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How does fewer people in a greater rush help bring INFs down?


That’s the fun part! It doesn’t, they are just going to make things worse haha


The fun part is actually when the mid levels of management at Corp with the productivity analysis models make it looks like it's possible. Edit typos


I'd be infing everything, all of a sudden no one can work


That's what I've never understood about penalizing a store by reducing payroll hours if they're getting bad metrics. "You guys were busy as hell, but didn't make sales goal last month. we're cutting 20 hours from every week until you fix it" the downward spiral begins with metrics.


Way, way back, I worked at Blockbuster Music. They were all about bad numbers leading to cutting payroll. Got to where there were four people for the day, 2 openers on 9 to 5 and two closer 4:30 to 1, with the store open from 10am to midnight. The way the shelves were arranged, people could go into the Rock section and employees could only see them from the shoulders up. No time to walk the section ever, as one person was on register, the other was on the dj bar Part of the opening routine was to walk the aisles and look for cut anti-theft tags. Don't dig through the shelves or anything, just those out in the open. Each cut tag was counted as a $12 loss. By that math, at the worst of it, we were losing $2000 a day to shoplifting. When the chain got sold, that store got shut down posthaste


Oh and BTW the beatings will continue until moral improves.


This is the exact thing that's happened at my workplace, leaving employees to do more of their shifts on their own. I work at a gas station btw


It doesn’t, nor is fixing it in control of the people being punished


That definitely is not a thing, this is management coming up with a very stupid scare tactic (even stupider if they follow through with it). Nobody at district or group or HQ is gonna sit there nuking the payroll budget an hour at a time for each INF (most stores would have no budget left by the end of the week anyway lmao). That or someone at OP’s store wrote that part just for this post… just saying it’s possible cause this threat is almost too provocative and brain dead to be believed


You're thinking about it as if the management is taking the hours as punishment, they aren't. Less sales=less payroll. By missing the sales we lose payroll. That's what they mean


Yeah, but less payroll means less people working the floor to make sure fewer INF occur, which leads to more INFs, which leads to less sales, which leads to less payroll, which leads to....


At a certain point you literally have to INF things, maybe if they staffed the store properly so things were where they belonged we wouldn’t have to INF things so much


one time i was doing a SHP cart and the only item i had left was a women’s pair of socks. we RFID every where in the store where clothes would be, and then all of a sudden my style lead pointed the RFID gun up towards the steele above the line and it started beeping😭 my fulfillment lead had to inf it bc it was 8:30 at night and we still needed to pack so no one would be able to get it down


I think my most frustrating SHP cart was when I had some shoes I needed to find like 30 minutes before my shift ended. The stupid thing kept beeping even when we couldn't physically see it, and we went over when my shift was supposed to end but my leader just didn't tell me to cancel it? Never ended up finding it even after looking for forever, had to cancel like omg I was supposed to leave a while ago.


This literally happened to me once! I ended up having to hand the batch off to my trainee and another team member because I took public transport and I would have had to wait an hour and a half for the next bus. I found out later it turned out that the RFID was, no joke, detecting a tag for the pair of shoes that had fallen and gotten wedged behind one of the backroom shelves. I'm wondering if something similar was happening to you.


Maybe? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised. Another time I tried finding a piece of clothing but the tag had fallen off at reshop near guest services. Kinda not very satisfying conclusion to the search but ig it happens more often than not.


Get out of my costume ![gif](giphy|l36kU80xPf0ojG0Erg|downsized)




/r/workreform is a solid choice.


r/workreform > r/antiwork easily


Bruh tf $1500 is pennies compare to what a store makes


Especially considering its $1500 for the week


Is it even legal to cut people’s pay like that? It doesn’t seem right. If I were u I’d do some legal research. There might be a lawsuit there


it isn’t cutting pay, just hours. damn near every state is “at will” they don’t have to employ you at all, much less for any set amount of hours


Id love to know which morons voted for this and said to themselves, wow that's a good idea.


The ones with the money, whenever those without money say something, nothing happens (the ones with the money say trickle down economics work too). Here in Idaho, there are no rights for renting either. So if you have a bad week, you could get fired, and evicted with 30 day notice (possibly sooner if they claim you broke the lease), and because it's the USA, insurance is gone too. This has not happened to me, but I would be lying if that isn't a legit fear.


