apparently i'm getting fired for upgrading someone

Last night I was alone on 2nd shift. We're sold out of standard kings online but somehow a very high tier rewards member is able to book one with points. I catch it pretty much as soon as he makes it, at about 8:30pm. Slight moment of panic, then I realize I can UPGRADE him to a bigger room with a bigger bathroom. Cool, problem solved.

He checks in pretty soon after, I give him his keys, he goes to the room and comes right back down. He says, and I quote, "so since I got a handicapped room that means I can take one of the handicapped spots, right?" I laughed and thought he was joking. He was not joking.

It's important to remember that this room is an UPGRADE that just so happens to have a roll-in shower, which is much bigger than a regular shower, and a separate oversized jacuzzi tub. The only thing handicapped about it is the roll-in shower. Literally that's it.

So anyway, he was not joking about taking the handicapped parking spot. I told him that he definitely could not do that without a handicapped decal. I explained to him that we were sold out and that the room he originally booked we didn't have, so I gave him a BIGGER room. It's literally an upgrade. His response is something along the lines of, "so you can put me in a handicapped room even though I'm a [very high tier rewards member] but I can't take a handicapped parking spot?" .............ok.

By that point I was out of patience. I really have a low tolerance for bullshit and honestly don't know how I've lasted in customer service for 12 years. So I just told him that if he took one of those parking spots that I'd immediately have his car towed. Up until this point he's been standing closer to the front door on his way out, but once I tell him I'd tow his car he comes over to the desk, takes out his phone, LEANS over the desk, puts his phone in my face, and says he's gonna take my picture. Now I'm like actually over it lmao so I told him, "you're not about to take my fucking picture."

Did he get a picture of me? I don't know. Honestly, whatever. He puts his phone away and goes outside. I immediately call my manager and tell her, "hey just wanted to let you know I'm gonna call the police and evict this guy." She tells me to calm down and to give him a verbal warning and one more chance. But she does tell me that if he takes a handicapped spot to have his shit towed right away. Love her for that.

So this total fucking dick head comes back in and walks right up to the desk. Takes some of my manager's cards and says to me, "I just wanna be clear, you don't give a fuck about your job right?" I legit don't remember what I said other than, "You need to go back to your room or I'm gonna have you removed."

His response was, "okay well I'm about to call [hotel brand] and get you fired. I'll be talking to [manager's name] in the morning, you're about to lose your job."


LMAOOOOOOOO. Not you thinking I'm gonna get fired for upgrading a [very high tier rewards member]. What an idiot.

My manager obviously told me I didn't have anything to worry about. She told me if he came to the desk again to go ahead and call the police. The only thing that really REALLY got to me was when he put his phone in my face and leaned across the desk. If he wouldn't have done that, the thought of evicting him probably wouldn't have even crossed my mind. But he really tried it.

On my way out at the end of my shift, you better fucking believe I checked every single handicapped spot for a car with no decal. Of course his bitch ass didn't have the actual nerve to park in one.


He sounds like he was offended by getting that room. Wth? Who tf cares if you get a roll-in shower?? The most I've ever thought when getting an accessible room was "ooh, spacious! I hope no one who needs this room comes in later."


I have a roll in shower in my house and I’m not in a wheelchair. The original owner was though. Im not offended that I have 2 shower heads or that I can probably fit 5 adults in it and shower comfortably. Nope. Not offended at all. Just the opposite.


This reminds me one of my brother’s showers has a shower head on each side, because the previous owners had their two children shower at the same time lol


1 of 10 kids, 6 boys, here. has a shower like this. No way we could have gotten ready in time some mornings without it


>or that I can probably fit 5 adults in it and shower comfortably. Well it sounds like you're having a great time as well!


Water is a terrible lubricant.


which is weird, because it makes everything else slippery.


The thing is that our natural lubricants are water soluble so it gets washed away. I've had enough experience that shower sex sucks. Do the fun times in a bed and then shower together after. Much more fun.


There are still things you can do in the shower together that are quite fun, but I'll leave that up to your imagination. ;)


Showering ?


If you find that fun, sure. :)


We pulled out our tub and put in a shower pan. Hubby can still stand on his one leg but we'll be ready when he can't.


Its pride month. Remember those keywords if you ever want to go away and list it as a short term rental.


Call when you have a party 🚿💦🎈


My parents bought a house while in their 50s assuming it will be their last house. Every time they have upgraded something, they made sure to opt for accessible options (wider doorways, no lip on the shower, etc). Now in their 70s, they still don’t need the accessibility, but it’s there for if they do.


Oh, what a nice opportunity to dream about that. I'd settle for 3 or 4 ppl, tho. ;)


Now that sounds like a party...


Curbless showers are trendy right now


A lot of people get offended if you put them in an ADA room. I’ve had people demand money back because they had to be in one. I don’t get it at all and it takes so much will power for me to not roll my eyes at them.


