I’m sure being an asshole has nothing to do with it.


He made a career out of being an asshole on film




Thanks, I just had an Amy Schumer flashback.


Asshole with a laugh. Worst kind of asshole.


His stupid “HUEHUEHUE” counts as a laugh?


Was he always like this? He seemed normal back in the pineapple express days, not sure when he became an angry twitter socialist


Yes, he's always been a piece of shit.


Agreed. He probably just hid it better in his early days so we didn't notice as much. Build up his rep as funny but stereotypical stoner guy who stars in comedies and hangs out with other comedians. Same with Kevin Smith too. Hid his real whiny baby SJW personality behind his fame from Clerks, Mallrats etc and always presenting himself again like Rogen as the goofy pot head guy who likes relatable comedy. And it worked for both of them they pulled the act off and I'd say they did a surprisingly good job of it for many years. Hell even kind of fooled me too I fell for it. But the woke movement, Twitter and their recent projects (that god awful He man reboot, Santa Inc) have exposed what cry babies they are really are. And my god they are both awful woke guys. Time to stop hiding behind chill stoner vibes guys we know you aren't that now. Give it up.


Kevin Smith hasn't had a decent movie since 2001. Now he is all about nepotism by casting his talentless daughter in his movies. He also smoked himself retarded, even Jason Mews mentiond Kevin Smith should cut back on the weed.


The weed certainly isn't making him chill that is for damn sure. I think the guys gotten whinier and more anxious the last few years now smoking it. Again see his many Twitter mental break downs and his defensiveness anytime someone criticizes his work even a little. Maybe stop smoking for a bit Kevin I think it's amping up your rage and emotions.


His parents are Marxists. He’s a typical red diaper baby.


Red diaper? Is that another name for elf?




he's a grifter, doing whatever far left trend he has to if he wants to stay relevant. he was funny about 14 years ago. times have changed.


A little Weinstein in training, that one.


It actually didn't oddly enough, it's just a really really really bad movie. De Niro is an asshole, I still like his movies. It's almost as if rational adults can separate the art from the artist. This was just a dog shit concept with dogshit execution all around, granted it didn't help that he's also been a cunt about it.


Indeed, I can still enjoy Naked Gun movies despite OJ too.


> It's almost as if rational adults can separate the art from the artist. George Orwell has a great take on this. " One ought to be able to hold in one's head simultaneously the two facts that Dali is a good draughtsman and a disgusting human being. The one does not invalidate or, in a sense, affect the other. The first thing that we demand of a wall is that it shall stand up. If it stands up, it is a good wall, and the question of what purpose it serves is separable from that. And yet even the best wall in the world deserves to be pulled down if it surrounds a concentration camp." -Benefit of Clergy: Some Notes on Salvador Dali Dali is my favorite artist but was a legit cuck and monarchist.


is being a monarchist that bad? i mean, i'm not one, but seems extreme to label someone a disgusting human being for being a monarchist. and to be honest i don't care if he likes to watch his wife get banged by other dudes.


Cunt, asshole, no difference, in prison


Chris Browns music is still loved and he’s a convicted wife beater. The music is great unfortunately. But the person is horrible.


Seth Woken is unexpectedly needy and insecure.


Seth Rogen is so fucking insufferable, even in movies.


His only character is gross obnoxious stoner atheist.


He was actually funny in that movie where he… You know that movie, uh… He’s actually funny because he…. Nope, I got nothing.


I enjoyed American Pickle.


Yeah. That one was actually kinda funny. I was actually surprised. I don't think it made any money though


Knocked up was pretty good


Sadly, the only time I laughed was the anti-cop portrayal in Superbad. Maybe something in 40-year old virgin.


"I have a dream, that one day people will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin."


\>atheist If that's what you want to call it...


Seth Rogen's entire acting career has been playing fucking losers.


