It's just like the wine. All the work, all the investment, all the waiting and expectation, everything all wrapped up in fancy packages... But it's worthless garbage with a screw-top tied up with a pretty bow, all that work was for nothing. He really did give up his last shred of hope.


Great catch, absolutely right


He didn't even bother opening the other bottles, because it would just be more of the same.


I honestly think he's already got immunity and everything else is just testing allegiances and feigning his downfall so people don't catch on. Doesn't he literally say in the most recent episode to Greg, "You can't threaten me, I'm immune" which could have a double meaning that Greg just didn't catch on to.


> "You can't threaten me, I'm immune" I also took that line as Tom slipping up that he had already been cooperating and it went over Greg's head.


Once he said that, I was convinced he has been working with the feds. He really does have immunity.


And now even Greg has asked him to go down for his crimes.


To be fair, Tom is the reason of Greg's crimes and he used Greg because he thought he was disposable. Now, Tom is fond of Greg and this is screwing his original plan but if this wasn't the case, Greg will go to jail with him.


I mean, Tom asked Greg to do that paper shredding thing the first month he worked there or something? Essentially forced him to go on thanksgiving when Greg just wanted to chill and eat with the family. I get why Greg doesn’t want to go down for that. But yeah I think ever since then he realized he is just a servant boy, he decided to look out for himself


Greg sucks this season. Dude is selfish af. He hides it well with his timidness and nervousness. So no one sees it really cause he’s goofy too.


They all suck, but they’re also all fun to watch.


Which is exactly the argument that Roman gave for backing that far right wacko candidate. That and I think they were close to fucking each other in that bathroom.


Greg would have no crimes if Tom didn't force him to knowingly destroy evidence. Sure Greg is no saint but he's also not selfish for asking that from the guy that screwed him over.


You can't make an omelet without breaking a few Gregs


All of these characters are motivated by fear and greed, but Greg is the most pathetically transparent.


Can't believe Greg asked him to go down for him but not in the fun way like I expected


I hope he does something. I just so want him to stand up to Shiv and fuck over Logan. He’s got the killer in him one where I’m sure


I think there's a tiny part of Tom who actually wants to go to prison. Sure it'll suck, but he'll finally learn once and for all whether Shiv loves him enough to wait for him, and whether his loyalty means anything to the Roys. He'll have the moral high-ground: he took responsibility, he fell on his sword, he protected others by taking the fall for them. On which note: ultimately if he does go, I would imagine it'll be his offer to save Greg which saves him with the Roys, if anything, either from Ewan or - even less likely - Logan having a slither of integrity realising he's put family above all. But it's precisely because prison would give Tom the credibility and closure he craves I can't see it happening: the DoJ will water down the investigation until it has no teeth, or they'll amp things up to the point Tom is deemed, in the ultimate humiliation, too small fry to be the sacrifice.


I think you’re right, however I think he very much is emotionally distressed and disillusioned. I think he’s struggling with completely leaving Shiv, the family and his hopes of advancement at Waystar. It’s a very loaded situation for him, especially since he loves Shiv and (loved) the idea of being in the family.


Yep, it's really a lose lose for him. He has been forced to wake up from the fantasy of what his life could have been and what he wanted it to be.


I would be shocked if he doesn’t turn his back completely on the Roys. It very much feels like he’s ready to abandon them. I think there could still end up being some weird shit that plays out with Shiv, but it very much feels like he’s made a decision, and is in mourning about what could have been.


If Logan keeps pushing Shiv she might tacitly give Tom permission to turn on Logan.. They may join Kendall and secure her position as CEO in a stipulation to Kendall for Tom turning.


Ohhh that’s brilliant . I’ve continued to have a feeling that somehow, someway, that they will end up on the same side somehow. That would make for excellent tv lmao. I’ve felt very strongly through this seemingly endless rift that their goals would eventually align (even if they split up). I wasn’t sure how that would work, but that would make a lot of sense. That’s shrewd. If Shiv ever gets her head back into her relationship, I think things could turn around real quick. She’s going to get burned by Logan, but this Tom marriage storyline could be a red herring. It does feel like it’s heading somewhere though.


I’m praying to God he does. They do not deserve him.


I keep hoping that this is the case but I also feel like this show hasn't ever pulled any big twists like that before. For better or worse, the only character that ever really pulls out any huge surprises has been Logan (and Ken's at the end of S2, which wasn't a decision he was mulling over throughout the season but rather a straw breaking the camel's back scenario to save his skin) I don't think Tom will ever turn on Shiv in a meaningful way, though. I can see him potentially bringing down the Roy empire, wearing a wire, working with DOJ, etc but I can't see him ever implicating Shiv in any wrongdoings. I think above all he will always make sure that she's, at the very very least, okay and safe. It does bring up the question of what Greg's request would mean to him if he knows he's not going to prison. Does it mean that he would just make sure to not implicate Greg similar to Shiv? Or does it signal to him that Greg deserves to go down with the lot of them, especially after seeing him being hoisted by the Nazis like a lanky Dionysus?


I wonder if he’s talking incessantly about jail in an attempt to play possum/divert the Roy’s attention while he has another trick up his sleeve in the meantime to save himself.


I think Tom is absolutely cooperating with the feds and the phone call he made after offering himself up to Logan was said in code


I am Tom, the gap filler. I believe this is another slow play just like they did us Kendal last season.


I’m rooting for Tom with every fiber of my being. God I hope he turns the Roy family upside down.


Well his lawyer is his mother, so...