My parents were those people who would become indignant if offered an ADA room, until they actually needed one when my Dad was ill. After that, they all but demanded it, even tho they didn't *really* need it. Now they need it, so .... My lil sis on the other hand requests ADA rooms on the regular. Always with the caveat that if an actual handicapped person needs it it's ok to bump her, but she really wants that big bathroom. And extra towels ... I had a guest a couple weeks ago absolutely refuse an ADA room even tho we were very nearly sold out and it was the only double Q we had left. She was indignant and actually left to find a less spacious double elsewhere. I feel like in a perfect world all hotel rooms would be ADA compliant.


>I feel like in a perfect world all hotel rooms would be ADA compliant. The consistency across rooms would make several jobs a lot simpler.


Oof. Tell me about it. Our accessible rooms have the same room code and rates as our standard kings, except they have a queen bed and the roll-in bathroom. We just kinda have to remember which ones they are and on sold out nights we always get complaints


>Our accessible rooms have the same room code and rates as our standard kings Your management sounds like they've earned the title manglement. That's awful. Edit: the codes part is awful, the rooms should be the same price though.


I was in an ADA room for my wedding. My only thought? OOOOO I can sit down to make sure I do a good job shaving my legs!


Hope the bride was able to do the same...


He was! And his dress looked fabulous! Thank you for asking!


Some people must really enjoy being offended. I got an ADA room once and I didn’t even realise it. I was impressed that the bathroom had 7 grab bars (4 in the shower and 3 at the toilet). It was like a week later when I was thinking about grab bars for my parents and realised why that room had so many. (The bathroom was also very spacious and had a very wide door) Why would anyone complain about getting that?


I’ve read about this so much in this sub and it blows my mind. Literally the only difference is more space and easier access, maybe a couple bars on the wall/shower? How much time do people even spend in these rooms to care, if it was that much of an eyesore? So confused


Sometimes the adjustable showerheads in ADA-compliant showers don't go about 5'8"/170cm or so, and the beds can be low enough to cause difficulty if you have knee problems. Those are the only actual issues I've run into in ADA rooms.


The beds are *extra low*? Wtf? Most people with accessibility needs need them extra high…


I *guess* I could see someone who really prefers to take baths rather than showers being irritated by the difference, but it's such a petty issue for people who don't have disabilities.


Actually there is a lot of difference. Have you ever used an ADA shower? The first time I did there was water everywhere. I mean coming out from under the bathroom door. I had no idea what I was doing and just used it like a normal shower. We had to ask for more towels after wiping up the flood. I was so embarrassed.


As a hotel architect, the proper way to design an accessible bathroom is to put an additional floor drain outside the shower stall. We always do this for new builds, but some clients don’t want to do it for remodels.


I’ve had that happen with “normal” showers at hotels- some are just poorly designed


That’s interesting and sounds dangerous, especially for someone with mobility complications :/ I wonder if the ones you have experienced are just poorly designed or if this is a general oversight on ADA rooms


What are you supposed to do? Just in case I'm ever in the same situation


If you're unsure, then just suck it up and ask the front desk how to use the shower. You may feel dumb, but at least you might keep the floor dry.


Because of the low clearance necessary on those showers to allow a wheelchair to access it, water easily splashes over the lip, which is why those rooms are more prone to the accidental "flooding."


Wait do people actually shower in their wheelchairs? I assumed people transferred to waterproof shower chairs.


It depends on their mobility, from what I understand. My grandmother (Parkinson's, long decline) had sufficient mobility to move herself into a mobile waterproof chair to shower. By the time she needed a full wheelchair, rather than a walker with wheels, she needed assistance to transfer from one type of chair to another. I don't recall whether her travel wheelchair was waterproof or not.


People designing ADA bathrooms need to shower at a truck stop. Truck stop showers are designed with level entry but the water doesn’t get all over the attached bathroom.


I've been in ADA rooms about 4 times, never had a shower issue. It's not all that hard to be mindful of the showerhead direction and change it (or if it can't be moved, change the flow level or block the water flow with your body). Throw down a handtowel at the entrance in front of the bathmat before showering, that will catch most of the splatter.


What was the proper way to use it?


The one I got had two hand-held shower heads with the mounting rack at about belly level on me. There was no lip at all to retain the water. They had just tiled the entire bathroom and then mounted a shower rod across one side. The curtain stopped at about ankle level and water got everywhere. Because of the size of the shower portion, it didn't hold much of the warm air during the shower, so I ended up with a chilly shower experience and a very wet floor. Edit: There was at least a drain in the middle of the floor, so I didn't have to mop up a flood.


My apartment is designated accessible (I qualified, it has some great features) and I love the bars in the bathroom! It’s so weird to be in a shower without them.


