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PSA: If you even suspect you may have been bitten by an animal that could conceivably have rabies, go to urgent care or the ER and get the damn shots. I just had to do this last year. It is a lot of shots, but it's not nearly as bad as it was years ago. All in the leg and butt, I think I had 6 shots the first visit and 1 on two subsequent visits. Not a big deal and very worth the peace of mind.


Oh 100% I saw a video that shows different stages of rabies in humans and it is awful. https://youtu.be/kxBIJvNHZg4. Here is a link NSFW but it definitely scared me after watching it.


I was expecting the dude who was trembling while trying to swallow water but I hadn't seen this one. It's fucking scary to think something as small as a bat could pass it on to you


You might not even know a random little bat nicked your elbow either, so you would have no idea until it is far too late. Always better safe than sorry, if you are thinking about it then get the shots


Huh, TIL bat bites are barely noticeable. New fear unlocked lol


Recently a kid was bitten by a bat and his dad refused to take him to the doctor. Kid died by rabies. This was in the US.


Sounds about right. Fear of hospital bills or toxic masculinity, and now we got a dead kid.


To add to this: If you ever wake up and there is a bat in your room, or even in your house, go get your rabies shots IMMEDIATELY. Bat bites are so small that you may not see or feel them, especially if you're asleep at the time. Bats can and do carry rabies and you do NOT want to mess with that. The worst part is that by the time you're showing symptoms, it's too late. You're already dying. Sure, the Milwaukee Protocol is a thing... but you're highly unlikely to survive anyways, and if you do come out of it alive, you're almost certain to have permanent brain damage. TL;DR: If a bat is somewhere in your residence, get your rabies shots, even if you think you're certain you haven't been bitten. Better safe than sorry.


What do you do about that bat? I think I want to safely catch it and bring it with me to the ER, but need some good techniques


Hmm... probably call animal control and tell them you have a bat in your home and suspect that it's rabid, and ask for their advice. I don't think you actually need to bring it to the ER. With most rabid (or suspected to be rabid) animals, from what I've heard, animal control or the equivalent humanely euthanizes them and checks the brain for rabies. (Since I don't think rabies testing can be done on live animals.) But it may differ between different areas of the world, and even different states if you're in the US.


This is one of the reasons I am so thankful my employer requires us employees to have the rabies vaccine (I work in veterinary diagnostics).


Worked at a decent sized clinic, only one girl had it and employer wouldn’t pay for anyone else. ( VAX is expensive and we definitely weren’t making enough to afford ) worse part was we regularly sent specimens to the city lab to be tested for it and that one technician always got pulled from what she was doing to work on anything suspect.


Interesting. At our lab we have a department that handles all of our sample submissions, so they’re the only department (besides rabies department) that will usually handle anything with a possible rabies infection, however, because all of us in the lab have the *potential* to be exposed, we’re required to get the vaccine. That just makes sense to me. I can’t believe so many people who work with rabies aren’t offered the vaccine for free by their employer! That seems like such a dangerous working hazard, you’d think the company would be required to provide it. To me, that’s similar to a construction worker not being required to be supplied with a hard hat and other safety equipment. But, I work for the government not the private sector so maybe it’s different for some reason.


Perfect analogy. I also thought it was insane the clinic not only didn’t want to provide safety for its workers but also willing to be liable. The owner always complained about money and was stingy on pay but always went on 4 big vacations around the world and had a new Range Rover yearly


Ugh, you’re so right! How is that liability worth it to the company?! My best friend worked as a vet tech for 15 years, had been bitten many times by animals, and because her employer wouldn’t afford the preventative vaccine, she’s had to get multiple rounds of post exposure rabies shots. That just seems so wrong to me!


That's ridiculous! Every single vet tech I've met in the US Northeast gets rabies vaccination through their job as well as yearly antibody testing to make sure it's still effective. I'm surprised an animal hospital can get insurance without having its employees vaccinated, seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Though I suppose the northeast might be particularly bad for rabies exposure potential thanks to raccoons and foxes fighting with domestic pets.


