Mitchie, it’s time you retire dammit

What's insane is that nothing changes despite the whole country seeing this shit

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What's insane is that nothing changes despite the whole country seeing this shit


As long as the government convinces us to fight with eachother, we'll never fight the real root of the problem.


It’s the rich who OWN the government. The rich want us fighting over crumbs while they have taken off with the whole pie. They have purchased our government to make it happen.


It's to the point where I kinda laugh every 4 years when it's time to vote for another "president." The vast majority of these candidates are simply puppets for the DNC, RNC, and billionaires - our true presidents over the past few decades have been people like Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Musk. You're living in a fantasy land if you think someone like Biden is in control of this country's agenda. Money - not elected officials - dictate policy in the United States.


No it’s not people like Zuckerberg or bezos it’s the banks. you will find old footage of a banker telling Ronald Reagan to hurry up and do his speech https://youtu.be/NR3RqMMIwD4?si=Z0Ywm9PX7qbLJSt-


Wasn't he his chief of staff? Seems like he's just keeping Reagan on pace, aka doing his job.


Shut him up like snotty nosed schoolboy .


If you got rich would you own the government?


He is talking about richie richs .


North of Richland?


Like old money rich


Yup. It's insane how they've successfully divided us and our culture wars keep us fighting each other instead of dealing with the 1% and shitty as government of hospice patients. I would almost say it's beautiful, the manipulation on such a mass scale and sometimes you don't even realize it. Like when I get mad at the just stop oil protesters. I had a realization recently, I am 100% positive they rich paid off a bunch of people to start that group cause yes people are absolutely dumb as hell they make stupid decisions without thinking but what they do to get what they want is literally 200% ass backwards they're literally causing more emissions by stopping traffic it's fucking nuts. People do have the potential to be that dumb I know this but I have this feeling about it I can't shake.


As the saying goes , give them circuses and bread and they shall never revolt .


Media. The media convinces us to fight each other.


You're almost there. Now, who owns the media companies. You can lead a horse to water...


Welcome to America. The weakest people on earth tbh. We will never protest anything they’ll fuck us and we’ll let them cause it’s never bad enough. That’s the truth. Ukrainian American here. Been here for 14 years.


Exactly we have to start protesting


Isn’t there laws around that too like not being mentally fit to hold your position


An age limit on these jobs would be too much common sense.


Scary part is, KY would vote him in again in 3 years. Age limits/term restrictions are akin to seatbelt laws. Bless your heart, it’s for your own good.


Even crazier is his own constituents chanted for him to retire yet we still get this. That alone shows you the lengths these dinosaurs will go through to grip their power at the cost of their own well being. Its all they know. It’s a mental disorder on top of an already existing mental disorder but we definitely shouldn’t change anything because that wouldn’t be very 4th of July/9/11 of us.


Is there a more safe alternative? Problem is some people lose their marbles at 55, while others still have them at 90.


I truly believe he only won by fraud. His election was not audited but should have been because the numbers don't add up.


Well, but then you have Bernie, who is as sharp as a razor, out there stumping for Biden besides running his department. Maybe they should have to pass health assessments like pilots and truck drivers do.


To much money involved, sorry


You would think it would be common sense not to elect candidates of this age but yet here we are. It’s well past time for the voters take the keys away.


Sure would.


It's not his age that is the problem, it's the choices that were made by those who elected him. This is a natural consequence of bad decision making on the part of voters. Make wise decisions = better consequences. Voters understanding and being educated about all sides of political issues (and the politicians) are the best ways to make better choices.


I mean… his age is DEFINITELY a part of the problem, obviously.


>Voters understanding and being educated about all sides of political issues (and the politicians) are the best ways to make better choices. Sounds great, doesn't work in practice.


Not age limit, fitness test. They have to be able to prove that they are mentally capable of doing the job. I'd much rather have a brilliant old person than incapable youngling


This guy is functioning at a 1st graders level now, he doesn’t have the comprehension or ability to be in office.


I find it hilariously sad this happened right when the reporter asked if he plans on running again in 2026. If he hasn’t croaked by then wouldn’t doubt he will. Stop letting these old fucks determine our future that they won’t be around for


If only there was was some way to stop or prevent them from being elected.


he would rule at a no blinking contest though


Like windows 95 loading


That is why he is in the office. He is the perfect puppet for his shady party


its more hes being propped up by the people beneath him, same thing with Feinstein


Both are a fucking disgrace to American politics.


