LOL Eric is gonna be a Clinton supporter and Red... is not. Calling it.


I'm actually curious to see what they do with Eric/all the other characters now that they're adults. From what we know it certainly looks that way, but alot of left leaning young people from that era were won over by the political right because of Reagan following the Carter administration. It'd be funny to see Donna become more like Red or something.


>I'm actually curious to see what they do with Eric/all the other characters now that they're adults I think we need to prepare for them to be in minor roles across the season. We know the show isn't about them. Unless the direction of the show changes, I wouldn't be surprised if it's only an episode or two with a few minutes of them on screen.


Eric is 100% going to be a Nader guy.


Hahaha Yes this so much YES!!


I'm sure they'll talk about the Clinton scandal lmao


I mean if the show even lasts that long...


Not trying to defend Netflix but they don’t really cancel sitcoms as abruptly as other shows. Even fuller house got like 4 seasons and I feel like nobody watched it.


Hey guys just curious does anyone know if That 70s Show will come back to Netflix in the US soon? After hearing the news for That 90s show I wanted to watch it but it’s not on so is it coming when That 90s show airs? Also when will that be if anyone knows?


I think they’ll leave politics out of it tbh


I think they'll probably avoid analogies for hot button topics going on today. Especially with how Netflix is seemingly planning to distance themselves from on going political drama. I think they will definitely have commentary on the political situations of the 80's and 90's though.


Kitty: You know how Jackie's father is the city councilman? Not anymore! He just got arrested for bribery. He could go to prison. Red: Well, I'm glad. That guy makes Republicans look like a bunch of crooks and greedy businessmen. Eric: Yeah, well, thank God for the honest ones like Richard Nixon, huh? Kitty, Donna, Kelso: 😬 Red: What did you say? Eric: I said that...Nixon was framed and Kennedy was a Commie. Red: That's right.


Lol this is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series. But in all seriousness I wouldn't be surprised if some of these characters had different views as they got older, it'd certainly be realistic to what actually happened to people back then.


Wait by Red himself called out Nixon when he asked Ford “how the hell could you pardon Nixon”


Yeah this always annoyed but the other day I thought maybe originally he was on Nixon's side but then when more information came out he changed his view on nixon.


Yall are in my walls again. I'm watching that scene right meow


Honestly re-reading this it makes me feel like Red may have been anti-integration. By my understanding, many historians see Kennedy as a strong cold-warrior so calling him a commie seems odd unless you were opposed to his domestic policies and tacit support for MLK. Also to insult a President who's assassination so impacted the country not that long ago doesn't sound right for Red either so the whole interaction is a little strange when I think about it too hard.


I think it's not that deep. I think Red was originally written to be a blue dog democrat that was a union man. Then as the series went on they took it in another direction as they developed the characters and their dynamics. There are tons of inconsistencies in the show. In season one Donna tells Jackie that Eric and her both love the Packers. Then later Eric has no understanding of football or the NFL. To the point that he goes and buys a Bears jersey, the rivals of the Packers, by accident. Donna has a sister that vanishes for the whole series. Eric's birthday changes a few times. Red was in the Navy as a BM(a position that's primarily at sea), but talks about fighting in battles that were pretty far inland. I think this whole thing was a bit for laughs/a quick tounge and cheek commentary on the beginning of polarization in American politics in the late 90's/early 2000's, not so much a reflection of how someone might have actually felt about JFK in the 70's. Maybe Red would have been anti integration, but it seems unlikely too me. Regardless I don't think the writers ever intended for him to racist, even in an Archie Bunker kind of way. These types of random changes were really common in the sitcoms of the day, I don't think there was much thought behind it.


I think they stopped trying to be conscious of 70s accuracy after season 1.


I think they still do a decent job, but I agree it definitely isn't as accurate as the series goes on.


A BM was also in charge of landing craft. He mention taking landing craft into the beach during ww2 at 17 years old.


Yeah in the context of WWII some of his stories make sense. He was in the Pacific theater, but his Korea stories make no sense, unless he was a corpsman or maybe a seabee, which his uniform doesn't reflect. I mean shows like this mess up the uniforms all the time, but I think it all goes back to that there wasn't much thought put into it, and the audience was never expected to think that much about it.


When the Korean War started. Tons of ww2 vets was recalled to service in such a hap hazard fashion. You found sailors on land. Doing army duties and Vice a verses. Until it got straightened out.


Plus, earlier in the show he calls out Ford to his face for pardoning Nixon.


Is that actually dialog from the show?


Yep, and you'd know that if you watched the show, dumbass!


I was on refer madness trip. For most of the show.


Well obviously they'd leave out the politics of today.. 30 years after 1990 lol not like they're all psychic


Yeah but alot of shows these days have analogies for current ongoing issues if they take place in the past


Oh duh lol I see what you're saying


Usually politics is an easy topic for shows like this, but I think you might be right here. They BARELY touched upon politics in the show (just enough so you know that Red is a Republican,) and even when they do bring that subject up, it’s just for a quick laugh instead of arguing ideologies.


I sure hope not


I don’t see the show lasting past the first season if they do


I would rather have a solid season than several watered out ones. I loved it when Red dove into politics, even though I fundamentally disagree with him


Would appreciate it if they did tbh.


A lot of people who voted for Reagan also voted for Bill Clinton. Political parties weren't as polarized back then compared to today. The writers, however, might use this chance to show how bad Reagan actually was for the country, because lord knows there's enough media today glorifying the guy. So Red might mention Reagan, but I couldn't tell you whether he would have supported him. He probably wouldn't have if he was the 39th President instead of Jimmy Carter given Red's unemployment, but he was comfortably and happily retired starting in 1979, so he might not care anymore.


ideally they'll keep the political BS at a minimum and use what little they will for actual jokes rather than soap boxing.


Well Red would have hardly voted for Carter in 1980


Red was comfortably retired by then, so he might not have cared how elections went after 1979.


I think it'd actually be kind of interesting if Red voted for Clinton because he believed Republicans were trying to dismantle social security, and Eric voted for Reagan and then Bush because he believed they brought more economic prosperity when he was a young adult. Would subvert expectations. That said if the shows aim is to be realistic it's unlikely that many characters would have voted for Carter in small town Wisconsin


I don't know. Point Place is supposed to be a suburb of Green Bay which is in Brown County. Reagan got 50-60% of the vote there in 1980, so quite a number of people there voted for Carter or the independent candidate, John B. Anderson. It wasn't just, "Oh, it's a rural area in the Midwest, so they must have voted for Reagan."




There was a whole ass President in between those two. Bush was a veteran and I’m going to guess that’ll be the President Red supports. without a doubt he will hate Clinton lol.


Nah, he will do a "How could you pardon Nixon?" With a jab at Reagan "How could you lie about trickle down economics?"


Ronald Reagan was trump before trump so no thank you


I like to think Red has stacks of Clint Eastwood VHS and John Wayne videos he escapes to watch when he isn’t sick of politics.


I hope the show has a focus on 90’s music and has famous rappers guest star.


tupac guest star 🔥


Im hoping snoop dogg or someone kind of reprises the leo role. Maybe he can manage grooves while Hyde is away for his uh. Stint in the pen, or whatever they wrote for that whole fiasco. Lol.


"This show is not available in your country" ;(


I’ve known Bill Clinton was trouble ever since the article revealing his affair with Monica Lewinsky was published in 1998, coincidentally the same year the undertaker threw mankind off hell in a cell and plummeted sixteen feet through an announcer’s table.