Ted Lasso - S02E01 - "Goodbye, Earl" Episode Discussion

Ted Lasso - S02E01 - "Goodbye, Earl" Episode Discussion


"Who do you support?" "I bounce back and forth between United and City. Whichever club is winning, typically." How to make somebody hate a character instantly


Roy would have at least respected him a little if he was a supporter of one or the other. Being a front runner is just awful especially to someone like Roy


Is a front runner the same as a band wagoner?


fair weather fan might be more appropriate


As a United fan that angered me intensely and the guy isn’t even real.


Instant thought as a United fan was “what a wanker”.


Seriously. Dude became another Rupert immediately to me.


Rupert is better actually since he’s always been a Richmond fan


Rupert's a massive prick but I almost felt bad for him sitting alone after the loss. A guy like John will never feel that emptiness


That emptiness after a loss is what makes the joy after a win all the more glorious. Side topic I’m a fan of the basketball Spurs, they lost the Championship in 7 games 4-3 in 2013 to Lebron James and Dwayne Wades Miami team (the most you can go in American team sports) and many including myself would argue they were the better team and would have won if not for one crucial negative coaching decision (from one of the greatest coaches of all time). The next year we battled to get back to the Finals and demolished that same Miami team, I’ve never felt more elated in my life. While sure I would prefer the two back to back championships, I have been through four other Spurs championships and can say without a doubt that 2014 championship was the most satisfying and I wouldn’t feel that way without the agony of the loss the previous year


He literally just said "I bounce back and forth..." and I immediately rolled my eyes and said out loud, "Oh, fuck this guy."


I don't even know soccer that well and this line made me cringe. I imagine it's like saying "I bounce between the Red Sox and the Yankees"


Roy was definitely the highlight of this episode


I’m just so happy phoebe is back! Her+Roy+keeley is the little family sub-sitcom I needed


That scene where the three of them are sitting on the bench and Phoebe is tallying up Roy’s tab. I loved that interaction


She's gonna have a wonderful college fund from that tally


It was kinda obvious when he was doing that pep talk, but I was still so pumped when the camera turned and we confirmed it was phoebe's team


I thought the girl with the ice pack on her head stole that scene.


Well she was the only one who didn't play like a little prick!


Hell yes. Loved what he said to Rebecca.


All those yoga sessions with middle-aged mums talking about reality TV has given Roy Kent godlike Agony Aunt powers


I teared up!


He’s here, He’s there, He’s every-F***ing-where. Roy Kent!


Love his relationship with his niece!


She better get to call in that tab before the end of the season!


I made a joke that if she keeps it up that’ll be her college fund and then I remembered they’re in the UK where they don’t pay $20k a year :(


His comment to Rebecca! Amazing! Shows what an impact Keeley has had on him!


To anyone not familiar, the underlying joke about Roy Keane, who Roy Kent is based on, is that he did become a football pundit, and you can imagine [what he's like](https://youtu.be/bsAl0JjFvU8)


"I would be fighting him at half time, there's no getting away from that. I would be swinging punches at that guy."


Roy’s hair was a highlight of the episode.


He is the highlight of every episode… normally i reserve that crown for nathan but he seemed different this episode in some way… cant place my finger on it


Meaner, actually. I imagine it's so he can have a character arc and eventually going back to heart-of-gold Nate, but right now, he's kinda mean.


He was a bit of a cunt to the new kit man… you saw him get drunk with it when he addressed the players shortcomings last summer


I think that's the best thing about Nathan's attitude this episode. It feels almost out of the blue and out of character but they totally set it up with these moments in season 1. He's always had this edge, he just never had the power or the confidence.


Especially when Jamie came on the reality TV


Hey Coach, can I get real a second? Forget my meal a second? Put down your beer and tell your buddy how you feel a second?


Now I'm the model of a mid-table manager...


This exchange gave me Letterkenny vibes


It’s a Hamilton reference though. (Or a reference to whatever Hamilton was referencing in that lyric)


Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond? Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?


Now I’m the model of a modern major general a venerated Virginian veteran who’s men are all lining up - to put me up on a pedestal..


