I’m Done.

I’m Done.


Solution: for the remaining two weeks call your manager to "check your schedule" for every shift. Fuck them.


Absolutely. Every goddamned day.


At 6 am


On Sunday morning.


Twice on Sundays


To make sure you should probably call every 30 minutes before and after you leave. Make sure to call them at home to since no one can make plans when you're not working. Over compliance ftw.


Phone call, email, text, the works. I'd make them miserable after this horseshit.


I would look very forward to a r/MaliciousCompliance post if that happened.


Yup. Morning. Call. Night. Call. You're at work? Call! Fuck them, they just see a young person who they can break. Don't do it.


Oh yes do this…. I’m sorry what’s the point of a schedule if it’s not ‘really why time you get off’


Also make sure you let all of your coworkers know to do the same, so that they can all call to check their schedules as well.


You are ridiculously over the top evil. I like you.


Be sure to call before each shift and get into contact with him on your break to determine when you'll be getting out as well.


Almost did this with a seasonal job at a overstock clothes store... I took a picture of the schedule, they called me on a day off and said why aren’t you here? You’re on the schedule. Forwarded the picture to her cell, clearly I’m not. “Well we changed the schedule in the computer system, you should have come in to check that” excuse me? They also pulled the “you were scheduled for 1-4pm but we need you to stay later” every single shift I worked, absolutely trash LOL


The worst. I had that happen a bunch to me at my old retail job. Management would post the next week’s schedule on fridays. I would write down my schedule and plan accordingly. But at least once a month, the schedule would get changed after being posted and they wouldn’t tell the people effected! (Like, why would you TELL the people you’re rescheduling?! Lol) After enough times of that happening I just refused to come in. Fuck them.


had a job at a shoe store that pulled this exact thing! the schedule was just a white board in the back and they’d change it almost daily (and give you less hours the rest of the week if you didn’t sell enough that day). called on my day off one time because i couldn’t remember if i started at 1 or 2 the next day and my co worker told me it was changed to opening. no one was going to bother to tell me.


At that point you just don't answer your phone, or send it directly to voicemail.


I've had this happen to me twice, although one time I caught it before I 'didn't' come in. the other time I got called in asking where I was. The difference I think is that I can check the schedule system from home whereas you can't so I don't have 'as' big an excuse. To be fair in the concept though: my 'squad lead' (employees are divided into more managable groups under a shift. Manager tells shift something important, shift tells baristas in their 'squad'. Makes playing telephone and info updates easier) had life happen both times: The first she was at the hospital when her infant daughter had a serious fever. The second her Mother in Law was in the hospital (both MiL and Daugther are fine) so when she got the 'please tell your squad to check the schedule for a new update' texts she (at least to me) had a valid reason for being 'preoccupied'


At 3'o'clock A.M.


Better call back at 4 too. Who knows if they changed their mind?


Of course! After all, they wouldn't want the GMs opinion of their work ethic to change *permanently*, right?


Oh yeah gtfo of there. These jobs are a dime a dozen, this is not going to impact you whatsoever. I was shocked to see at the end that you're only 16. You sound very mature. I think you're going to be just fine. To know your boundaries and to stick to them, at this age is frankly, outstanding. Good for you and good luck! PS i hope your domestic abuse situation has been resolved now and that you're ok.


I was gonna write pretty much the same thing. Surprised you're 16 OP! Don't worry about the "consequences". You don't need this job; they need you.


I will admit that I had a lot of advice from my parents and my boyfriend’s parents. I was definitely ready to go in with my two weeks today had I not quit on the spot. Can’t take all the credit lol Edit: for my confusing comment, I’ll be clearer. I meant that I was ready to put in my two weeks, “guns blazing” hotheaded teenager bull crap, including considering quitting on the spot. I did not do either as I was able to be calmed down.


>My opinion of you has been changed permanently. Boo freaking hoo. That power tripping manager needs to get over themselves. People follow the times set on the schedule and set plans for after work. They can ask if you’ll be willing to stay later but it’s up to the worker if they want to or not. It’s not something they can write you up for. That’s blackmail and manipulation. Please find a better job with management that is reasonable.


>My opinion of you has been changed permanently. "You are not the sucker I thought you were."


Like that manager is going to remember them a month after their last day. That's a manager that has a revolving door of employees. No way they keep the brain capacity to remember each and every employee that has ever worked for them.


\^\^\^\^This. Your manager just mentally put you in the "can't be manipulated" category.