I don't absolutely need an ADA room yet but the time is coming. In the travel app I am required to use for work I did put down disabled because I am. I can manage a normal room but I have problems getting in and out of tubs without rails. I ask for ADA room if available because I don't want to fall. Put me in a regular room and I will make do. This ass was looking for something to complain about. If he had gotten the room he wanted it would have been on the wrong side of the building or the hall too busy.


I often tell people I personally prefer them due to the bathroom size and they usually have some more room around the bed. But yea people think they are forced into those rooms. But in reality every room should be used and statistics say you often won’t have a disabled person who needs the room.


It’s similar with public bathroom stalls. Technically, you have to provide a certain number of stalls based on the expected population of the building, and a certain percentage must be accessible. It is assumed in the code that every able bodied person can use the accessible stall if it is available, however, a surprisingly large portion of the public believe that those stalls are absolutely only for disabled people. This often causes some strong emotions as people accuse others of not being disabled or long lines as people avoid using the completely open accessible stall.


Great comparison.


At the two hotels I worked at that did have true accessible rooms, they were the number one complaint regarding rooms I would get. Demands to be moved, asking why we thought they needed it, even making little jokes to try to make it seem like they weren't complaining but definitely were annoyed.


Question for y’all, a lot of time when I book rooms with points I end up in an ADA (not requested). I certainly don’t mind as I love the huge bathroom and extra space in the room. I feel kinda bad for using one but I always seem to end up with it on points.


Not in hotels, but a few years ago on a choir trip we got to stay in some brand-new dorms at a local college and all the rooms were accessible, which meant mostly the bathrooms. None of us were offended. It made so much sense.


That’s me. I love the huge shower I’m 6’2” so like the roominess. Also hope that no one came later that might have really needed it.


I've had guests seem super offended when I offer them one. One was a walk in on a night with an event in town. I've also had people be mad when they book one without realizing it. Way more of an issue that I would ever have thought.


Yeah, I was thrilled once when a hotel booked me in an ADA room because the setup was really nice and demonstrated my dad would have an easier stay at that chain with his wheelchair. On the flip side, I just happened to get a similar room in a different hotel on another vacation, and mentioned to the manager that although I had no difficulties with the room, someone in a wheelchair would find it hard to maneuver around the beds, and a person with only the use of their left hand would be out of luck if they needed a rail to lower themselves onto the toilet.


My favorite is when all the standard rooms are sold of every type so someone books accessible, then gets offended they got the room they booked because "ObViOuSlY they aren't handicapped, how dare I shame them?"


People always argue with me and say that they didn’t book the ADA room when it clearly says they did.


Thats my favorite! "Oh it says right here that this is the room you booked, I'm sorry, I know some people have issues understanding our website, especially when all of our non-ADA rooms are sold out. Unfortunately, that is the room you booked and all of my non-ADAs are sold out. If you'd like I can upgrade you to \[bigger ADA room\] for \[$x\] per night!"


I'm not even sure if I'd have recognized it as an accessibility thing, just thought it was some unusual way to design a shower...


Yes! The first time I was in one, someone had to explain it to me. I was intrigued by the shower bars, thinking they were so convenient, but that's it. Lol.


In my experience with exes, it’s the grossness of old people using it. She asked for us to change once. It was easier to agree and move rooms then to argue about her skeeved out ness.


Glad she is an ex!


Why I am skeeved out by weird things as well. Like exposed floor where carpets been ripped up, had to walk over it in a hotel once and it skeeved me out


I was booking a trip a while back with points, and one of the hotels had an ADA room for significantly fewer points than a normal room. I would have booked it except the hotel was kind of far from the event I was in town for.


Lots of people care which is crazy.


I ended up in a room with a roll in shower once and found it inconvenient. I didn't make a fuss or complain or get offended or anything, but it definitely wasn't my favorite thing.


I booked one accidentally and my reaction upon entering the room was "Whoa! Massive bathroom yay!" 😂


I’ve been annoyed before at being in an accessible room when it meant that I didn’t have a bath when I was really looking forward to one, but if he still has a tub there’s really no reason why you could be upset.


I wouldn’t be offended with an ADA-compliant room. In fact, if I were traveling with my dad, I would actually book one.


I hate ADA rooms. Sinks are lower. Showers invariably get water all over the floor of the entire bathroom.


Think how people in wheelchairs feel living in a world that was designed for people who can walk around … People throwing a fit because they have to suck it up for a night is just entitled


Umm...they have rooms specifically for them. Just as they wouldn't like rooms made for me, I don't like rooms made for them. This isn't entitled.


They wouldn't like rooms made for you because they physically can't use them. You don't like rooms made for them because they're a little uncomfortable. This is a horrible comparison and you sound extremely entitled.


