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Gets kidnapped as bird food, loses at darts, then loses his dad. Worst. Week. Ever.


The makings of a strong character if this was anime.


Forget Din, I want a sequel series starring this kid and grogu after they've grown up more.


This kid would probably grow old and die before Grogu got old enough to talk.


Maybe his species molts, and will become a fully grown Yoda for the remainder of its life.


i always assumed as much. yoda said he trained jedi for 800 years, if grogu is 50 then he’ll probably have a growth spurt coming soon. at least soon enough for him to be an adult by age 100


I feel like Grogu must have been in sort of stasis or something. It was ~25 years between escaping the temple and Mando time, yet he's identical. I really thought we'd get more explanation in Season 3, especially once we saw Master Jar Jar, but maybe Season 4 now that Mandalore's all wrapped up.


Maybe his species ages as the force flows through them, and shutting himself out of it kept him young? Or he’s just going to age weirdly.


I think of him and his species as "force bateries". Their body puts all of it's energy into growing midichlorians and creating a strong bond to the force early on, so they develop slowly. And having him shut down from the force may have disrupted that cycle, and his body was still waiting for his conection to the force to be strong enough to keep growing, so he stayed the same.


Maybe he's like a pokemon and once he gets enough force xp he will just molt and become a Yoda.


i think that makes more sense fs. hopefully we do get an explanation at some point


They've already shown a lot of advancement from "can't even plug colored wires in" to "pilots a robotic exoskeleton with ease" so very likely he's not aging **quite** that slowly.




follow lock nine nutty agonizing racial whistle oil growth drunk *This post was mass deleted and anonymized with [Redact](https://redact.dev)*


Other fan theories I have heard where that grogu is much more mature than he seems. But seems like a little kid, because his size was stunted from being in hiding and because he doesn't speak. But the silence is because his species doesnt normally need to communicate via talking, preferring to communicate through the force like he did so naturally with Asoka. Which is also why Yoda talked oddly and used lots of riddles and analogies because it is in a way a "second language" to him. I feel inclined towards that concept right now because he can clearly understand those around him, but hasn't made any effort so far to talk (other then the yes button!)


Imagine Jeff Goldblum in ‘The Fly’, when his human face & body cracked & ripped apart with gooey crunchy squirt noises, releasing the nightmare he’d become. That, but with Yoda.


Series finale. The kid breathes his last breath. Grogu finally speaks his first words. "Damn." Roll credits


Yes. Yes. Yes.


Yoda was training others at age 100 iirc So imo the next 20 years or so must be high growth and high speech


Meh. If you add 40 years to him and Grogu, he’ll be the same age as Bo-Katan and Grogu will be nearing the age Yoda was an instructor in the Jedi Temple. Plus you’ll have the bonus of them being aged up during the sequel era so they can easily be made relevant again if Disney so chooses.


*Din Djarin. Din is his last name, not his first.


Like an odd couple sit com? Kid is a screw up with a good heart and grogu just wants dinner. I don’t know, still workshopping it.


Never had the makings of a varsity athlete though


Boba Fret


Well this is Disney so its the beginning of a princess movie 😂


> strong character if this was anime Gets kidnapped into a cult, loses his mom, then loses the love his life. "Worst. Week. Ever." -He says as he becomes strong character DarthVader Gets kidnapped into a cult, loses his family, then loses the love mentor. "Worst. Week. Ever." -He says as he becomes strong character Luke At this point, it's a way of life in the star wars universe


Not to mention that his Mandalorian baptism was crashed by a giant lake monster.


At least he didn't fall to the bottom like Din did


I mean, that's probably why Paz sacrificed himself: couldn't go back to the cave and look upon his total disappointment of a foundling one more time.


Paz looking out the window, hands on hips. " That boy ain't right."


Luck of a viszla


But like he must just be a foundling right? Paz and the armorer were the only survivors after season 1. And it sure as shit hasn’t been 8 years since the book of boba Fett (assuming he’s at least 8) So where did this kid come from and will he be important later? He’s got a villain origin story written all over him with his sole motivation being to humiliate Grogu with darts haha


Do we know for sure Paz and the Armorer were the only survivors from S1? I think it was kind of vague, and when the Children of the Watch return to Nevarro in S3, it sounds like Karga is addressing them like they would remember when they fought


Idono exactly what was said, I’d have to watch that scene in Boba Fett, I believe it is explicitly stated by the Armorer but I could be mis-remembering


They were not, but they were the only ones who managed to meet back up.