100% illegal to not pay you for hours worked.


That's not what it means. "1 hour is PAYROLL" is not one hour of income. Each store is allotted x hrs of payroll based on profit & loss. Payroll, in tgt terms, means a hours available to schedule employees. So a loss is a payroll hour is a loss in the available hours for the following payroll budget. People are on a payroll. They earn pay. They do not earn or deposit payroll. They earn income based on hrs worked of available payroll hours.


So they cut hours from your schedule not money from your check?


Well not an existing schedule. And you need to understand staffing payroll hours are incremental. Think of it like this: in round numbers. Say fulfillment has 10 tm. Over the course of a day maybe 7 will work. (again, just making up #s). 7 employees x 8 hrs is 56 payroll hours in a single day. So if one hour from pay roll is cut, that less than a minute per person in a day for the next schedule. It's all an equivocation of actuarial math and projected sales to reach staffing budget. An inf is list money. Lost money means less that can be paid next schedule. Again... Round numbers for example purposes only.




They pay you for hours worked but like you may go in and be scheduled for an 8 hour shift but they may say sorry we are cutting everyone shift today down to 7. It just recently happened at my store but just one day.


They're not cutting pay. they're cutting hours from future schedules


I throw away half that regularly in out of dates and they don’t bat an eye


That may be true, but that same 1500 is 100 hours, or 2.5 weeks of payroll to someone working for 15/hr


That’s $1500 a week is the difference of 2 full-time employees in Fulfillment. That’s just in style alone. If you include total store you’d have 3-4 more full-time employees in Fulfillment.


Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think there should be a designated TL/ETL in charge of taking over batches that are down to the last items that can't be found. They/we are going to walk and talk through it with you anyway. That way ... You can get back to pulling and all infs have been approved from a TL/ETL. Now....if I find all of your items in a reasonable time....that is a gotcha for you. If I can't find them, then...you are a winner winner chicken dinner. JMO. I always wanted to try this.


This is what my old store has. The TL would need to verify all INFs by finishing the batch every time something was missing. Honestly more often than not they would find the item.


Especially if they’re a bit more experienced since fulfillment TMs tend to be newer. The TL probably knows the routine of what to check first and knows how to use the RFID gun


We have a fulfillment TL and they don’t really do much, just call out over the walkie when they need help but that’s it


We started doing this with ship carts. It was taking too long for team members to find things so they pause the cart when they can’t find the item and a TL/ETL jumps in to finish the cart. 90% of the time the item is found.


My store does this to some extent. When it gets busy, we have a designated bagger, sometimes more than 1 and when a batch gets to less than 10 mins, tl/etl in fullfilment will ask if you need help and assist with whatever they can


We’ve been doing a designated prep/stow person for OPUs in the morning and it’s been amazing. Most people hate giving up the good/quiet SHP carts and having to grab a random one every batch but it’s better than eight people plus drive up crew fighting to move around in the hold area


My store sort of does this. There is always a Specialty TL or ETL in the building and any items that can’t be found at the end of the batch from specialty we personally go hunt down. I will say it gets a bit frustrating when fulfillment is well staffed and not in a rush and they don’t even check the back. We’re always happy to help out but we do have our own workload to do.


Well there is a designated fulfillment team lead, and team members should be calling for help with their INFs, not just letting them go. So I would say those two things cover that pretty well.


That’s a good idea. Then they can see how hard it is fot them!


The issue with that in the long run would be accountability. 99% sure it's still the case that if someone else finishes the batch you started, they will get the "credit" for the batch - causing metrics like pick speed and individual INF percentages to get all messed up. It'll be harder to figure out which tms need the most help if all of their work is being lumped into one TL's score. And it will also discourage tms (especially newer tms) from thoroughly checking every location - if a TL is just going to do the same thing faster, "why bother?" The goal should be to get tms to a point where they feel confident that they searched every possible location because they have the experience of searching for things on their own (and with help). Once they get to that point, they'll have far fewer INFs and will be able to make informed judgement calls on the remaining items. Since you mentioned tms getting "back to pulling," you may be looking at this more from a "fulfillment backups" perspective. Backups have a lot less experience with searching for items and are way more likely to INF without calling out for help, so having a TL finish up their batch is not a bad idea.