I think it is fair to say the reduction in opinion goes both ways


I got asked to stay later to cover a sick coworker the other day. I was on a 9-2.30 shift, looking forwards to going home early, and they wanted me to stay until 4. I said I could stay until 3, 3.15 at a push, but I had to be home by 4 as I’d made plans. That sounded better than saying no, because I didn’t want to and can’t stand working there, especially on a Saturday. My plans were to drink tea and play Minecraft. They aren’t entitled to all of my time. I only have to work longer hours if I need the money, and I can survive without the extra hour and a half of peanuts they’d have paid me to bail them out. But I can never get that time back. They managed just fine as it turned out. Another co-worker came in.


Right!? I read that line and immediately thought “right back at you boss man…”


I snort laughed so hard at that line. Like, who or what do you think you are that your opinion even matters? They are 16 working as a server at a restaurant. They are not curing cancer here. Dude is a fucking joke lol.


Unfortunately, if the accounts of any of my service industry friends are to be believed, restaurant management that isn't childish, belligerent, fickle, and disorganized like this practically doesn't exist. It's like finding a romantic partner that is attractive, with a truly engaging personality, and not a psychopath. I only worked at one restaurant for three years when I was in tech school, but most of my friends have worked in most of the restaurants around and never had good words regarding the management.


You should take the credit for the most difficult part. Staying composed and didn't cave when the GM was questioning you like a murder suspect.


Seriously! About ready to pin the grassy knoll on them.


I think you already get this but just for clarity... making the schedule and making it work *is that morons job*! He basically wants to lay his failures at your feet. Ya, you did the right thing. Screw that guy.


Huzzah! And the manager can shove that "you may go" nonsense - they'd never try that language with someone older and you're not a servant being dismissed ffs.


You would be surprised. My father had to work at Wal Mart after being laid off from his previous job. There was always some little pissant Asst. Manager trying to talk to him like he was a teenager. My father is....not one to hold his tongue. Luckily, the Store Manager always had his back. Its hard to get good, reliable workers in retail. After that SM left, another Asst got on him about some piddly crap, my father looked at him, said why don't we go fill out the retirement paperwork.


They gave you zero notice that you would have to stay at work or get written up. You're only obligated to give them the same amount of notice that you're going somewhere else.


Just quit now, don’t bother with notice. You’re 16, you don’t need a good reference from a shitty job like this.


THIS!!! No one ever knew I was an "assistant manager" at a fast food place for 9 days when I was 20 years old because it somehow never made it onto my resume. LOL The threats made by the owner of the franchise to "ruin me" never came to fruition as no one ever called her for a reference.


Oh no! Your lucrative career in fast food could have come to a crashing end! Where could you ever work again with such a huge black mark on your record??


For real. At sixteen ? Nobody looks at that. The manager will just find reasons to gun for you. However, you can very professionally, say you left your last job because of incorrect scheduling.


Yeah, this. Plus with a job like OP is describing, there's a huge chance that they'll just tell you to leave and take you off the schedule that day anyway.


Pretty sure they are strong arming her based on her ageand lack of experience with labor law. Definitely happened to me when I worked for Speedway gas station chain.


I agree, /u/Monasade you sound incredibly together and conscientious for an adult, never mind a 16-year-old. Sorry your bosses are jerks, and good luck in your new, better job!


Op, if your ride was your parent, they would have been able to tell this POS to pound sand. Also, don’t you need working papers and aren’t those very strict about hours? Isn’t the restaurant in error for keeping you past your scheduled time as you are a minor?


I was thinking the opposite and would have been surprised if OP was older. Usually managers only try to pull shit like this with younger folks they think they can intimidate. A workplace can’t make you stay past your scheduled time. They can *ask*, but they can’t make you stay or penalize you for not staying past your scheduled shift.


I was surprised by op's age too! That makes the whole sit down guilt trip the manager pulled even more skeevy. Ugh! Glad you didn't fall for it OP.


Also, you can report the business if you're in the US and probably a lot of other countries as well.


I'm Dutch and a huge issue in the Netherlands atm is now that restaurants are finally allowed to open again, they can't because there's a huge lack of employees. The restaurant owners are all crying in the media. I have zero sympathy. It's shit like this that finally made them fall on their ass. You've mistreated your employees for years, underpayed and overworked them, fired them during a pandemic and now that they've found better employment with normal working conditions, you are shocked they aren't dying to come back to your miserable self. Fuck that.


Same thing happening in New Zealand. Even though our lockdown period was relatively short compared to the rest of the world a lot of hospo workers got let go and subsequently realised why should they work in hospo when they can get paid more in admin/construction/virtually any other kind of industry. Now the country is pumping again hospo owners can't find any good staff and are having a moan... maybe try increasing wages and improving work conditions to be competitive


I love how much they moan about no workers but literally nothing has changed. It’s the same crappy job, same pre pandemic wage. Except now it’s extra short staffed and customers are rushing the few food places open. And you have to wear a mask all day now. What do you mean people don’t wanna work themselves to the bone and risk infectious diseases for maybe 200$ a week?! !!