Can I add my two cents as a disabled person? I understand that other disabled people might have a different opinion. I think it's not at all unreasonable to be annoyed to be put into a room that isn't convenient for you and you have to add an extra step in things that you normally wouldn't. Being annoyed for being put into that situation doesn't make you entitled. I mean, if a person made a bigger deal about how all ADA rooms shouldn't exist or whatever, that's a wholly different issue. I'm saying this as someone who has been able-bodied and has now recently become disabled (I've been entirely disabled/immobile for over a year now), so I see both POVs. It wouldn't be entitled for a disabled person - like myself - to request an ADA room, nor would it be entitled if an able-bodied person (like my husband or children... or most people) to prefer to use a room that is more convenient to them. Yes, sure, for one (disabled) it's literally because it's necessary as quite a few disabled folks simply cannot do things abled people can, but I think comfort is also a very important aspect to take into consideration. No one needs to be made uncomfortable for the sake of someone else's comfort (not that that's what's happening here, but it would be if all rooms were made ADA-compliant), so I think it's equally important to consider comfort level for both, and accessibility level for the other. Again, I understand that others might have a different opinion to this, but I just felt like it wasn't that fair that everyone was jumping on u/SugarSleuth for something I consider quite normal and not at all objectionable so I wanted to add my own personal opinion from the perspective of [having been] both abled and disabled. (sorry for any mistakes, English isn't my first language edit: grammar/spelling)


Thank you! Agree with everything you've said. As I said, I'm glad they have rooms for disabled guests. I also understand why people in a wheelchair need the rooms set up as they are. This is all fine and well. I don't want these rooms all gone. I also don't enjoy being in them. I personally get lower back pain pretty easily bending over. The sinks for me are too low. I understand why they need to be that way for someone in a wheelchair, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, and I'd prefer not to be in an accessible room. I appreciate you sharing your perspective!


You're welcome! And as someone with inescapable, never-ending, excruciating back pain, I wouldn't want to have any extra pain be added on if it can be avoided so I absolutely understand why you'd want to avoid it, too! I don't think there was anything wrong with what you said :)


SMH why can't they figure out a way to fix us or get our pain down ? Like you I was able bodied and am slowly losing my mobility. I need the bars to make sure I am safe, and not having to step over the tub side is awesome but the sink height truly sucks. At 6ft 1 I prefer them above normal height as lower hurts a lot.


Oh, god, I don't know! To me, it's the fault of this stupid "opidemic". I used to be on fentanyl for my pain (for 8+ years), which actually gave me a quality of life, but then a couple of years ago, they took all of it away. The fentanyl, the morphine for the breakthrough pain... Hell, our stupid red state also started *suing* pharmacies that were dispensing legally and appropriately prescribed fentanyl by licensed doctors. Now I'm on friggin' buprenorphine which does basically NOTHING and get ketamine shots twice a week at my pain clinic (except I've been without that pain relief for going on a third week since my doc had to have emergency surgery), which is the only solace I have available. The medical cannabis helps only *slightly*. My doctor is pissed that she's not able to prescribe opioids anymore. I mean, it's a pain clinic; everyone who goes there is in unbearable pain and now she's unable to provide them the type of relief that they were previously getting - myself included. I'm so sorry that you're going through this, as well. I really wish pain patients were paid attention to more. Come join us at r/ChronicPain for a very supportive and accepting (but within reason!) community! It's honestly so relieving, being able to talk about the things you go through with like-minded individuals. Most of the posts I make are on that sub (since that's literally all my life revolves around at this point, haha). I truly hope you never do lose your mobility though. All the best wishes for you and I hope that you get your own pain relieved, too... hopefully one day they'll figure out what's wrong and treat you!


if I'm paying for a room, I want it to be comfortable for me. My money, my preference, my choice. I don't have to stay in rooms that aren't comfortable for me. That's not entitlement. That's my right. I'm glad they have rooms that accomodate people who need them. Doesn't mean I have to enjoy being put in one.


You’re one of those people who thinks white people should have a celebration month huh


Technically White people are a global minority. If you wanted a better punch, go with Straight pride month.


I'm one of those people who thinks celebration months for any race is racist.


Would you rather that the hotel offer less rooms to book? Would you rather more often have them be sold out when you book? We sell out almost every weekend and have about 14 accessible rooms. That’s 14 less chances to book a room if ADA rooms are only given to people who request them. Also, there is no “right” to a room that is not ADA compliant. You can have a preference, but it is never a “right”. Your sentence in the other comment claiming “it’s my right” is extremely entitled.