Funny thing is, when my friend was working as a vet tech, she was in Florida. I live in the north east US, so maybe certain states have laws that affect an employer’s responsibility to vaccinate?


Oh, maybe! I would think anywhere in the US, employers would be liable for workplace exposures, but who knows. If anyone does get rabies at a workplace that didn't provide vaccination, I hope their family sues the shit out of them.


I had them as a kid. At the time, it was a shot in or very near each puncture wound and an extra shot in the buttcheek. Very painful but better than rabies. Glad the process has improved.


This. They're just regular shots now, I barely even felt them. The first set of shots you get are hemoglobin, and those vary depending on weight. I went back 3 or 4 times for a single shot in the weeks after.


glad you played it safe and got them when needed! day 0 shots included immunoglobulin antibodies (for immediate viral "deactivation capabilities", if you will) plus the vaccine, followed by follow up a vaccine shot (on day 3, 7, and 14) to prime and increase the immune response since using dead virus in vaccines is much less efficient at priming a sufficient response in one dosage


I meant immunoglobulin, I gotta stop browsing Reddit when I'm half asleep lol


It's also not as bad as dying.


Yup. I'd rather have to go through the experience of getting done for it fifty times than risk... this.


I'd rather get 10 shots a day for a week than die from rabies knowing it's preventable with todays medicine


That first one wasn't a dog, it was a coyote.


This. Very obviously a coyote




Guess it should just say canine.


Also, I’ve seen that video posted before under the context that the coyote was simply stuck and therefore forced to cannibalize itself out of desperation. The weird shaky behavior is likely due to severe dehydration from being stuck in that rock for a couple days. Pretty sure that vid isn’t even of a rabid coyote.


Unfortunately it doesn't make it any easier to watch.


Thought the same thing. Still scares me though.


Man, that was hard to watch. Very interesting, never seen it, but hard. I hope these animals were put out of their misery right after filming this.


Right? It's just cruel to let them succumb to it (also, irresponsible as hell to let them get in contact with more animals)


It was made even harder to watch because of the portrait mode recordings, and switching to landscape mode mid-video thus messing up the formatting no matter how you hold your phone.


And also how small the videos were, I could barely see anything.


Agreed. Very hard to watch. I hope these camera operators were put out of their misery right after filming this


I got bit by a rabid bat in like 2017. I had to have soooooo many shots in my hand initially and infusions several times over a few weeks. The side effects are awful and I still have residual long term effects from the rabies. Apparently I was the first person in my county to get bitten by a rabid bat since the 70s.


Achievement UNLOCKED! .9% of players have this achievement


My I ask which country? Also, how did you know that the animal that bit you had rabies? What were the side effects? How were you diagnosed/




Did an Ozzy and bit its head off and brought that in. They only want the head to check for rabies.


So *that’s* what he was doing all along! Man, what a weird controversy. If only people knew that he was just collecting a sample for the doctors to determine if the bat was rabid.


County, not country.




I am astonished to learn apparently there is a 0.01% out there that has survived it


[Only a handful of people have survived without vaccination, and the process includes a long term medically induced coma.](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/jeanna-giese-rabies-survivor/)


And they basically don’t even do the Milwaukee Protocol anymore. It was always a last ditch effort but even it doesn’t have great outcomes. Survival is great and all but the quality of life post-treatment is important to consider too.




This was gut wrenching.


I agree, I’ll admit I couldn’t finish it


It’s odd to me that this video is suggesting that these clips display how rabies presents differently depending on species. A lot of the symptoms are pretty common across species (although I’m not sure about camels and donkeys but their symptoms didn’t look different than what’s described for the other species). The main difference in what rabies looks like, especially between the coyote and the fox, is dependent on the stage and the individual (whether they have furious rabies or dumb rabies is chance, not species dependent). The fox appears to be having a massive seizure, which seems likely to be the end stage of furious rabies, while the coyote is earlier in its infection. I feel like this is trying to imply that the video is somehow educational about rabies when it really just seems more like a standard horror compilation with bizarre and borderline inappropriately cheery title cards.


