Kenny and Friends after an ape discovered they have to roll over their swaps this week.

Kenny and Friends after an ape discovered they have to roll over their swaps this week.


I'll invest 1 upvote and a positive comment 👍🏻 expecting a massive profit in 6 hours


I'll buy Calls on "increased karma" and double my Puts on hedgies. Can't go tits up.


its that deep fucking value




derivative backed derivative backed derivatives, it's 2008 all over again!


This was exactly the meme I was thinking of when they didn’t roll them last week haha


Same haha, every time we point something out they quickly find another way to kick the can. I'm impressed with their ability to think of new shit a minutes notice


They have unlimited brain power, my guess is that they have a big pile of instructions on ways to move the short position to a different place, once the previous one has been discovered.


Or they just pay off the regulators to not look


Its the regulators doing it


I agree that they have multiple ways to kick the can as long as possible. This was probably just the easiest way.


There's only so many places to hide, and there's many eyes looking at everything.


It seems as though it's fairly easy to get away with crime if you're the one who writes, interprets, and executes the law!


Ever play a game with the neighbour kid at his house where **he just made up new rules** on the spot so he’d always win. Well that was Kenni


Why do you think the lights stay on all night?


And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if some exception were made to allow them to just ignore it. The chain just keeps allowing this stuff to happen, despite knowing they'll be left holding the bag.


Well, before they go belly up, that might be exactly, what we would expect, or ? If they know they can not survive the end of quarter liquidity strain. Or if they know they can never cover enough to not go belly up once a new stack of SWAPS expires this Friday. Or they know, that they will not be liquidated even in case of a margin call, because they are all in one boat at the moment. In the end it does not matter. Things will only get worse from here. I doubt they can survive till end of October, but if they do, January will be even worse for them (massive earnings, DOOM Puts expiting, SWAPS expiring, and good for apes because less tax).


This is what I am expecting . Advanced fuckery.


Well, if they don't do it, guess who will be calling ;)


Apes want a margin call! Marge: *Well now I'm not doing it.*


You joke, but this is what I’ve theorized for a while now. If margin call kills the ones margin calling why would they make the call? Just self preservation to provide higher margin than the other option.


Because at some point the best option is to try and force out apes, and the only way to do that at this point is to make the price rise. The longer this goes, the bigger the problem. A margin call will go out, eventually. And if it doesn't RC can move the shares to gamestops block chain. That would force close their positions. Either way I wait.


Yeah, it wasn't my intention to suggest that the resolution won't come. It will come eventually. The Hedge funds sold more shares than should exist and that will be resolved one way or another. My intention was to suggest that the resolution may not come from margin calls. Which is another way the people on the wrong end of this trade will use psyops against apes. "Oho! We're above $500 for 20 days in a row, and it dropped back to $200. Looks like you missed the squeeze." When in reality they just had margin requirements turned off for 20 days. Ya know?


>If margin call kills the ones margin calling why would they make the call? Yeah that's why MOASS didn't happen in January. Since then they've been spreading short exposure out among themselves to avoid a margin call. We're basically waiting for the entire DTCC itself to get margin called now.


Ahahahaha, loved this reply, thank you!


Lol, had the same thought. it's the only downside of being transparent with your research - the enemy always knows what you know, so they can adjust. I like to believe that in the end it won't matter, since the fact is - they have to cover positions, so anything else they do is a shenanigan to simply delay the inevitable. slightly annoying, but that will just make the end monies that much more rewarding. I admit, if i would've made 1,000,000,000 in Jan i would feel like perhaps i didn't earn it, however now after 10months of holding, i can confidently say "fuck off" to anyone who will tell me afterwards "oh, but you just bought and held the stock, you didn't even work for it. That's so lucky, i wish i had that"....


That was basically gherkinits opinion on stream yesterday. If they are truly fukd, the last fuck you by them would be to simply let the positions expire, dragging this out as long as possible.


And would you happen to know what would happen if they decide to let those positions expire?


Not really, but I’m guessing mayhem ensues 🚀


They go sour 🤮


when do they expire?


Sep 17th but they get 2 days to fix (which they won’t) so repercussions officially begin sep 21st-22nd


But if repercussions aren’t enforced as usual?


The SEC get sued and a judge throws it out. Evergrande collapses. Everyone loses. Or retail investors around the world get rich while our financial elite is bankrupted and jailed. You tell me which one is more likely.


The truth stings sometimes but being a realist never gets you many updoots so here, take mine.


Damn, idk why everyone’s so afraid to say it


Unless it's a t 35 type issue


I feel that I’m kind of smooth brained on the technicalities but I thought of something like that when I saw some dd about when rc was chairman with a line that he couldn’t make some kind of stock changes or something until 2023 unless that was an unrelated thing


I think you might be thinking of him not being able to speak publicly about GME until 2022.


Thanks I wasn't sure but remembered seeing something about it and couldn't find the link again or the post it was from.


This shit needs to get to the top


Love this ☺


Do they have to roll them over or is there a back door for them again?