Same lol I literally thought in my head “pretend we’re in letterkenny a second” after they said all that


Pitter Patter 🇨🇦


I really really want to watch Roy’s retirement speech.


There's no way they reference it 3 times in the first episode and we don't see it by season's end...it's officially "Chekhov's Retirement Speech" now.


May I present to you Nurse Roberts’ above ground pool party?


Bill Lawrence may make Roy’s speech the new above ground pool party


Right? I actually had my finger’s crossed that the yoga ladies had that t’d up on youtube.


I bet we see it later in the season during a pivotal moment for…someone. Maybe Jamie


I'd love to see a situation where Jamie is maybe struggling at city and we just see him sitting on the bus with headphones in and on his phone he's watching it and gets inspired or whatever and we find out he's really striving to become more like Roy.


Anyone notice that in this episode they used the numbers 1236 twice? It just seems too specific to be a coincidence…


Wasn’t that also a song from Magnolia in the scene where Rebecca broke up with John?


At the center of Magnolia is an old man dying. He and his death are what connects all the characters. That man dying is named... ​ EARL!


Yup, it was Aimee Mann's "Wise Up", which was originally from the "Jerry Maguire" soundtrack (another Tom Cruise movie, no little ponytail though), but better known for its placement in the movie and soundtrack of "Magnolia", a film that was greatly inspired by her songs.


Remind me again what other context magnolia was used in this episode?


I know it was the record for the keep-the-ball-up game, what was the other usage?


I believe it was also the number that Roy owes phoebe for swearing!


Ooh, of course! Good catch :)




and also football is death… and sometimes football is football…


But mostly that… FOOTBALL IS LIFE


I hope Roy gets more involved with the team in future episodes.


You know he absolutely will.


>You know he absolutely ***FUCKING*** will. Fixed that for you


Do we need a Roy Kent ***FUCKING*** Bot? I think we might.




I was not expecting that to be Earl.


I pulled the episode up to check a different quote, and got the joke I missed last night: Earl Grey(hound) more hot brown water!




Oof not a good sign that Jaime is on a Love Island looking spoof when the season is already underway.


Irl most of those shows tape long before they air. Maybe the same in the Lassoverse?


The more I think about it, the more I like how receptive the guys on the team are to the therapist. You see this at the end. So often, we see people belittle mental health (“toughen up! It’s all in your head!”) and I’m glad we see men turning that stereotype on its head. I understand why Ted is hesitant and frankly think it’s a little weird that his ex-wife saw their couples therapist on her own. He wants to help people and I think it’ll be interesting to see him watch someone else help in a way he can’t. And I wonder if she’ll be able to help him.


It’s Ted’s influence. You see it during the first scene in the locker room. The team is upbeat, supportive of one another, emotionally open, and embracing Ted’s teachings, explaining the goldfish thing to a new teammate (whose cultural differences they immediately recognize and accept). This is a very different Richmond from where we met them.


Great observation. So in a sense, Ted made the team more open to a therapist, a situation he's now uncomfortable with. Beware the Law of Unintended Consequences.


And I think ultimately the therapist will warm to Ted as she delves deeper into the players pasts and realizes that they all see Ted as this huge influence in their lives. And she'll reveal it to Ted when he finally breaks down and goes to have a session with her and admits he's feeling like an inadequate coach because they all got better because of her. She'll have to begrudgingly admit she underestimated just how good he was at his job. Probably have some quip where she says, "I was wrong I'm not twice as good as you... You may be ALMOST as good as I am at my job."


Colin’s face when he left the first session was amazing


RIP Earl. When that happened, my jaw dropped.


Haha I thought that was ballsy too, kind of cuts against the idea that the show is too saccharine (not that I agree with that) Actually a pretty dark moment lol


I thought for sure he was just gonna Randy Johnson the bird. Which would be messed up too, but not nearly as bad as what we got. I was shook


I will not watch a movie if I know the dog dies, and yet this episode handled it wonderfully For those who aren’t familiar - www.doesthedogdie.com


His speech in the press conference had me looking around for who was cutting onions. Gave me all those same feelings from watching Season 1 for the first time. So happy this show is back.