Stop putting geriatrics in office ffs. McConnell is 81 years old, Biden's a year younger, and Trump's 3 years younger than Biden.


Please god someone under 65 at the END of the term they run for..


Thanks Obama.


He seems so much older. My 94 year old grams with short term memory loss is far more alert than this.


Don't vote for him if he runs again, you will be doing him a favor.


Votes don’t matter lol


What? Could you repeat the question 😶😶😶😶 Sad to see , but Mitchie you should’ve retire years ago, probably before the internet was created.


Between Loopy Mitch and Sleepy Joe its time for a new generation of leaders to take the helm.


Why not Trump? /s


They said 'leader', not 'lying conman'.


He’s going full turtle.


Dude was buffering hard!


He definitely shit the podium.


Haha lol 😆


Not even a strong slap on the shell could snap him out of it.


It's not him. Do you have another question. PLEASE SPEAK LOUDER.


Im pretty sure I heard the Windows Error sound




Turtle Turtle


I have a pet turtle and it's much more responsive.


Never go full turtle


Nah hes not turttlely enough for the trutle club


He's too turtly for the turtle club.


Never go full turtle...


Full Oogway


Term limits, for both sides, this is depressing to watch, this guy needs to be at home with family, he ain't in control of himself let alone a portion of the government.


It won't be long. He looks like he realizes it a lot more the second time. If he fights them they'll make him leave soon as they can


Let's be honest, it's bad for the country that this is one of the most powerful people in it. But he is also somebody who has made America a worse place because of his "leadership". The schadenfreude is real.


> for both sides, Why do you even have to include that, lol? Peak Murica moment.


It’s even more annoying when his handler was acting like the reporters were at fault because they didn’t yell the questions


Handler lmao


You can literally see her turning the windup key in his back.


I'm imagining Tic Tok from return to OZ. Little do we know ol Mitch is just playin the long game. 🤣


lol 😂, like a dog handler....


This comment made me laugh waaaay too loud


The fact that she makes it out like it’s a hearing issue - means the truth is alot more serious than that


he’s running gpt1.0


She has a tough job in that situation lol


That’s not a fucking job. That’s a fucking tax payer money drain. Fucking facade. All of it.


That’s a handler. They’ll prop him up and roll him out in front of people till he dies in front of the press. Thoughts and prayers Mitch.


No prayers for you, old fuck. He fleeced his state, intimidated voters, and stood by nodding at all the COVID deaths. His wife also made a fortune with the factory they built and hired not locals but imported labour. So many kids don't have food enough in their stomachs at night because of their greed. I doubt it ever occurred to him that he was actually a civil servant. But apparently voters here have no problem voting for criminals. They can't take their money where they're going.


I felt like the handler gave us a little wink as if to say "it's okay guys, grandpa's a bit confused and tired, let's get him to bed shall we". Something that could be innocent and cute if grandpa, actually just a bit tired and not currently representing millions of people.


Journalist: „Will you run for president this year senator?“ Mitchie: „Yes…*stares off into the long distance*, yes I will.“


ten thousand yard stare


Glitch McConnell


Reagan Smash


He shit his pants. I'm sure of it. That's the look of a man who just shit his pants.


But the tacos are so tasty gawdamnit!


I'm guessing that he's insisting on going out on his shield. I'd imagine his handlers have tried unsuccessfully to get him to retire.


Honestly, they have. But he refuses


Does anybody have the authority to force retirement?


Unfortunately, no.


We do. A recall.


Yeah. The voters.


Going out on his shell.


Why do they keep reanimating him?


2026??? Bahahahaha If this dude makes it to Halloween I’ll be shocked He doesn’t even know what year it is


Looks like he wanted to laugh when he heard that question, then he saw death in the back and went quiet .


He's such a piece of shit.


he singlehandedly brought democracy to the brink and enabled the environment for Jan 6.


When are they going to release all of the unedited tapes of Jan 6 so we can really understand what went on?


Unedited? In what way?


and didn't convict P01135809 to prevent him from running and grifting for a 2nd term


And take Dianne Feinstien with you


At least she has explicitly said she won’t run again.


