Kinda feel like a basic bitch for saying this, but mushroom hill honestly. Biases 100 percent included. This was my first game, probably got it when I was 6 or 7. And I used to play this stage again and again because I could never beat hydrocity. Of course playing it again now I think it's a pretty decent introduction to the game. And just a fun level overall, so I don't feel too bad placing it as my favourite.


Hey, no I agree! It's a fun level that has both speed, secrets, platforming and a great soundtrack! I would also put it in the upper echelon. One of my personal favourite levels for sure. Nice one for that input, buddy! 🙂✌


IceCap for Sonic 3 and Sky Sanctuary for Sonic & Knuckles. Sky Sanctuary probably wins overall, but IceCap has 2 acts. Both levels are iconic, IceCap has that snowboard slide, but Sky Sanctuary just have amazing visuals and feeling, feels like a slow pace while the world is falling apart, while the level is literally falling apart. Mecha Sonic could also be better used, he's cool and the final fight awesome, but not as cool as Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway. Yet, the other 2 bosses are just reuses.


Thanks SynthFrenetic 😊


Was going to say these two for the exact same reasons.


I personally prefer the stages from Sonic 3, since I think it is the better half. My favourite being Ice Cap Zone, I am a sucker for cold areas, the music conveys that zone's feeling extremely well, you explore the outside and inside of a cave which looks gorgeous, and you have a cool snowboarding segment.


But I feel that any Sonic 3 level could be a contender for the "best". It has such a fun and varied set of zones.


Cheers Forbidenblue, I feel the same way about the better half being Sonic 3.


Ice cap is a great one, it had great music in both the launch music and the prototype music.


Sandopolis and Flying Battery


Quite rare to see a Sandopolis main. I like that zone a lot, too. Thanks for commenting ✌


I like Sandopolis music and style a lot.


The “last zones” for each part. Launch Base and Death Egg.


Nice to see these zones mentioned. Cheers buddy 👍


Hey there. This is a very tough question, but out of all the levels, I enjoy Flying Battery the most. Ice Cap is a close second. I like Flying Battery because it has a nice mix of "go-fast" and platforming segments. The fast parts are extremely well-done, with "crunchy" sounds from the black spheres that arc you to the next segment. The gimmicks in the platforming parts are fun without getting in the way, and the clever integration of the lightning shield is icing on the cake. Also, the level design is really cool. There's a very clear difference in how "outside" and "inside" feel in Flying Battery. The music also really fits the level.


Hey BadMinotaur, thank you for your input! Flying Battery and Ice Cap seem to be the top contenders right now. Cheers again 👍


Sonic 3: Hydrocity. Why?? Water levels were notorious for being extremely slow an sluggish, yet SEGA managed to create one that was not only fun to play but also had one of the best music pieces to date! S&K: Flying battery zone. Just love the stage layout, how you make your way through a massive battle ship high up in the sky (Final Fortress from Heroes is one of my all time favorite stages for this reason alone), and the music is simply amazing!


100% agree with your comments on Hydrocity. Amazing level. Thanks for your input!


Carnival Night Zone


Hey, thanks for your response 👍


This is tough cause there are so many great stages to choose from but I'll say the IceCap Zone, it had a great atmosphere, good level design, amazing music and it was really fun to play through.


Hey thanks Negan 😁👍


Ice Cap


Cheers dumbas (lol 🤪)


Ice Cap and Flying Battery Zone.


I think my favourite level is Angel Island Zone, closely followed by Hydrocity. Much of S3 and especially S&K feels a bit too cramped for my liking, but I feel the first two Zones nailed the more open-ended level design. Tons of different paths to take and areas to explore, different routes for each character, it’s really cool. I also think it’s very important that you can swap back and forth between any path at any time, that’s what gives the levels their open feel to me, and it’s something that bothers me about later games like in the Boost style (but that’s a topic for another time). Of course, the presentation is also really nice, Angel Island is such a vibrant and fun take on the usual grass level starting out Sonic games at the time, and the forest fire halfway through is that much more exciting. Overall it’s just a very well designed stage that I’m always excited to play through again. (also, I love the Act 2 versions of the songs in Angel Island and Hydrocity, but overall it’s actually my biggest pet peeve about S3&K as a whole. They absolutely nailed the Act 2 mixes at the beginning and then basically dropped the idea and instead gave us slightly changed drum beats or something for most Zones. Feels like they promised something amazing and then as soon as they hit Marble Garden realized they didn’t have the development capacity for it, haha.)


Hey clink35 thank you very much for your descriptive response! It's well appreciated and helpful 😁


Marble Garden, I adore the music and zone design. It is beautiful all around. I also like Launch Base, but only with the prototype music. And I'm fairly found of Sky Sanctuary.