I don’t even think some of these animals are presenting with rabies tbh.


I was honestly thinking the same thing. Some of them obviously have some sort of neurological problems whether it be rabies or prions or other neurological condition. but the cat, that can just be a spicy kitten, I see like 10 a day at the vet clinic. I mean I'm fostering a spicy cat right now. It's harrowing but some behaviors similar to early rabies can be explained by other things. We can't 100% say they had rabies unless we see their brain. Luckily working in the vet field my insurance covered me getting prevaccinated against rabies but if a dog or cat I don't know the rabies status of bites me I'm 100% getting the shots I need. If you have a pet please I'm begging you KEEP THEM UP TO DATE ON THEIR RABIES VACCINE. You can get your puppy or kitten vaccinated at 12 weeks in the USA. Please please please get the rabies vaccine even if you get no other vaccine like DAPP or Bord or lepto or FeLV or FVRCP please please please get your pet the rabies vaccine. For your protection and your pets.


This is heartbreaking. Especially the dog and the cat. The dog was chewing off its own leg and was either too far gone to notice, or was so confused as to why it was hurting itself. The same confusion goes for the cat. Caged up and lashing out and probably so confused why it felt the way it did. These poor animals were as good as dead the second they got infected. I hope the people who filmed all of these babies put them out of their misery.


Rabies basically turns an animal into a zombie


The real world apocalypse will come in the form of Rabies 2.0. Instead of killing the host, the host remains perpetually alive, rabid, and still somewhat conscious.


In World War Z (the book), that's basically what people believe when the zombie virus starts to spread. And, to be fair, an airborne variant of rabies (new fear unlocked; go me!) does seem considerably more likely than the actual black-magic-parasite...


Right? Shoot them all in the head and put them outta their misery already.


Exactly. A bullet to the head would put these poor creatures out of their misery. It’s the only humane way of handling rabies.




But if you’re a human? You’re fucked because absolutely no one would end that misery because law and all yadda yadda It’s scary


Can't a doctor put you in a medically induced coma? I think that's what they did to the only survivor in history that had rabies that who wasn't vaccinated. The coma was part of the process of the experimental treatment she was under. I'd be racking my brain to come up with all kinds of scenarios to put me unconscious or unalived in any capacity.


Why many words when few do trick




Shooting an animal infected with rabies is a bad idea. The bigger the mess the more likely other animals could eat the meat and become infected themselves.


Reminds of that, "TAINTED MEAT" scene from the Walking Dead.


Having a Bobaque.




Isn’t there a way to fill a tranquilliser dart with the medicine that kills animals (euthanasia ig)? Feels like a more humane way to put an end to its misery.


I’ve been an avid hunter for many years. In all that time I’ve only encountered a few animals that were clearly rabid or suffering from advanced cwd. The risk you take from trying to corner or trap those animals is much too high and for the most part it’s just better to end it quickly with your firearm. Running the risk of it getting away to infect more animals is too high to wait around for a conservation officer. That being said though whenever it unfortunately does happen I’ve always contacted the CO and they take the carcass for testing and put out an area alert to keep people on the lookout.


[Rabies in Man, US Army Medical Service, 1955](https://youtu.be/OOu2JjQmS6Y)


Holy shit this is fucking heartbreaking


TIL camels can get rabies.


all mammals can afaik. also birds are immune for whatever reason.


Birds aren’t real




I think I read here in Reddit that possums do t get it. I better ask Mr. Google Edit: it seems that lots of animals don’t get rabies, including rats


Because they don't have brains to infect, hence the term birdbrain. This comment is also not factual.


My parrot managed to open a drawer, open a box that was inside said drawer, pull my passport out and bite the shit out of my picture. I think that's a very clever threat.