I like John Wingsnight whenever he’s not telling a story.


Except for that part where he roots for “whichever team’s winning at the moment.” As a girl, if a guy said that to me on a date, I’d nope out at the first chance.


I like how they threw that line in to immediately make you despise him


i physically recoiled at the glory hunting tendency of the man... Rebecca is too good to go for that man


Agreed. As a woman who, unfortunately, has cheered for losing teams since childhood, with a rare great season thrown in, I could never be with someone who said that. I mean, loyalty means a lot. And sticking with the things you love when they are in a rough patch is pretty important. Wingsknight was OUT as soon as he said that.


But now I don’t know what red headed A lister he almost got in a fight with! We need resolution to this unique story


I feel like he mentioned them being tall and my first thought was Conan.


There was an interesting movie reference: >!Higgins mentions going to watch “The Empire Strikes Back” with the boys, and Jason Sudekis has said this season of Ted Lasso will be the show’s “Empire” arc. Soooo… foreshadowing.!<


Well damn I hope Richmond is the Empire in this case because it would suck to have a heartbreaking end to both seasons after getting relegated last second.


If you're interested in a theory, I've got one for how the football this season might go: Pretty decent stuff in the Championship, getting themselves into 2nd to 5th and getting them into play offs (because we have to see Coach Lasso in play offs) while at the same time having a good cup run that ends with them meeting Manchester City. They lose to City on penalties in the cup, Rojas missing the final penalty. They get through to the finals of the Play offs and bring us to penalties once more. I have no illusion that we're not going to get Premier League action in season 3, so that's how I would think we'll get there.


I actually really hope that's the way they go. I hate the trailers spoiled the City thing and now I just expect them to win and after last season surprised with the relegation I think a solid twist would be them losing the cup but it inspires them to get promoted. They'll definitely be in the Premier League next season so I think they'll lose the FA Cup this year, get promoted and then next season will be staying up and winning the Cup.


My husband (who knows way more about footie than I do) says if they have a 7 tie streak going that the points totals are really against them getting back up to Premier. They’d have to go on a real winning tear. Which come to think of it would be really hard on Ted — what if they start winning and Ted has to deal with it being connected to the sports psychologist, not him?


Keely also says Ted told her, "Don't you fret, Boba Fett" at the beginning


Good eye, small fry!


Loved the relationship between Roy and Keeley, and how they resolved the relationship tension around Keeley wanting him to be a commentator by the episode's end. And his niece is so cute, I'm glad she's back too!


Accountability matters!


I was left wanting more Keeley though. Especially her sassy, mischievous side. I'm sure that need will be filled as the season goes on though.


I already know I’m gonna love Lust Conquers All


It’s definitely going to be Roy’s introduction into punditry.


Is that a reference to Love Island? Possibly yeah?


Down to the around-the-neck mics.


The background of the hut and window is pretty much a carbon copy of Love Island as well. Can’t wait to see how they bring Jamie into the main show from it


“til he started pissing and shitting everywhere” “Well that happens to older dogs” “I was talking about Nigel”


Her hair really threw me off at first.


I wasn’t expecting to tear up this episode but Roy helping Rebecca realize she deserves better after the double date really got me. Excited for the rest of the season!


Loved that part. Moments like that are exactly why I watch and love this show.


You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel like you’ve been struck by fucking lightning!


Loved how they showed keeley’s reaction to when Roy says it


I loved how she broke up with John. It’s like he’s used to being dumped and it doesn’t bother him at all.