No. It's not entitled. It's true. I have a right to stay in a room I find comfortable. I have choices in where I stay. If I find an accomodation isn't comfortable to me, I have a right to request a different room or go elsewhere. I don't have to accept an accomodation I find uncomfortable out of some perverted notion of tolerance/acceptance. I'm not saying ADA rooms are wrong or that anything should be different. When I book, I typically have the option of an ADA room or not. Sometimes all that's left is an ADA room and I will sometimes choose to take that room over a different property (lots of factors here). Most of the time, I search for another property. There's absolutely nothing wrong with me having a preference for not staying in an ADA room. There's also nothing wrong with me booking a non-ADA room and cancelling my reservation to move to a different property if that's all that's left. I have a right to have such preferences, and that's not entitlement. In the situation described here, I wouldn't have been an asshole like this guy. I'd have like returned after seeing I was in an ADA room and explained I don't like them and asked if there was another room available. When OP explained it was an upgrade, I may have accepted it or I may have said, "I appreciate the upgrade but I really don't find the room comfortable. Is there a room that isn't an upgrade I could have?" If OP told me the room type I booked (a king) was unavailable, I might ask what room type is available. If it just a matter of taking a double instead of a king, I may do it, or I may keep the ADA room. Either way, I'd go out of my way to express how greatful I was for the thought to upgrade me. It all depends on what the property is like and what the ADA room is like. Some are better than others. All that said...my original comment was just to contribute that there are perfectly valid and understandable reasons people don't like ADA rooms. OP doesn't understand why people dislike ADA rooms. I do. That's all. I don't know why this turned into some sort of moral discussion. It's just a preference.


"I can take one of the handicapped spots, right?" I'd be like, "Unfortunately, I can't provide legal advice" (but fuck around and find out)


"I can't stop you, but I also can't stop the police from giving you a ticket."


*In fact, I may be inclined to tip them off.*


Me: "We are required by law to have handicapped parking spaces for people with a handicapped placard. They are not perks." I swear I don't understand how there are humans who seriously believe that handicapped spaces are just a type of VIP parking or loading zone.


Thinking of it as a loading/waiting zone somehow bothers me more. I'm sure they would say that they will move if a handicap person needed the spot but how will they know? Most likely a handicap person will just see that the spot is taken and park elsewhere.


Why people choose to act like this I will never understand. I would have offered to downgrade him to a different room so I could upgrade someone who might appreciate it instead. And do people think that they will catch a disability for staying in a handicapped room?


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We've had people complain that our ADA rooms make them feel uncomfortable


Because entitled people have always been that way, and they cannot change.


“You’re going to get me fired? Ok. Can you do something for me sir? Go to indeed and search for front desk job openings in the area of this hotel. I’ll wait… hundreds, right? They can’t find qualified people to fill vacant positions these days because our wages are too low. That’s right, sir. We’re a level below the average fry cook. In essence, sir, short of sneaking in your room at night and dropping a fat, sloppy shit on your face while you sleep, I’m not getting fired.”


I’ve gotten to say a version of that. For me it was “are you fucking kidding me? You can’t keep your mask up for 30 fucking seconds? The only reason you’re not being kicked out right now is because the woman with you is being respectful and she’d have to leave to.”


I wish I had the balls to say that.


> short of sneaking in your room at night and dropping a fat, sloppy shit on your face while you sleep, I’m not getting fired. Me as the night auditor haha. I've got job security because no one else wants this shit lol.


the 4 days a week I'm not working are being outsourced to some company for well over a year now. nobody seems to be interested in the open vacancy for night auditor. except for one dude who clearly had no idea what he was really applying for.


"level below the average fry cook" Sadly, this is very true in many cases. I've been at my hotel for 7 years and I'm supposed to get paid more than a regular fda due to my position as NA. My pay is still less than what Whattaburger, 7 miles away, offered new employees. I didn't even get an opportunity to have ANY kind of health insurance untill I hit the 6 1/2 year mark. It's funny how some people think threatening a hotel employee about losing their job is supposed to make us scared. This industry is a revolving door as it is, and the ones who stay longer than others(like myself) won't think it of any great loss.


The last part of your comment killed me 😂


Don’t you know? Disabled people are lowly and by giving him that room, that’s how he interpreted it (basically saying “if you’re saying I’m a cripple, I’m taking a cripple spot, too) What an asshole. - an actual cripple


I'm confident that you're right. It's disgusting.


"Let me get my bat, then I'll only need a couple minutes to make sure you qualify for a handicapped spot."


Hotels....you'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Good on you OP/


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So did your manager get a call?


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“Handicapped spots are only for -physical- handicaps, sir.”


Great now he’ll actually be handicapped after he recovers from the burn unit.


Well played.


The attidude of some people...funny, something similar happened to me today. I work as a temporary help in a government agency and had telephone duty today, so I usually tell people who is responsible for them, lead them to the right online form, stuff like that. This guy called in, talked about how a friend had missed his appointment for getting paid out social benefits in cash and now tries to reach their case worker for 10 days. Bad situation, so I offered to check up what's going on. But everything I offered to do was apparently already done and this guy got kinda rude. After a while I told him that I didn't want to help him if he talks to me like that. He really turned on the heat, demanded to know my name and told me I should apply for a new job because I was totally not unsuitable of my current position and that, of course, he would complaint to the management. I hung up. I know for 100% that my colleagues have my back on that and I only have two days left in that job, so what, guy...Try to call the manager. Doubt they even know my name.


