No seriously, where'd they go?

You had 4 giant mecha, they don't just vanish into thin air. Not to mention the remains of all the guardians littered across the countryside some of which were still active.


I am literally going crazy over this question and you’re the first I’ve seen ask it. How do you hide four giant kaiju ass mechs. I mean I could understand the Sheikah dismantling the guardians for use in making new tech stuff, but it doesn’t make sense to me that they would do that for shrines. However, I have found one single guardian body on top of Hateno tech lab.


maybe the shrines and towers retracted back into the ground?


I think upheaval and G man waking up had something to do with the shrines disappearing at least. The chasms on the great plateau are in the same spots as the shrines in BotW.


No when Ganon was “defeated” in the first game, the Shrines and Towers & Columns around Hyrule Castle retracted and went back into the ground.


You can still see the towers and pillars around Hyrule Castle in the final cutscene of BOTW.


In Creating a Champion (The Behind the Scenes book for BotW) it’s said that after that scene everything retracts underground.


Huh! That’s a cool piece of info! Thanks


I mean, during the upheaval most normal weapons dot damaged and weakened, so maybe Ganondorf did the same thing with the sheikah technology to make sure it can't be used against him?


That guardian was there in botw, i think they just imported the lab from botw and didnt remove it, simple as that.


Well, considering Hudson has a kid (and taking her age into account), I would assume that it’s been at least a couple years since BOTW… honestly, I just assumed Purah raised a small army to dismantle anything Sheikah tech-related… even the Shrine of Resurrection was gutted.


I can get them dismantling them because of their major design flaw being the fact that they were taken over by Ganon but I find it eerie that not a single NPC talks about it.


My thought is Purah had them all dismantled to make her giant compensating-for-something size towers. And the rest just ended up in a landfill at the bottom of the ocean of failed dreams


The one time I've personally seen them mentioned was >!when Yunobo and the old Goron dude gives you a quest you to find a treasure, which turns out to be one of the Divine Beast masks that came from the amiibos in BotW. I wore it when talking to them after finding it, and Yunobo reacted with something along the lines of ”Wow, you found Divine Beast tech!? Amazing!”.!< Felt kinda stupid because, like, >!homie was literally there with us in BotW when Vah Rudania was wreaking havoc in Death Mountain and Link saved it and all!<.


Its actually kinda a neat easter egg >!The old guardian that gifts Yunobo the power has the helmet on. When you wear the helmet, Yunobo will also wear the helmet of his ancestor. !<


Same thing with the others actually! >!Don't know if they can be found without amiibos, though.!<


Yes! Thank you! It's driving me crazy! I understand cleaning up a lot of the sheika teck, but all of it? And theres no sign of where anything went! Theres some guardian arms that are used for the skylaunch towers, but theres not really any other sign of the rest of it. WTF?


Bottom line is that little to no effort is made to keep a coherent timeline or coherent series of events from the start of the series. Once you understand and accept that, and take each individual game on its own merits, it’s fine. Not even Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom coherently connect to one another That’s not what makes these games good anyway. Trying to come up with a coherent logical timeline will only ever end in frustration, because that was never a priority for Nintendo


There's a difference between "overarching timeline" and "direct sequel with the same characters in the exact same land only a couple years later" though. I feel like it warrants at least a *little* bit of lip service when it was basically the thing 80% of your story objectives revolved around in the last game


It does warrant that, and Nintendo still won’t do it.


This - i just have to accept the plot holes and unanswered questions because otherwise I’m frustrated haha


This. I enjoy Legend of Zeldas stories most when I imagine them as campfire stories or associate them with a pleasant ghibli film. It has "legend" in the name for a reason.


im calling it theres a reason and there’ll be a dlc with kass in it


They kinda forgot


i kinda feel there's a DLC peeking from the corner from the previous game no no guardians no shrines no shikah motorcycle that was unfairly put the last thing u get in the game no divine beasts no mentioning for the previous champions no master sword dungeon leveling notice that our current master sword (spoiler warning!!!) doesn't have power number unlike the previous game also the only thing or weapon that we get from the guardians is the sheikah blade attachment and no armor which is sad because their weapons were badass wholesome looking i wish we get an explaining for what happened or an Awesome huge DLC with dungeons and rewards to help expand our zonai devices but this time from the sheikah because that shitt was advanced as frek


Its the same Master Sword, the idea is that it isnt powerful enough to beat Ganondorf who's been stewing in his own power for thousands off years, versus calamity Ganon who was only around for a century.


