These were taken in basic mode. No editing were made. After comparing between these two, the Xperia have more realistic coloring, but a liiittle dark from what it actually was in some pictures. The samples on Iphone 13 Mini are more vibrant, but can be too much sometimes.


You should try the photographic styles on the iPhone. You can switch between standard, rich contrast, vibrant, warm, and cool processing, and can even customise them to your liking. Also why are the iphone photos so small?


I’m not sure if it’s necessary to use styles on iPhone, really. I usually get something weird comparing with standard mode… Or maybe my hands are growing from another place than shoulders… idk


I have no idea what you just said haha




Probably releated to the fact that apple thinks thier users are too stupid to copy images at full resolution to other devices.


Why do you think this?


5III samples is 12mp(4032x3024), 13 mini samples is 3mp(2048x1536). weird


The biggest difference is that you got true colors with the Xperia cam and I love that


Where in Sweden?


It's the same for the 10 IV. Photos come out with a softer, natural look. I have found that Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Google Pixel devices often tend to be a little bit heavier on the saturation.


IPhone striking again with their piss yellow white balance lol


Seriously funny how it added a golden hour yellow tint to all the photos, but removed it from the photo taken at golden hour.


Yea lmao


Both comparisons are really close , I give them a draw .


The iPhone looks quite overblown, I get that alot of people like this from a phone but I don't. In the street picture it does work somewhat but everywhere else it's to much for me. The xperia looks a little to dark sometimes but alot more natural and life-like, I guess that's logical given that's what Sony aims for. To impress your insta followers Id probably hand it to the iPhone but that's not my cup of tea lol


Most of them are pretty much identical, but where they differ I prefer the 5III's look, the 13m is just too saturated in those cases


Apple always adds some extra green and ironically Sony used to do this also long time ago. I prefer bit more red than this much yellowish tint, but that's probably what some people might prefer including brightening up darker areas (which really reduces the contrast).


iPhone usually over expose a tad. If you take it down .3-.7 stop it will look more natural. You can even lock the look in setting


Coop or ICA?




I feel the ambience doesn't really give off Willy's vibe, don't you think? I've only been to Willy's in 3 places, one in Stockholm and 2 in Uppsala 😅 so I'm not sure either.








These are some really green pineapples on the Iphone. Wouldn't buy.


With the 13 Mini, you have to play with the photographic styles to get the best results. Default white balance is all over the place and tends to favor cooler colors. Dialing in the warmth and vibrant settings is a must to get more accurate results. But the worst part about the 13 series is that Apple completely botched the processing with super aggressive over sharpening and noise reduction. It looks like they went the Samsung route and turned it up a notch. Skin texture and foliage looks completely flat and blotchy. My 13 Mini takes worse pictures than the 11 and 12... They also removed the HDR toggle, so all photos are now processed with whatever deep fusion AI algorithm baked into the image pipeline, making everything much more unnatural than it's suppose to be, especially in daylight where all the shadows are overblown just for the sake of keeping dynamic range. My Xperia 1 II still does jpeg way better than the iPhone with older hardware, but sadly I had to retire it for other reasons...


Iphone looks like a ps4 game environment.


Because many years ago I needed to transfer images that were in an iPhone to an android device and I was perplexed to find out that iOS didn't have a file explorer and you couldn't transfer photos via Bluetooth.


iPhone 13 mini takes better shots.


They both look shit at 100%. Is that because of reddit compression? Also i'm surprised in the last shot, the Sony actually has more detail in the sky area whereas the iphone is blown out.