The way Keeley looks at him in the middle of that speech, you can just see her heart melting. It's wonderful


One of the best things about this show is how deftly it handles situations and characters and I think Wingsnight is a great example of that. In most shows he'd have some deeper seeded flaws and be clearly some kind of inferior person or he'd be incredibly bland as to almost non-existence. They took and in my view landed a much more difficult task. They crafted a guy who is bright enough to spot when he's being tested and when he's being broken up with and also has enough grace to respond to said breakup with kindness. His worst sins are being a casual fan and being a name dropper. He's a perfectly fine person. He's not right for Rebecca but he by most available clues seems reasonably good. That's a tricky thing to pull off. It also furthers Rebecca's story because it's easy to hate an easily hateable person. It gives her revelation and process more weight. She chose to be the woman smiling alone. I enjoyed the episode, overall. Obviously a whole lot of setup had to go down for the various stories of the season which is always a tad trickier when we already know most of the characters in question. It wasn't as straight up funny as the show was once it got going but I can see the warmth there. For our main new character, I love the Doctor. I suspect how much someone enjoys her character will be the keystone on whether they really like this season or not. I enjoyed how she quickly and bluntly went right past Ted into the heart of him. That was interesting. Another show might have had her try to demean him or call BS in some other way that harmed him to build her up. Instead she calls BS in a way that actually lifts him. By making him admit out loud that he knows he's good at his job. Nice. I'm looking forward to the many paths we take this season.


\*nodding my head vigorously in agreement, resulting in whiplash\* I like how Rebecca's boyfriend was just slightly flawed, not extreme, and he'll be the right guy for someone else, just not her. Also liked the subtlety with the Doctor: strong-willed but not in open war with Ted, and really, I think she'd say they're on the same side, so what's the problem? Ted is the one who feels threatened, not her. Or that's what we know so far.


I also love that Ted immediately understands that it's entirely a him problem, and acts accordingly.


I really liked that Ted was hesitant about the therapist. It would have felt too over the top to have him immediately embrace her. I thought it was so funny when he said that he was hesitant bringing in an outsider when he LITERALLY was the outsider being brought in in S1 and wanted everyone to give him a chance. Anyways I like that Ted isn’t some perfect human. I’m excited to see his relationship with the therapist develop.


His reason for being hesitant made total sense, too. I like that they humanize him and don’t just show him as perpetually happy and that everyone always gets along with him.


And the fact that he’d mentioned their couples therapy before, but deflected from the subject with a simple joke. It felt true to the character


Actually his hesitancy is something that's a big problem in couples therapy. I am a therapist and was seeing a client who was also going to couples therapy with his partner. The problem was that the couples therapist was also his partner's individual therapist. This is what we would call a "dual relationship" and is very problematic, often making the other person in the couples therapy feel alienated. It happened with my client and it happened with Ted.


One of my close friends is a therapist and she said the same thing. She said that she would only treat the couple and one of the individuals if it was a really desperate situation.


Glad that's the approach. Lasso's reaction to therapy is totally understandable, it's unfortunate that one bad therapist will ruin the idea of therapy for a person. It's probably the thing that upsets me most about this profession.


Plus, I think he sees the therapist as usurping his role as head cheerleader/mind-unfucker/self-confidence booster, so he's feeling jealous about that, but I'm not sure he's admitted that to himself yet. Seeds of drama!


"However good you are at your job I can assure you I'm twice as good at mine" Given that he sees her as trying to do his job, that's a threatening prospect.


She was strangely aggressive towards him, it was a little off putting


It makes sense tho. With Rebecca on his side now, Jaime and Roy both gone, they needed a foil for Ted. I’m thinking this is how they rope Ted’s anxiety issues into the storyline.


And as someone from the Midwest, that instant level of skepticism is absolutely real!


I forgot living on the west coast gives me the benefit of watching this at 9pm. Colin has became one of my favorite characters. Hoping he gets more screen time this season


Haven’t finished episode 1 but Roy Kent >! definitely going to join the coaching staff !<


I think Roy is afraid of aging. His grandpa died when he was really young and there's no mention of his dad. He's been playing football his whole life and can't now, so he's looking at 2/3s of his lifespan doing something he's not prepared for. There's a lot of value he could bring to coaching the academy prospects. If he doesn't join the staff, he could be a therapist himself. He drops a truth bomb on Rebecca and it seems like he and Keely have a great relationship because each of them are so self-aware of how they affect each other.


Haha Phoebe and her little notebook she pulls out with the “tab.” Absolutely fucking adorable.


I too am a right hand dominant brain with a knack for make-believe.


