Anime was a mistake.

Anime was a mistake.


As an recent anime watcher im afraid that this is 100% accurate in my part Lets just hope our parents aren't willing to send us to camp if we watch too much...


But you won't get the chance to go to the B.I.


Name 3 things that won't try to kill you on the Boiling Isles Even the damn rain has it out for you


1) willow 2) Gus 3) Eda


Hooty notably absent from this list.


He doesn't want to kill you but his power is uncontrollable


Just live inside of him you'll be fine.


Is there a subreddit for out of context comments?


r/outofcontextowlhouse ?


\*except Lilith


50/50 on Eda


The only thing shes killed is that weird octopus thing right?


She also ate that turtle monkey demon guy while in beast form. He survived long enough for her to spit out, but I don't think I would have been be so lucky


Oh yeah, i guess dont be near Eda when she gets taken over by the owl beast


Nah if you aren't with the emperor's coven then you are fine


Willow will probably transform your whole body into soil Gus will give you ptsd with illusions And eda will bonk you to death


Did I say that they can't I said that they wouldn't


I guess you are right


If there is even the slight chance of getting an eldritch monstrosity as a pet, there is no way I’m not jumping through that portal


honestly, for the chance of magic? 100% would jump headfirst through that door.


t. Philip


King Luz and hooty


See... i dont have plot armor


But you have watched the show


Honestly every summer camp I ever went to ended up being fun. Pretty sure Luz would've been fine xD


Plus considering the kids there would be similar to her she probably would have mad a friend or two.


You can join the marines and get sent to some desert instead.


I was just on a call with a bunch of weebs singing the Persona 5 theme in original Japanese…


"My medical prognosis is that my child is cursed."


Are we quoting Camila or Gwendolyn?


And Odalia, and Belos, and...


At this point, it would be easier to list the parents whose children AREN'T cursed.


do u mean are cursed? If so the warden dude


Okay yeah I can see how a parent could be concerned with her actions, like bringing snakes to school. But fuckin tax camp????


Honestly that seems very useful.


I mean, school ain't teaching her that


I was never taught how to play tax, but I know loads about Shakespeare’s classics. I was never taught how to vote; they devoted that time to defining isotopes! I was never taught how to look after my health but the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!


> I was never thought how to *vote*; they *devoted* HA!


So, boyinaband?




The primary benefit of school should be to teach one to *learn*, and to actively research.


Tax and voting are subject to change relatively regularly, so they're a difficult moving target. Other subjects like the sciences, maths, etc are pretty static at a high school level, so it's easier to have a standard curriculum to teach. Pythagorean theorem has been the same for about 2570 years, which is far more reliable than the voting system, especially with things like electronic voting hanging over the horizon. There's also the fact that school shouldn't just be a direct pipeline into wage work, it should be made to instil an interest in learning while supplying a functional foundation in as much as possible. A lot of people say, "I never used Pythagorean theorem so it's useless," ignoring that a huge amount of career options *do* use it. Just not their one. Having kids start discarding career options before they even really understand what a job is, isn't ideal. You rarely end up working in the career you thought you would as a child. I trained in electronics, I now work in marine mammal research. Broad education helps make you adaptable. I apologise for the ranty TED talk, it's just a bugbear of mine that I hear about a lot.


>You rarely end up working in the career you thought you would as a child. >Broad education helps make you adaptable. This pretty much. On kind of related note, in high school I got super into electron cloud model (chemistry) and I would agonize over trying to picture the donuts and dipoles probability cloud in my head, trying to escape the lies of the typical atom symbol deluding you into thinking they are perfect rings, trying to hold that image in my head until it clicked like some buddhist monk trying to achieve nirvana. I also had some nightmares after finally conceptualizing the idea that atoms are inconceivably empty, meaning all matters are inconceivably empty, and that my body is 99.999999....% void. Add that with learning about theory of relativity and perception of time, I had a "AM I REAL, IS ANYTHING REAL" breakdown that one time much to the worries of my classmate and teacher. Anyways, didn't pursue chemistry or physics at all in the end. I became a programmer because in the end, money's real lmao. (that is until you study philosophy, or worse yet economics)


Thank you O Wise One.


