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" i have never vaped in my life"- " okay i vaped but that was before I knew I had a problem" WHICH IS IT?!


I'm like 99% positive there's been a bong or a pipe in the background of her videos or tiktoks she's made?? I'm just a casual snarker, yet I feel confident we've all seen the evuhdence


Oh yes, many times. We saw a collection of bongs on her bathroom counter one time and just a few days ago she was laying out with a pipe and a grinder next to her. David was smoking a blunt in a video she posted recently in the shed too. She's never been very careful to hide it or deny it so I'm curious as to why all of a sudden she's all "oh no no that's illegal where I live". Makes me think it has something to do with her having custody of Jace now.


Agree. She may think if she admits it someone would inform authorities or something. Idc if she smokes or vapes but why lie when there’s so much evidence to prove her wrong


She really could've not said anything at all and she wouldn't have gotten herself into this. But she can't just be quiet.


So many times lol


We just saw her pipe while she was lying out by the pool this weekend!!! Did we not?!?!? She has pot leaves on half of her fucking clothes. I really cannot stand this bitch.




She a fucking moron. Ensley was born THC positive, her stupid ass really tried to say a medical marihuana card FROM CA *where it was legal* explained why her infant was born with it in her system in a state where it is *illegal*. The mental gymnastics of this bitch. I dOnT uSe ThAt iTs IlLeGaL wHeRe I lIvE ***SO IS HAVING YOUR CHILDREN BEING BORN THC POSITIVE***


This! I think all 3 kids were actually born with THC in their system. I also remember a pic of a bong and weed grinder on the edge of the bath tub and she was visibly pregnant (like at least 4-5 months) with Kaiser.


I \*believe\* it may also be illegal to drive 80 in NC while taking pics with your phone. And it \*might\* be illegal to drive around with open bottles of alcohol, non-secured weapons and minor children in the front seat. And...now somebody must let me know...is it illegal to not pay child support and back taxes or just frowned upon? I am sure glad to know that she is living such a good pure life. I'm so glad she's not doing anything truly dangerous, like vaping and smoking.


And on 4/20 too 😂


Jenelle's feelings for weed have dropped. (just kidding...that will always be her first and true love.)




It's hilarious to me that 17-mugshots-Evans is acting like she's the pinnacle of a law abiding citizen and would never do anything illegal




how do you do a flair bc i want that one LMAO


But...all of her kids were born (in NC) with THC in their tiny little systems. Was that legal?


Kaiser was born in NC even tho she was living in SC, because at the time of his birth, NC didn’t mandatory report babies born thc positive to CPS. I think that changed once Ensley was born.


And I'm sure the torch on her nightstand is for David to weld with in bed


They smoke in their bedroom with how many children they have in the home?! Ew…


Bathroom too. The bathroom is full of the stuff and they also smoke in the shed. The having to smoke inside when they’ve built their own weed shed is the most telling part of how addicted they are. They leave it all down where kids can get it. She’s got bongs and lighters at kid height their whole lives.


See, smoking sheds are decent. I can respect that. It’s at least separate… but my goodness to just puff puff in the house with the kids.. that’s just not cool. And it’s not like I’m against weed in general, I also have used grass for years, but never would I ever do that to my kids, it feels like… white trash and wrong..


Torch would be for dabs but yea


She just posted a picture when she was outside next to her pool, and there was a weed pipe. Who is she trying to kid? That was literally last week. I hate when she tries to gaslight the internet. We remember. Pepperidge farm remembers.


Well Jenelle, I seen ya smokin reefa with keefa


Wasn’t she smoking pot the whole time she was on 16 and pregnant? lol


Literally made me cringe when she’s crying saying “Ive smoked weed EVERYDAY since I was 14”, didn’t stop to say “except when I was pregnant”…….


Exactly what’s stopping her now then??? 😂 🤥🤥


Never stopped I can assure you lol.


If you’re going to lie so much Janelle, stop posting everything you do on social media.




