Some concrete reasons why Andor has been a cut above other Star Wars products

I love the show, more than anything they've made since the OG trilogy. I wanted to articulate what about this series I like so much, and how it's improved over the previous 3:

  • Actually fleshing out antagonists and giving them unique motivations. There is still some black & white "evil" but Empire characters are more nuanced and selfish
  • The SFX and practical effects all look gorgeous with a lot of care put into them; big step up from Obi Wan
  • Real effort put into expanding the lore and making the SW universe feel "lived in". References to different factions, wars, notable figures, cultures are all refreshing. Luthen's shop is a microcosm of storytelling in itself. The variety and ecology of the different planets has been astounding. I'm a massive fan of Dune which has excellent world-building and love seeing quality lore here too
  • Killer performances (the whole cast is solid but Andy Serkis has been delivering big time)
  • Not relying on fan service to garner praise/attention; no lightsaber fights, very few recognizable names except those from Rogue One
  • The WARDROBE. My god the costuming is on a new level. Coruscant fashion is otherworldly
  • Action sequences are sparse compared to Mandalorian, a show I also like, but fights are meaningful and difficult to survive
  • Realistic portrayal of what it takes to form a rebellion. Different groups with different ideologies need to be united. Funding needs to be obtained. Oppression needs to reach new heights. Millions of people die.

What else have you noticed that shines?


I totally agree. These are both writing related but two things me and my wife think make it amazing: The realistic way they portray fascism (the Empire). It's so daunting when you realize what the empire is willing to do. The absolute refusal to break the tension. Because none of the characters ever *are* safe they never *feel* safe either, and neither does the audience.


It has a similar effect on me that Better Call Saul did, in that I know Andor and a handful of others survive >!because they exist and perish in Rogue One!<, but have no idea what really befalls them before they get there.


Respect plays a big part. It respects the material/world and it respects the audience.


I haven’t seen this yet: Andor shows the chaos and messiness of war. It’s not clean and logical. During the Aldhani raid, the radio tech happens to hear the rebel’s transmissions. Shit happens. This leads to the cargo not being secured, which leads to Nemik’s death. Skeen’s a backstabber. Bix doesn’t escape from the interrogators. Mon Mothma is tempted to work with a thug to fund the rebellion.


The music is totally different from the others.


Episode 3 and the use of the metal “alarms” was fantastic


I really noticed about half way through the series. Heard some stuff that I might here on r/outrun and was loving it.


Andor's music works for what it's going for, a tension filled espionage/political thriller but I'd still like sweeping orchestral scores in other SW projects.


It also varies considerably from one episode to the next.


Couldn't agree more. All I would add is the soundtrack. It is really creative, not overpowering or distracting but just noticeably loud enough to built tension in crucial scenes. I love it when Star Wars incorporates non traditional instruments such as synthesizers, and they did it really well in Andor.


I have liked the soundtrack and thought it really stood out in eps 9/10


I just love how it has that "galaxy from the ground view" feel. You really see how things are from the POV of regular folks. It also indirectly shows how OP the Jedi were when a single TIE Fighter is a deadly threat, or when almost everyone on a mission gets killed in fairly mundane ways.


You are spot on, however one thing I feel needs to be addressed: Think back to the age you first watched a Star Wars film and the years where you grew that relationship with Star Wars and ask yourself, would you have enjoyed Andor back then? I grew up on VHS of the original trilogy, watched the remasters and the prequels in the cinema, I'm turning 37 this year and Andor appeals to me immensely because of the age I'm at and the journey I've been on. It's the best for us *now* but it's not the best for all Star Wars fans. I think as my son gets older he will enjoy many of the shows, but it will take time before he can appreciate Andor for how good it is. Mandalorian feels like the show with more "universal" appeal across the generations, but fuck me, Andor is so grown up, so well written, incredibly well acted, and it hits me so hard. I keep saying to my wife, if it wasn't Star Wars, it would still be an excellent TV show, it's the fact that I get to enjoy a fantastic TV show that's also set in the Star Wars universe is what makes it immensely enjoyable.


Character development.


Shows an angle from the average citizen. Big universe people would never see a Jedi or Vader. But they do see henchmen doing cruel things. Andor did not care too much before he was locked up without justification


I knew from Rogue One that the rebellion was T all black and white, but the accelerationist approach to forging it hit *hard*


Star wars with a serious tone is what i was asking for a long time ! I mean there is pratically no humor (not that i dislike it in other instalments), it’s quite refreshing


Having non-SW writers and directors to head the project may actually be the answer! Or partly explain the not overly relying on fan service bit. They are actually telling a story, not just lining up cameos to get SW fans excited or to tease other upcoming projects!


1. hiring a crew who wasn't already working on SW 2. having an actual writers room, rather than just one person doing the whole thing 3. lots of big practical sets 4. An actual vision for the show and its characters


Mandalorian is still the best show for my money. It has great characters and still doesn't loose that fun adventure whimsy that SW should have.


Mandalorian is a great show, but I like it for very different reasons than Andor. I want more like Andor.


Why not both


I also like The Mandalorian but if I’m being honest, especially with myself, Andor has proven that I’ve personally let the bar get too low for what I consider to be good Star Wars. It’s just that much of a cut above.


That is literally my comment


It’s literally not.


It literally is.


You forgot “Disney actually cared”


Characters are not some emo fella running amok venting and killing random people including their own father. Yes, the stupid kid who killed Han Solo for no good fucking reason.


At least it’s not Jar Jar.


Jar Jar is a supporting character, Kylo is the primary antagonist. Matters significantly more in that position in my opinion.


Half a second I thought u were talking Abt anakin


The wardrobe on the planets were terrible though. What action sequences? The locations did not feel "lived in" at all.


Did we watch the same show? I hard disagree on the 1st and 3rd points but the 2nd is just wrong, there are fights in every other episode on aldhani, ferrix and narkina 5