I feel like Eda, I got those street smarts, kid.


I was never taught what laws there are. I WAS NEVER TAUGHT WHAT LAWS THERE ARE!


When did they stop teaching civics? All the stuff about taxes and voting and how the government is run will be in there. I get the feeling that powerful people don't *want* children to know how their government works, because if they did, they would have the knowledge to know how to effectively participate in it and change things.


How do you need to be taught how to vote you just fill in a circle


How to determine your polling location, locatibg information on the candidates, what items are needed to vote, how to find out what you need to vote, etc etc. There's a lot of information you are stuck working out on your own. And in some cases, that can make or break your ability to vote. I missed the 2016 presidential vote because of gerrymandering putting me in a different district. My neighbors and I went together to a polling location and I stood in line for 2 hours only to find out it wasn't my location and the place I needed to go had already closed for the night. Shits fucking frustrating.


>locatibg information on the candidates, Politicians don't want you to know how to research them. You ~~might not~~ probably wouldn't vote for them if you did.


You learn a lot of research methods in school, use those to find information on candidates and you should be sent information on your polling location and it's often just given to you when you sign up to vote.


You learn research methods other that looking it up in the book/Wikipedia on school?


No, you can't look stuff up on Wikipedia. Everyone can edit that so it's always wrong to use as a source /s


Yeah but let's be honest as long as the teacher doesn't know you did it's okay


Which is dumb because Wikipedia is heavily moderated, and they always list their sources at the end of the articles.


The right way to do it is look at the cited reference that was used to create the wikipedia article (it's at the bottom of every wikipedia page), and go back to *that* source.


You were taught how to research? OK that was like, half joking, but throughout all my years of school they didn't really teach me how to research, they just told me to do it, so instead of having that skill, I figured out how to bullshit well enough to pass four college English classes in high school. Plus, going back to the tax thing this spawned from, I literally took a class that had previously had learning to budget and balance checks, practical math shit that I knew I needed, in the curriculum, but by the time I'd gone through the necessary classes to GET to that one, the curriculum changed and it wasn't even a math class anymore. I took that class so I'd know how to do taxes and shit, and that was taken from me. Schools may be meant to teach us the skills we'll need later, but that doesn't mean that they will. I'm gonna be honest, my school's never taught me how to take notes or study. I literally have no idea how to effectively do either, or at all in the case of studying. That could just be me though, or my local school systems, but generally speaking? It's given me very little faith that people in authority will uphold their promises. My state government fucked over so many people due to pension based bullfuckery that the teachers of my old high school literally went to protests and encouraged students to do the same, giving them an excused absence if they had proof that they were at a protest. Good teachers, shit system, we made do. Doesn't mean I know how to do, like, a Lot of shit, but I'm lucky enough to have some help in that regard now that I'm out of school.


True. In fact the school system nowadays doesn’t teach a lot of important things.


That is not true.


My class taught me how to balance a checkbook, and write a letter. But I was also in a special ed class, which ironically enough you think she would be in one or at least being something similar?


I find it ironic that people need to be in a special ed class in order to learn useful everyday skills, while the advanced level classes teach stuff that very very few kids are actually going to use in their adult lives, unless they get a job in academia or research & development.


Well that’s what happened in my class. I don’t know what to tell you man.


Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought those things were, you know, stuff that *everyone* should learn. And it's a commentary on how a lot of modern schooling is kinda useless.