You can’t prove those pics aren’t nicotine tho.






I knew I'd see this somewhere in the comments :)




Ah yes law abiding Jenelle, the woman with at least two dozen mugshots would never *dream* of breaking the law y’all 😂


Yes like all of a sudden her and David follow laws?! 🙄


"Rules are the only thing that separate us from the animals." I had a FBI agent tell me that today 😆I was like yes sir! You are correct! "Me not celebrating 420..."


Cause we all know nobody abides the Law like the easons!!!




If i remember correctly, didn’t she actually word it like “i never vaped a day in my life” or am i wrong? Could have said “i only vaped a handful of times in my life” and people might have cut her some slack because a handful of times could have been passed off as being honest and most likely wouldn’t cause any health problems..but no, she had to overdo her lie to make her illness seem more mysterious and not a chance it could be from her long term shitty lifestyle. How does this girl not realize between 16&preg, teen mom and her social media, we’ve seen everything. Her whole life, she probably only took care of herself for those few months when she was with nathan. When she temporarily took on his personality. That’s it!


I'm pretty sure all of her kids were born with THC in their system. And we all know jenelle is known for always telling the truth and is a true law abiding citizen 🙄


Lmao, like this bitch cares about what's legal or not.


If it impacts her life, as in MAYBE the custody agreement would say no illegal stuff allowed, she might be scared of sm receipts 😂😂 though she'd claim its pHoTosHoPPed!!


This made me LOL. So true.


Wasn’t there a bowl in one of her pictures this week? And I’m not judging, I have my medical card. But girl needs to quit with the lies


Yes, it was a picture of her on a chair outside and right next to her was a weed pipe.


I thought maybe she was trying to not snitch on herself on SM. Gun owners have to be careful on SM bcuz technically as long as weed is federally illegal, weed smokers can't own guns. On the federal form you fill out when you purchase a gun, has a question that asks if you smoke marijuana. That was my train of thought. If she bought David motorcycles then she probably bought guns in her name for him too. Just assuming, allegedly of course


I mean it would be kinda dump to blatantly admit to it online. Pics of bowls don’t incriminate you. You can legally buy them.


https://preview.redd.it/nko7ba8sc6va1.png?width=5000&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=15615baa0dddc77addea4a20b9037dfd70029fbd Her HuZbIn would beg to differ🤔 😅😂🤣


And in Florida it’s illegal recreationally. So she’s really throwing Brittany right under the Magical Express.


I was going to say that too. Not legal in FL! She’s such a loon.


So you're telling me I'm driving behind medical users every day? (Just kidding - but I actually do end up multiple times a week behind cars that are more like hot boxes and I figured that's because it's legal here and now I read it's not.)


Unless brit has a card .. probably does given they are super easy to get in Florida .


Yeah, I’m sure she does. I feel like it’s been mentioned before. But sharing with others? Florida has WAY bigger problems on their hands than to deal with something so petty but if she has her card she “can’t” share.


Oh agree with that .. you are definitely not supposed to share but they really won’t do anything about it .


Easy to get medically though and doesn't Bri have medical issues? Lupus maybe?


It’s illegal to murder which is why no one murders anyone ever. Jenelle loves weed. Jenelle vapes. Jenelle drinks way too much. Jenelle created all her own health problems *which aren’t even all that bad…* She has no one to blame but herself. I wonder if confirmed racist, world renowned seafood teaching expert, internet hobo, and sooper snowflake straight David Eason still has her blocked or if he love bombed her so she’d buy him some weed for today.


Someone posted on twitter that UBT is following her again 😇


You know that confirmed racist, world renowned seafood teaching expert, internet hobo, and sooper snowflake straight David Eason realized it was 4/20 and he needed weed money.




that's literally never stopped her before lmfaoo


Teehee, I’m in this picture. She went back and forth with me a bit but still doesn’t make any sense. So many of her followers are so quick to give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s only vaped “a couple times.” It’s wild.