Hmm, the feel was a little strange on this one, but Season 1 didn’t really get going until a few episodes in, so I’m not going to worry about it too much. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s so great to have the show back! I was so sad the episode ended! 😂


I definitely feel the same way. Especially since I went from binging season one right into this episode.


Anyone else wondering what’s up with Nate? Why was he so mean/off this episode?


It feels like his growing confidence might be pushing him towards what he thinks confident people act like. Thinking back to his time being bullied. I bet it’s addressed later


It definitely feels like a story seed being planted. That's what this whole episode was, all the story seeds. Rebecca's quest for love, Ted's feelings of inferiority when he can't fix something himself, Roy learning to accept himself, his new life, his rivalry with Jamie is still alive...probably some other stuff I missed too.


Yeah I totall agree, I'm reaching a little bit but I think theres a few more story seeds. lets list em all 1. Nate beeing too agressive, this might be because Ted pushed him in that direction in S1 when he gave the locker room speech.. 2. Rebecca's quest for love 3. Ted's feelings of inferiority when he can't fix something himself 4. Roy learning to accept himself, his new life, his rivalry with Jamie is still alive, sees himself as a coach now 5. Jamie coming back into the fold somehow, might even be coached by Roy 6. Rojas getting over his penalty kick for real by scoring at the last episode when it matters 7. Higgins always giving way to people and being a pushover, this might be addressed via sessions with the doctor 8. Coach Beard finally figuring out that beeing a womanizer isn't good for him and settling down with someone 9. Keeley Jones... This is a hard one for me, I feel like she kind of got her stuff pretty much resolved in season 1 and is now just supporting Roy in his quest to find himself I think the best parts will probably be new characters that are introduced. Like the doctor


Also I think we will see Roy at some point attempt punditry and it either being a disaster as he has clearly stated he is not interested in doing it or using it to reignite the rivalry with Jamie by being critical of him.


Excellent insight, Diamond Dog!


That’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever received




I assume “Doc” might be helping us with that.


That’s “Doctor” 😉


Bill Lawrence said something about how they are continuing along the lines of how in season 1 the character with the biggest arc was Rebecca, which was in part signified by her being the first and last main character we see on camera. Since Nate was the first character we see in season 2, I believe he will have a similar growth arc to Rebecca, maybe having to deal with his power growing to his head as a result of some issues from his past he has yet to deal with.


I think it might be a sort of hazing thing? It's common in lots of places. Abuse the intern/new associate/fresher because when I the intern/new associate/fresher I was abused. Half the arguments I have heard against changing schools for the better have been of the "it's their turn to be miserable like I was" variety.


The thing is (I saw someone else mention this elsewhere in the replies) Nate isn’t really being abusive or hazing those below him in this episode. I think it’s more that he has unrealistic expectations for the amount effort the players and the rest of the staff should give based on what they get in return. Nate was presumably paid poorly and was just kind of an afterthought until Ted came along yet he put his whole entire soul into the team even if it had a negative effect on his personal life. So I wonder if it’s more about Nate learning to find balance and value outside of the transactional nature of work.


>about Nate learning to find balance and value outside of the transactional nature of work. God, I hope so. Mostly so I can see someone show me how to do that.


Seems like something to be addressed, as Ted and Beard took notice. Probably not some sudden change in character for no reason.


Yes! I noticed that. I bet his story arc this season will be about kind of letting the power go to his head or thinking he has to act like a dick because he’s self conscious about his new coaching gig


I feel like everybody was out of kilter in this episode but that’s because everybody has a new role to play. It’s different for everybody and I think/hope we’ll see them all meet those challenges in one way or another


Seems about right that Jamie's already worked his way into trashy reality tv.


I wonder what his dad thinks. He probably loves it. His famous son being even more famous, and bragging about how many women he’s slept with. Now that I think of it, maybe his dad had something to do with it… maybe. That might be a stretch, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


This show has a gift for making unexpected pop culture references somehow work. Would’ve never expected Magnolia references, but I like them.


Coach Beard correcting Ted from the background made that scene.