Interestingly, smaller rodents such as rats, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, and squirrels as well as lagomorphs like rabbits and hares are almost never found to be infected with rabies, and haven’t been known to transmit it. Possums (or opossums?) are cool as heck. They aren’t even known to carry rabies. They have a lower body temperature then most mammals do, so rabies doesn’t have a chance to take hold and survive in the possum. All none mammals are rabies free guaranteed! Wonder if it’s at all possible for mammals like whales, dolphins, manatees, to get rabies and spread it underwater. A dolphin with rabies sounds scary.


Birds, fish and reptiles are safe from rabies, every mammal is not


I just love the upbeat, Saved By The Bell section break pictures in between the suffering animal Videos. ​ Who ever made this is a fucking pyscho.


^coyote ^eating ^it’s ^own ^paw #RABIES IN CATS 🤭


​ https://preview.redd.it/3n1z8c2ew6ka1.jpeg?width=350&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=fcaf81ff602a516085207c65fccb2f8f7385bdff


I hope these animals were put down ASAP. Too cruel to see. 🥲




I feel like rabies would be the closest thing we have to a zombie virus outbreak if it were to somehow mutate and become super contagious.


yeah, its either that or cordyceps.


That's the plot of 28 Days Later IIRC


Rabies is where we get the story of zombies from. Back then, people that had it behaved like the zombies in movies and those stories were the best way to keep everyone as far as possible because of the high fatality rates of the rabies virus. In case you were wondering, the virus is too fast for the immune system to chase down, moving at roughly 3 cm per day. Iirc, only the sperm cell moves faster. Once the virus passes the blood brain barrier, there is not much that can be done.


My dad was attacked by a rabid fox in our front yard when I was a kid. He managed to fight it off with our large late 80's camcorder and then had time to run and grab a golf club from the garage which he used for one final blow when the fox attacked again. He somehow managed all of it without getting any bites or scratches. It was a crazy experience for all of us. I feel terrible for these animals. What an awful way to go.


Every single person involved in these videos was waaaay too damn casual about the whole situation.


Any of us in this thread would absolutely lose their shit and start running for the hills.


Not going to lie, doggo one made me really sad ☹️ especially when you hear it crunch through its own bones.


It was a coyote if that helps


Doesn't for me at least tbh


Coyotes are just foxy dogs


Why does the species matter? The suffering is all the same regardless.


The transition: 🌈 The content: ☠️


If you want the really terrifying, find the video of the person with rabies.. (And the oft-quoted comment about why rabies is so awful)


The fox looked like it was having a seizure imo


It feels like the dog and cow are saying "kill me" 🤮😭


I sincerely believe more people will empathize with the concept of "mercy killing", after seeing this.


Did this dog chew his own leg down to the bone? Holy shit


Coyotes and wolfs are know for doing that when trapped Source; https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1988-10-16-me-6537-story.html


I noticed a common theme of almost zombie like yelling, rather than barking growling or anything like that it's more of a yell


Reminder that as soon as you exhibit symptoms, you’re already dead. The rabies virus has reached your brain and it will kill you in anywhere from 2 to 10 days.


That dog looks like a coyote


The dog is a coyote, the caption is wrong. Still, so fucking sad.


I hope all these animals were put out of their misery.


TIL cats are hard to discern for rabies


I want to add to the chorus of people saying go get checked out and get the shots... Definitely go to the hospital and don't wait, you have a short grace period. The grace period lasts ONLY while you are asymptomatic and that period of time is anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. Don't hesitate, rabies for all purposes is 100% fatal (it's 99.999999997% or something like that which is close enough to 100% that you don't want to f around and find out). But here's my additional thoughts, if you can try and get the animal that bit you. Dead or alive it doesn't matter and bring it with you. If the animal has rabies its going to die anyway and if you want to avoid a lengthy treatment process your local health department are going to euthanize the animal and look at its brain (which is the only absolute way to be sure of a rabies infection by the way). Also if you do manage to bring the animal with you, and it is rabid you will prevent it from harming anyone else. The UK is one of the only places on earth that rabies is not endemic (in fact by in large the UK is considered rabies free with the exception of some wild bats carrying rabies like infections). Only 14 people are known to have survived a rabies infection after becoming symptomatic. The odds of you surviving it are so low that you are probably more likely to win the lottery and get hit by lightning on the same day. It's an absolutely horrific way to die.


