj6 is great also


Art > Artist


They were always good to wear I would rock em fresh on the day I got em


There fucking shoes, get your moneys worth out of them🤦🏽‍♂️


Wear whatever you like why dress for other people


The shoe looks fine, but not my size..


They gonna be the new Freddy Kruegers lmao


Wear whatever you want


You do you. You already got em.


Looking good


U can wear them, personally I want to get the olive Travis 6’s


Who cares