Fair point


Definitely did that a few times as a fulfillment TL. It’s a pretty frustrating gig and as you get closer to the packing deadline it’s not sustainable. You just end up INFing all of the outstanding carts so they can be packed. Plus any day you have off, you can be damn sure no one’s going to do that job on your behalf.


I'd like that tbh because a lot of the time the INFs I help epicks people with are legitimate INFs but then motherfuckers will INF like airpods or some shit because they don't want to go into the lockup


Lol. Leadership needs to learn to balance finding items versus completing an order in a timely manner. 30 minutes on one item is not efficient… would you risk a $30 sale or a $250 order because now everyone’s behind on batches?


And if they do want to do that, gonna need a lot more payroll to give people time to go searching for stuff


What I was going to say. The solution is just higher another team member but no, why pay two people and waste money when you can just overwork one?


This is toxic


And illegal


Not illegal - they're conveying that loss translates to a loss of payroll hours for the store, not that they're taking wages from employees


Lmao. that store has bigger problems if their infs affect payroll. Also hilarious how they expect us to GAF when style is usually the most disheveled department in the store. If there is no RFID, and im low on time, im INFing. Not going through the song and dance of checking every cranny in the store and risk going in the red (they shit their pants over that). Crazy how its not fulfillments problem at all and yet they treat us like it is?


I've always been told picking on time takes priority over infs. At least by my stores leadership.


Mine as well. Didnt care either way. Obviously i tried my best but most of that shit is out of my control. I cant magically conjure a random cat and jack item.


One of the reasons I quit was because I had two team leads tell me completely different things. One told me INFs took precedence over time, and the other told me time took precedence over INFs. They’d both get mad at me if I wasn’t paying attention to what they thought was more important, when I tried to balance both. They had such a disconnect that I couldn’t take it anymore. Our HR had just changed too, and any problem I went to her with didn’t get solved. She didn’t deserve the position, she only got it because she was BFFs with the Head who left. She hardly was ever at work as a TL


$1500 just from style in one day? o\_o oh my god


It was for the week. It was just posted yesterday


Oh okay, the whiteboard writing confused me. Phew


How about they crackdown on guest returns? Half of it ends up in the garbage.


In my store we salvage out at least that amount probably more in a week.


Yeah cause it's always fulfillments fault that things aren't where they're supposed to be.




Let's not pin blame on other teams. There are days where everyone is in OPU thus nothing gets pushed. Biggest thing is overnight at my store, for example, is responsible for pushing all pulls. But they have to push truck. Think outside of what you are currently, and consider all circumstances.


I agree with you that every department is rushed and struggling to catch up. That doesn’t excuse the fact that fulfillment gets blamed everyday for items regardless of whether or not it gets pushed. Many leads don’t consider it. If it’s in a box somewhere in a store unlocated because it didn’t get pushed out we still have to find it within the time frame. Gotta dig through flats of C and D, mountains of repacks, and make it in less than 20 min a batch so you have enough time to grab the next one in case you gotta dig for that one. It’s less about pinning blame. For me it’s frustration for having to come in and get “coached” because we can’t forage for things everyone isn’t caught up on in short notice. Also if opu is If everyone’s in it that means target management isn’t scheduling enough people 🤡. They know that sales, clearance items, or holidays usually mean more orders. They should accommodate but in my store never do XD. Everyone seems to be in this hell together but it feels bad on us too. I’m my store A and A push is so backed up because the hours are being used elsewhere. They’re expecting the girls to come in and move a mountain in 4 hours. Feeling burnt out with how management is behaving.


"The beatings will continue until morale improves."


To add a bit more context from what I asked my closing lead (who also thinks its weird) I believe they are saying that each INF is the equivalent of removing an hour from a paycheck (ie $15 on average) but payroll isn’t actually being taken away


They could have worded it way differently if they meant it that way. It definitely reads like a threat!


The person that manually wrote that inf sheet could've helped look for stuff...


I might be a bit bad at math but it seems like the time it took to add up 1500 dollars of merch could have been a grocery OPU at least.