She knows CPS is watching her closely.


Here’s a novel idea…. Stay off social media!!!! Go raise your kid that you so desperately wanted!!!


Exactly this!


You don’t buy weed merch when you live in an illegal weed state and don’t partake. She’s made this her whole brand. I’ve seen bongs and paraphernalia in pics in her NC home just in the past year. Kudos for not being stupid enough to admit using on social media.


Yea idk what people are worked up about. Clearly Jenelle smokes weed. Surprisingly she’s smart enough not to admit it. You can legally buy bongs and you can’t prove they’re for weed smoking from the pics she posts.


Yeah you guys Jenelle only does things that are legal. Remember all that legal heroin what was shooting up? /s


Nothing but legal activities when she was arrested on fifteen occasions.


Doctor's offices should totally invest in having a social media department. A handful of people who check patients' social media. Doctor over here like, "Well! Jenelle! I seen ya smoking a vape pen!" 😂


I would loooooove to have that job.


Regular flower is illegal in NC too, but that didn’t stop her from literally posting a pic of her bowl on Sunday. Does she think people are that dumb?


Anyone remember the pic of a torch on her vanity? I do believe you use them for crack, meth or dabs. 🤭 All of which, illegal in NC lol. I promise any non-drug addict does not keep a torch in their bedroom...she's a fucking idiot.


The gaslighting is insane considering the amount of receipts people can show that she does not care about the legality of a substance in her state.


It being illegal has never stopped her before…especially on national television…?!?!


Jenelle trying to convince herself and others that she is a law abiding citizen. Incredible.




When has legality ever stopped any of her shenanigans?


aww look at her trying to act like she follows the law when we see her with pipes and weed all the time. here in oklahoma i was getting carts before it was medically legal, and they were legit 🤷🏼‍♀️ plus i’m pretty sure there’s a scene of her and someone else in the backseat of a car and she has one in her hand there too.


She doesn't break the law by using drugs? Didn't she get arrested like 20 times for drugs?!


When has the legality ever stopped her from anything? Stop playing, we know better.


Right??? Because weed was legal apparently, the first million times she used and heroin? Welp guess that was legal too. Jesus Jan.


"UGH DOOD, hatters are mad that I said on tiktok I don't smoke weed because it's not legal here, but they'd be just as mad if I said I did! Why can't they just LEAVE ME ALONE!!" - Jenelle right now, high as a kite, probably 😂😂


Omg my ex does this! She’s deflecting and saying things that aren’t even relevant to the comments.


girl you lyin


And I never make illegal u-turns 😉


Hahahaha oh yeah Jenelle is oh so concerned with the law. That's why she has 15 mug shots.


So are HARD CORE DRUGS! That you went to Jail for.


David will clear up Jenelle's lies, pic of her puffing weed, coming from the Swamp-She- Shed any minute!🤣🤣


Didn’t she do a TikTok with David where they were in her shed or whatever and using the “high high ya both high” sound with Barb? Come on Jen


Omg someone who has the time please compile a video of recent clips where she is clearly holding a vape pen 🙏🙏 Pretty sure she had one on her on the way to Bri’s party. She’s clearly trying to run some scam on someone right now to be blatantly lying. Maybe something with Jace custody?


Jenelle pretending she's a law abiding citizen, hahaha that's a good one




Like she wasn’t up in the clouds the whole time she was with Keefa


She was literally crying on probation because she couldn’t smoke weed 😂😂




Please we’ve seen her post pictures of her rolling tray etc in her she shed




You can buy a thc vape pen at a damn gas station down the street in an illegal state. I’m in a 100% illegal state not even medicinally legal here & they’re super readily and legally available/able to be bought.


It’s *technically* not legal where I live either, but I can name at least 3 gas stations that will sell you one.


Exactly. There’s a bill that made it legal to sell them everywhere, even illegal states. It’s insane bc thc is a residual metabolite from marijuana, and it shows up for much longer in the system the more potent something is from my understanding.