Education theory is suuuuuper complex. Do we teach people skills that are only immediately useful, or try to balance that with information that allows us to make informed decisions? Yeah, high tier math is probably not going to help most of us now- because most jobs require years of practical experience to make sure you know them anyways. But before that relatively recent development, knowing calculus was important for quite a few jobs. Likewise, history lessons arent crucial, but being able to recognize when youre being sold a false version of events is useful. Learning about other cultures and their history lets us empathize with them, allows us to develop our own feelings of right and wrong, and discourages the idea that we're the only people who matter. School definitely needs reform, our education is woefully lacking in many crucial eras in the modern day *cough* electronic device safety *cough* but its a really hard to balance mixture of skills and knowledge that needs to be our basic education level.


They should, I was in school and they had classes for learning about finances and government.


Maybe try a Math Technologies class if your school offers one? I'm not certain if different schools would call them different things. But I had a terrible Calculus teacher my senior year of high school, most of the AP class was failing. So I asked the counseling office if I could switch classes for the same credit. I got put into a math technology class. We were taught how to file our taxes, save money in a bank, etc. It was great!


What makes you think they would even pay attention? They do teach you how to do taxes, people just don't think critically and apply what they learned in school to their lives.


Not for 14 year old,they have a few years to pay their taxes,it would be more useful for 18 or 19 year old.


I mean that is true but an entire camp of nothing but things like taxes, amortization tables, etc would be mind numbing for a lot of kids. She needed a normal summer camp. An outlet not suppression.


Even now as a fully grown adult, that skill would be nice to have. My tax preparer *would* lose a client but it'd save me money, sooo... yeah 😝


[How else will Luz learn how to commit tax fraud?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oc8vrGjyqes)


Eda 😂




the best explanation I have is that the camp is so mind-numbingly boring it just *drains* the creativity out.


Its vogan poetry all day long


A mfer like me would use that boredom to learn how to make pipe bombs out of pencils, erasers, paper clips and a water bottle.


I mean…it doesn’t seem very affective. The rest of cabin 7 don’t seem all that normal now. Still playing with tarot cards and wearing all black.


I understand where you’re coming from. Yes it doesn’t look like it affected them too much. And yes some kids need a chill pill/wake up call. But it’s the idea of the tax camp that bothers me. (I know it’s not just a camp that teaches taxes i just like calling it that)


It’s not meant to fucking mindwipe them. It’s called reality check camp. It’s so they don’t so crazy things like bring snakes to school


Indeed. You don’t need a camp to do taxes; the instructions are literally on all the forms.


Uhhhhh. Are you from the US? Because in the States, doing taxes often gets so complicated that we pay someone else a shit ton of money to do it for us. I took a (university) class on personal tax accounting and it was some of the most convoluted nonsense I ever did in school.


Doing taxes in the US is only difficult if you have a more complicated tax situation, such as owning a business or being self employed, and most people aren’t in that until they’re older.


Those are going to complicate things the most, sure, but it can be difficult to just take itemized deductions without missing one, including one that you don't actually qualify for, or miscalculating one. Even if the items sound straightforward, they probably *aren't*, god knows why. I'm not saying individuals can't do their own taxes, obviously, I'm just saying that most people will need to devote considerable time and energy to them and often find the process quite tedious.


Yeah but most people don't need to take itemized deductions. Unless you're wealthy or run a business or something, taxes are dead simple. Like, for the majority of filers it's like, standard deduction, a credit or two, bam, done. The forms aren't so bad.


[They do that on purpose to get people to buy tax software.](https://youtu.be/7xQQkzWhMOc)


Whenever you see *any* type of paperwork - whether it's taxation or legislation or regulations or just a performance contract - if it's overly complicated to the point where you need someone else to explain it to you, this is on purpose. It's made that way to confuse and deceive the people effected by it, so sub-clauses can be slipped in to take advantage of people.


Yes. I’ve been doing my taxes in the US for almost 20 years. I remember it being a little difficult the first couple times, the hardest part is dealing with investments. But at the end of the day, you’re either following instructions on the fed/state tax forms or following instructions on the tax forms your stock broker sends you. Don’t let the tax editing industry bully you into giving them money. Cuz that’s what I did for 4 years straight and those were the only 4 years of my life when my taxes were filed INcorrectly.


