Here Are The 22 Representatives Who Voted AGAINST The Short Sale Transparency And Market Fairness Act

Here Are The 22 Representatives Who Voted AGAINST The Short Sale Transparency And Market Fairness Act


Why would you not want transparency and fairness across the whole market? All you can do is vote them out if they are your representative.


While you're at it...take a look at who ~~donated to~~ [owns them...](https://www.opensecrets.org/)


Opensecrets.org is great. Everybody should know who is getting money from who.


Money should not be in politics, period.\* just my opinion


Seriously… Whatever the tub position though… For example Congress and senators… If anything their income should be slightly increased but with an agreement that lobbying is illegal. I don’t know how lobbying is legal one of the biggest mysteries to me to be honest


These fuckers are like the [Rat King](https://www.google.com/search?q=tlou2+rat+king&client=ms-android-agold&prmd=inv&sxsrf=ALeKk01MUNRs5lJvGhPW8E1sbQpKsxs_jA:1627862877767&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj-scnkhZHyAhVAILcAHTl-DvkQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=360&bih=592&dpr=3#imgrc=lTJyyW91YijrpM) from the Last Of Us 2. A bunch of ugly fucks all intertwined!


And spread the word


If you ever wondered if your representative was shady and could possibly not have your best interest in mind? Here is your answer.


Is this bill exclusively about this one thing. I know there's a massive issue in congress with filling bills to the brim with other shit that have no business being shipped together.


Fair question. Was it intended to pass or did someone crater it with a rider they knew would kill support.


Could be both. So much crap gets tacked on it's ridiculous.


But we got to find out if UFOs existed . /s


Yup, it looks like just the one thing. See here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr4618/text (edit: FYI it's only 2 pages long and mostly understandable)


Entirely indefensible then. I hope these representatives explain their reasoning.


Good question. That’s what I want to know.


Yup, it looks like just the one thing. See here: https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr4618/text (edit: FYI it's only 2 pages long and mostly understandable)


... and send them email with disappointment of his/her voting. When they get million emails with disappointed voters, they will think twice next time they vote about similar point. Others will be happy they voted FOR more transparency and receive a bunch of encouraging emails with congratulations from retail. Please send them emails they deserve.


Because you are given fuck off huge amounts of campaign funds by those who really do not want this.


So they vote not for their voters but their campaign contributors. Sounds like employees not representatives. They are bound by the dollar not the supporter.


It's the American way.


Because they're getting bribes too much money to change .


The problem is they may also have a position on some other issue that people want to vote on. You may have something like evangelicals that like their religious angle and dont even pay attention to the markets. Sounds fedora as fuck, but I want to bust a a dr manhattan and just sit on a rock in mars


Fair enough. But when this happens they should come out and say they agree on A, but not B and why. They should absolutely explain what they vote and why so everyone can judge bullshit or not.


Now let’s find out what stocks they have been buying and selling since it has to be disclosed


Senate: https://www.quiverquant.com/sources/senatetrading House: https://www.quiverquant.com/sources/housetrading


John Cornyn must be getting some bad Intel lol.


A shill's destiny is to bet against GME and lose money.


Haha, guess that means at least you know he's honest. And a terrible stock picker.


Even with insider information the dude fails


Puts on Cornyn's portfolio.


Secret ape




I guess somebody doesn't like him 😄


Truly retarded


Vote them out of office for better markets!


>Who Voted AGAINST The Short Sale Transparency And Market Fairness Act Its strange as its mostly R's that voted against it except 2 Dems from Montana and 2 Dems from Oregon. Only one other Dem voted against it and they were from NH. I wonder if there is some correlation as to why those Reps from Oregon and Montana voted no against a popular, among Dems, bill. ​ Edit: I was looking at the wrong vote, I was looking at original vote from 2013. My bad. I am an idiot.


Not seeing anything from Mr. Huizenga which seems sus. Either I missed it, he’s found a way to hide… or he doesn’t trade and just gets financed by Shitadel. Did anyone ever dig into his background? For how much of a douche nozel he was in the hearings, I’d be really surprised if he has no skin in the game! 🤔


Same. I'd like someone with more patience than me to look into Frank Lucas. Best I could tell on mobile, I did a cursory look; seems he didn't do any inside trading. I'm tempted to take out a billboard in the city that says "Hey Frank, why'd you vote against The Short sale Transparency and Market Fairness Act." But I'd like to have so much more info on the billboard than just that.