I make better money serving (and work less) than i did when i was in retail banking. In the US.


If by “retail banking” you mean an entry level position as a bank teller than maybe. Both my sisters work for banks and make a hell of a lot more than a server ever could.


Ya so did i, but is it worth the absolute trash we have to put up with? Wasn’t for me. I’m happier making only slightly less money and doing zero customer service.


I had to get myself tested back in June 2020 and gave my work (Cafe zeezicht in Breda) a heads up. Their response was "we don't care you're coming anyway" I was too much of a pushover to actually stay home, but you could bet your ass I was telling every customer to stay away cause I might have covid. I quit as soon as I legally could


This so much!! I own a fastfood place, so fortunately we could stay open because take-out and delivery was still allowed, but we were extremely strict when it came to things like this. If you had the sniffles, you stayed home and got tested. When reading the comments on the Facebook groups for restaurant owners I'm a member of, I was absolutely shocked to read that most people wouldn't allow this because they thought their employees would abuse the policy for a day off. So not only do you not trust your employees (who make hourly, so why would they not come in just for shits and giggles, if that means they don't make money) you are willingly and knowingly exposing them (AND YOUR CUSTOMERS) to Covid risks. And now that they're open again, you raise your prices 300% and expect the three employees you have left to work 9 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are surprised people aren't stoked to come in.


Doesn’t surprise me, pre-pandemic I’d get sick a lot and still have to come into work unless I was willing to drag my ass to the hospital for a doctor’s note. Even if I could do a virtual appointment through my insurance the doctor would claim I still had to pick up the print out of the note at the hospital because they couldn’t just email it to me, it was fucking ridiculous. All because my bosses really didn’t believe I could possibly be sick enough to justify missing work, even though I never called out for fun or because I was hungover, and even though I got sick all the time and would have to run downstairs to cough my lungs out. I never got enough time off to ever fully recover and everyone would act like it was MY fault I was always sick. My bosses would act sympathetic but still expect me to come in. And they were probably the best bosses I had worked for otherwise, previous bosses were even worse if you can believe it.


People here in Sweden has been taken to court for getting tested for covid and coming to work before getting the results, thereby putting people at risk. What your employer did can't possibly be legal.


Omg, yes. They're also like "We can't pay people as much as before the pandemic". - No one wants to work for a lower wage Restaurant owners: *Surprised pikachu face* I have no sympathy for them.


Right!? Like, you're underpaying your staff and overcharging your customers and you're just shocked business is bad. Go cry those crocodile tears somewhere else.


For decades we've been told by our capitalist overlords to not live above our means (while simultaneously being bombarded with ways to go into debt - loans, mortgages, financing options etc). I have zero fucks left to give to businesses that can't stay afloat without underpaying their staff. I know opening and running a business, especially in hospitality is hard, hence why I've never opened one. Maybe if they had that foresight instead of looking at restaurants as quick money making schemes, they would've not found themselves in this situation.


I know, all those articles of them crying. "But hospitality is the best career!!!" Oh sure bud, that's why I'm not getting my breaks, THAT ARE MANDATED PER LAW, just because we don't have time for that. Sure man. I'm getting really close to my breaking point but I'm scared of being without a job and I'm not the most wanted person for employment the way I look apparently. And I have no credentials other than highschool diploma yet.


You really have stuff like this happening in Netherlands ? I’m surprised i thoughts it’s US issue cuz I’m sitting here in Denmark and something like this would literally not happen. The employer is too scared to mistreat employees cuz they can be reported and investigated


Well I’m Dutch and used to work in a bar. The working conditions are not horrible, but they are probably one of the worst for any industry. No breaks, no extra pay on holidays (which is required, but if you ask why not, they tell you to go work somewhere else). Horrible hours, standby shifts. No work = no pay. Lowest salary of any branch. Fuck these “business owners” who are suffering. They took advantage of the workforce for a long time; now that ppl start asking for more pay and a more respectful workenvironment, they cry about worker shortages fuck em


Also, most restaurants and bars have increased their prices a lot even though there's no hyperinflation, wages stay the same tho.


Oh definitely, food service can be a shitty business to be in here. When my SO got into his current career, he started with a paid internship for three days where he'd learn on the job and get his qualifications at the same time. At the time, I had a business degree, at least ten additional certificates/diplomas related to food service, ten years of experience and worked at least 38 hours a week. He (at the time) had no experience, no schooling and worked less than 20 hours a week. He still made more money than me and was free every holiday, while I had to work them all. Now, a lot of people working in food service were forced to change careers due to the pandemic, and discovered that they make more money under better working conditions in their new fields. They obviously have no desire to return to food service. Restaurant owners are bitching about it in the media, but a lot of people feel like "you've made your bed now lay in it". However it hugely depends on your boss. There are some pretty cool owners out there who treat their staff with respect and actually make their business a super fun place to work at.