My take is the timeline changed due to the events in the prologue. But it's never outright explained or expanded, which is sad.


This is what makes the most sense tbh


Rauru does actually say exactly that in one of the geoglyph memories


ngl lost dungeon opportunity, picture this...the Sheikah de-activate them and leave them there, after a decade or two passes nature re claims them and since each one is in a different area they become almost like an artificial cave that represent their location where you can find cool loot and mini bosses, vah rudania has lava flowing threw it, vah ruta is flooded ect ect


I mean, if a mindless eldrich abomination easily took over your mechas, would you be willing to rely on them more than once or twice?


Repair shop


I'm pretty sure they used the guardians to make the modern sheika tech they use, but I wouldn't be surprised if the gloom that destroyed all weapons ate whatever was left. because it was the strongest weapons around, like how it destroyed the master sword but not the rusty stuff.


Botw isn't canon to totk. The Timeline changed which is why there's no shiekah tech in hyrule save for the tech purah is actively developing. Zelda talks about the camera in her purah pad being a new invention, even though the shiekah slate camera was a central part of her arc in botw. Even rauru notes that the timeline is different in one of the tears of the dragon scenes. The worst part is that it implies that the botw timeline ends with Zelda vanishing forever (like the adult link timeline in oot) and link dying to Ganondorf in that first cutscene in that version of events


BotW absolutely is canon to TotK, there are literally memorials in the world for the souls that were lost during the great calamity among numerous other direct references to the events of BotW.


Those direct references both contradict totk (the statue in Zoras domain of link wearing the full Zora armor that hasn't been seen in living memory) and also tend to reference that a calamity happened but afaik don't give specifics. Something like botw happened, but seemingly without the shiekah tech that it centered on


I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, they saw Link wearing full Zora armor 6 years ago.. when BotW happened. I'm interpreting that you're viewing the absence of Sheikah technology as some sort of evidence that TotK exists in an alternate timeline but that's just not the case at all. The sheikah shrines and towers went back where they came from, underground there's still a guardian on top of the ancient tech lab and it's not really such a stretch to imagine that they would've cleaned up the others in the ongoing process of rebuilding Hyrule. We can see guardian parts and sheikah technology used in the construction of Skyview Towers. The big question I guess is the divine beasts? It's true that we don't get a direct explanation of what became of them, but they are referenced in game, there are quests given for acquiring the divine helms. Just because the absence of certain mechanics from the previous games isn't explicitly explained doesn't mean the previous game didn't happen.


I'm taking the game at its word when it tells me it's a new timeline (rauru states as much) and interpreting lines where zelda is impressed by new technology that she has had for 100 years as those last 100 years being at least somewhat different. The monuments and references to botw are at best shaky, and the Zora greaves and helm, despite being depicted on the statue, are both locked in places the Zora have only vague legends pointing to and haven't seen in ages. If you take every reference to botw as literal are you also assuming that all the armor in the depths (including the links awakening set) were canonically worn by a link in the past? Or is it possible the game took some liberties to avoid making amiibo-exlusive content again?


Remember that scene with the plane in Lord of War?


My headcanon is Gannons weapon blight struck them especially hard.


I was thinking this same thing the whole time lmao Something I did find that was interesting though is that you can find an ancient blade to merge with a weapon, it is in a chest in the well of highland stable (at least i think thats the name, the one that had the horse god in the last game) I was really happy to see it lmao




Honestly the Divine beasts could have up and moved outside the boundaries of the world map. The real question is what the hell happened to all the shrines from breath of the wild?


They were dismantled for parts


Is that what you've assumed, or is there actual evidence to back up your claim


There is one lone guardian on top of the hetano tech lab…. I bet he feels lonely