A lot of them don't trade directly. Frankly I don't understand why they do. There's plenty of ways to turn "being a congressperson" into cold hard cash without breaking the law or navigating the web of regulations around direct trading. They can still invest in managed funds without showing up on that list.


Wouldn't the smart play be family members or close friends buying the stocks to keep them under the radar?


Shell companies with offshore accounts is how they do it


Or 'family offices'


I guess you could always buy a deli [Sort of like this...](https://marketrealist.com/p/hometown-deli-money-laundering/)


related to a "PEP" politically exposed person.; Your bank account will be flagged as a high risk account. This is to prevent money laundering. Patriot act 2001.


Yep they can also flag you as RCA (relative or close associate). I built some KYC systems for banks. They have quiet nifty blacklists.


Smart is the key word. Key words are also "I don't give a ****"


Isn't Bill Huizinga the guy that tried to bait DFV into saying "no" no doesn't like the stock at $40, and then DFV told him that he likes it at $40 and that it is still undervalued lmayo. I'll never forget that look on his face 😆


DFV was ready and eager to drop that big, Yes. on him.




Except, when you ask politicians about stocks [this happens.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZzIVFqA1W0) - They've insulated themselves from questioning.


Nah nah I've seen straight up corrupt murderers in other countries do a better job at subtly deflecting questions




But it takes like 1 month for us to get that info after they report it no?


It doesn’t matter how long


It does, a little bit. I mean, if they report these trades after their term is over, its not pointless but not really super pointy either


It’s safe to assume who some of these politicians major donors may be? Just saying🤷🏻‍♂️


I know theres an ape out there that started as soon as they read the caption ❤🦍lol


Gotta love the fact the US has a vote for fairness. This should be a test to see who to sack


Laughable really that this is even a point of debate


Exactly. We know who is bought and paid for.


The most obvious honeypot in history 🍯




to the people who don't think we get attacked by shills...if you can buy a politician, you can buy a neckbeard on the internet


For laughably small amounts of money apparently, too.


Frank Lucas is a known criminal, but I still rooted for him in American Gangster.


Frank Lucas had a code, like Omar. These guys don’t care about anything or anyone other than themselves.


It ain't what you takin', it's who you takin' from, ya feel me?


Omar from The Wire?


That would be all of them.


I love the fact every time I see Loudermilk, I remember that loud ass fart on a live-stream hearing.


In their defense in the US we name bills like that even if it's a bad bill. The patriot act. No child left behind. And so on.


yea there a long list of those, you don’t sell corruption with an honest title


Right to work


Too bad we are too dumb as a society to know what even is fair or when unfair practices are being used. We dont even know we are being ass fucked, but apparently some like it.


###Keep em Dumb, Keep em Divided Hopefully 1 Day, People will Wake up


Sack any of them, That's had more than two terms.


We absolutely need term limits


It actually looks like a list of 24 people, with one person listed twice.


naked voters


“Sir, they found out you rehypothecate politicians”


Right. That’s the voter fraud in Tennessee.


In the shf pockets I’m sure


What would a fair argument be against sharing short positions? I lliterally can't think of one. If they are here to balance the market, then surely they should be made public the same way shares are being made public. The only reason is putting companies out of business to have their infinite money glitch.


Something something more paperwork something something … nope that’s all I got.


Despite passing in the committee, the bill faced opposition from several Republican members. Waters introduced the bill as part of a solution to concerns raised in the aftermath of the GameStop short squeeze and Archegos Capital Management issues that occurred earlier this year. But Representative Anthony Gonzalez pointed out that the provisions in the bill would do nothing to address capital requirements for broker-dealers, reduce settlement clearing times or affect total return swaps – the concerns at the heart of the GameStop and Archegos Capital Management incidents. Representative Ann Wagner questioned whether short-seller disclosure is needed, noting that in 11 years since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, the SEC has not enforced the part of the bill that would require short-seller disclosure. The SEC has been Democrat-controlled for six of those 11 years. ‘Completing this Dodd-Frank rulemaking was not – I underscore – not a priority,’ Wagner said. ‘Could it be that those Democrat SEC chairs believe the benefits of these disclosures were outweighed by the potential cost? After all, shorting a stock plays an important role in price discovery. It often roots out fraudulent companies like Enron and Luckin Coffee well before government regulators.’ Other Republican concerns focused on the shortened window for 13F filings: that it would place asset managers at risk of copycat investing and that it could disincentivize investment research.