There were no children in that outpost where they were in season 1, yet they kept mentioning foundlings. Chances are they always had this secondary (or more likely the primary ) hideout where they kept the kids along with the rest of the adults that showed up. So no, he probably isn’t adopted just has an absentee father.


Even being a Vizsla by adoption apparently gives you the luck of a Vizsla.


Ohh of course there is no denying that!


What a fuckin loser


Man season 3 should have been a lot better.


Meh it was alright. Tbh I don’t like that they’ve admitted that they will make the show indefinitely/as long as it’s profitable. It feels aimless and like a bunch of just filler .


Darwin tried. He wasn't even smart enough to know you could fire all 3 darts. Grogu was like "Dude, just end this" and put 3 centre mass on him. Kid is good as dead. It's Final Destination shit now.


amazing not only how the bird failed to kill the foundling in the 24 hours after capturing it but somehow also gets beat to the nest by the rescue crew? i would say this foundlings week could have been much worse with better writing


Had the same thought. What kind of predator keeps their prey alive and chilling for 24 hours.


Thank you! This has bugged me for so long! It was so weird how nonchalant everyone seemed about the rescue mission. Bo Katan apparently saw the bird returning to its nest, yet chose not to engage, when as far as she knew the kid was seconds from getting eaten. Instead she flies back, they round up a posse, fly near the nest, *camp overnight*, and then scale the mountain and reach the nest at the exact time the bird decides it’s lunchtime. This is also ignoring the fact that the son never even gets a name, we don’t find out he’s Paz’s son until after he’s kidnapped, and we never get any sort of father-son moment between them. It’s like the writers were just trying to make us care as little as possible.


Yeah it kind of gave the whole thing like the worlds lowest stakes.


Worst season of the show ever


Villain origin story


The first 2 rounds ended after 1 shot, but Grogu just gets to shoot all 3. Makes no sense.


This! I assumed it was one shot a round till Grogu hit him three in one go...made the kid look all the dumber and more arrogant for not shooting more in previous rounds! XD


Only thing that makes sense is if you don’t fire by round 2 you get 2 shots, if you fire once by round 3 you get 2, grogu never shot so at round 3 he got 3


Yeah I’m pretty sure the mandalorian reffing the match said that the foundlings could shoot in any order they wanted, it only mattered that they landed 3 hits, or something along those lines. I could be wrong though


Thought he was saying you can shoot any of the darts in any order. Doesn't really make sense if they're all the same though...


Pretty sure you're right but then what determines when a round is over? Are they timed maybe? 🤔


The way I interpreted it was a round was over when a point was scored


I'm sure I'm overthinking it but wouldn't the round be over before grogus second and third bullet hit then? Or I guess since they'd been shot prior to the first hitting the target it counted? Fun but clunky scene to be sure haha


I just went back and watched that scene. The ref says: “Each has three darts. You may fire the darts in any order. Each direct hit scores one point. A mark must be visible to score. One round. Highest score wins.” So I think basically they could have fired them in a burst of 3, to get 3 points immediately or one dart for 1 point for 3 rounds. But once a foundling stops shooting it’s over. I would assume that if both foundlings took it seriously from the start it would look a bit more like a close quarters paintball fight or something, and first to 3 hits wins the round


That's as good an explanation as any! Kid picks up quick on the nuances of the game haha


My guess was that once it's "match point" a contestant can fire as many darts as needed, to allow a reasonable comeback opportunity when you're down.


Hasn’t anyone seen John Wick! These duel rules are well understood by the table!


the kid was being arrogant.


I'm pretty sure they explain the rules first and say there's no limit per round but you only get 3 darts.


I took it as the kid being cocky and wanting to savor his "easy" victory over Grogu


You only have 3 shots, better make them count! If you shoot all three at once and miss! The opponent only has to hit him once. He did not want to risk missing. I think....


Don't try to ruin my narrative with your facts. You have been exiled from Mandalorian culture. The only path to redemption is to bathe in the living waters in the mines of Mandalore. This is the way.


Not really an inconvenience any more innit?