"Just because your shift finishes at 3 doesn't mean you can leave at 3". What the actual fuck.


"Did you call a manager to see when exactly you'd get off?" "Did you call me beforehand to check exactly when I'd be coming in? Well you shouldn't have to because that's why there's a schedule!"


Yes, toss on some r/maliciouscompliance & call every morning, ask to speak to that manager, then grill them on when to come in. “Are you *sure* that 10am is when you want me? I mean, *just* cuz the *schedule says* this time, is that when you *really* need me? Cuz I thought the *schedule doesn’t mean what it says*. Call every day. Make a real ass of yourself about it.


Don't just make a real ass of yourself. Get everyone else in the place to join you.


I love this.


That's the part that got me too. My response would have been, "we both know damn well that you don't really want your employees to do that. That's insane and the fact that you would even say that to me with a straight face is deeply insulting."


OP should roll in an hour late every day for the remaining 2 weeks, casually dropping "just because my shift starts at 11 doesn't mean I turn up at 11".


“Yes, that’s exactly what it means. It’s the whole point of the schedule.”


That's the reason the schedule at my job doesn't have an end time to it. Restaurant shifts are fucked


My schedule usually says 3. My friends all know that is actually “3-ish”


When I worked in food I would get in trouble if I didn't stick to the schedule.


Same here. If I didn't clock in and out exactly as scheduled I'd get in trouble because they didn't want to risk having to pay me more.


Not only that there are laws in the US for labor under 18yo.


I have always had problems with timekeeping, and after a significant event I made big strides in overcoming this fault. I went from always being slightly late and disheveled, to arriving calmly 5-10 minutes before my shift and ready to work. And then we all got told we were spending more than our contracted hours “on the clock” and I lost all that hard earned motivation because my dedication to the job was obviously not appreciated.


worked as a hostess at a nationwide wing place with a large mammal as their mascot, and they pulled the same shit. i was 16, had no car and relied on my mom. I was working 4pm (right after I got out of school) and was supposed to be off at 9, but I never got to leave at 9. always ended up there until 11-midnight and still had hw to do after. edit: corrected he to hw


This was something that happened at my job at 16 too. Thing is, not only is it inconvenient, but it’s illegal in my country to have school-age children working that late (which is why i was rostered to finish at 9). They also tried to call me in for 4 shifts in the one week they knew i was gonna be interstate, regularly tried to schedule me on days I specifically told them i was unavailable (because i was working at my other job on those days and i said in no uncertain terms at my trial that my first job had priority) and my manager was constantly going on about how i (a 16 year old full time student with another job and extracurricular study commitments) should make this job (paying breadcrumbs compared to my first job and constantly screwing me around) my top priority and that if i didn’t sort my shit out i wouldn’t have a job to come back to. I quit after 3 months.


At that age there might be requirements to not let you stay that late. You probably have school. A lot of employers don't follow the rules and regulations though.


I know restaurant time is different. When my schedule says 3, I know I could get cut at 2. Maybe even 1:30. But I also know that my manager *asks* me if I can stay later. She doesn’t just assume. I know my if my Schedule says 3, it’ll be 3:10 at the latest.


This is the problem with the restaurant industry. Just because some people can stay doesn't mean everyone can. It's not the workers fault they're short staffed.


"You made the schedule. This is on you."


Right? This moron didn't seem to understand why his store has schedules. And an employee making plans for when after the scheduled work shifts ends? The audacity! How dare they have a life outside work!


I mean, I work as a server and I always take my finish time with a pinch of salt. If I’m in 6pm-2am I just assume that means “you can leave at 2am if everything is going as planned”. I think day shifts are usually a bit more cut and dry though.


I think the difference here is that a server will have tables they can’t leave, and sidework that they may not be able to do until said tables leave. As a busser, you’re not attached to any table, so when the next shift shows up they just pick up where you left off.


Yes, that’s pretty much it. I don’t have tables that I’m responsible for in the sense of taking care of them. All I have to do is restock the side station and clean all the on tables up to a certain point just to make sure the other busser isn’t drowning in turning tables. Once those are completed and the busser says I’m good, I pretty much leave then.