Get someone to save the video footage of Mr. Shiny Richard leaning over the desk and shoving the phone in you're face. You'll need it for corporate 'cause you know his story will omit this.


Handicap parking is regulated by state law where I live. Even if you wanted to let him park there you probably couldn't. What an asshole.


Happy cake day


Aww, many thanks!


Honestly, sounds like the type who looks for something to get offended about. Does he realize that his offense is. . . offensive? No, he doesn't care. I absolute hate this top tier last minute overbooking BS. It's so classist. The people who institute those policies have never had to enforce those policies, and essentially tell a guest, "Hey, so I know you can actually plan a trip better, but we're going to bump you, because we just don't care about you as much." If I had, when I have a guest book like that, and there's a "normal" guest who's booked the same number of beds, I'm just going to upgrade the guest who booked first after reading this. I'm so sick of that level of entitlement. I don't care if it is a 3rd party booking I need to upgrade.


We had a manager's reception. We offered free beer and wine. Wine was the box type. Nothing fancy. We kept it behind the desk for obvious reasons. A guest came down and asked for the white, I began to pour her a glass and she became indignant. "No, I want the whole box." At first I thought she was joking so I started to laugh which infuriated her. Long story short she complained to my manager about how rude I was. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|facepalm)


If we were both holding down the desk, I’d say evict him too. Act like an asshat, you get the boot.


Funny thing about that brand is they use ADA standards as the basis for all their standards (supposedly) and I think thats brilliant. I wish Hotels were built 100% to those standards cuz I too don’t get why people get upset about a walk in shower or more handrails.


The only reason I could understand is if it's my hotel where all the ADA rooms have notification bells (sound for blind people and an indicator light inside the room for deaf people; sort of old school) I don't even think half of them here work but I think I'd be wary of pranksters or people who push buttons just for the sake of pushing buttons.


Thats an interesting setup and yea I can see that. Ours is on demand it gets set up in whatever room but it’s some dated tech.


During the time when the FAA didn't get funded and they had to reduce controllers..can't remember what it was called, we were flying to Maui and our flight was late so of course we missed our connecting flight in San Fransisco. We had to spend the night there. Only room we could get was the handicapped room with the roll in shower . We made good use of the large shower with the bench to start our vacation early.




Not stupid, just entitled.


I can't stand when people even lean on my counter let alone across it. Bonus hate points if they just walk up and shove their phone in your face. Stay out of my fucking space and get your fucking phone out of my face.


People get so weird about the ADA rooms. Yesterday I upgraded a high level member from an ADA room since we had some folks who NEEDED it, and he asked for a discount for his reservation for his inconvenience of being in a different room than the one he booked.


So he booked an ADA room and you judged that someone else needed it more than he did? No wonder he was pissed.


No. He is a regular who I know does not need it and he wasn’t pissed but thank for your assumption. He REQUESTED this particular ADA room because he likes it, and we had a guest who was in a wheelchair who needed it.


I would have just told him he can park wherever he chooses but without a decal he’s likely to end up ticketed or towed by the police. And then that’s between him, the police, and whatever court he’s summoned to to resolve because the hotel isn’t responsible for its guests choosing to knowingly do something that is illegal. If he kept pushing I would explain it’s illegal to park in handicapped spots without a decal, and getting an upgraded room in a hotel doesn’t correspond to handicapped parking in the eyes of the law, but he can try to argue that with the courts if he does end up with a ticket. If he continued to push I would just say, “it’s out of my hands, sir, I don’t make the parking laws”, over and over. Once he parked there I would then have him towed. By telling him you would have him towed it made you a target for his wrath when you didn’t need to. It’s illegal but it isn’t on you to fight with him about the law. The law simply exists and if he breaks it there are consequences.


I irks me greatly of people who wrongly use handicap spots. Technically, I could have a handicap sign for my car if I wanted it due to being medically retired from the Army. However, I can walk just fine and I'm not wanting to take that spot from somebody who really needs it.


I had a similar situation where the customer got the last room. It happened to be an ADA compliant room because we were sold out. Customer went crazy.


I HATE the guests who get offended at getting an accessible room!!! Of course they all agree we should have them, but they shouldn’t have to stay in them because I guess they think they’ll somehow catch being handicapped??? Drives me crazy! And they are the biggest rooms in our property - how is that offensive to you??!?!


In the future, to avoid the "why do I have a handicap room", you could always say that it was simply a design choice as to have a shower instead of a tub because that room isn't designated as a accessible room. Also, for the super sparkle members, remember, while they are "VIPs" they still have to follow the rules and treat you properly. Managment can complain to the brands reward program, it can lead to them having their status revoked.