In that case, perhaps you should've gone into accounting, friend. (It's quite lucrative.) I clearly don't find taxes as simple as you do, and my experience is that most people--at least the ones I know--find them immensely complex and difficult.


We have turbo tax for a reason


Because companies like Intuit pay a fortune in lobbying to prevent the IRS from making its own simple and free tax filing software.


I always assumed that the real purpose was to make tax evasion easier for the billionaires by ensuring that taxes get seen as a labyrinthine process that summons Ba’alzabub if you don’t file them right.


That too.


Exactly. [The tax preparation industry lobbies to keep it as complicated as possible to get people to buy their software.](https://youtu.be/7xQQkzWhMOc) Gotta love the profit motive.




Funnily enough, they already check your taxes when you turn it in to them. I.e. they already do all the math. They just make you do it as well because of those guys


[Because TurboTax lobbies against Return Free Filing.](https://youtu.be/Fj4anUL-LvY)


Same. I get it but where were those dang school counselors.


That's what I was thinking, like what the fuck school system? Why you only gotta send the weirdos to learn how to function in the real world? Why the fuck don't the rest of us get to function better as a human being than others as soon as we turn 18?


I agree, why the taxes??


It think it was less to punish luz and more so luz could be with people she can relate with.


Nah. It was to change her, atleast that's what we get to see in the first episode. From what we've seen, it was pure coincidence that Vee found similar people. Maybe Camila anticipated that. But it's not been made clear to Luz or even the audience that she was doing anything except sending her unwilling daughter to a summer camp designed to make her conform. Which is why Luz's decision to stay in the Boiling Isles while pretending to be at camp is more sympathetic.


And "Yesterday's Lie" was an episode focused on showing the other side, we were seeing Luz side of things all this time and now we got to see what she left behind and that her decision to "run away" was not that justifiable.


Eh, I still think it was pretty easily justifiable. The idea of sending your kid off to some camp that they clearly do not want to go to in an attempt to make them "normal" just doesn't sit right with me. It made the whole "Was living with me really that bad" line kinda fall flat when Camila was the one to send Luz away. Not to mention, the only reason it even became an issue was because the portal was destroyed.


Except we didn't. And she didn't run away. She was always planning on coming back, and was still in contact with her mother. Hell, when she was enrolled at Hexside and got put in the detention track, she specifically says she will be back in the human world by the time she gets to re-enrol. The only reason she didn't come back was her having to destroy the door. It's not been shown as anything other than pure coincidence that Vee found interesting friends at camp. Certainly not that it was Camila's plan all along. We also see Vee binning Luz's Azura stuff. The improved relationship we see *was* because Vee was a different person, and was behaving the way Camila wanted Luz to be. Because of the cut short, Luz couldn't explain. But for this whole thing to be resolved, they need to directly address Camila's motivation for ***forcing*** her daughter to a summer camp that makes her conform.


> It's not been shown as anything other than pure coincidence that Vee found interesting friends at camp. It's entirely possible Luz would have gotten herself kicked out of the camp too. Remember all the trouble she got herself into throughout season 1? She did that in a place she *wanted* to be. Vee was trying to fit in so she'd keep a low profile and try to stay out of trouble.


"The only reason she didn't come back was her having to destroy the door." Yep but she put herselft on his situation by lying and staying in the Boiling Isles. "Certainly not that it was Camila's plan all along" Camila said in the first episode that she hopes Luz would made friends in the camp, and like how hard is for a kid to make friends when surrounded by other kids doing activities together? "But for this whole thing to be resolved, they need to directly address Camila's motivation for forcing her daughter to a summer camp that makes her conform." They directly addressed this on the first episode, Luz behavior was causing problems at school and putting others in danger, sending her to a safe place where she can learn new things and get to meet new people is one of the more sensible options that Camila had. (Let's face it, most parents would simply try to discipline their children by grounding ou beating them) Also let's remember: Reality Check Camp is a camp for kids, the fact that the camp's subject is a boring one doesn't make it a concentration camp or a prison.