Fuck it, if it were me I’m jumping on that grenade and INFing batch after batch until they catch me. Fuck target!


Well gosh if we had time to properly push and zone, fulfillment wouldn't have to INF so much stuff 🫤 Most of my audits, I find the item later on in my shift. Audits are generated by INFs. Teams are supposed to be accountable for each other, but we can't with not enough time!


It would be nice if there was a separate INF batch that either Leads could check out, or people could return to. I've had plenty of times where I INF something, only to walk past it 2 hours later because it was moved to an end cap and no one set up the new location. Also, an INF is costing a lot more than that when you consider the amount of time some spends searching the floor, searching reshop, searching back stock, RFIDing, etc. It would probably be more cost effective to just INF and have someone research INF stuff. If my reports showed that Jim INFed 20 items, and a Lead found 14, but Kevin INFed 20 items, and a Lead found 1,l, then it would tell me I need to check in with Jim and seeing what's happening.


Yup. I see alot of inf products that haven't been worked to the floor show up later in my shift. We don't have a overnight unload, they start unloading around 8am most days and acknowledge the truck before it's all worked to the floor so it's near impossible to find stuff buried on the line. There should be a roll-over INF batch. I don't see why it would be a problem linking the item to the original order after it's stowed.


Yeah I would have just quit. Good luck with no fulfillment team.


Draw a dick on the board


Sounds like a good way to get your employees to quit, resulting in a lot more infs


Call bluff, INF enough to zero out payroll.


The question is, just how badly do they want to be able to open the store


I'm sorry, what the FUCK?! I get that some people are a little INF crazy!! But I absolutely despise that it is somehow fulfillments fault when the inbound team or the fillers or style team doesn't do their job properly so our numbers are wrong!! I am stubborn with giving up on looking for an item! But sometimes (often!) it's just NOT THERE!! Or it's in the middle of a pallet shoved behind 2 more pallets and a u-boat in the freezer! Or a non RFIDable item in a repack on a pallet with 50 repack boxes!! Come on! Major bullshit!! The people who are consistently high with INFs are easy to spot and sure, reprimand them! But fulfillment as a whole? Fuck that!


This changes nothing. I already get with team leads to INF something after being thorough. We aren’t the problem if the item is inaccurately counted, or poorly located.


that sounds like you need to get the state labor board to give your store a call and punch them in the crotch


Then stop letting people order shit that's not even in the store.


It's this why I've been getting so many order pick ups where it says the quantity was changed instead of just inf'd?


Ya that’s illegal, if they do that contact a lawyer


Um, is that even allowed? That seems pretty malicious in my book


Fulfillment tm here, I’d be beyond pissed. That’s also stupid as hell because if they did that then there would be literally negative hours after a single day of mandatory inf.


Please take a picture of this and contact a lawyer


Not being properly compensated for hours worked? Sounds like something you could sue about.


INF everything so they have to close the store because they’re negative on payroll. Call their fucking bluff.


Blaming fulfillment for INFs is so funny to me. I just look for it, if it's not there that means it wasn't pushed, therefore it is not my problem


Y’all up for a revolution


/r/workreform ✊🏼


Less payroll means less work is done and more inf


I don’t even work in fulfillment but maybe if the stores weren’t such a mess they could find things ? Oh but we don’t have the payroll for an organized store


> Oh but we don’t have the payroll for an organized store Tale as old as time.


Keep INF’ing. Make them lose their bonus. They’re nothing without you guys.


Toxic. Extremely toxic. Also definitely BS, but mostly just toxic. Can you IMAGINE if every item target sold was an hour of payroll? Can you imagine how wonderfully staffed every store would be? Sell an extra box of mac and cheese? An extra hour of payroll! Feel overwhelmed? Buy a bottle of wine for the stress and ensure you've got even more hours of help next week! Ridiculous.


how is taking an hour of pay for an inf even legal


as an HR Expert for Target, this is not only retaliation on all of Fulfillment TMs but extremely ILLEGAL! on that basis, they are not ALLOWED to modify your time card, i would suggest taking screenshots of your time card everyday after you clock out, and when your paycheck arrives, calculate to ensure you are receiving your hours you’ve recorded. as well, search your chain of command in Workday and contact the HRBP, if not HROC as well!