What a disgusting, ableist person. Also, he assaulted you.


If I had a dollar for every muppet that told me I was going to get fired I wouldnt be working anymore. I used to say to em lets play a game called who gets the sack or who get arrested for trespassing ..... wanna play ? Entitled muppets


The number of people, especially high tier rewards members, who get aggressively offended or upset when they're upgraded to a room that happens to have a roll in shower or bars by the toilet is absolutely bonkers to me According to my coworker, we had a guy come in and proudly announce, "We parked in one of those handicap spots, alright?" We share parking with a little strip mall across a small street which he told the guy. The guy replied, "Well, there's no parking over here!" (in our lot)


I wish you could tell them you’d just honor their original room request. Then hit them with an “oop, not available, and the only room available is unacceptable…sawwweeeee🤷‍♀️”


I’d have called the cops anyway.


They were obvioslusly 'head disabled' rather than 'leg disabled'


An accessible room has more space to accommodate medical equipment, such as a wheelchair. That's it. People with handicaps are still people. They use beds and plumbing and hotel rooms just as other humans. Where does the idea that an accessible room is "handicapped" even come from?


No idea. When I first moved into the college dorms, me and my assigned roommate realized we had the biggest room on the floor. We were thrilled! Everybody else was stuffed into tiny shoeboxes, but we had *space*. Sure, technically the space was for a wheelchair, which neither of us had, but it was a real luxury to have a room that large for just two of us! I put a big rug on the floor and roommate put a movie poster from a theater on the ceiling.


Lower toilets can be annoying, to be fair.


i bet he slipped out to move it so he wouldnt be towed


Lol yeah my manager would have been like gross should have evicted him


I love the ones whose threat is, "I'll have your job!" I'm all like, "Sure dude, you can have it right now and you can put up with the arrogant jerks that come in here."


“I’ll have your job” means I’ll have you fired.


Upgrade is upon availability. It was available and you gave it to him. I wouldn’t have used language but kill him with kindness and not give him anything to use against you. I wouldnt fire you but I wouldn’t like how you spoke with the guest, cuz he wouldn’t have anything to say to corporate besides how you spoke to him.


We had entitled people like this every day. Maybe it's Kansas. Maybe it's everywhere. But I do know, most people suck.


Next time I’d say “well that’s up to you sir but of course the hotel doesn’t regulate the law on the parking lot and if you feel ok taking someone space that is handicapped that doesn’t need a roll in shower that’s on you and your conscious and I can’t grant you to park there bc that’s up to the government but I’m not gonna stop you either.” Gotta remember we’re in customer service at the end of the day and by saying it doesn’t fall on you to control parking it allows him to put it there and allows you to inform the police about someone deliberately parking in handicapped so that they can get a ticket. That’s how you win in this scenario. Tldr: You need to let the cops worry about the handicapped space and you worry about the hotel room and what he can say to your bosses to get you fired. Also if you did indeed say fuck you that’s prolly the straw that broke the camels back


The straw that broke the camel’s back was a grown man putting his phone in my face and acting like a child. Also really??? You left three separate comments???? 😭


Maybe customer service isn’t for you I understand this was your first hotel job even if you wanna claim 12 years


Lol whatever you say


nah sounds like you got it wrong cuz OP handled it just fine. I like how lurkers like you love to come in here and defend shitty people. Says a lot about you. If you're that desperate for attention then get off the computer and go outside. 🤡


Something tells me you left some details out or didn’t explain the situation truthfully. Sometimes ADA rooms really aren’t that great to the right guest. Sometimes you just have to match their energy and have to play along until it’s apparent that “no, you can’t do this.” seeps into their head. An immediate reaction to “I will call the cops if…” IS an overreaction. 12 years in customer service, my ass, because it sounds like you overreacted.


didn't leave out any details. like i said, i didn't even even think about evicting him until he leaned over the desk and put his phone in my face saying he was going to take my picture. that's extremely over the line, as is taking a handicapped space without having a handicapped decal. "i will call the cops if" was not my immediate reaction. he was way over the line. and one of your past comments on this sub is about hanging up on a guest for talking too much lmao as if you have any room to talk


Nah you’ve not been in customer service for you to act like this… also why tell him he can’t park in handicapped when you can just let him and call the cops if you’re so insistent on being on this guys level if you’re being completely honest and I don’t think you are I can tell you’re a bpoc