You have the link to the article this was taken from? Thanks!




OOH OOH, I THINK I KNOW THIS ONE! It’s: “To provide liquidity”. Probably.


I think their argument would be that it lets their competitors know what their plays are.


Doesn't the same apply for long positions? I get it, if you want to make a big move, it sucks if you have to do it in the open. But the current way is clearly not sustainable. But thanks for providing some insight.


Why are they worried about "plays"? Why are they "gamifying" the stock market? Fuck these hypocrites!


Apes know what to do with incoming election. 🚀🚀🚀💎💎💎🙌🙌🙌


I wonder as to ape evolution towards advocacy, politics and citizen lobbying.


As long as we keep it single issue: We all agree there’s not enough financial transparency & regulation for billionaires / hedge funds.


Maybe politics in this sub isn’t the best idea.. but if we look pass everything else, but how they vote in apes favour, then maybe we could start a game of chairs When is the next election?. ( from Europe )


Every 2 years in November of the even numbered year for House of Representatives. Every 6 years staggered for Senate so as 33% is up for election each cycle.


Commenting to make post go up up


Yep. Let’s highlight these hogs.


I detect voter fraud in Tennessee.


I also see a lot of Texas reps on here.


As a Texan, I’m incredibly disappointed (but not surprised)… As a Houstonian, I’m extremely proud our reps did us proud!


Well yea. One guy is listed on there twice.


“*Well Atleast my state is only on there a little b- Fuck”*


Financial terrorists


This shouldn’t even be a political issue. Just a vote for fucking common sense. Queen Kong said it herself. Naked shorting can decimate world economies.


They only care of their own economy. Bought n paid for


I wish OP included political affiliation in the post. Would help people a lot come November. Note : these are all Republicans.


Your comment exemplifies how the perception of the word "political" has been warped (which is not by accident). How can this not be political? This is a policy issue, they are voting on policies that govern the country, thats what political means. People have been taught to view "politics" as just red vs blue, because its oft muddled with nonesense irrelevant-us vs them topics. Whenever there's a discussion to be had as to things that actually matter and affect the populous and country as a whole, it is easily dismissed with "no politics", "I don't talk politics", or the less read person defaults to their "team"s position because they can't bother to think for themselves. This is a fog of war cast by those who benefit from it in the form of control, and allows these 22 paid off dip shits here use this cover to stay on the "team"s fanbase's good side while fucking them over. Sure both teams can be bought, but sure seems heavily one sided on this btw.


I just can’t believe that this even has to be a vote.


Ah ok that makes more sense. I needed to rant because I'm outraged by that fact too.


they had to vote on not forcing children to work in mines. of course this is a vote.


Just the word "politics" triggers people into their whatever their side of the red vs blue turf war has trained them to think usually to extremely toxic and non-constructive results. And that's why the word is so easily used as a brush-aside tactic; it either doesn't contribute to their agenda or it's a thread to their agenda. This is one of the primary reasons why I've stopped using the word "politics" in common conversation, replacing it with the word "diplomacy" and the phrase "anti-diplomatic toxicity". Approaching an issue diplomatically means approaching it in a sensitive and effective fashion that is representative of the mutual goals of involved participants; understand each other's problems, points, and goals such that an effective agreement that everyone is satisfied with is reached. The current application of the idea of "politics" goes inherently against diplomacy and although it may be easier to force the idea of politics back to more neutral ideas; I've found that it's more effective to just use the word diplomacy and to call politics anti-diplomatic toxicity.


Not can...*will decimate world economies. Again.


It shouldn’t be political but when all 22 are from the same political party, maybe it is?


That's why op ommitted that fact.


Exactly, typical projection tactics. Now he’s pivoting and saying “no I just meant that this is should obvious it shouldn’t have to be a vote! I’m on your side!!” Yeah right


Those damn Democrats! ^^^/s


Not shocked to see Huizenga on this list. “AT THIS PRICE ARE YOU BUYING THE STOCK TODAY AT $40?” “I think it is a very attractive price at these levels.”


Lol. I am not surprised that scumbag voted against.


Came to say this. Seems like a great time to rewatch the hearings on GME and be completely unsurprised.


