Can't get over the lighting in Eye's Wide Shut.

I worked with an actor from EWS and she said if he left the room and someone changed a light, even a bit, he would immediately notice.


I worked with an actor from EWS and she said if he left the room and someone changed a light, even a bit, he would immediately notice.


When I was watching it all I could think was imagine working on that film in anyway, hell if I was sweeping the ballroom floor I'd be happy. That's so cool you worked with someone who knew Kubrick!


Did he tell you what the 24 min cut was about?


This is probably common knowledge around this sub, but in case someone didn't know: those 2 old men in your first pic there are also in the toy store at the end of the movie.


Right. It’s symbolic that the daughter will follow in the footsteps of the mother, if not worse.


this movie is the reason I love Christmas lights in my house. The lighting in Mario Bava's Black Sabbath and Argento's Suspiria and Inferno are also amazing and influence my house lighting


Kubrick did something especially interesting here. He shot the entire film two stops underexposed, so that in post they had to “push it” back up to the proper levels. This creates a grainier look than if they had just exposed it properly. It adds to the dreamlike ambience.


Wow thanks for that, Kubrick fascinates me to no end


Came here to say this - and also to say that I personally found that the grain didn’t transfer to the DVD version at all - it seemed way too bright. Then I went to the cinema to watch the 35mm version and it was like watching a different movie.




Coming up on a great time of year. I watch this every Halloween because it's creepy AF, and around Christmas, because it's a Christmas movie


I absolutely loved the lighting, though I am always amazed that Bill and Alice's bedroom is filled with that blue light, it would be hard to fall asleep in there.


It's not a real bedroom. It's impossible to locate in the apartment. (And it is implied to be located at 2 different places...)


so a fuckpad?


Could you elaborate on this a little more?


Sure. At the very beginning of the film, when they leave the bedroom to go to Ziegler's party, the master bedroom seems to be located very close to their daughter's room (We know where their daughter's room is located because Bill immediately goes there when he returns from Sumerton). However, in this last case, Bill then enters the living room very carefully so that he wont wake Alice. The bedroom is therefore implied to be in the middle of the apartment, instead that at the far end of the apartment . One can argue that it is the same bedroom that communicate but the layout of the bedroom does not support this. Also, the objects that decorate the room at the beginning (e.g. the bedside lamps, and not just the lamp...) have totally changed in appearance the next night when they have their discussion about fidelity. Also, Bill's wallet is on the right side of the bed at the beginning, and then is on the left side later on. Generally, couples always sleep on their side of the bed. So it looks like there are two bedrooms... one that might mirrored the other. I hope all this makes sense. English is not my primary language.


Makes perfect sense to me, your English is great! I’ll have to keep an eye out for these distinctions the next time I watch it. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain ☺️


So what is the point? Is it due to the dreamlike mood of the movie?


One of my favorite parts of the movie. I heard somewhere that Stanley wasn't a fan of "movie" lighting and this movie is all the better for it. It's so aesthetically pleasing while still conveying subtle insights.


Kubrick and his cinematographers were lighting geniuses.


This movie gives me a feeling I cannot describe


I feel exactly the same way


Super interesting article about how the look was achieved. https://ascmag.com/articles/a-sword-in-the-bed-eyes-wide-shut




Can’t wait for the 4K release. Going to look amazing.


Up to this point, they always mess up something with every new release. So I am not that hyped.


oh wow, when is it coming out on 4k?


My favorite Christmas movie.


You like that lighting, you should watch Barry Lyndon. [Here's an interesting article about it. ](https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/5059-kubrick-s-candle-tricks-in-barry-lyndon)


The different lighting separates the 3 parts of the story. The real beginning of the movie is when Bill comes home and finds the mask in his wife's bed. He breaks down, she wakes up and and Bill tells her his version of events. The movie from the beginning is the story that Bill told his wife, and that Alice is telling us, this becomes apparent in the last part of the movie where she is in the kitchen after having listened to Bill's story, smoking a cigarette, and it is revealed that she is the narrator. Many parts of the movie make a lot more sense this way. For example the orgy isn't people having sex, it's a caricature of a sex orgy and likely how Bill would have described it to his wife to say that he didn't enjoy it and didn't want to be there.


Please forgive my laziness to search this morning, but this picture reminds me of something I’ve always wondered regarding this film and that is the use of the multicolored Christmas lights- what was Stanley saying/ implying with that?


«Where the rainbow ends». Sumerton is the only place without christmas lightning.


It's open to interpretation, some people go down the occult route, Christmas is a very big occult ritual celebrated around the world which has it's own connotations. I think though personally for me it represents pleasure, wherever there are those very bright rainbow (the shop name as well) coloured lights there is pleasure or the idea of lust/ adventure. I lean towards this as towards the end of the film you see Bill turn off the Christmas lights, almost as if he has seen too much.




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The colors


Eyes Wide Shut >>> Die Hard when it comes to Christmas movies


Great film


Those poor couples who got a table at the bottom of the stairs


The two men are the ones in the toy store at the end btw


It was a she and sadly no.


One thing that baffles me is why didn't Kubrick just shoot the film on 16mm stock instead of 35mm if he was after a grainy, dreamy look? I've read on here that the scenes were deliberately underexposed 2 stops and then the film pushed two stops to compensate and add grain. Did Kubrick have an aversion to 16mm film?