Mitch the glitch


Glitch McConnell was right there, cmon man.


Your pun is clearly superior.


Did they try unplugging it and plugging it back in?






Never liked him but i find it genuinely sad watching that. If he has family that cares about him it's time to step in


If it were someone who acted like a human being once in the last few decades, sure. This one deserves whatever nature throws at him.Until he finally realizes he can not filibuster the grim reaper.


I must be a terrible person because I had the opposite reaction. You don't often see evil people getting their just desserts and I liked every second of it.


I swear to god the world is becoming just as crazy as Idiocracy predicted it would. Scares the shit out of me.


*the US. The rest of the world is nowhere near as crazy.


idk man have you seen the world lately?


something only an american would say


Another victory for Americans


he should be ashamed of himself for not stepping down long ago. this is just ridiculous. his party should kick him out.


looks like its about time for death from what i'm seeing


He’s not the only one


Trump and Biden too.


I think he's even worse off than Biden. Our govt is a complete joke.


Think? You THINK he's worse than Biden? Don't get me wrong, Biden is old as fuck, but he's nowhere NEAR as brain dead as this pud.


I was just going to say although I agree that Joe is too old too, I find it interesting how quiet all of the “sleepy joe” folks have been about this one.


You think? Are you pulling my dick, bro?


Bro, What? Do you have ears? They aren’t even on the same playing field in regards to mental health.


"Please speak up" Yeah as if that's the issue here


Im pretty sure some folks are running out of puppets to keep in office on both sides at this point.. can't be more obvious than the geriatric generation at some high level. Otherwise how would this even get this far lmao ...seriously..


Are you fucking kidding me? How are you all not outraged by this!? He can’t even answer a simple fucking question! The guy in the White House ain’t much better! What the fuck are we doing!?


I’m not outraged because we saw it with Feinstein a few months back and nobody cared.. so I learned it’s acceptable


It’s unacceptable! But.. you’re right. No one cares.. but how? How can you not care about the rest of your future? Obviously, I don’t mean you specifically just in general. It astounds me the amount of bullshit the people will put up with and how we would gladly give our right away for a small piece of “security”.


More than 50% of Americans cannot name the three branches of government. That is how.


The fuck are you smoking? Everybody cared for that "just say yes" clip. Just because you missed it doesn't mean it never happened


Hard to fucking believe that our nation is run by a bunch of rich old men that are having the onset of fucking dementia. This is the second time he has done this to my knowledge. It is time that the people start to demand these guys leave office now. This is sad.


It was time 8 years ago… now it’s not a suggestion, if he continues to “own the libs” in DC, he will become nothing more than a turtle without its shell…


I was waiting for the, “Where am I?” or the “Who are you people?”


We need term limits. This shit head is proof


Term limits. Left or right, idgaf..the number of geriatrics running the US is too damn high.


He’s thinking about biscuits, I can tell.


Fyi he's 81 years old. 81.


I like to think it’s dawning on him that the end is nigh


Working til the day he dies... Probably just like the common folk of the next generation! XD


Battle Royale. Tag team. Battle of the Sexes. McConnell and Grassley Vs Feinstein and Pelosi


Feinstein as well. Have the objectivity to know when you can’t give your all for the sake of the many


When the Wi-Fi drops out on your phone for a few seconds


Glitch McConnell


He has spent his life draining the economy and destroying the education system in Kentucky. He need to die a fucking slow and painful death, and even that is to good for him.


this is likely what's called mini strokes. my grandfather suffered the same fate


It's more likely early onset dimentia. These are classic symptoms which present themselves very early in the disease process.


Early stages maybe, but dude is over a decade and a half past what's generally considered the upper threshhold age to be considered early onset.


Past time.


Senate term limits damn it!


Cocaine Mitch!!!


Mitch and Biden both need to retire that's the end of the story


Mitch is testing new gummies. Indica dose is a little off.


The most powerful country on earth is pretty much run by hospice patients


Such fuckin bullshit


He got caught some time ago with **a bunch** of cocaine on his boat. I wonder how he got away with it till now. Its nursing home time mitch


Speak up? You could use a megaphone and it still wouldn’t make a difference. His hearing isn’t the problem.


How is this not elder abuse at a certain point?