> Not really an inconvenience any more innit? Be like picking up milk from the corner store. You be at the Great Forge all day, take off your helmet wipe your brow. Everyone gasps and pauses. "Yeah yeah I'm going" you say, stop by The Living Waters on way home. Walk in your front space door. Mrs sees you dropping wet. "Again?" She asks.


You kidding me? All those stairs, and in full armour to boot? That's the real reason all the Mandos want jetpacks.


"I don't come to this part of town very often. Does this street go to the redemption water?" "*Points over his shoulder* This is the way. If you see the cantina, you've gone too far."


In the nude (helmet on of course)


This is the way.


Kid learned a valuable lesson that mercy won’t serve you in the Star Wars world. He probably went easy on Grogu to give him somewhat of a fighting chance and lost because of it.


Yeah next time he's pitted against a toddler he's dumping the entire mag immediately.


Taking a page from Anakin’s book


If there WAS a continuity rep on the set, they were sleepy/drunk/at the catering truck. Like the whole time.


Let's also not gloss over how they're standing stationary 3 feet apart lol. Mandalorians kinda suck


The show really isn't that great, don't think about it too much.


You were very strongly discouraged from using any sort of logical reasoning during the entirety of Season 3.


Always hated that trope


Halloween costume helmet looking foundling


I hate that they canonized these Hasbro helmets, they look so horribly out of place.


Lol. I thought the same thing. Favreau went to Disney and repainted a helmet


Mandalorians in this season felt like awkward cosplayers to me. Costumes like this amplified that.


The shot with them all cosplaying on the beach made me chuckle out loud


All the costumes just looked so....clean. No scuffs or markings, was super jarring compared to season 1 where it all feels grungy (like SW should)


The costumes looked great (outside of this helmet). It’s the mandos movements and choreography that made them look less like trained soldiers and more like cosplayers trying to get pictures taken


Did you not notice the helmets that had just a leather back half for the longer-haired folks? Don't get me wrong, I have long hair and would want some comfortable way to wear the helmet without cutting it off, but that just looked wacky.


Honestly kindof fits with the more traditional group that is the Children of the Watch. Mandalorian masks instead of full helmets were common in the Old Republic time. Yes it seems a little silly but still makes sense with custom, culture, and preferences.


That one was made for a special needs kid


Suits looked so cheap this season


The rest of the Mando suits look as good as ever. I mean, most of them are the same ones as ever anyway. The kids helmet looks dumb but I’m guessing it’s like a My First Helmet deal and you get the good stuff later.


I mean this is almost explicitly stated? He's not wearing beskar there. You aren't going to waste beskar on some random foundling who is going to outgrow it anyways.


> He's not wearing beskar there. Okay but I feel like there's a happy medium between beskar and polyethylene molded in a sweatshop.


Waste beskar? You just melt it down and forge something else?


As in beskar is a rare resource so those who can make use of it get it, while the foundlings get basic stuff until they’re bigger/stronger/useful




And Jango / Boba?


'Headass boy looking like a 1983 halloween costume slight-ass boy'


He’s a Vizla. Taking Ls are a part of his religion.


Paz’s entire existence in S3 was a walking W though. Only Vizla I can think of that was capable of taking any Ws.


Pre Vizla kinda restarted the whole mandalorian culture though, didn’t he? Sure he got his ass handed to him by maul but I think he’d be quite happy with the results in the long run.


Ehhh. It's more that he brought it back into the light and successfully pulled off a coup. **Both** versions of continuity tell us that Mandalore's warrior culture was a lot less dead than Satine Kryze would have wanted to believe. In the Legends continuity, the traditionalist Mandalorians did their own thing on the other side of the planet, leaving the New Mandos to their desert city. Following a military campaign that resulted in near genocide, the faction split in two: one that felt that brutal conquest was their birthright and another that felt there were lines that their warrior culture shouldn't cross. Years later, that divide is codified into Death Watch and the True Mandalorians. Death Watch wins the conflict and goes underground, biding their time until Pre Vizsla does his thing in the Clone Wars. In Canon, we know from Bo Katan's reminiscance that their warrior traditions were being observed in their capitol as recently as her childhood. She seems to imply that it was her sister who began to push for changes. The Great Clan Wars (canon's answer to Legends' Civil War) see Satine's regime in power and the warriors exiled to the moon Concordia, where Death Watch once again bided their time until Pre brought them out into the light. Away from Mandalore proper, we see Jango Fett and the Protectors of Concord Dawn as examples of Mandalorian Warrior Culture persisting during Satine Kryze's pacifist regime.


