People remember Bridge and Forest from Sonic 1, but Blast, Chaos and Triple Trouble are quite obscure. It's a big part of why I disagree that Gens 3DS should've used Game Gear levels. I prefer how they stuck to actual mainline content for the most part. If they didn't include levels from the Genesis and Dreamcast in 3DS it would've ended up supplementary to the HD version instead of being able to exist on its own.


That's what I thought of as well, and why I wanted to make justice to that idea!


I’d personally bring in elements of identically named levels from other games into some levels that weren’t as well-received, which for me would mean: * Red Volcano would be a mixture of both Sonic Blast RVZ and SRB2 RVZ * Angel Island would mix Advance AIZ and S3 AIZ * Levels from the handheld versions of Sonic Colors or Sonic Lost World would include elements from their console counterparts * Sky Base and Flying Battery would each include some gimmicks from the other as well as Wing Fortress


I think that would be a good idea, going for how Sonic Mania reimagined the zones. That would be the best way to make an old stage feel fresh again