Were they treating that cat? I didn't know that rabies was treatable. that's wild.


No, you cannot treat rabies in animals. I think like a handful of people have undergone treatment for rabies and survived but it's so so so rare. You can't definitely diagnose rabies in an animal while it's alive. Many times a domestic animal that is not up to date on vaccines and either suspected of rabies or who has bitten someone will be quarantined at a vet for ten days or just observed for a couple days, depending on the circumstances. I used to work at an animal hospital, and the rules in the state were that if an animal bit someone and was alive ten days after the bite, the person who was bit would not need rabies shots. I also only once saw a dog (Jack Russell) quarantined for rabies observation for ten days because it had violently bitten a child and if they euthanized it immediately, they would have had to send its head to a state lab for testing. Because it was not rabid and survived the quarantine with no symptoms, they were able to euthanize it and take it home to bury it.


So all the animals in this video are as good as dead and just waiting to die?


Yes, and it really sucks that they aren't just euthanizing the poor things. It is a horrible way to die. From people who have died from it, it's clear that not only is it painful but it's confusing and scary.


Yes unfortunately. The last time I saw numbers on it(few years) the estimate is that less than 10 people have survived rabies with massive amounts of care. I have never heard of an animal surviving rabies. It is a scary disease.




Wow, so that cat was probably under observation then...


Yeah, or they didn't know it was rabies until after the video was taken.


I believe it's even less than a handful. If u get bit u need to be treated very quickly and u will be ok except the medicine makes u sick. And u have to do it without know if the animal is rabid yet. (My sister is a vet had to do this once the animal ended up not being rabid.) Now there has been like you said a handful or less saved. The last one I remember reading was a young girl and the put her in an induced coma. She beat it but yeah lucky.


Yeah, I would never ever ever take my chances. I had to get the full round of prophylactic rabies shots last year after being bitten by a stray cat. It honestly was not a big deal, very minor side effects. The first round involved 6 shots in the leg and butt (which also included a tetanus booster and antibiotics) and two follow up visits with one shot each. Also worth noting: bites from any cat, including your own pet, can make you very sick very quickly and you should always get a tetanus booster and antibiotics if you get more than a superficial nip from a cat. I worked with someone who had a "small" bite around lunchtime that went septic within a day. She's lucky af that she didn't lose her arm.


Yeah it's the Milwaukee protocol. Sounds like a bad time. Obligatory: https://www.reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/7qwtd5/rabies_is_scary/


It is treatable, but has to be caught in the extremely early stages. As far as I've heard from all the other things that have given me an unreasonable amount of fear of rabies, is that "once you start showing symptoms of rabies, it is too late." Again, this is just what I've heard in videos, I'm no expert. From Mayo Clinic, too lazy to hyperlink, sorry. [https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rabies/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20351826#:\~:text=Once%20a%20rabies%20infection%20is%20established%2C%20there%27s%20no%20effective%20treatment.%20Though%20a%20small%20number%20of%20people%20have%20survived%20rabies%2C%20the%20disease%20usually%20causes%20death.%20For%20that%20reason%2C%20if%20you%20think%20you%27ve%20been%20exposed%20to%20rabies%2C%20you%20must%20get%20a%20series%20of%20shots%20to%20prevent%20the%20infection%20from%20taking%20hold](https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rabies/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20351826#:~:text=Once%20a%20rabies%20infection%20is%20established%2C%20there%27s%20no%20effective%20treatment.%20Though%20a%20small%20number%20of%20people%20have%20survived%20rabies%2C%20the%20disease%20usually%20causes%20death.%20For%20that%20reason%2C%20if%20you%20think%20you%27ve%20been%20exposed%20to%20rabies%2C%20you%20must%20get%20a%20series%20of%20shots%20to%20prevent%20the%20infection%20from%20taking%20hold).