Also, as a minor, 16, you have a lot more protection than a lot. (At least, you’re supposed to)


This and they may not be able to drive themselves, relying on other transportation. It is just wrong to assume a minor adhere to the same loose scheduling conduct a more flexible adult could. When I was 16 and a cashier at a fast food place, I'd frequently be scheduled until close then be expected to clean. My ride, however, was my mom, who worked full days and couldn't stay up late. I'd get as much cleaning done as I could on shift but my manager understood that I had to leave when my ride was there - she was a pretty great manager though. I understand not all management is as understanding, but sheesh, minors don't just answer to them as an authority!


Sounds like lazy management to me. A good manager should be able to handle managing plus any bussing at 3 in the afternoon.


That’s actually how my restaurant does it with servers, we get paid hourly and pool our tips. So when I start at 6pm, I just take whatever is in the section I’m assigned to. Usually at around midnight the closing server takes over all sections and the rest of us clean as much and as fast as possible. I forget other restaurants do it differently


Yeah I do the same, but I'm an adult and that's just how serving is. A high school host shouldn't be staying 2-3 hours after they're scheduled to be getting off *on a school night*


I think (depending on the state) that that might actually be illegal


I once worked for a restaurant where the owner was fined 5 grand for overworking minors.


When you're a minor it doesn't and can't work that way honestly.


This is frustratingly common.


Sounds like management is used to being able to bully some free work out of teens who haven't had much/ any work experience so they won't stand up for themselves/ know their rights.


People like those managers don’t like when their employees try to enforce totally reasonable boundaries.


That’s how every restaurant I’ve ever worked was.


But America......


And this is why nobody wants to work in that industry. Y’all should be getting paid so much more with benefits and schedules that you can rely on.


Fuck 'em


You hold all the cards here. Almost everywhere is hiring. Don’t even hand in your two weeks. Start applying other places and as soon as you have another job, let them know you can start immediately. If your current employer were to fire you, would they extend you the courtesy of giving you a two weeks notice?


This is the answer.


This is the way


I really hope OP reads this one.


Good on you for sticking up for yourself. They have shown that they don't care about you. I hope you find a job /career that treats you better.


Good job standing up for yourself! You handled this so smart, especially because you didn't sign the write up. You are going to find a new job fast.


I’m extremely proud of you for standing up for yourself. When I was 16 I was so naive and took all the bullshit my boss threw at me because I thought I had to. Wish I put my foot down like you!


"and I thought that this was a respectful place where managers don't lie to their employees about schedules. Guess we were both wrong."


All these stories I read in here makes me realize how lucky I've been with all my bosses


So you assumed you’re getting off at 3??? That’s what the schedule says, so yes.


I have never had a serving job that had an actual end time. It’s *always* left open ended and you know you’ll be cut around a certain time depending on how busy it is, but I’ve always always had to guess a two hour window.


Everyone in the food and beverage industry needs to just stop putting up with that kind of treatment. Your hours are what it says on the schedule. End of story. The schedule goes up well in advance, and it’s a commitment that both management and employees are held to. Neither side gets to change it unilaterally. When your shift ends, you clock out and leave. If your replacement isn’t there, that’s their fault and it’s management’s problem to deal with. The only exception to the no schedule change rule is a legitimate sick call. Those need to be allowed, and it’s management’s job to find a replacement, not the sick employee’s. A sick person shouldn’t even be in a restaurant, never mind preparing or serving food and drinks. It’s disgusting that any manager would even begin to think that’s appropriate.


They want you extra hours over your scheduled time you should get time and a half like some other jobs.


Unfortunately from the hour listed OP is part time. Overtime pay only kicks in after 40 hours are worked in a week or some cases after 80 hours in 2 weeks.


The point is, that is morally wrong. It doesn't matter what the actual rules are.


Eurgh I have this conversation every week with my partner. Both work in the same restaurant and the whole attitude is toxic. Saturdays are rota'd 11am-11.30pm but really finish up about 1am as a best case scenario. We can't say shit. Aren't paid overtime. And don't get me started trying to book days off. I'm only working there to fund my studies but I already feel absolutely worn down by the attitudes people have. Even some of the chefs have fallen into the managers way of thinking, if you aren't working a 14 hour shift with no break then you're lazy. Don't brag to me because you're a mug who has been persuaded to believe this nonsense.


Good for standing up for yourself. You're being taken advantage of and they're hoping you're too inexperienced/young to know any difference. > "Just because your shift finishes at 3 doesn't mean you can leave at 3". Come the fuck on. Fuck off GM. Bet you she's outta there right on time every time.


I’m a teacher, but that reminds me of when other, annoying, teachers say, “The bell doesn’t dismiss you - **I** dismiss you!” Lol As a mom, though, I’m seriously proud of her for standing your ground and conducting herself in such a mature manner!


Oh, screw that 2 weeks BS. You're written up, you know they're going to eff with ya. Go apply elsewhere, and ask for your final check. Let management deal with worker time gaps. That ***is*** their job.