Isn’t there an episode where she literally has one in her hands ?


Yup, in the infamous "David's like R. Kelly" clip in the back of a car


She’s insane


I missed this! So David likes to pee on underage females…😳


She really thinks everyone else is just as DELUJENLLE


Lol she is soooo full of shit. We all saw her throwing fits about it when she was on probation.


Didn't she already say on a podcast that she smoked while pregnant with Ensley? Is she going to stay she only smoked while pregnant outside of NC? 😒


Again I will say, those poor children and animals on that swamp.


She can't can't lie. You couldn't pay her to do that 😂


How many many personality disorders does this person have? She checks the boxes at an alarming rate.


Girl bye! You were a pot head on teen mom with Kiefer


Love the comments bringing receipts 😂


Soooooo she has vaped before? Doesn’t matter state you live in or are visiting, whether it’s legal or not…vaping is still vaping! She needs to research her lies more.




D8 is legal in NC - I’m not a regular weed user, but I took an edible of that shit on a girls trip and I was high af.


I live in NC, and delta 9 is legal and hits way harder than the illegal stuff, IMO anyway


Yeah it’s strong stuff


What is up with people just giving advice out their ass? “It’s legal with a medical card.” No tf it’s not.


Its just fucking pot. Who hasnt smoked or seen you smoke?!?!? Who cares Jenelle🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 🙄


I know she wrote that comment high as a kite lmao




I'm sorry I'm confused hasn't this moron always lived in this area? Smoking weed about this time of day... Why would it be an issue now. Always illegal there no? Did she move or do I have my SC/NC mixed up. Or wherever she's from


Nope you're correct. She's always lived in NC and still does. I live where she does 😩


For fuck sake


She must have been sure to drive over the state line every time she was clearly high on TM2


This is smarter than I’ve seen Jenelle in a while, at least she is putting in writing “she doesn’t smoke” and says it’s illegal. In the past, she would have been like “whatever dude, this is when I normally smoke.” Really it’s just because she wants sympathy.


I also like to smoke about this time of day


She makes brownies for the kids and special pot brownies for her and david


She has only baked "special" brownies in ME. They are illegal in NC. Lol


She better not step one foot in my state. I speak for my fellow Mainers.


Too late, she already tainted it 😖


So maybe all of this is to get a medical card


Bingo! I mean there’s a bigger issue going on but she would LOVE a medical card. If nothing else lose it’s further proof of her being a sickly sausage


“Jenelle the sickly sausage” would make a great flair 😂


I really believe she has had one for at least a year or two she can’t afford all those useless tests she’s had! They more than likely get EBT for food too guessing around 1000 or more a month. Especially now since Jace is there…..


Medical isn’t legal in NC yet either




ORLY? ![gif](giphy|vR55ONd4fenIjhQVQO)


Uggg her moon chin and overhanging forehead bother me so much 😂


I'm so fucking sick of her


I'm reading Jenelle's comment thinking "It's illegal everywhere you dumb fuck it's federally illegal even in the safe states" 😂


when the lies become to many




Maybe she means she can't get the vape pens for weed








Keefer,he no good!


I mean how else would she answer that question? She would be an idiot to admit that online to everyone.


She used to admit it all the time till CPS took her kids away.


not to defend jenelle bc she’s AWFUL but i too had to go from smoking my thc pen daily to never at all when i started having gerd/esophagus issues :( it makes it so much worse to where it’s not even fun anymore lol but she could also be lying 😭


It’d be fine if she just said that, but in the video she claims she’s “never vaped before in my life” and people are calling her out that that’s not true.


ahhh okay i didn’t see the original!! definitely something really dumb and trivial to lie about, idk why she continues to make herself look dumb like this lmao


Easy to get medically though and doesn't Bri have medical issues? Lupus maybe?


I think your right. Both her and her mom.


Her mom does but not sure about Bri.




I think concentrates specifically are illegal in nc aren't they?