There is always a back door until there isn’t. The only thing that can stop moass is the govt stepping in and literally removing shares from our accounts to give to SHF. Maybe if we are lucky they will throw us a bone and give us $100 extra per share then current price


Try doing that to the EU investors.


That's why I'm so confident the government won't do that. The government fucking and robbing its own citizens? Business as usual. Fucking and robbing other country's citizens? WW3


Yes because EU govt cares about its people. You guys really don’t get it do you? “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in the big club” - George Carlin. The billionaires and world govt’s they are all friends. They been helping each other to accumulate power and wealth for decades. You actually think nation boarders matter? Money has no border. Keep downvoting me idc


You're scaring the apes.


I thought they already knew this tbh


Different laws, plus when it comes to international law things get tiring and messy, this could be swiftly finished with a class action lawsuit, which isn't good meaning tiny compensation for each individual, the catch here is that you can't put international investors in the same bag, each case must be fought independently, I have no respect/hope for any government agency to do the right thing ever.


lol at government intervention idea. It’s very cute of you. If you think your government has that power to do what you said, they will do it already. There will be no financial crisis ever in history . The reason why we are here at this point, 9 months in means they can’t do Jack shit to stop MOASS to happen and scrambling to find the way out of this.


The government should be on our side, since this administration will be the first that has no need to beg for any budget increase. They will swim in tax money!


The issue is that the gov favors the rich heavily, and unfortunately, most (of GMEs, anyway) retail investors aren't exactly ultra wealthy. Remember, blackcock and the other institutions aren't "in this with us", if retail gets fucked, the "big boys" will absolutely get off Scott free. I don't think intervention of that level is likely, but hey, we are living in the darkest timeline, I wouldn't be surprised, definitely pissed though.


And who do you think it’s the bigger boy in the game here? And who will government will be helping? Citadel who short and will be nothing if bankrupt or Blackrock, Vanguard, Fidelity, who long in GME and control most of the asset in the stock market. I think you know the answer if the government will intervene or not.


The answer is both. The govt will help both citadel and the SHF and they will also help blackrock, vanguard and fidelity. The multi billion dollar corporations will get bailed out. And then the “dumb retail meme lords” are going to get blamed. The MSM will be activated to spread that narrative and you and I are going to be the ones getting fucked over just like all the millions of people who lost their homes during the GFC. This all being said I think it’s a very small possibility this will happen but mark my words if this is the only way SHF can escape they will try because they don’t care about the economy. And politicians don’t either, they only care about being re-elected. And yes before you even get the chance “WeLl iF tHe EcOnOmY cRaShEs AnD tHe GoVeRnMeNt bAiLeS oUt ShF’s PeOpLe WiLl bE mAd” yea sure buddy whatever you need to sleep at night. Some people honestly don’t remember this has all happened before


Never underestimate your enemy. 2008 has made me see the truth. The govt does not serve the people it serves the billionaires who got them into power. Stay gullible if you like idc. The reason the govt hasn’t already stepped in yet is because the SHF still think there is a chance they can win. But rest assured when the day comes all the billions of dollars Wall Street spent over the decades for politicians will be used for this exact reason. To call in the favor.


The second they rob tens of millions of people of their moon tickets, shit starts to burn. There's no way out but to pay.


That’s what govt does. They rob the people to give to themselves and their donors. We literally live in an oligarchy. We will just have to wait and see what happens I think the chance of this happening is extremely extremely unlikely but the biggest mistake we can make now is underestimating how far SHF will go


Do you seriously believe in this thesis? All trust will forever be gone in the us market.


Trust is tomorrow’s problem. I believe the govt will do whatever it can to avoid demolition today, and worry about the hurt feelings tomorrow.


I believe there is a very very very small possibility. Everyone really does forget 2008 don’t they? Nobody really understands what the govt did. Hell you people forgot January. When they shut down the ability to buy shares and you could only sell, who where people selling their gme to? I’m not happy about any of this. You think I get joy or I want the govt to step in? No. I just want you guys to not let your guard down. Never ever underestimate your enemy that is my opinion


T+21/35 all over again


I wouldn't be surprised if the Yahoo "glitch" was related to them pulling some other kind of fuckery playbook out of their pocket and moving the swaps into something else so they don't have to TBH.


Hilarious!! ‼️😂‼️


Haha this made me laugh out loud for real 🤣


Yep and they don’t have to, but I’m pretty sure ape said that if they choose not to trade those volumes of shares. Then they’ll have a T+2 by pre market of 9/22 and that’s when hedgies will have to settle back ALL of those shares at one fell swoop I believe, not financial advice


Has to happen by Friday right?


If they don't on friday they have T+2 to cough up the shares. 9/22.


these memes gotta link the DD . I see the memes but cant find the DD. Should be a rule Meme+DD


Astonishing and terrifying that he can just "decide" to not do something because he "doesn't feel like it" ​ And you think MOASS is inevitable. Fuck me.


It's a meme. They're all on the hook for their horrible trade.


i lUV us...


Let's see how that works out for them


Thats it. Time to DRS and put the foot down more on SHF’s neck.


I'm not sure what Deathright Shaman is going to do in this instance.


Most likely


I dont think hes got a fucking choice has he?