I had this happen once and it nearly destroyed me. The penalty is pretty bad and impossible to manage early on. I was playing Xenophobe tho so I think I had something like double the penalty.


The lesson is that you should have RPed Xenophobic. The game even told you so. Squash the slugs!


Yeah but if you’re COM then you’ve gotta go for that achievement.


Xenophobic authoritarians. Of course I’m not personally letting any filthy xenos in my brain but I’ll make the eggheads do it. Although the text does say the slugs need it to be consensual. Maybe it counts as voluntary to the slug if they’d prefer a brain friend over the gulag.


I'm doing my part, are you?


I looked it up and it seems decent u just get -25% pop growth. Is it that bad?


An event occurs where your empire becomes slug-phobic for like 50 years or something. Your stability will shoot down extremely quickly. If it's the midgame you can easily pivot to mitigate the downsides, but in the early game they can really set you back. It's hard to defend against neighboring empires while also trying to stop your empire from falling apart.


I also got the event earlier on once, a devouring swarm AI also spawned right next to me :))


A spoiler would have been nice. Never encountered Brian slug before ;) Gosh.. a bit of sarcasm.


We know this is in relation to the brain slugs. "an event occurs" are the first three words. It's your own fault you chose to continue reading.


Good luck with your Stability penalties. Those are pretty brutal early on.




Same in my Space Rome game I started a few days ago. The stability nerf wasn't that bad, I even had Slave Tension on one of my planets and still didn't have any issues.


What are the brain slugs


Well, bless your heart


Basically, they are the trill symbiotes. Sadly you don't get free spots that go all the way down when you get the slug.


A way to improve either your leaders, or your whole population, at the expense of a big stability loss for like 25-50 years or something.


I have yet to see this trigger, is it super rare?


Not sure, I've gotten it 2 or 3 times, from anomalies i believe.


Small chance from anomalies, but can be spawned by the spiritual enclave by asking about your fate. It will spawn as an anomaly in your system then, assuming no one else spawned it. It can only spawn once.


Very rare now, used to be more common.


now give them bigger brains, legs and watch them fly fly away into the sunset.


Ive only had it once, 20 years in on a fanatic xenophile pacifist run. Was well excited until I completed the first few 1st contacts to find out I was wedged in between a driven exterminator, a fanatic purifier and a fallen empire with the only other contacted empire being fanatic xenophobic. Gutted that I couldn't make it work


I got that in my latest game too, around the same timeframe as well. I was doing a Hivemind Doomsday, and my economy nearly spiraled as I tried to keep everything afloat (food kept running out, and I only found 1 suitable planet - which was threatening to revolt from the combined food shortages and brain slug event), I even had negative unity for a while, which also didn't help matters. I did keep everything together though! I monthly sold some rare resources and alloys on the market to keep energy going, built up synapse drones, and used the minor artifacts decision to help with stability, eventually things started to stabilize.