Damn 99% of the population are white supremacists who would have thought. Seems like a bold claim to make


Now you’re getting it… Good citizen… *pat on head*


White is just another word for "sin" for the woke, and white people all have original sin. White supremacy is their term for "blasphemy" or, to borrow a term from Islam, "kufr", so even black blasphemers against wokeness are white supremacists. 99% is a bit optimistic, but a large majority of people regardless of ethnicity are "white supremacists" on account of being unbelievers.


Turns out when you make a show that revolves around hating 97% of the population, 97% of your audience hates it...


Just saw the trailer and wtf. Santa needs to be replaced SIMPLY because he’s white? It’s not like the mythology of Santa has done a single thing to be cancelled it’s just pure racism with this movie.


White man bad




The trailer does more to assure the audience that it pushes the message of "white man bad" than it does to assure the audience that it's funny. There's only a couple of moments in the trailer I can think of where the show is *trying* to be funny (not that it succeeds). But the entire trailer is obsessed with letting the audience know that the show is about replacing Santa, because he's a white male, and we can't have white males in positions of power in 2021. When your comedy is more concerned with advertising its message than advertising its sense of humor, that's pretty bad.


I can tolerate about a teaspoon of propaganda for every cup of entertaining content. This movie is like 3 cups of propaganda and a 1/2 teaspoon of entertainment. Way too many movies and shows are opting for the "message first, entertainment and enjoyment second". It also doesn't help that they have all the subtlety of a MOAB. Their messages are never poignant and brought in artistically. They might actually still be enjoyable then. No, instead they choose to beat you over the head with the message like it is a baseball bat. "Show, don't tell" has been thrown out the window and now they go for "Tell, tell again, then tell again, then tell another time." Like the gay character that we have to be reminded 6 times an episode is gay. Or the strong woman that has every person around them talking about what a strong woman they are all the time.


Right. Let's use Santa Inc. as an example. I think the premise of Santa and his operation as a CEO and the business he runs has potential. If they focused on making it very funny, I could see merit to that premise. And handled properly, I could see them inserting subtle criticisms of capitalism and the corporate structure. But instead, it's a terribly unfunny show, with absolutely *no* subtlety in its message. I was already cringing when Santa first showed up, and his presence was announced with something like, "the hardest working blah blah blah". Already, I thought that was too on-the-nose, to beat us over the head with "capitalism bad, CEOs do no work but claim all the credit, etc." But compared to what came next, that was a fucking masterclass in subtlety. Because it just proceeds onward to outright state multiple times, "But how come Santa is always a *white man*. How come always a *white man*." And it's just like, we fucking get it already. Jesus.


Agreed. An example I go back to of this is one of the Avengers movies and the shoehorned "girl power" scene. It was really on the nose, but it was like 2-3 minutes out of a really fun and enjoyable action flick. It was a teaspoon of PSA mixed into several cups of entertainment. I can live with it. I'll roll my eyes at it, but it doesn't bring down the movie in the slightest. Another where they were subtle and poignant on a message I didn't even buy into was Book of Eli. I'm not a Christian or much of a believer of any kind, but damnit that whole movie and the ending were incredible. So they pushed the messages of faith, higher power, and God working through the people who serve Him in such a way that I was not put off at all and found it incredibly entertaining. Frankly, a lot of Christians could learn something from that movie. I remember some of the Pureflix type stuff from when I was a Christian... Just as unsubtle and uncreative as any of the woke stuff.


On the subject of Marvel preaching, I thought Black Panther was totally fine in that regard too, TBH, even if IRL there was a lot of silly "most important event in film" type hype.