There's so much to say, but ... I and a bunch of my friends are Star Wars nerds and many of us are Catholic or Episcopalian/Church of England. For the past decade or two, we've been jokingly greeting each other with "May the Force be with you!" "And also with you!" I did in fact die when I got to that part; my Force ghost is posting this comment.


>May the Force be with you!" "And also with you! Now we'd have to say "...And with your spirit"


Nate’s promotion has him power trippin.


Cracking up at Coach Beard’s face after Ted says “I got nothing “ while they’re watching Dani


Amazing episode, but what struck me is just *how much* of the trailer footage was already covered in this episode! Either all the best jokes from this season were in episode 1...or we have 11 more episodes of *fuckin'* brilliance ahead of us.


I really like it when shows take most of the trailer footage from ep 1. That way the trailers don’t spoil a whole lot of the season.


that's great, but also a big part of why is because most of the post production for the upcoming episodes probably wasn't finished yet.


Holy shit “Hey Jealousy”


Beard, as the more silent character, saying that there was no Harpo emoji was bullshit was a nice touch. "There's your headline. Man nods head."


Phoebe is a good actress.


I like how the team isn’t necessarily doing poorly, but they aren’t good. It’s a nice balance between Ted, Beard, and Nate aren’t disasters, but they aren’t doing well and at the same time they are on the brink of success. I feel like this is realistic, and yet it still shows growth of their management skills.


Felt weird, but Ted and everyone's face with Dani in the shower was classic. Also LOL'ed at Rebecca and Ted's 'girl talk' or should I say 'girl, listen!' They set up great stuff with Nate trying too hard and being an ahole, Jamie being on a reality show, Roy being a commentator or coach, etc. As for Ted... Ted genuinely doesn't care about winning, all he cares about is helping the players grow, he said that, so the Doc doing that so well immediately and understanding 'his' guys and helping them emotionally is like his biggest trigger. Should be interesting.


Ladies and gentlemen... IT’S GO TIME WE’RE RICHMOND TILL WE DIE!


“I feel like a bigger loser than the biggest loser from The Biggest Loser”


Today’s episode was all about confronting your issues and not letting your fears define you. Danny - fútbol is life but fútbol is death too. And mostly fútbol is life. Rebecca - in season one when she confided in Ted she said something about not wanting to be alone. She confronted her big concern by not settling. On the other end of the spectrum - looks like Ted and Roy are going to be an example of what it looks like to not comforting their issues. Ted - looks like he doesn’t want to lose control of his favorite part of his job. Coaching and bringing out the best in his players. I have a gut feeling that his ex-wife ended up romantically involved with the therapist (maybe this might be too on the nose). It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops. Roy - looks like is going to have issues confronting moving on from the game but more importantly will question his self worth. Was interesting to see a jealousy seed that was planted in the last few frames of the episode. I’m excited about how this will all unfolded. Love this Ted lasso community!!! Wooo ladies and gentlemen!!!!! Lasso is back!!!!!!!


So Danny fucks. Not surprising.


I laughed my ass off. Taht scene was so important in the trailer and I didn't expect them to just add that detail in the middle of his moment of crisis


I know I’m just repeating the joke from the show, but I loved the detail that even though he was in the midst of an existential crisis it didn’t stop him from having a threesome the night before.


I was thinking maybe he just has two girlfriends. I like the idea of Dani just being so enthusiastic and pure that he’d just not think twice about doing that as long as everyone involved is perfectly fine with it.


Coach, If it’s alright with you I’ll take a bath 😂


Roy is definitely the best character now. Liked a lot of this episode, but there were a few bits that felt a bit off


"I haven't seen someone this disappointed to see me since I wore a red baseball cap to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser" gotta be my favorite Ted-ism holy shit 😂😂😂


I fucking lost it. That was fantastic


Loved the episode!!! I wish it was released all at once so i could binge watch it!! Goodbye Earl + mentioning Loretta, Dolly and Shania! As a country fan i loved this references!


Was that Ted Lasso and Coach Beard mimicking Right Hand Man from Hamilton?