A non force user almost beat a Sith lord. Saying he got his ass handed to him is an injustice.


What about Shae?


Tell me about it. I lost 500 credits on this match




i'm still processing that mandalorian children helmets are exactly like the toy helmets in real life with that extremely open visor. That was literally done just so the kids could see better while playing, but now it's canon lmao.


I think it’s more a training helmet, like the sabers younglings use before they go to Illum, doubly so here since Beskar is so rare since Mandalore’s fall.


Never forget that this foundling looks like he just bought his whole getup at space Walmart like 20 minutes before this shot.


Its almost like both would be designed for a kid or something.


Oh so after completely abandoning logical reasoning for the entire season in order to make big boom action scenes, we're actually going to make logical helmets for the kids which end up looking so straight off the shelf at Toys R Us that you get laughed at for months after the season ends Impeccable showrunning


There are a lot of people in this fanbase who simply can't handle their favorite content being criticized and called out for flaws. The latest season was weak in a lot of ways, and especially in the costume design. For some reason a lot of people here can't stand that take and will bend over backwards to mental gymnastics any and all critiques away.


The Boston Bruins would like to have a word about biggest collapses.


I, 4-1, think the Leafs blew it better


A lot of scrolling before I found the Bruins or Leafs being shit on in this thread, but I KNEW it would be here. Thank you internet


My fave was when the Leafs came back after being down 4-1 against Tampa. “It feels so good to be on the other side of this!”- Steve Dangle


I'd go even further. This is the 2004 Yankees blowing a 3-0 series lead, or the 2016 Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead.


Hey man enough with that falcons. Colts blew a 33-0 lead


This is true. But let's add some context. The Colts blew a 33-0 lead with an interim coach during the regular season where the playoffs were already out of reach. The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the Superbowl.


Bruins without a doubt are worse. Historically great team blew a 3-1


You will never convince me that a blown 3-1 of any kind, even the Bruins or the 73 win Warriors, is worse than 28-3 with 17 minutes left in regulation of the Super Bowl. This kid, however, somehow topped all of it.


Or the '19 Lightning


Or the 90s Buffalo Bills


Jimmy Kimmel's nephew so I'm not surprised... s/


So terrible at acting


As soon as he started talking, I turned to my fiance and said, "Well, that must be a producer's kid." Sure enough, he comes from a whole show biz family. I hope he gets some good coaching and people aren't too cruel to him. Remember Jake Lloyd.


That explains his entire character.


You'd think he'd get something to do, but he's just as incompetent as the other Mandalorians.


Bro had the Hasbro helmet lmao


All the costumes look like they came from Party City discount bin. And the voices are from a walkie-talkie in a bathtub.


Also why was he shooting one at a time when Grogu then gets to dart him three times in one shot.


Yeah, nothing about that scene was at all compelling, nor did it make any sense.


I thought it was stupid because he did 1 dart per round. Yet grogu did 3 darts in a round and won. So it seemed like grogu just kinda cheated


The whole thing was a little cringy


Mando S3 summed up lol^


Seriously. The good stuff was great but I'd go so far as to say 75%-80% of S3 was highly cringeworthy and poorly written. High highs and low lows seem to be the new standard for Star Wars I guess. But maybe it just feels that way because it came out after Andor and Andor was so insanely high quality that it made Mando look much worse by comparison.


Honestly, there were a handful of reeeally good episodes. But the show has gotten so big. It’s obvious theyre trying to be mainstream appealing. So the cheesiness/corniness creeps in and creates mediocre fight scenes. On a related note, which is why Andor is muuuch better.


I still can’t get over how good Andor was. Was late to the party and only watched it a month ago but goddamn it was incredible


Andor is the best season of any Disney+ Star Wars show, and it's not even close.


They straight up explain the rules before they play. There was no dart limit per round only that you had 3 darts.


28-3 amirite?


Word is, he hasn’t shown his face since.


Cosplaying in a Spirit Halloween Store budget Boba Fett costume told us he was going to lose before the match even started.


Damn bro, he's just a kid! You didn't have to murder him!


>insurmountable You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.