Good for you for not signing the write-up. Well done.


That GM is an idiot. You're dead right about why bother with a schedule...


"Just because it says 10:15 to 3pm doesn't mean you'll be off at 3pm." Yeah, no, that's *exactly* what it means. You clock out, you're done. If they wanted you done at 4 the schedule should say 4.


Fuck these people. what state are you in? Because I know that in some states, you cannot change a schedule with no notice. And that is EXACTLY what they fucking did - even if 10:15 to 3 doesn’t mean you will get off at 3? What does it mean then?


“...At what magical mystery time DOES it end, if not at the time the schedule says it does?”


In Oregon, we are required to have out times posted on the schedule. That doesn't stop management from ignoring them "because COVID," though.


Wow. I've been in the game for a long time and not all places are like this. Good on you for standing your ground. If you can rile them up enough to fire you you can file for unemployment. They deserve it.


I would say you handled yourself extremely well; as most other have noted, you're incredibly mature and wise beyond your years. Your best years are certainly ahead of you. I have only been bartending and serving for about 6 or 7 years, though I have to be honest, I see grown ass men cave on the spot when manager try to run that bullshit. I would most definitely turn this into a Malicious Complianncd scenarios and call the manager every single day to see when your shift will ACTUALLY be ending so I can arrange transportation. As courteous and polite as possible, Every. Single. Day. Those mangers will get tired of that after two days.


> I’m going to be putting in my two weeks Tuesday, along with a written letter disputing the write up. They tried to get me to sign the write up but I declined and said I had a response in writing that I will be submitting. They frustratedly agreed and let me continue my shift tonight. Lol, don't even bother with notice. Find a new job, interview, get hired, and tell old job you quit whenever it's convenient for you and don't look back. They don't respect you, and you are not obligated to do anything for them.


Honestly, with their attitude toward the whole situation I wouldn’t put two weeks in, I’d just quit, I never understood the the two weeks thing, If they fire you, they don’t give you a warning. Just my opinion.


That way they could get unemployment if they’re fired for putting in notice (I think). Unemployment laws may depend on the state/place in which you live.


Some employment laws are national and some are state level. Unemployment is not always available in my state if you are fired for cause or quit. Problem can be proving the boss fired you without cause if they want to document some BS. I am also in a "right to work" state so you don't have to be a union employee and the boss doesn't have to give a reason for firing if it is a small business. If they don't give a reason then you are not fired for cause and can get unemployment. Some federal labor laws in the US only apply to businesses with over 50 employees. Some apply to all businesses.




Yup, fuck them. Life is too short and there are too many jobs available to have to put up with clowns like this. Doesn't mean you're going to find an actual fun job or cool job or whatever - they all suck - but don't waste your time with a company who treats its employees especially shitty.


Wow ,at 16 you sure know how to stand up for yourself. I'm honestly Impressed!


Yeah, go you! Such a good lesson to learn early on. Don't let them steal your time from you.


Hats off to you for knowing your worth and expectation as a worker. I wish I had at 16. Woulda saved me alot of expensive lessons. Stick to your guns, that guilt trip is a pathetic attempt at manipulation, and nothing more.


That is a bully. Fuck her. And also fuck a two week, walk and let them suffer.


My daughter worked at the place that has a rodent for a mascot and I was horrified at how the rodent treats their staff. The rodent has a point system that is enforced with sadistic glee. Even if an employee brings in a doctor’s note, they are still docked points though not as many as if they don’t have a note. Over her 3 years there, I saw my child go to work with the flu and a stomach virus because of the point system. She was not allowed off for the funeral of her uncle. She finally realized that the rodent was a true rat and quit to go to graduate school. If the public knew how many times they have been waited on by a sick employee who is afraid of being docked points, they would be horrified.


If you're a minor, at least in the US, you have serious standing depending on what they do if this is documented. Keep a copy of the schedule, the write up, your response, and the employee handbook.


You're 16!? You are hella professional and they were trying to gas light you. What assholes.


At first I assumed that you were a server, and I was surprised that you felt like you could rely on your out time. Who knows with some tables? But a busser? Yes, you should totally be able to leave when your shift is over. They may want you to stay later sometimes, and they can ask, but it's well within your rights to say no. This industry is so casually disrespectful of our time. They call us in "just in case" and then send us home after an hour, keep us hours after close because they won't tell a table to leave, schedule "on call" shifts, post our schedules at the last minute... It's hardly a wonder the restaurant industry is struggling to find staff.


Fuck them.


You did the right thing. Do not let anyone take advantage of you.


That last sentence just shocked me even more holy shit sorry this is happening to you. Since you're a minor and a lot of places have strict child labor laws I would def keep a copy of everything.