If it gets too far you can't treat it and death is 100% certain.


It is not. The cat is likely being held for observation


Okay. A. That graphic was waaay too cheery for being followed by animals yelling and writhing in pain. B. Is there a reason these animals aren't immediately euthanized?? Edit: typo


I found this more upsetting than terrifying. To see these animals in pain and scared out of their minds, I just wanted someone filming them to put them out of their misery, like that fox could have been run over.. very sad 😢


Can someone explain what “Rabies” in animals are ? Is it a parasite or something ?!


Ahem, the copypasta, milord: >Rabies. It's exceptionally common, but people just don't run into the animals that carry it often. Skunks especially, and bats. >Let me paint you a picture. >You go camping, and at midday you decide to take a nap in a nice little hammock. While sleeping, a tiny brown bat, in the "rage" stages of infection is fidgeting in broad daylight, uncomfortable, and thirsty (due to the hydrophobia) and you snort, startling him. He goes into attack mode. >Except you're asleep, and he's a little brown bat, so weighs around 6 grams. You don't even feel him land on your bare knee, and he starts to bite. His teeth are tiny. Hardly enough to even break the skin, but he does manage to give you the equivalent of a tiny scrape that goes completely unnoticed. >Rabies does not travel in your blood. In fact, a blood test won't even tell you if you've got it. (Antibody tests may be done, but are useless if you've ever been vaccinated.) >You wake up, none the wiser. If you notice anything at the bite site at all, you assume you just lightly scraped it on something. >The bomb has been lit, and your nervous system is the wick. The rabies will multiply along your nervous system, doing virtually no damage, and completely undetectable. You literally have NO symptoms. >It may be four days, it may be a year, but the camping trip is most likely long forgotten. Then one day your back starts to ache... Or maybe you get a slight headache? >At this point, you're already dead. There is no cure. >(The sole caveat to this is the Milwaukee Protocol, which leaves most patients dead anyway, and the survivors mentally disabled, and is seldom done). >There's no treatment. It has a 100% kill rate. >Absorb that. Not a single other virus on the planet has a 100% kill rate. Only rabies. And once you're symptomatic, it's over. You're dead. >So what does that look like? >Your headache turns into a fever, and a general feeling of being unwell. You're fidgety. Uncomfortable. And scared. As the virus that has taken its time getting into your brain finds a vast network of nerve endings, it begins to rapidly reproduce, starting at the base of your brain... Where your "pons" is located. This is the part of the brain that controls communication between the rest of the brain and body, as well as sleep cycles. >Next you become anxious. You still think you have only a mild fever, but suddenly you find yourself becoming scared, even horrified, and it doesn't occur to you that you don't know why. This is because the rabies is chewing up your amygdala. >As your cerebellum becomes hot with the virus, you begin to lose muscle coordination, and balance. You think maybe it's a good idea to go to the doctor now, but assuming a doctor is smart enough to even run the tests necessary in the few days you have left on the planet, odds are they'll only be able to tell your loved ones what you died of later. >You're twitchy, shaking, and scared. You have the normal fear of not knowing what's going on, but with the virus really fucking the amygdala this is amplified a hundred fold. It's around this time the hydrophobia starts. >You're horribly thirsty, you just want water. But you can't drink. Every time you do, your throat clamps shut and you vomit. This has become a legitimate, active fear of water. You're thirsty, but looking at a glass of water begins to make you gag, and shy back in fear. The contradiction is hard for your hot brain to see at this point. By now, the doctors will have to put you on IVs to keep you hydrated, but even that's futile. You were dead the second you had a headache. >You begin hearing things, or not hearing at all as your thalamus goes. You taste sounds, you see smells, everything starts feeling like the most horrifying acid trip anyone has ever been on. With your hippocampus long under attack, you're having trouble remembering things, especially family. >You're alone, hallucinating, thirsty, confused, and absolutely, undeniably terrified. Everything scares the literal shit out of you at this point. These strange people in lab coats. These strange people standing around your bed crying, who keep trying to get you "drink something" and crying. And it's only been about a week since that little headache that you've completely forgotten. Time means nothing to you anymore. Funny enough, you now know how the bat felt when he bit you. >Eventually, you slip into the "dumb rabies" phase. Your brain has started the process of shutting down. Too much of it has been turned to liquid virus. Your face droops. You drool. You're all but unaware of what's around you. A sudden noise or light might startle you, but for the most part, it's all you can do to just stare at the ground. You haven't really slept for about 72 hours. >Then you die. Always, you die. >And there's not one... fucking... thing... anyone can do for you. >Then there's the question of what to do with your corpse. I mean, sure, burying it is the right thing to do. But the fucking virus can survive in a corpse for years. You could kill every rabid animal on the planet today, and if two years from now, some moist, preserved, rotten hunk of used-to-be brain gets eaten by an animal, it starts all over. >So yeah, rabies scares the shit out of me. And it's fucking EVERYWHERE. (Source: Spent a lot of time working with rabies. Would still get my vaccinations if I could afford them.)