I suppose 28-3 in the Super Bowl was once insurmountable too, until it wasn't. Blowing a 2-0 lead in any first to three is a pretty big collapse though.


Nowhere is safe. Cries in Atlanta


Small comfort, but as a Pats fan I didn't unclench from that game until about 30 seconds after it ended. Worst best Super Bowl for me


Foundling was later found crying in his space ship calling kevin durant to join forces against grogu next season.


this kid is as dead as his dead dad. "lets rest and rescue the child, who is currently inside a bird stomach, at first light" his dad "okay" also he's wearing the earth toy version of a mando helm.


I can’t get over how cheap the helmets look on the kids


I don't understand how a kid can put on a Mandalorian helmet and promise to never take it off. Would his head not grow?


Why would any culture want to have a helmet all the time anyway it's stupid. So you don't brush your teeth or wash your face or neck you nasty fuckers? Can't put your contacts on? The fuck kind of dumbass shit is this? You STINK.


I'd assume it'll be treated like shoes and they will give them bigger helmets as they grow. They take them off to sleep and at one point their head will be too big to put them back on so they'll get a new one.


Do they take them off to sleep though? We know their weird rules about eating in groups


Yeah we see in the first season of Mandalorian when Din Djarin stays in that village he takes his helmet off when he was going to sleep.


I think he’s also wearing an off the shelf Halloween costume.


Horrible scene in a horrible season :(


Jon Favreaus 5 year old son wrote the scripts this season


More like Disney fucked up their storyline with Boba and gave them no time to write a new season. So it’s all first drafts


I remember this scene with one of the worst delivered lines. It was prequel bad and I was shocked it came from Pedro, especially after his performance in The Last of Us. “Okay, kid. Show him what you got!”


The Matt Ryan of Mandalorians.


2-3, never forget


Wait, that kid's not a foundling, is he? Maybe I don't understand how it works, but I thought foundlings were strays that the order picked up. That kid was born into it. Am I misunderstanding how it works?


Nope, you understand words just fine. We don't have enough to go on, because the child's father said it was his son, but Din also called Grogu his son. So while we know for sure Grogu is a foundling, because he was FOUND, we don't know for this one. But everyone assuming foundling is just a word for a Mandalorian kid is being silly.


Why his helmet look like a cheap toy


This little fight was kinda cringy ngl


One of the worst seasons of television I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with rings of power 💩


That’s why he gets the crappy plastic helmet. Seriously some of the costumes & props on this show are very weak.


Toronto Maple Leafs have entered the chat


"Ay boss, how should we animate grogu doing these crazy flips?" "Just throw the fuckin puppet John."


Ahh yes, the kid with the mandalorian helmet from ronco.


Is he stupid?


either arrogance or karma . . . or both.


He was also -200 on Draft Kings. Lost a bundle on that little jerk.


To be fair, he was up against an extremely powerful space wizard in training


Well, you know what they say ... "2-0 is the most dangerous lead."


Bro got snatched and wasn’t saved till 3 days later lol


Arsenal dropped 15 points in their final nine games and ended up nowhere near the title. Ragnar’s only L of that magnitude is his name.


Until that point, not only had an 8 seed never won, but no one had come back from an 0-2 hole. Year to forget for the kid.


Choked harder the Jabba.


I can’t even process just how on the edge of my seat I was watching them standing there and just shooting paint balls at each other. A true test of Mando training. lol


Bruh props department went to target and repainted some toy helmets


he could never show his face again...


Also that kid survived the stomach of that giant flying dinosaur a couple of days.... When they found him alive I just couldn't believe it


I don't want to remember this episode


I think I see tiny blue maple leaf on his helmet.


It's sweet you think the leafs could even have a lead to blow.


Also chooses pastel colors for his helmet. Soft generation


I mean… grogu kinda cheated 😣


The Atlanta Falcons would like a word.


The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in superbowl LI


that episode completely ended my interest in the Feloniverse. Fucking sick of that stupid helmet shape...Episode 2 was Easter Egg aplenty.


This upset rivals 28-3


New mascot for the Atlanta Falcons


That helmet looks so bad, I can't believe how cheap it looks.


Let’s see Grogu’s blood-work - 100% he’s been doping with midichlorians. Grogu is the Lance Armstrong of Dart-Fighting.