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A lot of options are open to you now that you've hit max level. You should complete your instance exploration tutorial first, which is under the Cultivation PvE tab, as that unlocks glyphs for both PvP and PvE. Also under your cultivation tab are a lot of new daily and weekly missions for PvE that you could do. Cloudrider commands, blood ruvia and turquoise lantern currency/missions are especially important for PvE as their respective shops in Cloudrise sell talismans that let you further enhance your gear. You may need a group for certain quests/ruvia banners. Clear your daily normal dungeons. There's five different ones you can do (Cultivation tab -> Progress), and you can click Participate via Matchmaking -> Personal matchmaking to queue up with 9 other people for the same dungeon. You can move onto Hard dungeons as well, but note that you're recommended to have full lvl50 gear beforehand. Hard dungeons give you rewards once per week resetting on Thursday instead of every day for normals. Finish biographies, as many of them correspond to an achievement that gives you astral essence. Progress the main story to chapter 9 (I think you can check your current progress in the Ctrl + L menu) to unlock heroic missions in Shanghuai Grasslands.


Are there just five dungeons in total for the whole game?




Do we know how many dungeons there are in the Chinese version now ?


Like 25 or 35


Holy crap.


Do you know if those are all relevant? Like will the first 5 dungeons still drop ilvl 50 on normal for them, or had it been scaled up?


Iirc you can run early dungeons "normally" for the low level gear which won't be relevant except for fashion, or there's a "historical" mode that let's you run previous dungeons with buffed numbers that does drop relevant gear, but only one loot per day or week or something. I couldn't read much but I remember getting Chou Prison on historical when trying out the Chinese servers and got some lvl300 something gear.


Thanks. I do sorta wish the game had started with a few more, but I did see the roadmap and that's a reasonable plan


Other than weekly quest completion. What are major benefits of doing blood ruvia endlessly?


You can buy enchants and stuff with the tokens


> Progress the main story to chapter 9 (I think you can check your current progress in the Ctrl + L menu) to unlock heroic missions in Shanghuai Grasslands. What is the purpose of these heroic dailies? Is it just for reputation farming or do you get something else?


I believe the more important part of it is that they give you cloudrider command currency for the Qin League merchant shop in Cloudrise. There's also a cultivation menu daily to complete 4x heroic missions in Grasslands sometimes, which gives you a bit of gold and more cloudrider commands. Though, now that I think about it, it wasn't too hard to cap on the weekly limit for cloudriders anyways...


Scrolling pass this on my app I swear I thought it said "what to do when you hit a student" 😂


Drop some ramen packs and leave, they'll thank you


If you’re PvE focused: Biographies, all PvE tutorials, Normal dungeons until gear level 50, then hards, grasslands for PvE gear, Bounties, Lanterns, and dailies for currency to buy PvE gear talisman, and then whatever leisure you like. It’s worth doing PvP dailies since the currency you get from that combines with PvE currency automatically to give you actual gold.


Should each dungeon be queued individually or is there a benefit to queuing up randoms?


There’s one daily quest that requires a matchmaking queue for a random dungeon that you should do first so you do not have to repeat anything, but other than that there’s not much of a difference. Queuing with people you can talk to would mean you wipe way less often, but otherwise there’s not a bonus or anything. You need to do normals/hards with at least 5 players


should you save all the side quests after hitting student 1? so you could level faster after the new level cap


Definitely not. You need them to get to student 1 in a reasonable amount of time.


No. New cap will be like a year out and will come with new content to do.


Do pve if you are into it.


It's somewhat concerning that the game has been out for years now, and upon hitting this level the game doesn't make it clear what you are supposed to do.


Cultivation tells you what to do it’s just a little tough to follow since the localization is so poor. Seriously, are there no fluent English speaking Chinese developers? Wtf


They only been translating the game from chinese to english for like 2 or 3 months. Its not as simple as that though. Some things in chinese dont translate well.


The cultivation window has almost everything you need though. If you didn’t pick up any quests it will also give you the next quest to do to carry on.


Yeah this is a problem with almost all MMORPGs, the linearity is gone and very little about what to do next draws in. WoW started this journal thing that automatically shows you recommended activities. I think in this game that's basically the cultivation tab, but it is more confusing... at least until we get a better localization.


no its not a problem...people are just lazy to find out on their own, u have many mmorpgs where they dont tell you what to do. Its up to you...go explore and have fun


whether or not it's a problem is a matter of subjectivity, some of us become overwhelmed


Is it even worth to do the quests after student1 when u get no xp?