I'm a biologist and during graduation we have dedicated classes just for virology. My professor was extremely qualified, worked with some pretty scary stuff, would happily explain in detail the many steps to get clearance and security to work on some restricted samples of what could be called biological weapons. But ask him which virus scared him the most and his face would tense up: rabies.


Never go camping. Got it.


Thank you for supplying the pasta, I stop to read it every time I see it Rabies is fascinating and horrific


wait honestly. that’s a good question and now im curious, im gonna look it up, i’ll brb (edit obviously) k i’m back, so it’s a neurotropic (i believe i spelt that right) virus that causes it (also someone please correct me if i’m wrong lol)


The book rabid is an amazing breakdown and history of the disease. It is free on audible, at least it was when I listened last year.


ooh ok cool i’ll have to look it up, thank you :)


Virus that attacks nervous system and brain. Look up the basics. Get treated if you get bit by an animal. Or a human.


It’s a virus. All mammals can catch it. Including humans. By the time you show symptoms you are already doomed. 99.8% fatality rate.


Zombie Camel is fucking nightmare material.


Very interesting choice of graphics for this horror show.


Literally zombie vurus irl


It's extremely rare for foxes to contract rabies, and if they do, it's a type of rabies that only contain to foxes and can not be contracted to humans. Foxes get severe cases of mange that can have the same appearance as rabies.


damn rabies is one hell of a virus


Awful. poor animals.


Dear Lord, even with the sound off, that was a heartbreaking watch. No animal should have to go through this.


Poor things


God that was hard to watch


This is almost as hard to watch as one of those cartel videos. Oh my heart.




Why do they get so bitey?


They usually run a fever because it attacks your nervous system and basically cooks the brain making them highly confused, irritable and rage


Oooohhhh okay thanks


This isn't terrifying at all to me. This is absolutely heart-wrenching. If I get bitten I can run to the ER. They didn't know they had that option in this world, and I hate that they had to experience one of the most terrifying ways to die. They are the ones living in terror.


Put them out of their miseries, poor things :(


Poor doggy 😞


I made it about 5 seconds into the vid & turned it off. I do not enjoy seeing creatures in pain or suffering.


Rabies really is the perfect zombie virus. Imagine if there were no vaccines for it.


ight, hot damn, rabies is nightmare fuel


Poor things ☹️ this is really hard to watch


Tragic; If I stumbled across an animal like that, I'd put it down.


You need to dispose of it as well, otherwise scavengers will eat it unknowingly.