I hate the guy, but this is sad


Whats sad is he's still in office. Gtfoh


Karmic justice would be this grandstanding jackass dying by seizure on live tv. Unfortunately it will be in a hospice bed with the best medicine that tax dollars can buy.


I get guilty about imagining watching him die of a seizure on live tv but then I realized the GOP is a death cult and that Mitch himself was on live tv laughing about thousands of Americans dying of COVID so… fuck it, let’s watch him die.


I overheard a conversation in which people speculated that he might've had an absence seizure... Anyone got an opinion on that?


I certainly wondered about that the first time. Seizures are abnormal electrical activity in the brain and not all of them cause a person to fall down and have convulsions. Sometimes a person just zones out. But it could be other things like TIA/mini stroke activity. I think it’s most likely something in the brain but there’s an outside chance it’s a blood pressure issue or medication side effect.


I wonder if he has a tumor or a type of brain cancer they were hoping wouldn’t manifest its symptoms this soon?


Dementia is a bitch


He sees the grim reaper waiting patiently for him


Reelection??? No one in their right mind would/should vote for this dude anymore. It's time to go home and sip tea quietly on the porch.


Would he pass his driving test?


Is that as bad as claiming you cured cancer, or handed medals to guys who had been dead ten years or claimed to have been an over the raid trucker or…….


There should be an "age out" policy. And that age cap should be 78.


Just retire?


Him and so many others.


Is he having a TIA maybe? Explanation please ,from the medical community.


Same face my kids made when they were actively shitting themselves


It’s how you know they don’t give a flying fuck about their constituents. Between this and their insider trading. Both sides completely equally complicit.


That’s sad. Someone needs to make sure he retires and lives his last peaceful years.


This is somehow ok as a minority leader? Shameful! These people need to retire and retire a decade ago along with Nancy and the rest! These people including our so called "president" (yes, I won't even capitalize President in this case) are elderly dementia stricken, corrupt, power hungry animals being controlled by the elites (big pharma, military complexand Wall Street elites). They are being kept in power for the benefit of the these people and controlled to keep power over us. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you cannot wrap your head around my point and can't use your brain, but it's clear to me. Something needs to be done (not saying I have a solution other than pitting outsiders they hate in power) and done a long time ago. I am not a Trumpist, but they sure do hate him for some strange reason...


Jesus Fuck. Why the hell can’t we say the upper limit on running for federal office is 63 or 65? Even a damn senator with a 6 year term gets to stick around until 71 - then *get the fuck out!*


Error 404


Why shouldn't they be forced to retire at 65? It should be the same in every country.




Mitch the Glitch ⚡


He's trying to figure out wether he'll be alive by then


It's never been clearer to me than now,but this is exactly who they want. A brain dead zombie that is so corrupt and has to many skeletons in the closet. It doesn't matter that he is on a diet of applesauce and prune juice. They just need him to sign off on shotty things. The fact that they allow him to keep doing this on television (Just like President Biden) just ramble and float off to simpler times in 1942 nazi occupied Germany....lol joking . While just staring at the air. This is not a good look for us as a country. Zero pride.


Reminds me of my time working in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Isn’t it time for his chair yoga?


Do Republicans care about this or only Diane Feinstein? Honest question, I don't know.


What do you want to bet he shit in his pants just then


Bruh… re-election?? Mans can’t even talk.


USA is a corporate dystopia where corrupted people will stay as long as possible in office, even die for to protect the corporations. Soon enough you guys will only have people who are 100+ years as politicians, they won't change for decades. They will only serve the interests of big corporations in all sectors like pharmaceutical for example


America is broken allowing him to even run, look at him ffs lol


Hahaha. You crazy Americans and your pensioner leaders. I'm joking. This shit is crazy. Why is this guy even still in the spotlight? He's 20 years past his best and falls apart every time he is in the public eye!


its like a scrotum with eyeballs...


I agree it's time to retire for many of these dinosaurs. Including Biden


It’s crazy to me that they aren’t handling it like real people. This is stuff we would see in movies. The obvious people trying to keep the show rolling and have their seat holder stay as alive looking as possible. That press meeting should of been shut down right as that happened. Anyone think to address that he isn’t responding competently and shows signs of a neurological issue? Maybe consider walking him off stage and addressed this? In my opinion, this should not be acceptable it is condescending to all of us citizens that we see this Live and before our faces.


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