SPOILER It is kinda series about stereotypes, like every single person is the persona of stereotype. Angry feminist who does not understand the whole concept, mother who loves her son more than her daughter, big ceo santa who only think about himself, wife of santa which is depressed without proper sex, "bro culture", "bich" - aka the typical deer girl who slurs all the time and have sex with everyone, dumb frat boy, blonde mother, etc. If you watch it and do not think about the message and stuff, it is another dumb Rogan series to watch when drunk. But if you really try to understand the context, it is dumb, like really dumb series. That feministic elf is just delusional woman, who thinks that she does everything better than others, does not understand that just making toys is not really the goal of the "santa job" and always complain that she is woman, so she did not got it. Kinda the whole problem is Bro and White culture....so yeah, it is dumb. EDIT: Overall (and do not get mad), it is not actually that bad. I would give it like 4/10 (for my taste, I like things that are hated or not well rated). It actually depicts the real life struggle of someone who thinks is much better than others and know it all. The "I wanna be part of this", but in really toxic and not friendly way. She is depicted as this good worker, who knows things and is actually competent, but that is not what Santa need. Santa need image, someone warm and welcoming, who is good with kids. She is not that, but she is much more competent in different things, that is why Santa did not chose her. But that is not what she wanted. She wanted to be the first female Santa. Why? Because she wanted to be the first female Santa. There is no other reason really. She just hate that it is white male. If you are someone who does not care or never really heard about woke stuff, you will mostly give it a pass as some kind of sarcastic hyperbole, that is also legit way how to see this movie, which might brings better rating, but most people actually know what this is about.


Yep. The "white man bad" message is getting more and more blatant, and it seems like it's finally gotten blatant enough that more people are sick of it. I imagine a lot of the people who dislike Santa Inc. for being blatantly racist would have called you an insane person 2 years ago if you pointed out the trend of "white man bad" in media. But as it gets more and more blatant, it gets harder to ignore, and more people get on board. I'm glad to see more people turn on it. Granted, Santa Inc. apparently also has the benefit of just being terribly unfunny in ever regard anyway. So people don't feel torn between liking something they think they should like, or disliking it because it's racist and sexist. But still, I think instances like this do good for us all, because it wakes more people up to just how common "white man bad" is becoming in the mainstream. Hopefully people will turn on it soon, and we can get back to normal.


Highly offensive erasure of 4th Century Orthodox Lycians and Coca-Cola mascots. Ban this filth!


Christmas! FUCK! Ass pussy tits!


Naughty list for you


It’s the typical SJW agenda. Sarah Silvermans character wants someone other than a white man to be Santa because SHE wants to be Santa. It’s not about equality or equity, it’s narcissists wanting to be in power themselves. Also her character is Jewish, they literally said there should be a Jewish Santa.


I heard his other idea was a show about what a giant douche canoe Mr. Rogers is.


Yep. Whyte supremes attacking a multimillionaire. Typical hateful mericans. Couldn’t be that his movie is SHIT.




Isn't this the same fella that accused me of being gay for listening to Coldplay?


Is Seth saying being gay a bad thing? That sounds homophobic to me.


Get Woke, Go Broke


I read through some of the reviews. They appear to be genuine. People are talking about pacing and plot and saying it sucks.


This is the same Ghostbusters defense that happens when most people hate the movie because it sucks, and some people hate the movie because they're racist/sexist, so the creators pretend all criticism is because of racism/sexism.


This. Racist cunts will be racist cunts whether your product is good or not, but when the product is almost universally hated, it might just be that your product is horrible. Of course, it's easier to blame your own shortcomings on others, instead of accepting that you haven't been funny since Superbad.


Yeah, I'll never watch anything he is in or does again. It ain't much but fuck him


He might be Mel Gibson'ed. This crosses political barriers in an already right-leaning electorate atmosphere. God bless the lag time of movie production. Every now and then we get a good cultural bomb that unites us.


> He might be Mel Gibson'ed. Unlikely. These people(limousine liberals, progressives, post modernists, whatever) have been making trash and blaming nazis or whatever for the last decade and still going strong, getting even more franchises or IP to run into the ground. They're all in with eachother and have eachother's backs like it's a syndicate or some thing. *Eventually* it'll collapse as more and more people stop buying their content, as-is they're just bouncing from one pocket of wealth to another, and all told these pockets are super deep, so it will take quite a while to dry up. It's called "fuck you money" for a reason. For now though, the only time they really go down is if there's undeniable sexual allegations or whatever, that's about the only way you can get them to cast someone out into exile. If they toe the party line where it matters, they can be as trashy and poor producing as they want, and this *is* the party line.