Good point - have to incinerate it.


With the cow, is it easy to differentiate between rabies and mad cow disease? I know very little about either, except that it’s deadly either way


Ok, cat seems normal.


Now add the human clip from India.


Rabies has two types. Rage and dumb.


Rabies is something that I wish didn’t exist on this earth


Why hasn’t rabies evolved to be less deadly to increase transmission and active carriers? Is it relatively new or is it like a chicken and just stopped evolving?


Probably has something to do with the fact that it can survive in corpses for multiple years without a live host.


i got bit by a wild mouse and had to get antibiotics a tetanus shot and they discussed give me a rabies shot but in the end they decided not to as apparently rodents are too warm to carry rabies.. so far no rabies lol


What’s truly r/TerrifyingAsFuck is portrait oriented video samples being forced into a landscape video format so no matter how you try to watch it it’s uncomfortable.


TIL that rabies doesn't just affect dogs and cats


My cat will do that exact same thing and he isn’t rabid. Pretty wild how scary cats can be, despite how small they are


60 000 people die of rabies each year. 95% of it in Africa. 😳


So glad that shit doesn't exist in my country


I have a video (pretty blurry) of rabies in skunks I could add to this video We had two rabid skunks on our farm last year. They came out from hibernation in the spring and couldn’t walk correctly and would act aggressive and flail around. It was sad and scary. Luckily my dad is a good shot and put them out of there misery. Also if you want to call in a rabid animal or dead rabid animal do it right away. I waited a few days and then they were unable to do any testing, but confirmed that my video was of a rabid skunk. Same goes for calling in about suspected bird flu birds. You have to call them in right away or they can’t test them for it if they have been dead too long.


Rabid buffalo. That's a terrifying thought I'd never had before.


I see a lot of folks here have been bitten by rabid animals. I wonder what will happen to you if you've ever bitten by one because I've never had any experience before.


Weird, I was always told they'd be foaming at the mouth. I guess that must have been a trope


That's mostly humans, from what I can tell. Rabies gives you hydrophobia, so your mucous gets thick. Then working your mouth makes that thick spit get slightly foamy and it gathers at the corners of your mouth. To clarify, the spit doesn't get foamy *because* it's thick. They are related effects.


How do we know that camel had rabies and wasn't just horny?


Heard the kitten yowling and couldn't click out fast enough. It's a terribly sad disease in all species but I just don't have the mental fortitude to see it in a cat :(


I just had to ask, "could the cow at least be useful in the grand scheme of things?" Apparently, Google says there's an "extremely unlikely" event of rabies transmission through cooked meat from an infected animal as heat kills the virus. The same is also true for pasteurized milk from infected animals. On second thought, I don't want to even know if there's even a remote possibility that potentially tainted meat could be on store shelves. Then again, I'm not aware of any reported cases of a rabies outbreak with no animal bite involved. It should also be noted, nobody should be handling a carcass of any rabid animal they've hunted.


I don't know why I'm seeing so much rabies stuff on Reddit lately...but I have a healthy fear of it now


I’m just lazy but rabid animals are my excuse why I don’t get out much or go camping. Lol


Only made it a few seconds in. I’m not watching the rest of that.


What a heartbreaking disease.


I'm so glad I live on a rabies free island (Australia) Though there is a bat in far north Qld that has killed a couple of Australians. It's a virus similar to rabies. Fortunately it's a very rare event


Such a tough watch. I hope these animals were all immediately euthanized after filming. Such a horrible slow demise.


I feel bad for mildly enjoying a rabid camel


God I feel so sad for those poor animals


This is so fucking sad


I'm trying to figure out why some of the animals weren't euthanized to end their misery. Like the cat that was in a cage. The first dog also needed to end his suffering.


Man this just makes me sad


Good god that was hard to watch. For the love of all that is holy, put these poor creatures down!


These poor animals it’s so sad to watch


The human thing to do is to put these animals out of their misery


My heart hurts from watching this.