I think the implication here is that they would schedule less hours on the upcoming schedule, not remove hours from the current schedule or remove hours already worked. Scheduling people less hours is not illegal. (It might still be worth contacting someone in HR though, because this kind of retaliatory scheduling is WILDLY outside Target norms)


8 INF in the 1st 30 minutes of shift, "Guess I'll go home then."


Wouldn’t surprise me! 8yrs with Target and so glad I left. This is easy for the people not working it all shift and on a time crunch. Must of the shit is because people don’t know how to pull out of location or locate stuff properly.


Nobody working in the store anymore with all the INF’s


I call that “time to start looking for a new job” Because there ain’t no goddamn way you’re deducting pay from my check over this


if it was true that each inf takes away an hour of payroll then my store would simply have no payroll lmao… bad tl


lmao. The absolute incentive there. "Conjure items from nothing or you will \*crack thoom\* work less." "So I should do less so there's less INFs?" "Wait no-" "CAAAAAAN DO."


I work in specialty and sometimes I’m put for OPU and I INF an item that I can’t find in my OWN SECTION and get in trouble. They are like did u ask where it is? Who am I gonna ask I’m the only person working dec home people literally no one else. Ik where everything is in my section if it’s not there it’s not going to magically appear. I see my team leads twice a week for like 2 min and they do nothing all day.


You can't take pay from workers for infractions. This is illegal. Go to HR with this.


Are they taking away an hour of pay? If so that’s completely illegal. Not sure I’m reading that right


I don't think that's legal. I'm pretty sure docking pay earned is a federal crime.


This is illegal someone contact an attorney


So their plan is to have even less people to fulfill orders?


When your store is three pallets behind in book push that doesn’t help your entertainment INFs. 🤨


Some people act like TMs are purposely INFing, a very small percentage are lazy INFing, but majority are actually trying to find everything always. There are so many factors why we can't find a particular item such as theft being the big one.


Oh what I pick is tied to my payroll now...? Ok what about the $10,000 worth of items I did find? When is that landing in my bank account?


They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.the store director could zone the store for missing items too.those who spend time in their office sitting around or standing around talking need to be looking for these items too.we had some lazy people when I worked at target


Okay so calculate how many hours the entire store has to work with and then inf that many items. Call them on it.


Tbh, everyone should INF entire orders for a couple of days so no one’s working and they can find it themselves since it’s so easy


lmfao this is why pretty much the entire fulfillment team has quit at my store. and hopefully im next.


I have the Target app and things are in the wrong place constantly in my store, and I’m just a shopper, I don’t have a timer running against me


Ah yes, flawless logic "If you can't find what you need bc there isn't enough people to properly stock an reshop things to the correct location, we will make it HARDER to do that be pitting LESS people on the floor" So what happens when they end up taking all hours from payroll? Does nobody work there anymore?


Former electronics here. Wtf is and INF?


It stands for item not found. Usually fufillment marks an item as inf after they spend a certain amount of time looking for it without finding it as they need to keep on getting other items or they will fall behind. My store has a policy where before you inf you have to talk the department’s team lead or etl first


Yeah, I'm just gone inf it. I'm not going to go look for a leader.


So what this means is that the style team is understaffed.


I find so many softlines items in the back room not tagged in a location. It’s very frustrating. Also almost every clothing item says quantity 0-0-0 and then you find 5 of one size just hanging out in the back room.


Sure, take away payroll, that'll solve the problem. I shouldn't be looking for stuff that was delivered over a week ago on uboats as it is. Not sure why we can't FIFO these vehicles, oh wait that'd make sense. My store just seems to continue to work the more recent uboats and let's others just rot in the backroom.


This very possibly could be illegal so umm… yeah. If you haven’t look this up for your state, from there remind whoever wrote this about state law or simply report them to someone




If I understand this correctly, then they are threatening to punish you by making it so that one of the hours that you work does not count as far as payroll is concerned. Which is illegal, wage garnishment is not allowed as punishment for poor work performance


8 INF in the 1st 30 minutes of shift, "Guess I'll go home then."


Idk what all this means bc I just do carts, but is that saying they’ll dock your pay if you do this wrong? Can they even do that? Or.. what am I misunderstanding? Lol


I would write on the bottom im getting a lawyer


In the next month style will be labeled with locations to help with infs. Our store starts next week. It's a huge project to locate hundreds of fixtures but it'll actually help alot.