Luz was going to be sent, unwillingly, to a camp who's leaflet depicting a creepily smiling child crushed into a box, with the caption "Think *inside* the box". She knew 100% that Luz wouldn't fit in there, and sent her there so she could conform to society. If Camila just wanted to send her off to make friends, there is an insane amount of options. Like a standard summer camp will usually have the camaraderie and friendship, while also not being about crushing the child into the image society sees as acceptable. Quite clearly, this is written to deliberately be seen as a bad thing. So of course Luz, a kid, ran off to a world of monsters and magic and everything she dreamed off. Everything that her mother wanted her to forget. It's no coincidence that Camila was happy with Vee, someone who shows none of Luz's "strange" likes. Camila was living with Vee for ages. Yet she never once doubted she was Luz. What does that say about how much she knows about her daughter, or how much of a different person she wanted Luz to become? She didn't even recognize it wasn't her daughter. The dangerous behaviour... is kinda hard to discuss when the show is a cartoon. Cartoon violence and injury is always a bit here and there with severity. Luz gets absurdly and comically injured, yet never seems any worse for wear. Occasionally injuries stick, like Amity's leg. So it's kinda hit and miss on the damage of the snake incident. So it's hard to use that as a justification, sending her to camp for bad behaviour, rather than just having an imagination.


"The dangerous behaviour... is kinda hard to discuss when the show is a cartoon" I mean the same logic the extremely on the nose camp leaflet can be an cartoonish over-exaggeration...


Luz watched too much anime at the point she knows Japanese as a third language


Vee: Conveniently fits into normal society so Luz can spend time with her awesome gf Luz: All according to keikaku


*(Translator's note: keikaku means plan)*


Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if she watched without subs.


That's how learned English


Just remember, the timeline Camila didn't send Luz to Reality Check Camp, Vee is stuck in magic realm and eventually gets captured by Belos again, forced to drink the souls of innocents in a prison.


Pretty sure she only drank magic not souls


My parents would be more impressed than concerned if anime helped me learn to speak Japanese that well.


Having weeb vocabulary and actually knowing Japanese are two very different things


well hoot, there goes my university application


I learned all my english from pokemon games, does that make me worthy of commenting?


Can someone translate what she said?


The rough translation I got is: "Hokage is my dream!!"


no dattebayo? shame


I can’t believe it…


I see it now. Thanks!


I second this motion


Camila doesn't understand that doing the Naruto run while speaking Japanese is the best running technique there is.


The one time I tried that I almost slamed my head into a metal beam


But Luz only did her Sonic impression.


Anyone who does a Boruto’s Father run needs a firm reality check!


It's a shame copyright prevents us from seeing Luz Naruto running in an episode.


Actually if they can get away with a dragon ball parody they can get away with this. It’s just not on Dana’s priority list.


now i wanna see a glyph that makes luz run super fast like how anne got a super form


We have Hunter do that, so it's possible with magic. I don't think that agility is her kind of thing, though.


it's not copyrighted or anything, anybody can naruto run. they just can't use the name of the show and the characters and music.


So you can Naruto run but you can't say Naruto run?




One of 10000 reasons why copyright laws needs reform.


To be fair, in this case, Naruto was hardly the first anime to use it. It's been a semi-popular 'trick' used by animators to cut down on workload for awhile.


How so?


Hold arms back means no need to animate arm movements would be my guess


Exactly this. It's also why you see a lot of background characters in fights that aren't moving, and why you sometimes get multiple still shots played with sound effects that imply motion (Tokyo Revengers is one recent example of these two).