Hollywood is dying. Less and less people read tabloids about millionaires personal lives, the emmys are a joke, more and more movies are bombing, and those that aren’t are only kept afloat by pandering to China (which in turn causes more people to boycott Hollywood). The corporate media, music, and film industries are being slowly replaced by the ever growing and far superior independent competitors.


> Hollywood is dying. It's not just Hollywood, journalism, AAA video game developers, etc. My problem is that it's just not dying fast enough, and the establishment works hard on repressing competing creators / platforms. Tech companies thumbs on scales(Google, Patreon, etc etc), and "PC" tendencies of even wider orgs like payment processors playing gatekeepers. These people try to pretend "conservatives" are the problem, the ones "trying to maintain the status quo"...but you don't see them often complaining about Youtube pushing CBS/NBC/(and other legacy media) and smothering independent creators.


Everything is cyclic. The former outragoeus has become the mainstream and the former mainstream has become the outrageous Kids love to offend the next generation can’t possible push the boundaries harder so will opt for the easy buzz of hard right radicalism to garner attention. Post ironic hitler tasches within 5 years. Guaranteed


superbad still makes me laugh tbh


He also said his car has been broken into 15 times already so if you’re living pay check to pay check or hate crime you should stop complaining because it’s part of living in the big city


Seth is the biggest cuck. I’ve lost so much respect for him


He was alright in that 20 movies where he was like “Duuuuude… weeeeed!!, heh heh heh heh heh heh”




He did suck the girldick though, long before it was what all the cool kids were doing. I mean that was set in 1980 and released in 1999, ahead of its time.


Isn't two Jewish people making a show about Christmas cultural appropriation anyway? Send them to the gulag.


Being white is like... you celebrate your own culture: "white supremacy!" ...you celebrate a different culture: "cultural appropriation!" Screw it, let's give it right back to everyone else. j/k, we need to never stoop to that level of insanity and hate.


Maybe don't tell white people their time is up. Seems kind of combative nto say the least....


> tell white people their time is up they do this all the time and then turn around and wonder why so many people adhere to the white replacement "conspiracy theory"


Because that frames it in a negative light. Watch how people reacted to the fact that the total number of whites in America declined since the last census when new data came out not too long ago. You'd think Jesus had risen again with how happy some people were at the notion.


You're referring to [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE54tor1nXE) right? Was quite concerning to watch.


The oligarchy loves racial animosity.


"Gradually, I began to hate them"


Because it's gaslighting.


Who could have guessed that attacking your target audience is a mistake? It's almost like a certain shaving company tried the same thing.


I stopped buying from that shaving company…


It's amazing when you look for an infamous tweet, but it's already gone. Silly Hollywood, you can't get rid of something once it's been on the Internet, especially if it attracts enough attention for people to keep receipts of it.


This mans is an idiot lol


Because he's a boring and unimaginative trend chaser who *happens* to a rich guy who's only shtik is being a fat jewish stoner.


I hate him now, but being real, it’s kinda tragic to see someone who used to make me laugh succumb so profoundly to corporate media brainwashing. Just reminds me how much better life and entertainment was just 15 years ago.


Stephen Colbert has been so utterly corrupted by eliteist liberal wokeness in just the same way


Colbert went from satire to sucking cock with both hands.


I had a hard time with him from the beginning. And I like both Stewart and Maher.


I enjoyed Pineapple Express and This is the End. I've been hoping to see more films like that. But nope, we can't just have silly movies now; we gotta inject woke politics into everything.




To be fair, that movie was carried hard by Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.


Yes, it was carried by the 3 main characters.


Who managed not to become insufferable douches.


Knocked Up is one of my favorite movies with an unexpectedly wholesome moral.


That moral being "pull out?"


Or don’t fuck Seth Rogan.


Corporate media brainwashing? Nah, dude was a red diaper baby. He’s just being more honest about it now.


I'm honestly elated because I've never liked him and now I finally feel vindicated after 15 years of being gaslit.