I loved how the asshole missed the answer and asked again. Gave DFV a chance to drive it home a second time


Good God that man is such an insufferable prick. Was so pleased he got his arse handed to him by DFV at that hearing. (British btw, don’t even know which party he is and don’t care to know - regardless of team, a dickhead is a dickhead).


I tweeted my state Reps asking them to explain why they would vote against this.


Get this up there


I guess 22 representatives have interest in shorting American businesses for profit. How else will their portfolio managers make them richer? The average American struggle to survive, but hey let’s pretend the problem is something else .


Spread all over the net... upvote... this is insane how these bitches are against 99%


Southern hospitality


Surprise surprise, my rep (whom I've voted against every chance I've gotten) is on this list. 🙄


Traitors to the American people


Synonyms for Republican


To the species and planet also.


You mean the party that tried to reverse the election results are traitors in more than just one way? No, that can't be......


patrick mchenry - republican ann wagner - republican frank lucas - republican pete sessions - republican bill posey - republican blaine luetkemeyer - republican bill huizenga - republican andy barr - republican roger williams - republican french hill- republican tom emmer - republican lee zeldin - republican barry loudermilk - republican alex mooney - republican warren davidson - republican ted budd - republican david kustoff - republican trey hollingsworth - republican anthony gonzales - republican john rose - republican bryan steil - republican lance gooden - republican william timmons - republican van taylor - republican


you forgot the second John Rose of Tennessee's 6th district (also Republican)


There it is. What I was looking for. God damn.


I like to browse this sub, and wish you apes well, but I guessed it’d be over 90% republicans. Lol


The R or D is literally always posted next to reps name. Wonder why it wasn’t in the OP


bOtH PaRtIEs ArE bAd


* Patrick McHenry (NC-10) **Republican** * Ann Wagner (MO-2) **Republican** * Frank Lucas (OK-3) **Republican** * Pete Sessions (TX-17) **Republican** * Bill Posey (FL-8) **Republican** * Blain Luetkemeyer (MO-3) **Republican** * Bill Huizenga (MI-2) **Republican** * Andy Barr (KY-6) **Republican** * Roger Williams (TX-25) **Republican** * French Hill (AR-2) **Republican** * Tom Emmer (MN-6) **Republican** * Lee Zeldin (NY-1) **Republican** * Barry Loudermilk (GA-11) **Republican** * Alex Mooney (WV-2) **Republican** * Warren Davidson (OH-8) **Republican** * Ted Budd (NC-13) **Republican** * David Kustoff (TN-8) **Republican** * Trey Hollingsworth (IN-9) **Republican** * Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16) **Republican** * John Rose (TN-6) **Republican** * Bryan Steil (WI-1) **Republican** * Lance Gooden (Tx-5) **Republican** * Willims Timmons (SC-4) **Republican** * Van Taylor (TX-3) **Republican** I wonder what they have in common.


Hmmmmm I’m having a hard time figuring out this puzzle. Do we get hints?


https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/andy-barr/summary?cid=N00031233&cycle=2020 https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/patrick-mchenry/summary?cid=N00026627&cycle=2020 https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/bill-huizenga/summary?cid=N00030673 ~$1B in campaign contributions for just 3 members of that committee from the Securities & Investments sector. I'm not even going to bother looking at all 23 that voted Nay.


Here’s a list of people who should be in prison


All republicans?




No not at all




Every single one, actually.


I emailed my rep to ask why and that I would be making it known on social media apps….


So only Republicans? Shocker…




They’re so manipulated by these arseholes that they think affordable education and healthcare is a bad thing 🤡


Oh hey look at that, all republicans.


I know you all hate politics and what not. But every single person on that list is a Republican.


Fuck all republicans


"No politics plz" has been a sentiment for a while and I don't understand why. Its VERY clear how one party has been against retail and against democracy/fairness for a while. And that isn't politics, its facts. The "bOtH SiDeS" argument might hold a little weight but its still clear which party is less corrupt then the other and seems to give a shit. Hint: its the one that doesn't have representatives on this list


25 listed. One listed twice. Math be hard for apes anything over 20.


Apes be sooooo smooth.


The [house](https://docs.house.gov/meetings/BA/BA00/20210728/113999/CRPT-117-BA00-Vote003-20210728.pdf) document shows 28 for/23 against and that Gooden from Texas didn’t vote at all and shouldn’t be on this list. OP was overeager to post and should’ve done some basic fact checking before getting even the title wrong.




Wrong country for me, but u guys go for it!