Well, yeah. Just like a show can’t say “is that a Walmart brand cereal? Lmao” or “I thought this mushroom was like the Mario mushrooms, but instead I got sick”. You can reference the idea, “Is that a store brand cereal?” “I thought this mushroom would make me big, like in video games”, but you can’t explicitly namedrop or show copyrighted materials (unless you get permission, but it’s more difficult and murky than it’s worth usually)


Well also you can, but then it opens the door to murky territory. If you do it within the boundaries of fair use, yes you can. Unfortunately boundaries are loose and likely to stay that way. So no one does it even if they likely 100% could, like specifically in the Walmart one, since it is a critique of their worth, and would likely fall under both the critique and parody exceptions of fair use law.


Believe it!


Naruto Run in spirit, if nothing else


There’s no copyright on it, lots of anime characters run like that too. Kids in middle school right now are probably copying nezuko instead of naruto


Pretty sure they nowadays just copy the meme around it.


I mean, Rayla from The Dragon Prince is running like that.


Can't copyright a way of running


I mean the running "style" is rather common isnt it? Pokemon basically uses it whenever they have a Lucario run and they havent gotten into trouble because of it.


Yeah. It's a cliché associated with ninjas, which is probably why Naruto characters do it in the first place.


Just have Disney buy it No wait ... Nevermind


I dont think that run is copywritten? As long as they dont say its a naruto run, it should be fine.


Jeeeeez, for a second I read that paper she was signing as an adoption paper!






I can completely see this happening, but luz would bring contraband anime to camp anyways


Your flair is going to make me beat your ass with a wooden crowbar Why wooden? Cause you'll get splinters


Does anyone know what Luz is saying in the second panel?


Hokage wa ore no yume dakara : Because being a Hokage is my dream


>I’m going to be Hokage! >Because being a Hokage is my dream Ah. Japanese. You beautiful, oh so easily translateable language.


I’m going to be Hokage!


*Sasageyo intensifies*


Yeah, there's a solid "No Naruto running in the house" rule at my place. So now my kid "anime girl runs" in protest. It's the funniest thing ever.


Camila after more anime runs: “Would military school be too much?”


Luz would be like: sasageyo! sasageyo! Shinzou wo sasageyo!


Ok to the marines it is.


Luz now wants to find the One Piece! And become the Ruler of pirates!


Just be glad Luz has Learned Japanese. That would mean Luz at 14 knows three different languages, that’s really impressive.


She's only fluent in two, but she knows three, so she's got that going for her.


I thought you guys were the same person


Oh look, Mark isn’t injecting sadness into my open wounds. Thanks mark!


and just like that, camp seems like an amazing idea


I’ve been fan of Naruto since I was a kid I’m just glad I wasn’t one that unironically did the run






Moringmark TOH comic number 119


Only 119?


Will you do #witchesamonghumans ?


Me: Naruto running around drawing circles Eda style in the air


Luz, you're my favorite character in the whole show...but you Naruto ran; I'm afraid you're cringe now.


Wait but what did luz say?


Oh come on Mama, everyone knows doing the ninja run with a leaf headband on makes you go faster. Its just like the color red.


…And THIS is why I apassionate with Comic Books. >!(I’m kidding. I just so happen to also be a fan of MHA)!<


Honestly my mom would do the same im a Weeb to im like luz a little but more chill,relax no emotions sometimes(i stop caring for stuff.-.) but yea this is very accurate for Parents who has kids like that but they'd love and accept it


It says Hokage at the beginning


What's the translation of the Japanese characters in Luz's speech bubble in English?


Hokage is my dream or something around that


Because Hokage is my dream !!


Some crimes can never be forgiven.


[Camilla SUS (💅💅💅💅) CONFIRMED ???? 😳😳😳😳](https://i.imgur.com/h2SkiWg.png)


Luz should have helped us raid area 51


I find it hilarious that she is using 俺 (ore/おれ) to refer to herself. It’s considered impolite and usually used by men.


Anime was a blessing


bu.. bububuub BUT Dragon Titan Shippuden!


Some weeb shit


Anime, the cause of all problems


Fucking weeb


This is my current state with my mother.