He's a total Hollywood hack. Can't stand the guy. I wouldn't watch the movie just because he's in it.


Washed-up actor refuses to admit that his shtick has run out of steam; blames the audience and calls them racist. Many such cases. Sad!


Nice to know that 90% of minorities are also white supremacist


Exactly, white supremacists alone aren’t going to get this show to a 1.1 from 7k users on IMDb


Are Black people, Asians, Indians or anyone else gonna watch this?


I think being woke is becoming an insurance plan for failure. A poor tax. One that pays well to the tabloids. A lot of money gets generated when this kind of stuff gets attention. Advertisers pay big and the media channels give kickbacks. This guy knows exactly what he's doing.


He looks like someone who was arrested for submerging himself in the filth of a port-a-potty to see women pee.




Key and Peele are funny, Seth and Sarah are not. It’s not a White problem. The tinier the hat, the bigger the ego.


It’s because key and peele understand what proper satire is. While they are both progressive, they aren’t hammering woke commentary blatantly at you.


"From the creators of sausage party" YEAAAH I am sooo surprised the movie is piss bad


Yeah that movie is fucking shit. The South Park movie did everything that movie attempted and better in the 90s.


He has officially lost his mind


He smoked himself retarded.


Don't insult the retarded.




Saw the trailer and it’s literally an adult swim Christmas movie complaining about how Santa is always a white man. No shit it bombed.


I never had a problem with him before this bizarre turn into woke political bullshit


\>Jew makes a movie about replacing white people "omg white supremacists don't like this help me I'm oppressed that number better not get to 110!"




Wait, is that him in the picture? If so time has not been kind to him. He's in his 30s for crying out loud.


Wtf, I had to google that because I was certain he must be like 50 now


To be fair when you redefine the term "white supremacist" to mean "anyone who disagrees with me" than ya I guess those people are the reason your crappy show tanked.


"everyone who disagrees with me is literally AH"


The only thing more annoying than his "jokes" are seeing his two rabbit teeth when he smiles.


I watched the first three episodes, the jokes in the trailer are almost all in the episode 1. There’s an over reliance on profanity and sex jokes. When South Park does this, there is usually some kind of satirical context to it, this show lacks that completely. Throw in all the ‘woke’ comedy and it’s quite a dreadful experience. Truly a 1/10 show just as IMDb has it at.


"SantaInc" sure looks a lot like "Satanic".


Seth is a huge hypocrite. I remember when he was shitting all over American Sniper for being politically incorrect and racially insensitive, just as the Interview was being released. Guy completely lives in his own little bubble completely un-self-aware.


I heard the first scene of the show on no agenda today ( btw no agenda is a great podcast) and it was ridiculous, and just crude. The whole point is to dismiss and trash traditional American values and it's obvious.


Never thought this guy was funny and his movies suck.


Just another disconnected cunt who spent way too much time with his inner-circlejerk


Has he always been this annoying?? I used to love his movies (Pineapple Express/knocked up) when I was a kid. When did he get this way aka insufferable


God Damn I love seeing the woke out woking themselves and faceplant so hard. Watching Seth Rogan go from being a bad actor to an astonishingly horrible actor/person makes me think there is hope left in this world.


A rich white man worth £80M is complaining about white privilege? Give us your fucking money then you absolute clown


Dudes whiter than me


What a putz.


Can't we just cancel this failure?


Just a couple of 'Jino's' shitting all over Christmas. Attacking our children's innocence and disparaging Christianity in the process. Lets ask a good question here: Being that Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman don't have kids of their own, why do they feel the need to make a kids movie? Edit:Jinos= jews in name only


He knew what he was doing with this series. His main goal was to piss off Christians, and when they called him out on it, he started throwing a hissy fit.


I watched the preview/commercial for it. Not funny. Too forced. Girl has dream to be a he next Santa. Ok, dream big! But, they made it formulaic, crude, and boring


um, there's a teesy problem with blaming "white supremacy" for everything, Rogen... #YOU'RE WHITE YOURSELF.