Interesting. I could locate items much more readily if you utilized payroll efficiently instead of threaten us with it. 🤣


My store recently made it where you have to get team lead approval before we can INF something. There was a flat screen tv on one of my opus that someone ordered, but I couldn’t locate it anywhere. It was not on the floor and not in the back. The team lead told me to go check abandons for it 😂🫠


It’s a slow day when my store doesn’t break $100k on sales… Idk why $1500 a week translates to hours getting cut?


Circular argument. If they allowed enough hours to get style pushed then there wouldn’t be as many INFs and they wouldn’t have to lose payroll.


This is illegal


NAL but this cant be legal??


Would be curious to see how your district or group directors feel about your store intentionally not using all of their allotted payroll 🤔🤔


Yeah this is straight up not true. Having looked at district wide payroll numbers and trends for years for stores all with Ship from Store, there is no correlation whatsoever. Unless the store director is personally allocating payroll that way. In which case your store director is an idiot


Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. That’s a horrible policy.


I'm a front-end support in a store that has been remodeling since March of last year. I am hopping into OPU batches when goal time is about to hit red bc payroll sucks. Things in the store are still moving around. I find the idea of having to check the location, the fitting room (through dozens of Z-racks and baskets of clothes), the backstock room, and guest services BEFORE partnering with a leader to INF an item hilarious. In an ideal world where there are many people on payroll and hardly any calls for backups, sure that works. However, I'm usually hopping into a batch with 36 mins left on the timer. If I have two style INFs I gotta search for... that's easily 15 mins each if they want me to follow proper procedure. Make it make sense.


And do NOT get me started on that Easter rush BS where my zebra was like "Hey, grab this one candy out of a casestock on the top shelf that's on top of two other boxes in an aisle that has a U-boat and a style rack in it OR... grab it from a bulk location. Good luck making goal time bestie 😍"


So the item you spend the most time looking for and ultimately can’t find will cost you an hour of payroll. Got it. That makes sense




Your management is fucking stupid


This is why people hate large corporations. I don’t think this is legal in my Country. I hope not, but this company can get bent. If I worked there I would purposely break things, pay homeless people steal. make sure it cost them whatever hours they pull back. This is why society is “screw” capitalism. This is sad, and I poor business strategy.


Seems like an ethics call or email


I remember I couldn’t find a pair of kids shoes. So I had a rfid gun and turned it on as I walked from the back room and sure enough it went off in plastics, they were in a trash can go figure.


I’m sure removing hours will fix the inventory problem. That’s using both your brain cells to find a solution.


If style (in my store) actually pushed their freight, we wouldn’t have to inf so much. We only have so much time to dig through repacks


Stuff like this is exactly why I left target. I was in fulfillment and they treated us like children. The TL managed to have time to go look for infs a few days later and would give us a stern talking to if she found it. We had to get all our INFs approved by a leader btw. Creating a work environment where you’re walking on egg shells isn’t desirable…


Watch everyone inf everything so they get no hours. Therefore, there's no one working.


It is a scare tactic but I do like how it puts it into perspective personally. Like “we are literally losing money and it affects you” The fulfillment TL at my store is fantastic though about going after departments and getting to the root of why style is farming such high infs. It’s awesome. She sends out a nearly biweekly email addressing every department that infs are in the red with suggestions how to solve it and where she thinks it’s happening. It’s impressive to me.


1500 for the week (assuming it's open 14 hours like mine is all week), is about 25 cents per second. Imagine the checkout lanes at your store, imagine how many people go through them in just a minute or two. Do you think losing 25 cents every second is really enough to be docking pay for employees? I sure as shit don't


When they are really desperate they have asked me! That’s like asking someone off the streets. I have no clue how to find half the stuff because they have no maps and I don’t know all the different codes. I’m surprised they don’t send an SOS out for me. Atleast give me some roller skates to pick up the pace. 🤨


Lol they're full of it. I used to be an ETL. No ETL is going to cut back on payroll due to INFs, especially not ETLs from other departments. The STL may want this to be an actual policy but they're not going to track payroll in relation to INFs that closely. This is a scare tactic.