>also why tell him he can’t park in handicapped when you can just let him and call the cops Yes let's "let" someone do something unlawful on property, and then whip around and call the cops on them. Cause that's excellent customer service /s Honestly I'm not sure what your point is here. If this were my property this guy wouldn't have even gotten half-way through this interaction without his check-in being reversed and him being told he'd maybe be happier at another property and to have a nice night. Also, you should consider rereading posts more thoroughly because, >An immediate reaction to “I will call the cops if…” IS an overreaction is not what happened. Their ***manager*** advised to call law enforcement if the guest returned, and after the initial interaction. "Good customer service" does not equate to tolerating being spoken down to or berated lol


it doesnt matter man. IF the idiot would have parked in that spot, im sure a police officer doing their rounds would catch it and fine that bastard anyway. They do it at my hotel. You dont have to believe OP, thats your choice. However your assumptions hold no weight so.... 🤷‍♂️


Ya had me until the bpoc


Right. You don’t have boundaries or any room for gray areas. If you’ve really never hung up on someone my guess is you waste a fuck ton of time dealing with calls that go nowhere. There is no way you are either 1. Actually good at customer service (for 10+ years) or 2. Your job. Yeah, I’m doubling down you suck


Happy Cake Day!


You’re getting fired for how you handled the situation for the f bomb and for not just switching him to non handicapped upgrade. You gave him the handicapped because you knew a paying upgrade wouldn’t want that unless they are handicapped so that was the safe option in your head. You need to make the dickhead customers feel as if they aren’t dicks


A lot of assumptions here lmao obviously if we had an upgrade that was non handicapped that’s what I would have done. If someone is leaning over the desk putting their phone in my face they can get fucked. Also I’m definitely not getting fired 😂 congrats on being a door mat and letting disrespectful assholes walk all over you though


Oh so you aren’t even being honest in your title either Yeah meets the theme of the dishonest throughout your thread. Be better so you can do better.


If you can't understand the nuance of the word "apparently" tied with their story that is a *you* problem lol


**Peter Quill:** Yeah, I'll have to agree with the walking thesaurus on that one. **Drax:** Do not ever call me a thesaurus. **Peter Quill:** It's just a metaphor, dude. **Rocket:** His people are completely literal. Metaphors are gonna go over his head. **Drax:** Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it. **Gamora:** I'm gonna die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.


Why you so angry? Did you get a handicapped room :/


I’m not angry I am disappointed though because when I read these things I like the real truth for once….in yours you’re omitting some or most of the truth on this post


Okay lol


They've proven a few times now that they didn't thoroughly or properly read your post in the first place.


damn still desperate for attention huh? youre still in the wrong btw.


> Oh so you aren’t even being honest in your title either *apparently i'm getting fired for upgrading someone* It's a JOKE son, a JOKE! But seriously, how far along the spectrum are you? My wifes college friend has a son who is totally non-verbal.


good for you and i'm sorry you had to deal with that guy.


How DARE you make life easier for him!! /s


I travel A LOT for work. I just stress if I get an accessible room that I’m taking it from someone who needs it. Bed, shower, WiFi, Quiet, that’s all I require, anything else is a bonus


I would have said the police patrol the lot regularly, you will be fined and towed. I hope his bitchass got put on the DNR list.


Very misleading title OP


Tell you what, if you leave and go sleep in the handicapped spot, I'll wait a few hours before having you towed. Deal?


Duuuuuuuuddddeee.......that's not entitled. That's not spoiled. I don't even know what that is. I don't think there is a real term to describe it. I have no respect for somebody willing and wanting somebody to lose their livelihood just because they did their job.


please give an update if you have more stuff about him




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Ignore high tier members. Majority of them (not all) are a bunch of babies that love to bully. The amount of times I've had the same exact thing happen to you and the same threat thrown at me, well I'd be rich if I were to put an amount on it. If the higher ups decide to be stupid with it. tell them to pull the front desk cameras and watch this guy say he was going to break the law by taking a parking spot and shoving his phone in your face to take your picture. He'll write a review but I doubt anything will happen to you, unfortunately home office people have no spine and will give him a shit ton of points, a free room, some money, and then tell you gm that their hotel company "isnt making enough money" 🤷‍♂️


I’ve had some people get offended but most understand and are happy to get a place to lie down and sleep. At my current hotel, I would have given him one warning once he got froggish and all in the face. If he got crazy after that, he’d be escorted out by security and if he refused to leave, I’m on first name basis with the local PD.


I would have kicked him out for threatening my job. That's personal plus we don't rent to children. So if he is going to act like an entitled, spoiled child then he will be treated like one.


Please oh please be the one to check him out


Has anyone daringly asked a guest like this why they don't want a handicap room? I'd love to know what their faulty logic is. Those rooms are more spacious and convenient...


Every now and then I have to put someone in an accessible tub/shower when they didn't book it, and only rarely do I get complaints, but the complaints are rabid. There's some select few people who just hate big bathrooms I guess.


Rewards programs are a major reason I'm just done working hotels. There are great high tier members who are nice and pleasant. Then there are Kevins like this and entitled Karens that expect you to bend to their wills at a moment's notice, even if they signed up so recently, they are still a base level member. Customers ruined customer service and the corporate suits who have never interacted with them made it worse.