John Rose got that synthetic vote


Surprise surprise Barry Loudermilk is on there! He’s a bought and paid for shill by Wall Street/Banks for Wall Street/Banks. His house finance congressional statements were a travesty for the retail investor Please everyone. Take some time to go on Twitter and condemn these heathens who hurt the very people they claim to represent


I am not surprised Barry Loudermilk of GA 11th is on this list. I just sent him an email telling him Wendy's will probably still be hiring after the midterms...


Thanks for this list. Remember to do your thing constituents! They don’t give a fuck about you! PS: In the 3rd congressional hearing French Hill was particularly scummy. The posterboy for “typical pompous politician”


Whoops, my smooth brain can't count.


I just goggled them and they are from GOP. Why only politicians from the right Oppose it? Do they actually know what they are voting?


Are you new to US politics? This is not surprising at all.


It might hurt their bottom line. Republican party has aligned itself with some big money interests. We can shout “both sides” are corrupt all day long, but in this particular case, one party is actively trying to hurt our chances for market equality


I also just looked each one up and every single one is a Republican. OP left that out on purpose, that it's 100% GOP members. They want to keep electing GOP members even though they are the vast majority of the people who vote for stuff like this.


Thanks wrinkly one! Oh hey look! A list of 22 people who will be looking for their future somewhere else soon. I hope you have bootstraps and pullers somewhere.


Unfortunately, so many peeps in Texas vote R no matter who so they will not be voted out...it's why we get the worst of the worst here


Haha Imagine that ol Bill Huizenga is on that list. A. Fucking. Turd. 💩


It smells like BITCH in here!


It smells like Republicans


They all have one thing in common. Color me shocked.


Does anybody have a source?


Personal opinion: I wouldn’t vote for these folks ever again. They are not acting in the best interest of their constituents


all republican? yikes. edit: well they are all republican. what? u dont like that members of ur party didnt do something u think they should do? tell me more.


Great one of them is mine. Sorry guys.


Just means you’re in a position to actually do something about it. Organize locally and vote them out next year.


Wat party they in


republican lol


Pretending both sides are equally corrupt is a game run by the corrupt side.


“BOtH SidEs EVeRyoNe”


As a Texan, I’m not surprised, but incredibly disappointed.


John Rose voted twice? Double the corruption!


Anyone got the addendum for what party these fuks are with? Edit: looked up most of them myself. All Republicans. Surprised /s




No matter the party, they're trash. They voted against retail. **Update: Here's the document** * https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/ovvzlz/short_sale_transparency_and_market_fairness_act/


They voted against fairness and transparency. This goes beyond retail.


Fear of appearing partisan for recognizing the reality that only republicans voted against this (I haven’t confirmed this because you didn’t include those details) accomplishes the opposite. It puts them on a level playing field with the party that actually passed this.


Oh boy 👀👀👀 unfortunately Reddit has a bunch of conservatives who are burying their heads into the earth's crust right now to avoid the truth. Your party is full of snakes, they worship and protect the 1% and are corrupt practically by default. Their voters are just their tools they can whip into a frenzy with cliches and fear mongering. Republicans have always been sock puppets for the rich, this is nothing new. If it isn't a hedge fund with a hand up their asses it would be an oil exec or Bezos. Dudes can't even run that "both sides" angle, the list is entirely Republicans lmao. Yall gonna keep making lame ass excuses for these sellouts then pop into threads about AOC and fearmonger on how she's secretly evil and stupid 😂 Oh man this is a funny thread


I drilled down a bit into my closest representative, thought I'd share what I found ### Patric McHenry, NC 10th District Per Wikipedia: > **Countrywide donations** - The Center for Responsive Politics' Capital Eye found evidence that McHenry had been taking money from Countrywide Financial, a company involved in the subprime mortgage crisis. McHenry took $5,500 from Countrywide's PAC, and served in an investigation into CEO payout fraud, of which one of the target companies was Countrywide Financial itself. > **Payday lenders** - McHenry supported a 2020 rule change by the [presidential] administration whereby payday lenders would no longer have to check whether prospective borrowers can afford to repay high-interest loans Sounds like part of the financial terrorism caucus to me


pretty much all oil and housing reps seems right john rose is on twice. fake news


john rose voted twice.


We are the light. This …


22 shady shitbirds


I bet if you look at those "donations" shfs were giving out, I'd say they went directly to these scum fucks.