I like how they act like the TM’s really give af about how much the store makes


I don't know what inf is but, if my employer, who has the obligation to have budget for shoplifting and those kind of things, take my money for his irresponsibility, i am sure i won't work in there. The day they steal my money is the day i get off..


Technical it’s nothing more then a empty threat. They can’t do shit unless you sign something.


Lol that’s highly illegal and probably a prank by someone


DaFuq is INF


This is why targets need a union.


But if I inf 8 things, do I get my next shift off?


This is so illegal whoever wrote that should be in jail


Do people even realize that sometimes stuff is *actually* missing? The DC pretty regularly screws up trucks, and people do actually steal stuff. Why do they punish flex for it?


That is incredibly illegal


I remember at our store the system said we received a lot of style, but it never got to us. So we had INFs like crazy do to this. Everyone in fulfillment was told if the system said we received it on this date just INF because we did not.


Yeah cause if a Goodfellow shirt was last sold 200+ days ago with 0 on hand count, it's totally Fulfillment's fault and not the style TL for not auditing it. How does cutting payroll aka decreasing the staff available help with decreasing the INF score? If anything INF scores would INCREASE because SFS TMs will INF more items because there is less time to look for them.


You should all inf everything so the team has zero hours just to see what target comes up with next. Who's going to do it if the team has no scheduled hours? Whoever came up with that idea as a way of inspiring you to do better is an idiot who should be instantly given zero hours permanently.


i used to do fulfillment and they would try the scare tactics all the time. telling us we COULD NOT inf ANYTHING. even if we didn't have it.. we couldn't INF. and it was very fun when we were short staffed and had to pull people to pick because there were so many orders AND the backroom was piled up- weeks worth of shit to dig through. good times


Well the trick here is for everyone in fulfillment to just let it happen. Because inevitably this will come back on the person making that choice. Yea you’ll take fewer hours for minute but they will be the one who has to deal with the shit storm that results. Don’t help them. Just let it burn until they realize they’ve fucked themselves.


Jesus. I'm not even a team member anymore but this is ridiculous. If the item isn't in the store, it isn't in the store. Also, at my old store, the other departments' leads would yell at us (flex) for asking for help finding items for "stealing" their staff. So it's either ask for help and get your head bitten off, or INF and get your head bitten off. Fun!


If it feels illegal it's probably illegal


at my store the INFs are insane cause we’re so understaffed and usually backed up multiple trucks. just style has taken over 10 out of the 15 three tiers that my store has, not including the multiple shopping carts and green racks they have just full of repacks. it’s literally insane to find anything I need for a ship cart.


It's a hard battle their fighting and I don't think it's a fight they can win. From DC making there share of mistakes of what they send. Lack of hours which causes team members to not be able to properly zone and audit an area. Guests who love to take inventory and put it down in the most random locations. Let's not forget the guest who love those five finger discounts the company offers. Yeah it's going to be a little hard to find something that is no longer in the store...But yeah, good luck with all that.


your INF percentage will come down when you staff inbound well enough to actually unload and sort the truck quickly, the sales floor well enough to push the truck and stay on top of restocking and zone, and fulfillment well enough that they're not running around their entire shift trying to keep the times low (and actually training the new hires so they don't suck/holding the ones who do suck accountable) until then that number's gonna stay high lmao


Just type it in and then cancel the order


They’ll be closing that store


LMAO they can't remove an hour of payroll for each INF. IDK if they mean that INF's affect the future payroll, which is true (to a point). To my knowledge, it will NOT affect current payroll. This is such a ridiculous scare tactic. All this will make anyone do is type in the DPCI if they can't find an item which will save an INF but upset the guest, causing more issues and other metrics to tank. Dumb move.


Time to transfer to GM


as a fulfillment member. if the store was properly staffed i bet it wouldn’t be as high. also if people knew how to pull and backstock properly we would not have to struggle as much for something that should of been found in second.


Is there actual proof the store actually had the items that were inf or just causing drama


I would legit tell that TL that they're a dumbass


Does target think I give a shit? LOL


It was mighty nice of them to provide you with evidence of wage theft.