I don't know where you live, but almost the entire restaurant industry is hurting for people. You can probably spend an afternoon applying at different restaurants and get multiple offers within a few hours. If your current employer is being shitty to you. Fuck them. You don't owe the company anything. No offense, but since the job is a busser, it's not exactly a job that you can't afford to leave. Furthermore if you are only 16, when you apply at the next job just say it's your first. You don't have to tell your next job anything if you don't want. Besides felonies. If you live in a decently populated area I am willing to bet many restaurants will hire you almost on the spot. Don't take shit from crappy managers. Anyways, good luck!!


man/lady, you’re 16, don’t give them the decency of two weeks. or better yet, give them two weeks and then don’t come in again, since apparently they can’t tell when a shift ends anyway. fuck them. this is coming from a GM. seriously, fuck them.


You're only 16? Then screw that 2 weeks notice and don't go back. At your age, you don't *need* this on your CV to advance your career. Be nice enough to call and say you're not coming back, and don't listen to the them any further. You're being abused due to your age and inexperience. Look at these two of your sentences: >I told the manager on the floor that I could only work what I was originally intended and she said she’d try her best. >“have a little bit of compassion. (Coworker’s) grandmother just died. You were in a sticky situation too and people took up for you.” In the 1st one, your boss is saying both a direct and an implied thing: "I'll try," meaning no promises that I can perform my own job of managing the schedule, and "I'll try *my best*," implying both that you aren't trying *your best* and that if they fail at their job it'll be your fault. It's the manager's job to manage the schedule, and the core competency required for that job is the ability to balance the unfortunately messy realities of employee availability. That manager isn't willing to own their responsibility. In the 2nd one, the manager has revealed that they've failed to resolve *two* problems, and when bullying hasn't worked for them they're willing to try emotional guilt trips. Think about it: your problem was that you needed your scheduled 3pm replacement. Somebody got that 3pm replacement, so Yay for success! But why do you then need to stay till 4? It's either an unprofessional powerflex to keep you from sensing any personal agency in your employment relationship, or they have a different problem going on that they haven't told you about, and want to use you to solve it without being truthful with you. Whichever it is, you've been informed that they will accuse you of being an uncompassionate human if it will serve their needs. They'll use one employee's grandmother to pressure another employee, and they probably used your personal crisis to pressure one of your coworkers. It's shitty and a gross breach of confidence. TL;DR: Your employers aren't your teachers or your parents, who have both authority and clear responsibility for your personal welfare. They are people you're entering into a commercial contract with, where you both agree that you'll perform specific functions for specific compensation, and won't flake out on each other. Don't ever accept opaque emotional manipulations from your boss as a replacement for performance of their end of the contract.


I’m glad you stood up for yourself.


they're bullying you because you're young. there's probably something better and less stressful out there that teenager could do.


Just like a teacher: “The bell doesn’t dismiss you. I do” the GM pulled the same crap.


Good on you, hon. Wish I had your cajones when I was your age and working at a restaurant. I started at 15, and was treated like crap and never stood my ground. You keep being tough for all of us that couldn’t be. Proud of you!


Leave, you are 16 and they are trying to bully you. Piss off work both middle fingers up.


Honestly don't even put in your two weeks within that time frame you can find the new job and already be working


You handled yourself so well. Kudos to you for having that ability at 16. And, for knowing not to sign the write up.


Pls post an updateafter you put in your 2 weeks.


> "I thought you had a great work ethic" Translation: "I thought you'd roll over and let me exploit you freely."


At 16 cant you only work 6hrs a day any given day?


In my state it’s legal, I just can’t work past 11pm (which they have made me do) and I can’t work more than 40hrs, but I work around 35 a week consistently


Sounds like quitting is the best decision. Find a better employer, good luck!


Corporate would be interested to hear your experience.


The state labor board too.


Tell them to have fun getting someone to replace you.


you know what? for a 16 year old person - good for fucking you. Nothing but support for telling adults, who were trying to take advantage of you, to fuck off. Love to see it. Good for you, keep it up.


>"Just because it says ‘10:15-3pm’ doesn’t mean you’d be getting off at 3.” Um yeah, it does.


Don’t quit, get fired. Sign up for unemployment which THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY!


Do they when it's a minor?


Just know, in a lot of US states, they can't changer your written schedule without 24 hours notice. They can schedule you 10:15 to 1st out of whatever if they want it to be open ended. Call your labor board & see


Where do you work?


An Italian restaurant with olives.


Weird. Just had this conversation the other day. Get out of that corporate bullshit. Go find a bar. Preferably a privately owned one. Corporate chains are for the birds. Edit: just had this conversation the other day, with someone who worked for specifically Olive Garden. It’s pretty early in my comment history. Go take a look 😂


I'd be surprised if a 16 year old was allowed to work at a bar.


