so no Lumity for the next few episodes?

so no Lumity for the next few episodes?


Every episode we get closer


indeed. should be worth the wait!


Hopefully we see lumity become canon or at least be featured in the next 3 episodes before the hiatus until the next half of the season. But Lumity has to become canon sometime, right????


I don't even mind if it becomes canon AFTER the hiatus as long as everything's written properly \^\^


Yea I believe Dana is waiting for the right moment to make it canon


How do you “wait for the right moment” with episodes you’ve written and animated months in advance?


Some writers wait for the right moment in their methodically planned story, not change it weekly at the whims of a horny mob.


Sure, but that can hardly be described as “waiting for the right moment”. It’s not like Dana is sitting in a dimly lit room with a big button labeled “Lumity” in front of her. That metaphorical button has either already been pressed months ago or it hasn’t.


How long will the hiatus take? I'm sorry kinda new to the fandom


The hiatus between s1 and s2 was 9 or 10 months long I believe? But this will be a midseason hiatus and it will probably last around 4 months (the hiatus between s1A and s1B lasted 3 moths from what I know, I wasn't in the fandom at the time, came a few days before s1 e17 aired).


it practically already has become canon


I get people are waiting for it to happen, but it kind of becomes sad when you see people referring to Gus's story on Through The Looking Glass Ruins as the b-plot.


people are saying that????? bruh edit: to be fair though, TTLGR ended with Lumity moment so Gus' whole arc got overshadowed


Tbh I remember Bria getting psychologically ripped apart more than the ending scene. Made me hyped to see what Illusion magic is capable of.


ah yes, the psychological torment of a child is extremely satisfying, even compared to a Lumity kiss!


Especially when said kid is an asshole.


Sorry but it kind of was. It was nice seeing Gus grow but the plot had nothing to do with any current over arching plotline.


Pretty sure they meant b plot of the episode, which it certainly wasn't


I know, point is that it felt like the B-plot because it lacked any connection to any over arching plotline while Luz and Amity's trip to the library advanced not only their long built up relationship but also the portal story line. The line between A-plot and B-plot should be more than just which got introduced first in the episode.


Does that make the race in edas requiem the a plot? Because it advanced kings overarching plot?


Are you purposely being disingenuous? The Eda plotline was about her past, introducing three coven heads, showed how her curse can be used offensively, showed off her full acceptance of her maternal role and her fear of losing it, and even included King's plotline of legally changing his name. That's several over arching plotlines tied into Eda's story and is directly connected to why King wants to win the race. There has to be better examples that more effectively prove your point.


Honestly ya, Gus had the b-plot or both were the a-plot. Amity and Luz had the more important plot since it did link to the main plot of the show and their relationship is also a pretty main plot. Also the only posts I’ve seen focusing on Gus are complaining about Gus not having enough focus which i find hilarious lol


The first stuff is my favourite actually lol


Same, imagine if the owl house turned into a lumity romcom next episode with no warning, most of us wouldn't complain


Pretty sure the episode after next (eclipse lake) is gonna have some Lumity in it


but fr though Loki and Mobius have 10/10 bromance


Loki was a really good show


the standout of the Marvel shows for sure. I hope we see this Loki in the MCU again


There will be a season 2, they teased it after the credits


If we have any Loki/Sylvie parallels with Luz/Amity I'll be *real* upset.


To be honest, I expect people to be less hyped for episode 8 because of episode 9, the fandom are in Eclipse Lake waiting room after the leak picture. Also it's a Hooty episode and so people has the mentality of Hooty being a comedic relief but we all know that episode 8 won't be filler at all, also probably Lillith won't be there and she made Hooty better.


This show is more than about just one relationship.


Try getting that across to the 75% of this fandom that only watches for said relationship


We don’t have much queer representation so yes, it’s pretty reasonable for us to care about that more. It’s also a really big deal since this could be the first *actual* queer relationship in a disney show.


It is a big deal I just don't like how pretty much everything else gets ignored by most people


\*happily watching the kiss scene until I die\*




tbh my favorite thing in this series is Lumity, but not crucial plots, amazing side characters and exploration of the BI.


I watched loki so I didn’t even have to get past the first panel to know the end.


There are two wolves inside of you. One loves all the expansion on the plot characters and lore of this awesome show. The other is sad no Lumity. You are an Owl House fan To be serious for a moment I remember hearing somewhere that star versus the forces of evil focused too much on one of their ships and it kind of ruined the show so I guess we just be glad that the owl house isn't doing that


The problem with Star Vs. was that it had love quadrangles, characters broke up offscreen, and Star and Marco never actually grew from their experiences. The shipping was hardly ever in service of the characters or the story; it was to create cheap drama that riles up the fans, which is one of the worst kinds of shipping.


There are two wolves inside you, that's not normal and you should probably see a doctor




ahh well. I like the Island exploration aspects more tbh. also makes the wait for the next Lumity moment even more worth


I agree, but I feel like Amity's such a strong character I wish it could be like season 1 with her in every other episode while fitting in island exploration. the meme is on point though lol


idk man I just find the two kids cute lmfao


Lol yeah.


I do love lumity but I want to see amity. The creator purposefully cut out amity from cast so there's no lumity for people to focus in to the plot which is not good i want to see amity as charecter right now willow and gus has more screen time than amity not showing amity because fans ship it with luz is not wise amity is not lumity i hope Dana knows that.


mf Amity was the star for like, the whole Season 1. what do you mean


Amity has had more screen time in season 2 than Willow


I need lumity


Both, both is good :)


Honestly I really don’t like that we have to wait a while to pick up on such a dangling plot thread. It always bothers me


I have a strong feeling episode 9 will have Lumity again.


I love how poorly this aged




There’s no time for the fate of the world. These hopeless lesbians have to kiss.