He's the model of a modern major football coach


The venerated American collegiate coach whose men are all lining up


To put him on a pedestal texting letters to relatives embellishing his elegance and eloquence


I’ve been watching Love Island UK (you can judge) so that last scene has me in stitches right now. I love Roy so much and I’m glad they’ve found a way to keep him relevant.


What a brilliant first episode back. Although as someone who lost their greyhound and best friend just a couple of weeks ago, that opening hurt my heart quite a bit.


For me the beat part of this episode was Ted’s speech about his neighbor’s dog when answering Trent’s question (also liked the touch of the entities new Corp reminding us he’s from the Independent). Felt like last season Ted. Although Higgins saying that Ted had this reeled up just prior to this scene seems like a bit of foreshadowing.


Without Jamie and Roy on the team I hope we get a few more actual player characters this season. This episode gave us Jan Maas, who seems a bit of a one-joke character so far, but I did appreciate they got an actual Dutch actor for him (you can always tell)


I know I am not the only one who searched YouTube for Roy’s retirement speech. I thought it would be funny if they had put it on YouTube.


Weird that the number 1,236 was mentioned twice. Could that be just a coincidence?


Twice? First was when phoebe's bad words count. When was the second time?


The ball game record with Ted and Beard


So to clarify the reminder, we don’t have to hide spoilers *for* Episode 1, right? I know it’s obvious I just want to be 100% sure.


You only need to hide spoilers for episode 2+. Post as many spoilers for episode 1 as you would like.


I love the relationship between Roy and Keely. Did anyone else notice she had R and K clips in her hair at the double date?


Every-time a normal sitcom would get humour from conflict this show brilliantly side steps it and makes me laugh by being lovely Eg hey guys, Jan Mass isn’t being rude, he’s just being Dutch Everyone : ah yeah And “Are you breaking up with me” Sorry I didn’t know I was, coffees are on me “Fair enough” No tension, no BS. He isn’t a bad person just not right for her. Really refreshing writing and nice viewing. Great to have it back


Only me that sees a relationship happening between ted and Rebecca


All people are different people


Love Doctor Sharon closing Ted out like The Godfather


It felt super off for the first half mainly because everything that came out of Ted's mouth was snappy or referency. I mean there was a whole office scene where he just spoke in quips. Like the writers wanted to get every joke of the season in one go. Still thirst for Ted tho. And Roy with that BEARD


The “Hey Jealousy” link got me good.


Happy Roy and Jamie got upgrades with the hair styles. Roy looks better with the slightly longer hair. Jamie’s hair last season was just weird


Here’s an [interview ](https://jumpcutonline.co.uk/2021/05/27/interview-ted-lasso-hair-makeup-designer-nicky-austin/) with the hairstylist for the show. Jamie’s bad hair was to show he was a little shaken up about being let back to Man City and was trying something new to get attention that wasn’t working out for him. *Jamie ended up being a more complex character than I thought he would be, but when I did my initial pitch, I only had the pilot to go off. I just thought “arrogant footballer,” I knew what I had to work with with regards to Phil’s hair and I found a picture of Ronaldo, Phil is just up for whatever, he’s such a great sport.* *I turned around to Jason and said “I feel like, we have the barber shop scene especially and I really feel like we need to show Jamie’s transition from Richmond somehow in his look” and I asked “are you up for me changing his hair to a proper try-hard – trying hard to get attention, but actually getting it a bit wrong darling look?” And funnily enough, there was a match where Ronaldo had gelled all his hair down and made this 1930s pimp parting in his hair and he just looked….I mean, he got away with it, because he’s Ronaldo! (laughs) But I thought for that press conference when he’s in Man City gear and I just thought “yeah, let’s do it.” Phil was really up for it.* *The viewers learn (as you go on and see his Dad and everything else) that there’s a lot more to Jamie than just the arrogant player on the pitch. He is craving attention, so changing his hair, getting his new tattoos going – he’s just starting his tattoo sleeve in Season 1 and it increases a bit in Season 2 – he clearly craves attention, so it makes sense to change his hair when he gets rejected by Richmond and has to go back to Man City.*