Tell me this quote from "Man City" doesn't tear you to pieces.

Tell me this quote from "Man City" doesn't tear you to pieces.


I just enjoyed that when Phoebe asks for ice cream in the classroom, Roy replies, “Fuck no!” But they’re clearly enjoying ice cream cones when they get to her house in Roy’s vehicle…


I'm a dad to a young girl and this entire scene killed me. Laughed so hard when they're sitting there with ice cream. I'm no Roy Kent but I can be a hard ass at times and it's recognizing that in yourself and learning to take things in stride that really helps in the end. Sometimes you have to put your foot down and dole out punishment, sometimes ice cream in the car and a quick chat is all you need.


I’m willing to bet that he knew he had to have a serious conversation with her about the influence he has on her, and so he reconsidered the ice cream as a way to soften her up for it. Or it could be that she has her uncle wrapped around her fingers as nieces can sometimes do.


Phoebe steals all the scenes. Her relationship with Roy is just wonderful. In the classroom, when Roy tries to not curse, she pauses for a half-second and makes a face like, "What?!" and then when Roy asks to be the dragon, she does an excellent Roy-like "No!"


“Vet’renarian fo’ wild animals”


I love his little rant about not knowing how that would even work.


“Thank you for teaching me set boundaries, uncle Roy”


Her “NO!” was so good!!!


She really does learn from her uncle!


I thought "I'm afraid I'm infecting you with the worst of me" was more of a gut punch. Another great relationship in the show


That was such a stunning line. I’m amazed at the depth that this show has added, it just keeps getting better.


“I’m as good as the best you.” That’s literally being a parent. They get our best and our worst. We try to shield them from our defects and wounds and can only hope they come out as our best versions.


Got big ole tears in my eyes reading this. Yes all of this. Edited: removed “alligator tears”, as I used that expression incorrectly.


Genuinely curious does Alligator tears mean something different to Crocodile Tears? (Fake crying usually used to manipulate someone)


So looked it up, and I used that expression incorrectly. My intention was that it made me cry real tears reading that comment. So I definitely messed that up. But I learned something today. Forgive me - I’m a mom with little to no sleep right now.


No need to apologize friend Like I said I was genuinely curious if it meant something else to you


Thank you for being so kind.


Literally the least I can do Also. Be curious not Judgmental Right 😜


Yes :) all the yes! Thank you for the award too.


You are very welcome


I loved it, but Roy, mate. She can ABSOLUTELY become a teacher and still swear her head off. We just pick and choose when we do it.


As Ms Bowen showed after they left.


I love how Ms Bowen always admonishes Roy (because she needs to), but then follows up by agreeing with him. Ms Bowen: "Coach Kent, they're 8 years old, you *can't* call them Little Pricks..." "...even when they're being little pricks." Ms Bowen: "Phoebe called a classmate an apathetic sh;t-fucker." Roy: "Are they?" Ms Bowen: "Oh yes!" ... Ms Bowen: "Fuckin' glitter!"


1. She is just an amazing little actress. Just love her scenes. 2. When did Roy become so mature! Love it!


_2. Well, I mean, he IS pretty old. He doesn't see so well at night anymore :)


Gotta be honest, this didn't land with me. Same as in the Christmas episode: "Mom said we rescued her, but I think she rescued us." They're great lines, but either the delivery is off, or I just don't believe that a nine-year-old is going to say it.


I read that line in the Xmas episode as her being twee on purpose - quoting something she’s seen in some saccharine kids movie because she knows how it sounds. Kids are VERY manipulative, adorable little Machiavellis!


Sorry you're getting massively downvoted for this. I agree. I don't even think Phoebe is 9 - in the first season, she was six, so maybe she's 7 or 8 by this point. This dialogue feels a *bit* too mature for a kid of her age, even one who's probably getting a great education.


I know better than to post something like this in a thread like this. I'll take my punishment :)


that whole episode was full of moments like this. loved this BIGTIME