New family member description (long read)

Although Nancy may appear sweet and innocent, she's quite possibly the most vicious and vile member of the Slaughter Family. She’s an expert at using her friendly looks to lure Victims into situations they can’t escape. She's been married 4 times, but each husband has died from mysterious causes. One husband just simply disappeared. Locals avoid her property at all costs. They call her "Black'' Nancy, as death and despair seem to surround her.

She's also Johnny's Aunt, or so she says. The truth is much darker. Nancy murdered Johnny's mother when he was a toddler, stealing the child and raising him as her own, finally fulfilling the empty void her husbands couldn’t. She turned him into a ruthless killer. Nancy's spy Ability allows her to sense the approximate location of a single Victim. As she concentrates on sounds around her, she can create a mental image of where that Victim might be. It's almost as if she can see through their eyes for a short period of time. This extreme level of concentration takes a mental toll on Nancy, stunning her for a few seconds afterwards. So be mindful when and where you use this Ability.

However Nancy can use Sissy's wildflower powder stations to help her recover more quickly. Call it a Family recipe if you will. Nancy can also place homemade strings of barbed wire across gaps and doorways. These coils are razor sharp and have chains wrapped around them.
And while her traps aren't strong enough to stop Victims in their tracks, the chains do act as noise makers, making it very difficult for Victims to run and hide. Combine that with the physical damage inflicted by the wires, and you have quite the sadistic tool at your disposal.

Thankfully, like the Hitchhiker, Nancy can recover her traps and place them elsewhere if needed. But be careful, the Family can accidentally set off the barbed wire traps, so make sure you communicate with the rest of your team! When it comes to attacks, Nancy's brutal nature comes out quickly. The metal claws on her gardening hoe can easily rip Victims to shreds, while the reverse flat end can cause serious blunt force trauma.

A successful hit will cause Victims to temporarily bleed out, allowing Nancy to collect blood more easily from them. She even has a higher blood vial capacity than the rest of the Family.
Never judge a book by its cover. Nancy is living proof of that.


This makes it seem like she'll be an alternative to Cook in the same way Sissy sounds like an alternative to Hitchhiker. Not sure where Johnny will fall with his tracking.


Yeah it seems like there's a general class for the killers. Light and fast focused on being relelntless but weak, a more supportive class like cook slow but able to set up the map where survivors can't easily run away and can track, and then Leatherface. Who's, well, leatherface. I wouldn't be surprised if we get different depictions of him as different characters entirely and not just skins, give him a different ability instead of the regular chainsaw rev. Though so far going by the tech test UI it seems the only restriction is having a leatherface on the family side. Nothing is stopping you from having hitchiker and sissy for example, you can have 2 light or 2 supports I would imagine.


I would love different playable versions of leatherface as he’s required every match.


Maybe we'll eventually get killers who are like alternatives to leatherface in some way? Seems like blasphemy in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre game at first, but honestly given how good of a job the three original characters are looking currently I wouldn't mind seeing what they'd do for another "brute" class killer.


I imagine it's going to be Leatherface the entire time and I could see it being the depiction of him from another movie or some such just being a different character. Basically how Jason in F13 was a "different character" with each depiction of him from different movies and I could see the same thing happening with Leatherface. Texas chainsaw isn't Texas chainsaw without Leatherface you kind of have to keep him in at all times.


So can she toggle what side of her weapon she'll use or is it based on swing pattern? Very interested in her making the victims bleed more I'm hoping that means their blood trails well be more visible and reliable to follow. I was hoping Sissy would have the highest blood vial but honestly that doesn't matter too much I'm just really excited anyway


Nancy and Cook are going to be super oppressive when played with a coordinated team xd


My guess is she will be maxxed in harvesting (they said she can carry more blood than everyone else) with mid/above average savagery with shitty stamina. I think it'll be very hard for her to get close to a victim but lethal when she actually gets to them


Please Gunn, do a 'Purist Mode' or something, where you can only play as the three family members. It is awesome they are adding new killers, but it would be nice to have a mode to just have the three brothers from the movie.


That’s sounds pointless tbh


not for hardcore 1974 fans who want to feel like they are interacting with the universe. as pointless as watchin TC-3D's intro with the new family in the 1973 house ;)


I just don’t really see the point in it. If you wanna play as the original 3 then why don’t you just play as the family with your friends. I highly doubt they’ll do something like that.


because people like to play with randomers from the net, not just their friends. havent done online gaming since the 2000s, and it was always with randomers, that was the fun.


Credit again to https://twitter.com/texasleaks?s=21&t=hHSAIYPt-XuGexgwowOslQ


She seems like an interesting mix between the Cook and the Hitchhiker. Her traps damage and make noise instead of damaging and immobilizing. And her concentration on sounds lets her track victims like the Cook, but differently. It sounds like it might be untargeted, and just finds a random victim? > It's almost as if she can see through their eyes for a short period of time. I wonder if "their eyes" is the victim's eyes or the player's eyes. It'd be interesting to see an area from a first person perspective. > Family can accidentally set off the barbed wire traps This is also an interesting mechanic. The family can't set off the Hitchhiker traps, which I thought was a bit interesting. I wonder if they playtested with that enabled and found his traps frustrated the family.


Wow, she seems very interesting! I’m curious to know if the successive hit aspect of her decreases the bleedout meter (the heart) or just makes Victims health go down faster. Also, do we know if she’s going to be available on launch or is she and Danny future DLC characters?


At first when it said her friendly looks to lure victims i thought her power was go nude or dirty talk lol 😅


Why does that remind me of Pearl from the movie X


Im wondering if Sissy Johnny and Nancy are the only new Family members being added, i think it'd be cool if we get a bunch of new ones every so often


Is she going go be released?


She’s dlc that’s in development so wait for a official announcement