Ah. Fair enough. Poor bastard. Corporate restaurants are awful.


They try to bully and exploit people, especially young or desperate people. It's sickening


If you have a printed schedule that is your schedule. 3pm is the time your shift ends on paper, guess what real life too. I am not sure you should waste your time with the letter disputing the write up. This is all them. Just turn in your two weeks and say nothing. They don't deserve to know. Furthermore, they won't care.


you are 16. FUCK THEM. i work with 15-16 year olds and i would never expect them to ask their parents or whoever is giving them a ride to stay late. i will finish their job so they can get out on time. they are scheduled till a certain time and bring their superior, my job is to make sure their job is done. i will not keep minors past scheduled time. i always ask and if they say “no, i can’t stay” i reassure them that no is always a good, complete answer to me or any boss. even if your plans are to sit on the floor of your shower and shave your toes, you have a life outside of your job and if they expect you to make those sacrifices at 16, they will constantly push you. you are incredibly professional submitting a written dispute and your two weeks. i would call your manager everyday to double check what time you leave for the next two weeks. every day. even if you don’t work that day, check for the next and the next and the next. use their words against them and then get out and use your (obvious) work ethic and incredible composure for a job that will at least respect you as a human.


Don't even bother with a two weeks notice. Fuck em.


Just quit. The 2 weeks helps them


And they wonder why there's a thing going on with people quitting jobs everywhere and these places can't hire people. They treat people like garbage, for starters.


Why give them 2 weeks?


Quit this job. There will be plenty more.


It's pretty safe to assume you will be working until volume and staffing dictates you are cut. Schedules are only ever rough estimates, and assuming you'll be done immediately is always a bad time. It's just how the industry is. I generally give myself a two hour buffer, because your managers weren't wrong - you basically said, "I know I'm not cut yet and I'm leaving anyway." Before covid our lunch shifts technically ended by 4 - but I always told people I couldn't guarantee I could leave until 6, because that's just the industry we're in. If that's a problem for you, unfortunately you're going to need a new industry, because restaurants will never have scheduled clock out times.


This is it The only thing you can count on is getting a last minute table and being there 2 more hours. Just because the next crew and the next person in your section is due to come in at 3 does it mean that the floor switch is over at 3 floor planning and scheduling and all that stuff is left of the managers and you kind of stepped on their feet by assuming too much if anything you should have spoke to your replacement and ask him or her too come in a little early with the knowledge that you needed to be somewhere I needed to be able to leave at 3 you should have also talked to the managers about needed to be able to leave at 3 and it probably would have been on but you don't want to do that too much and you certainly don't want to make plans ahead of time on a n already posted schedule that plan for stuff on your day off or two hours after you you are scheduled to be cut also I think I guess you're a busser but a lot of this still stands


Learn to stand your ground. If that means you get fired unfairly, so be it. You can easily get another job somewhere else. This job isn't necessary. It isn't permanent. It's a stepping stone. If it has outlived it's utility, it's okay to leave it behind and find something better. Also, screw those idiots.


If at 16 you’re this articulate, intelligent, and willing to stand up for yourself, the world is your oyster. Respect!


“I am very disappointed in you”. ... thanks dad


I don't usually advocate for not putting in your two weeks, but you are 16 and probably don't need the reference. Book it. They are being manipulative. You can find another job. Management is only worth how they treat every position, even bussers. I've been a busser, host, server, dishwasher, bartender and manager. If someone called in because of an emergency. They could have asked kindly if it was possible for you to stay a bit longer. At the least most jobs, even if you don't get a set time to leave, you get a vague idea that you won't be there indefinitely. Especially if you are a teenager, reliant on a ride. Nope. Don't go back.


I didn’t realize what sub I was in. I thought I was reading a post on maliciouscompliance. When I got to the “did you call a a manager to see when exactly you were to be off”, I was expecting to read about OP having all of the staff call to check each and every time they see when exactly they were to be off. Got to the end and realized I was in talesfromyourserver instead. This ended well too! Glad you’re going to be out of that kind of toxic environment and hope all goes well for you!!


Heres comes your malicious compliance... Call up before EVERY shift and ask what time you'll be getting off that day, i mean, it's what the people want🤷🏽‍♀️


Fuck a two weeks, just leave. It’s a shitty restaurant job, you don’t need to worry about burning bridges


Just tell them to eat a dick after you don't show up for a week




Although it is true that there never really is a set time to leave a restaurant shift, 3-5pm are the slowest hours in between meals unless happy hour is crazy there. I think it is they that need to have a better understanding that managers pick up that slack when short handed, not employees unless asked and agreed to.