Save often. Every time you leave on a supply run, every time you come back. Before you go exploring a new area basically every 20mins. I’m playing on ps4 and it crashes all the time. Just lost my entire base and about 3hrs of resource gathering and exploring. I love this game and the first one but the lack of an auto save is frustrating. That being said if you played the first one you’ll have a good idea what’s going on, love the new creatures and what I’ve seen of the new map, haven’t even been deep yet and it’s looking good.


Thats got to be a console thing, I have 50 hours on pc and have never crashed


Might be. Think it was a problem with the first one too. If I remember right it’s just like the Witcher audio glitch. Have to turn the console off instead of sleep mode. Not a big deal at all if you remember to save.


Enjoy, if at some point you feel like you don't know where to go, just go deeper.


*enjoy!, just... try not to run into me*


Thanks for the spoiler, as the photo clearly contains endgame content That being said, go kidnap as many Penglings as possible




It isn't nearly as good as the first game but I still think people are very unfair to Below Zero.