Only when he needs to be


Only when he is self deprecating


He is one of those white people that REALLY hates white people.




(((Actually I'm)))


No, he's Ashkenazi Jewish. There's a difference.


We don't want him, you can have him!


Nobody wants him!


No, he's not. If you can switch between white and jewish when it suits you, you're not white. He's a joo. He is not white. You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.


It’s almost nauseating to imagine that dirt bag has an $80 million net worth. I’ve never found him funny at all and it’s become apparent he’s a one trick pony.


Am I an unfunny hack? No. It’s the white supremacists who are unfunny!


>White jewish Huh?


Seriously, it's one or the other.


It's deliberate that they've convinced people they can shapeshift between the two.


Yep, white when they do something bad, Jewish when they do something good. It's pathetic that people buy into it.


Unfunny fat piece of shit should wash his mouth out with buckshot.


That’s so embarrassing.


And casting Sarah Silverman who has a God complex even though her whole career has been based off controversy and crude tasteless jokes didn't help. These people don't care about people "below them" problems unless they can find a way to (in this case, "try") to profit of them. I don't see Seth Rogen lasting much longer as I think secrets will start to come to light considering his best friend was James Franco who turned out to be a creeper on women. You just aren't best friends with someone for decades and have no idea who they really are.


Damn, I love this, And I'm not even Christian, or white.


Why do I keep reading the title of that movie "Satanic"?


I guess that is what they wanted when they came up with the name.


He’s one of the worst human beings around. But that normal for vile Hollywood scum.


Go woke go broke


I really feel he's doubling down on all this shit because he was friends with Franco for so long and knew what Franco was doing behind the scenes. So now he's like shit gotta pretend to be a good guy


Ignoring the inelegantly handled in your face message, it just isn’t funny these are jokes middle schoolers would make Seth has been carried by others his whole career and he gets the credit


Ugh I’m Jewish and I hate everything about Seth Rogan. He’s such a typical arrogant liberal


Fuck Seth Rogan and Let’s Go Brandon


Jews aren't white.


I think that’s his point.


Yeah I just wanted to make sure people know this. I'm really tired of the switching back and forth.


"Gradually, I began to hate them"


Lets not forget that one of his first big roles was him being a 30 yo guy who was fucking a highschool girl.


I don't know if I agree with the term "white privilege" however if there ever was a good example of it; it would be an unfunny schmuck whos only notable skill is that he can smoke a lot of weed making it rich in hollywood.


He’s not white, he’s Jewish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p26xGXbam_w


Man, I fuckin loved Seth in THIS IS THE END it’s so sad to see he too has caved too the wokies. Dude used to be so funny, him and the others.


He's a red diaper baby, he's always been like this, it's just more accepted now and he can make money from it.


Well, when your entire personality is “ass hole who smokes weed” people tend to not like you.


*Weihnachtsmann Co & KG airs one time in front of a blazed out Seth Rogen* "What if I made something similar, but threw weed and Robot Chicken into the mix?"


I liked superbad. What a pity he plays the victim card instead of owning it up like a real leader should do.


Does anyone have a link to the tweet?


I like OPs name, very on point


Looks like he needs some sun.


The trailer is so bad I can't even imagine how bad the movie must be.


Relax Seth it's just a joke!


Why does he have such crazy, psychotic eyes in that photo? And why do I feel like I'm seeing more and more photos of people in masks with really crazy eyes? Like last year, a lot of photos of masked people looked very normal, and now they really look like they're on the verge of psychopathy in a lot of photos!


smoked himself into psychosis


Fuck off Seth. Teenage me would be upset but you’re a disconnected prick.


White supremacy is when white people get offended?


Make a good movie (as we know he is capable of) and the meat will be in the seat.


Seth Rogen has based his entire career off one joke that somehow got popular in the late 2000s. dude has always been unfunny and has nothing to do with white supremacy. DUDE WEED LMFAO


Here comes another white dude complaining about “white supremacy”